Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Release - KIR252 - Rick Tyler - Turkish Policeman w/ Remixes by Silent H and Silverfilter

Making his debut on Kick It is Rick Tyler coming to us from Russia with his rough and rugged “Turkish Policeman”. Setting things in motion with a punchy break and background bleeps, it’s not long before the haunting vocals make their way in, quickly dropping out on the dirty bassline for the first breakdown. Zappy leads and chopped up vox mingle with a cornucopia of edits keeping the energy up and the dancers moving.

First up on remix duties is Silent H! of the UK. Putting the “Boom” in Boom Boom Room, Silent H! lays down a filthy rendition starting off with dubby drums but quickly building things up to full speed and it’s on from there, heavy business!

Rounding things out we have Silverfilter all the way from the Philippines with his "Ruffed Up" Remix. Keeping the theme of the other two but adding a funky 4/4 twist while maintaining a Breakbeat feel he combines wicked grooves on the melodies and the bassline making for a feel good but upbeat tuna.

Support From

Karton - "Original mix is rad!!"

RuN RiOT - "Big Release this! Original & Silent H! remixes are boss!" 

Monk3ylogic - "Oh yes!!! What a tune"

Mobius - "Definitely all about the "Boom Boom" Remix on this for me, nice and filthy."

Diistortiion - "Solid production on all versions. Probably leaning more towards the Silent H! version on this one."

VoVKing - "Silent H! Boom Boom Remix is the best for me." 

Chris Bassrocker - "Heavy Release! Loving all the mixes ... will be supporting this 100%. Another great release as always!" 

Distorsion Records - "Silent H! Remix is Big!"

Kwerk - "This is awesome!"

The Filthy Habit - "Banger!"

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