Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Release - KIR253 - Wes Beanz - Wah-Ter & The One Two - Remixes by J2K and Twin Shape

Kick It has been working in high gear banging out events, videos, releases, you name it, we're doing it. We're back again this week with another release for our Breakbeat Brethren out there. Keeping things fresh we've got another new-comer to Kick It laying down the business for us. B.C. native Wes Beanz slows things down just a tad for some Mid-Tempo action with "Wah-Ter" and "The One Two" which just dropped on Juno yesterday.

First up is "Wah-Ter" which starts out with fantastic atmospherics and trippy vox. Realistic drums and a grimey but grooving bassline play alongside airy pads and Old School vocal bits making for a feelgood tuna with positive vibes.

J2K returns to Kick It with his remix of "Wah-Ter" taking things from the softer side and giving it a Nu Skool twist. Retaining the overall feel of the original but bringing in a phat Electro bassline, ravey zaps and backing vocals that kick things up a notch, top stuff.

On the B-side Wez Beanz is hitting you with "The One Two" which keeps with the Old School theme adding 80's synths and wicked punchy drums for a fresh edge. Plenty of funk to go around with big buildups and killer editing keeping the energy high while the BPMs are low.

Twin Shape takes things a step lower with his chilled out remix of "The One Two". Laid back and trancey it's a total flip from the original that has a touch of darkness mixed in while being beautiful and melodic at the same time. Head on over to Juno and grab them for yourself!

Wes Beanz on Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/wesbeanz

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