Thursday, June 27, 2013

Free Mix - Stanton Warriors - Stanton Sessions 4 Bonus Beats Mix

Tonight we have a fantastic free mix from the one's like Stanton Warriors that can be downloaded from Soundcloud! Inside the mix is a compilation of tracks from The Stanton Sessions Volume 4 that can be purchased on iTunes!

Booty bouncing kings Stanton Warriors have unleashed this 54 minute mix of pure filth which has been turning heads across the dance-floor! This "Bonus Beats Mix" dips into new realms of bass related rhythms including remixes under legendary labels such as Dirty Bird, Black Butter Records and Digital Soundboy!

  Stanton Sessions 4 Bonus Beats Mix by Stanton Warriors

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Release - KIR309 - Tactical Groove Orbit - Digital Africa

Kicking off the summer season in style, Tactical Groove Orbit drops the heat with the new EP “Digital Africa”! With two peak time originals and remixes from Fisso & Spark, Audio:Hertz, and Vova Mey, “Digital Africa” is one of the largest releases to come out of the Kick It Recordings camp this year!

The title track “Digital Africa” is a powerful Electro House jumper that leaves listeners in awe as Tactical Groove Orbit drops samples of chanting layered over complex and moving basslines to give us a beautiful and unique track that can turn a club from a crowd of individuals dancing into a community of like minded people letting it all hang out!

If “Digital Africa” seemed gnarly then you’re in for a treat as TGO gives us a Dubstep infused Electro fueled floor stomper with “Vaudou”! The word massive does no justice when “Vaudou” is concerned, it’s heavy atmosphere and wild bass samples push this tune into another world as listeners are drawn in by the wonderfully used reverb and pushing sounds! Tactical Groove Orbit makes it abundantly clear that once you think you know what grinding action is, your whole world will be flipped upside-down and thrown to the lions!!!

First up on remix duties we have the bad boys of Austria, Fisso & Spark giving us a lighter hearted look at “Digital Africa” as they drop a haunting Breakbeat take on the title track! Cutting up vocals and releasing a groovy Breakbeat out of its cage, Fisso & Spark give us two fantastic breakdowns that really show off the epic feeling that is written into the heart of “Digital Africa”!

If it has the Audio:Hertz name on it then you know it’s going to be a melodically filled down and dirty masterpiece, and that’s exactly what you get with their remix of “Digital Africa”! With upbeat and emotionally driving breakdowns and the Audio:Hertz signature funky and slamming bass grooves, Audio:Hertz pushes this one over the edge of the cliff with sharp and standout synth lines that immediately have you hooked!!!

Last and certainly not least we have a four to the floor gigantic fist slammer that is the Vova Mey remix of “Digital Africa”! If you’re looking for a remix that screams popular then this trance synth foot working Electro House remix is for you! With leads hollowed out and massive amounts of reverb in place the Vova Mey remix of “Digital Africa” gives us yet another look and take on this amazing track from Tactical Groove Orbit!

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Support From

Zy The Element - "Deffo feeling the Audio:Hertz remix!"

Kickflip - "Original of Digital Africa is pretty nifty! Audio:Hertz remix is a good rework too."

Beatz Projekted - "Loving the Vova Mey remix! Anthem-style goodness"

Pale Penguin - "Totally loved the Digital Africa original track! Great combination of dirty Electro-House/Breaks with awesome African samples and rhythms...simply excellent!! Not many producers in the Electro-House/Breaks scene would dare to do something like this so my respect and full support to TACTICAL GROOVE ORBIT!"

Rea7ism - "Immaculate EP, Digital Africa is DEFINITELY where it's at! Thanks team!"

Thirst 4 Beats - "Once again outstanding top releases, I am so glad I came across this label, and just hope my readers are as switched on to this quality that you provide, awesome!"

Dylan Kennedy - "Fisso & Spark remix FTW :)"

Gil Marin - "wicked EP 10/10"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Amazing loving the title track and these remixes are to die for!"

   OUT NOW - KIR309 - Tactical Groove Orbit - Digital Africa EP by Kick It Recordings

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Free Track - FREIK - Rise

Kicking off Summer right we have a fantastic and completely gnarly free track form the ones like FREIK with their Glitch Hop infused Dub Step banger "Rise"!

Starting large and picking up speed faster than rising smoke, FREIK drops huge drums over epic, classic sounding strings and piano stabs before heading into a powerful and quick breakdown that sets the listener up perfectly for the madness that follows!

"Rise" is packed full of amazing high end bass samples that grind and wobble to give us one hell of a tune that screams to be played to a large crowd at peak time! FREIK brings the heat with their refreshing style and clean production that translates through your speakers and "Rise"s into the night sky!!!

  FREIK - Rise (Original Mix) | 500 FB LIKES FREE DOWNLOAD by - FREIK

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free Track - Johnny Pluse ft. MC Coppa - Never Get Old - DJ Aka Remix

Oh yeah that's right, today we have a funky driving D&B banger for you and man does this tune hit the spot! DJ Aka drops the heat with his remix of "Never Get Old" giving us a superb tune for the midweek hump!

The grinding liquid goodness kicks off with a beautiful breakdown that draws you in immediately with background guitars right before hitting us with energy filled vocals and the mean and movement demanding basslines!

One thing for sure is, anytime you can get a vocalist from England going off behind a D&B tune, you know it's gona be catchy, in your face and full of passion that drives the tune over the edge and pushes through your speakers to get you bouncing and feeling good!

DJ Aka hits the nail on the head with his remix of "Never Get Old" and believe me, it's gona take a long time for this tune to get played out!

  Johnny Pluse ft. MC Coppa - Never Get Old (DJ AKA Remix) [FREE DL] by DJ Aka

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Free Mix - Deformaty - Best of Breaks 2012 Vol 2

Today we have a fantastic mix from Deformaty which is comprised of all Deformaty originals and remixes to give us a bangin Breaks mix that's sure to have you rocking out!

Kicking things off big Deformaty drops his epic Breaks original "Surreal Lush" and man does this tune set up this mix proper, grinding bass, heavy drums, and entrancing breaksdowns to show you exactly where the madness is heading in this fantastic showcase of Deformaty's talent!

Complete with almost all original tunes Deformaty also throws in remixes of Calvin Harris' "Lets Go" and his remix of Disco's Over's "Rainbows" which was just released on Kick It Recordings to make this one hell of a mix!!!

Deformaty - Best of Breaks 2012 Vol. 2

01. - Deformaty "Surreal Lush"
02. - Deformaty "Destroy"
03. - Disco's Over "Rainbows" Deformaty Remix
04. - Deformaty "Sweet Revenge" 
05. - Deformaty "Bad Dog" 
06. - Deformaty & Lightspeed "Obey" 
07. - Deformaty "Make Believe" 
08. - Deformaty "Puck" 
09. - Clavin Harris ft. Ne-Yo "Let's Go" Deformaty & Lightspeed Remix
10. - Deformaty & Lightspeed  "Primitive Science" 

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Free Track - Kitten and The Hip - Don't You Worry - Jenova Re Rub

Giving us a little funk for a beautiful weekend, we have the Jenova Re-Rub of the amazing and catchy track "Don't You Worry" from Britain's own Kitten and The Hip!!!

Not many remixes could do this fantastic song justice but hitting us with a perfect Electro Swing rendition of "Don't You Worry", Jenova satisfies the hunger to play Kitten and The Hip's tracks in clubs with their bass bouncing up beat Re - Rub!

If you don't know the original, you might be living under a rock, but fear not because we also have a video from Kitten and The Hip for the original track, and man does this one blow you away every time you hear it!!! 

Kitten and The Hip "Don't You Worry" (Music Video)

"Don't You Worry" Jenova Re Rub

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Release - KIR308 - Beatz Projekted - Bass Rules EP

Hitting us with immensely powerful bass madness, Beatz Projekted drops his no holds barred, floor slamming EP “Bass Rules” and lays down groundwork for anyone who inspires to make gnarly energy fueled music!

Comprised of two originals and two complementing remixes from Deadslim and Danny Blaze, the “Bass Rules EP” is massive and gives the listener a harder and more aggressive look at the one like Beatz Projekted!

Kicking it off in style, Beatz Projekted gives us a list of rules to abide by to bring the bass proper with the opening track “My Rules”! Heavy and strong, “My Rules” features big synths with Trance undertones while still maintaining an edge with grinding and dirty basslines, a perfect Electro House combo for this feel good Summer season!

Bringing it up a notch, Beatz Projekted drops a nasty and epic heads down Dubstep body shaker with “Bass Freeze”. Giving us funky vocals on top of ear shredding drops and unique breakdowns, Beatz Projekted makes it clear that Dubstep is alive and throwing punches left and right!

First up on remix duties Danny Blaze gives us a straight and smooth take on “My Rules” that offers us a diverse remix that can rock a crowd early or late into the night! With gigantic hits, a plethora of added samples and beautiful construction, Danny Blaze lays down a fist pumper that stands on its own, and that will leave no one standing!

Last and certainly not least we have the one like Deadslim giving us a cool and refreshing milk shaken, booty movin, tall glass of a tune with his remix of “Bass Freeze”!  Giving us a little more 4/4 action than the original, this track is perfect for adding some harder sounds and big movement to your Electro sets, everyone will be parched after going all out to this one!

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Support From

Kickflip - "Wicked stuff on the original of My Rules!"

James D'ley - "Solid powerful work!! Big Breakbeat sounds indeed!"

Wavewhore - "My Rules is a very big choon... def feelin' this electro banger!!"

Pale Penguin - "MY RULES original for me....great stuff!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Beatz Projekted does it again!!! Awesome tunes!!!"

KAMEN - "Definitely will be playing this one!"

Pete Rosewarne - "This whole release is DOPE! In love!"

Celestial Soundwave - "Great shit. Likin' the swelling textures. Breathes well!"

Skeletron - "Nice beatz!"

   KIR308 - Beatz Projekted - Bass Rules EP - OUT 06/11/2013 by Kick It Recordings

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Free Track - Karetus - Revenge On A Noisy Neighbor - DJ Oder Remix

Coming at us like a freight train we have a remix from DJ Oder of the massive "Revenge On A Noisy Neighbor" from the hard hitting duo Karetus!!! This D&B crowd slammer is perfect for the summer season and for driving some energy into a late night club!

With grinding leads, DJ Oder brings the heat and gives this tune a wonderful reworking that listeners will love regardless of their stand on Drum & Bass! "Revenge On A Noisy Neighbor" and it's peak time flow is not to be missed out on or passed up in anyway!

Complete with an intro and one hell of a breakdown, DJ Oder also throws at us some triplet action that will have heads spinning! If you're playing this one at home, be sure to crank it up and give those neighbors something to groove to!!!

  Karetus - Revenge On A Noisy Neighbour (DJ Oder Remix) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Karetus

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Depeche Mode - People Are People - Fisso & Spark Remix

Hitting us with some good old Disco funk, Fisso & Spark drop a groovy remix of Depeche Mode's "People Are People" giving us a new take on the classic, perfect for warming up a crowed or bringing the energy down a notch!

Starting with a strong breakbeat, Fisso & Spark get right down to business as vocals and a myriad of background movement hit center stage, giving us a club drivin remix that is sure to have heads bumping!!!

Complete with one hell of a breakdown, Fisso & Spark breathe new life into this old time tune to show that no matter what challenge they come across, they will make it big and banging and "People Are People" is a great example of the duos prowess to make anything come to life and hit your ears just right!!!

  Depeche Mode - People Are People (Fisso & Spark Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD by Fisso & Spark

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Video - DJ Fresh & Mindtunes - This Track is Created Only By The Mind

Today we have a fantastic video to show you on new technology that enables you to create music with only the power of your mind!

Produced by DJ Fresh, "Mindtunes" is a track created by Andy, Jo and Mark, 3 physically disabled music fans, using only one instrument...their mind, the future is now!!!

This Track is Created Only By The Mind

DJ Fresh & Mindtunes Documentary

Monday, June 3, 2013

Free Track - Laidback Luke Ft. Majestic - Pogo - Deekline Remix

Today we have a funky and fun Breaks remix of Laidback Luke and Majestic's "Pogo" remixed to fresh perfection by the one like Deekline!

Giving us an early solid groover Deekline starts with a great Breakbeat and the vocals that make "Pogo" so memorable, then adding in fantastic and movement filled old school synths  that pump up the energy and transfer it straight to the dancefloor!

With one short breakdown and a non stop beat Deekline brings to the table a remix of "Pogo" that everyone should have in there database, Breaks enthusiast or not! To get this tune for free just hit the like button on Deekline's Facebook page and get this Summertime jumper!!!!

  Laidback Luke feat. Majestic - Pogo (Deekline Remix) Out Now!!! by DJ Deekline

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