Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Free Mix - Krafty Kuts Presents - Wicked City DJ Mix

Feast your ears around this fresh new slice of mid-tempo funk, hiphop and bass laced goodness from Wicked City!

Wicked City is a new live project from Krafty Kuts and Erb N Dub, other members include the very talented Dynamite MC, UKG producer Chris Sargeant and Yamaha sponsored keyboardist Steve Barton.

Together they are delivering an onslaught of live bass infused funk, HipHop and renditions of classic Krafty Kuts bangers!

Wicked City DJ Mix

01. - Gramatik vs Public Enemy "Shut 'em Down" Bassconnect Edit 
02. - Dodge & Fuski vs Culprate "Vice" 
03. - Kill The Noise "Saturn" Kill Paris Remix 
04. - Bro Safari "The Drop" Corey Enemy Remix 
05. - Kanye West "Flashing Lights" TWRK Remix 
06. - Skrillex "The Reason" 
07. - Dodge & Fuski "The Clap" 
08. - Bro Safari "Beat It Up" 
09. - Chase & Status "Like That" 
10. - Notixx "Shake That Money" 
11. - Wookiefoot "Earthling" JPod & L&L Remix 
12. - Mr. Bill & Stickybuds "Porn Funk" 
13. - Krafty Kuts Ft. Dynamite MC "Pounding" Dodge & Fuski Remix 
14. - Griz "Smash The Funk" 
15. - Major Lazer "Watch Out (Bumaye)" Krafty Kuts Edit 
16. - I Am Legion "Make Those Move" 
17. - Double 99 "Ripgroove" DJP's Moombahton Refix 
18. - Wilkinson Ft. P Money & Arlissa "Heartbeat" Torqux Remix 
19. - Parliament "Flashlight" Slynk Remix 
20. - Feed Me "No Grip" 
21. - Krafty Kuts "Good Times (Instrumental)" 
22. - Busta Rhymes "Touch It (Acapella)" 
23. - Calvertron, Krafty Kuts & Martin Horger "Viv's Theme" 
24. - Nick Thayer "Facepalm VIP" 
25. - Wicked City "Sensation" 
26. - Jay Z "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" Featurecast Remix 
27. - GTA - Yolohton 28.Zanski Ft. Donato D'Angelo "Riviera" 
29. - Sub Focus "Could This Be Real" 
30. - Daft Punk "Aerodynamic" 
31. - Blunt B "Get Off The Chems" 
32. - Habstrakt "Eat Me" 
33. - Rakim "Let The Rhythm Hit 'Em (Acapella)" 
34. - Kill Paris "Catch You" 
35. - Munchi "Esta Noche" 
36. - Black By Demand "All Rappers Give Up (Acapella)" 
37. - Secret Panda Society "The Hometown Hustle" 
38. - Wicked City "Reach"

Wicked City on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/wickedcitymusic 

Wicked City on Facebook - facebook.com/wickedcitymusic

Sunday, February 23, 2014


X&T drops the Breakbeat fire with his newest mashup "Sugar is Sweeter + Strickly", giving us a perfectly laid out jammer that will have body's and heads rocking back and forth to the strong groove of phat basslines!

Little is know about X&T other than he always delvers a well crafted assault of Breakbeat action and atmosphere! In "Sugar is Sweeter + Strickly" we get a standard Breaks mix in right before an epic and haunting pad fueled breakdown that's inundated with reverb and delayed vocals, that are as beautiful as they are eerie!

The rest of X&T's new mash up speaks for it self as massive drum rolls, percustion, guitar stabs, and larger than life basslines that will have booty's shakin all night long! Pick this tune up for free before it's no longer available!!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Free Track - Stanton Warriors vrs Dj Deller - Romantika

Today we have a fantastic free track from Stanton Warriors, they have decided to upload and give away their upbeat Breakbeat jammer, "Romantika" from DJ Deller!

With a fast mix in Stanton Warriors quickly drop to a ambient, vocal fueled breakdown, then smoothly eases listeners into deep bass driven goodness that's surrounded by delayed sounds and textures, all being pushed by a massive and funky Breakbeat!

Giving us only one more breakdown in the span of almost 8 minutes Stanton Warriors make it abundantly clear that this track is meant to be mixed, giving DJs plenty of time to feel the groove and have fun with the down low vibe of "Romantika"!

  Stanton Warriors vrs Dj Deller - Romantika by Stanton Warriors

Stanton Warriors on Facebook - facebook.com/stantonwarriors

Stanton Warriors on Twitter - twitter.com/stantonwarriors

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Free Track - Bombs Away - Big Booty Bitches - 2014 Remix

Bombs Away drops the big one with their new remix of "Big Booty Bitches", hitting us with a hard Electro House version that's surrounded by heavy vocals, and powerful energy!

With a massive 4/4 beat, bending leads, and vocals that will make any club go all out, Bombs Away gives us a straight up party jammer that is a perfect peaktime banger for any event!

Pick up "Big Booty Bitches", the 2014 remix for free, by stopping by the Bombs Away Facebook Page and giving it a like! 

  Bombs Away - Big Booty Bitches (2014 Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Bombs Away

Download Link - facebook.com/bombsawaymusic

Bombs Away on Youtube - youtube.com/s3tvproductions 

Monday, February 10, 2014

Free Track - JFB Vs Public Enemy - Bring The Wobble (Chamber Mashup)

Chamber once again delivers a Glitch Hop mash up of epic proportions with his newest creating "Bring The Wobble", combining the smooth rhymes of Public Enemy, the swing of horns from JFB, and the all out Glitch Hop goodness that Chamber drops with every track he touches!

Starting things off with a heavy beat and wonderful rolling pianos and horns Chamber quickly filters in movement and sound right before he hits us with massive sub wobbles and grinding saturated leads, as vocals from Chuck D and Flavor Flav unleash funky driving energy that send "Bring The Wobble" to a whole new level!

With no breakdowns and few build ups Chamber gives listeners and DJs exactly what they want, a non stop dance groover that can keep ears chugging along for days! To pick up "Bring The Wobble" for free just stop by Chambers Facebook Page and give it a like, there is a ton of music on his page, and all his tracks are supremely funky!!!

  JFB Vs Public Enemy - Bring The Wobble (Chamber Mashup) FREE DOWNLOAD by DJ Chamber

Download Link - facebook.com/DJChamber

Chamber on Twitter - twitter.com/djchamber

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Free EP - Memory Machine - While We Wait EP

Full of deep grooves, fantastic and haunting soundscapes, and an all around upbeat and funky feel, Memory Machine (the smooth vibe creating alias of mastermind producer Farace), drops the "While We Wait EP", an achievement of low ridding rhythms, and multi-layered textures, that is impossible to not put on repeat!

Opening up with swirling pads and deep piano reminiscent stabs, the title track "While We Wait" stands as a perfect representation of the Memory Machine sound! In a beautiful, Blu Mar Ten esque fashion he combines a surprisingly resilient House beat with a multitude of soft horns, floating synths, wide pads, and an extremely organic sounding bass, all forming a dreamy opening track!

Kicking things up a notch "Don't Cry" is a chilling Deep House jammer in which we can hear the influence of Breaks, as percussion adds a little broken feel to the standard 4/4 beat, being driven by another out of this world arrangement of pads and sweeps, as guitar like leads add flavor and movement in front of the warm saturated basslines that glue every nuance together!

Hitting us to the max with bad to the bone grooves from another decade, "1980 Something" takes us through a time warp with funky drum rolls, perfectly placed snares that are inundated with that oh so familiar 80s reverberation, and yet another killer bassline, this time shifting to high gear as acid like arpeggiations take the forefront and steal the show!

Closing out with a melodic, happy go lucky, organ fueled, soon to be poppy classic, Memory Machine unleashes a heartfelt soundscape that's touching just as much as it's off beat rise of minor pads and swell of movements tug at the old heart strings, "Ebb" is truly a intoxicating track to leave us hanging onto this wonderful and moving EP!                

  While We Wait EP [Free Download] by memory.machine

Memory Machine on Facebook - facebook.com/memorymachinemusic

Memory Machine on Beatport - beatport.com/artist/memory-machine