Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Release - KIR303 - Foxbeat - Justice Et Pour Tous EP

Storming onto the scene with his first EP is Argentina’s Foxbeat! The “Justice Et Pour Tous” EP is pure musical mastery from the self tilted opening track with its gnarly low ends and delicious synth work to “Discovery” which is a no-nonsense Electro House monster! With 4 tunes of equal awesomeness, this is one release you do not want to miss!

Kicking it off big and proper we have the self titled track from the EP, “Justice Et Pour Tous”, a peak time banger that will have most people going into fits on the floor within the first minute of hearing it! If the in your face grind and pull of the bass doesn’t do it for you then the outrageous and gnarly synth work will!

You think it would be impossible to follow up the madness of “Justice Et Pour Tous” with almost anything, but “Discovery” hits the spot and fills in all the right places, quickly making your ears fixate on the entrancing and driving movement as you discover all the intricacies of this big club cruiser! Complete with gigantic and uplifting breakdowns jammed packed with beautiful sounds “Discovery” is one tune you will need to play this summer!

“Musique” is a wonderful track that screams to be played in a sold out club packed with people, the energy is electrifying from the first note and only picks up steam from there, and by the end it’s on fire! With a mix out that features an amazing and sophisticated use of reverb and fantastic melodies, Foxbeat really shows his talent on this one!

Closing it out and closing the schools, Foxbeat finishes his first slamming EP with his feel good bouncing and wobbling four to the floor fist pumper “Schools”! Featuring vocal samples used in a unique and off beat way, and leaving us wanting more, Foxbeat completes his “Justice Et Pour Tous” EP in style with the Complextro approach to “Schools”, leaving the listeners feeling complete!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 05/14/2013

Support From

James D'ley - "Great release and will def be getting rinses from me in the club. Peak time heavy hitting Electro in its prime :D Big ups!"

The Element - "Big release, excellent bass work!"

Farace - "Massive EP right here!!"

Marcus Gauntlett - "Nice EP! First track "Justice et pour Tous" kills it... looking forward tom playing this out."

Beatz Projekted - "Sickness!"

Audio:Hertz - "Yes!!! Full support on every track... huge release!"

MBFB - "It will be a massive release!!! Can't wait!!!

Kwerk - "This is huge, hats of mate!"

Pale Penguin - "Quality stuff as always. Phat and groovy... all tracks are dope and will play them for sure... thanks a lot!"

Move It Records - "Goood"

Step Left Music - "Super Dope! Really soul hitting EP right here :)"

Reality Randy - "Super dope! Love this one!"

Dimitirs Kolios - "It Rocks!!"

Shaun of the Bass - "This release is f*%&ing amazing!!"

   OUT NOW - KIR303 Foxbeat - Justice et pour Tous EP by Kick It Recordings

Foxbeat on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/foxbeatmusic

Monday, April 29, 2013

Free Track and Video - Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Spacedrift - Goats Yelling Like Humans

Pet them, eat them, ride them … everyone loves a bit of goat! Here, Worcester’s Sneaker & The Dryer and Toreba Spacedrift pay tribute to our bearded friends in "Goats Yelling Like Humans"!

In this original tune we see the duo take their own twist on the infamous viral video making it an Electro breaks piece of naughtiness not to be missed! With front man Btz on vocals and a little help from Adam Sandler, this has gone through the roof! 

Sneaker & The Dryer and Toreba Spacedrift take us on an epic 7 minute journey to the land of goats, with over 20 goat samples making up most of the sounds in this insane tune including many of the synths and effects. The first breakdown is just madness and the second makes use of Adam Sandler's "The Goat" Skit, and bassline goodness the likes of which no one has heard! "Goats Yelling Like Humans" is a winner and everyone is jumping on board the goat ship, and blasting off into space!

"Goats Yelling Like Humans"

Just when you think the awesomeness ends there, Sneaker & The Dryer along with Farace made a banging video to accompany the large sounds of "Goats Yelling Like Humans", and as some fans have brought up, no you are not tripping when watching this video...unless you are...

Complete with a myriad of goats dancing and spinning around, Sneaker & The Dryer and Farace set up a perfect visual representation of "Goats Yelling Like Humans" to really set this tune in it's own world!!!

"Goats Yelling Like Humans" Music Video

And if that wasn't enough to sell you on the goats, S&D and the Spacedrifter have gained early support from the one like Allen Covert!! Some of you might remember this stellar comedian from movies such as, Grandmas Boy, The Wedding Singer, Big Daddy and many more Happy Madison Productions! Not to mention the voice of the Old Man himself from the classic Adam Sandler CD "What The Hell Happened To Me" Frank Coraci has also jumped on the Goat train and has givin his stamp of approval on "Goats Yelling Like Humans"!!!

Be sure to grab this one well it's hot, your ears, fans, dancers, and goats will thank you! Crank it up F%&kers!!!!!!

Support From The Life Support Machine Blog as well!!

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook - facebook.com/sneakerandthedryermusic

Toreba Spacedrift on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/toreba

Friday, April 26, 2013

New Release - KIR302 - The House Hookers - Everybody Dance

Jacking our bodies and moving our feet, Manchester Dj duo The House Hookers put years of experience to use for KIR302, throwing down their massive floor smasher “Everybody Dance”!

The scope and feel of this Electro House crowd jammer is gigantic, with melodic nastiness filling up every spectrum of sound, and chilled out pianos giving it a feel good vibe, truly everybody can dance to this! With vocals reminiscent of Knife Party, clean and clear production, zappy leads and pounding drum hits, the catchiness of this intoxicating!

First up on remix duties is musical giant Disco’s Over giving us a harder Comlextro look at “Everybody Dance” that remains well balanced, with epic festival esque breakdowns and bass that is driving and dirty, just in time for the upcoming Summer season!

Last but certainly not least Carl Parker brings the funk with his smooth and bouncing House fueled floor banging remix! With sexy pianos and large synth movement at the forefront he gives us another beautiful sunshine filled track!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 05/07/2013

Support From

Flatland Funk - "Disco's Over is sure amping things up as of late. Big remix!"

Beatz Projekted - "Loving the original mix!"

Sychosis - "The original is dripping with funk!"

Gil Marin (Ruff N Fresh Records) - "Absolutely sick! Original mix is 10/10 for me! Great job!"

Pale Penguin - "Thanks a lot for this.... Original is nice.... good groove and good bassline... liking it!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Loving this one! Disco's Over kills it and I'll be playing the Carl Parker Remix for sure! Fantastic release!!"

   OUT NOW - KIR302 - The House Hookers - Everybody Dance w/ Remixes by Disco's Over and Carl Parker by Kick It Recordings

The House Hookers on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/thehousehookers

Disco's Over on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/discosover

Carl Parker on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/djcarlparker

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Music Video - Ecletik - Freefall

Today we have a thought provoking video from Ecletik for his upcoming release on Kick It Recordings "Freefall" that will include remixes from OLMEC and Joe C, be on the look out for this one, it's a banger!!!

The music video for this peak time tune is gnarly to say the least, with epic breakdowns, euphoric leads, and driving and grinding bass the quick cuts and beautiful scenery are perfectly in sync with the largeness of "Freefall"!

Ecletik "Freefall" Official Music Video

"Freefall" on Soundcloud

Ecletik on Facebook - facebook.com/ECLETIK.music

Ecletik on Twitter - twitter.com/ECLETIK_PT

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Remix Contest - Elijah Roddy Vs. Beatz Projekted - Strobelight Meltdown

Yes you read it right!!! Kick It Recordings presents a remix contest for the fist pumping Electro slammer from Elijah Roddy and Beatz Projected "Stroblight Meltdown", this peak time track is fantastic and it's awesome to even be able to grab remix parts to add to your sample database, if your feeling strong then give this one a go, you'll surly come up with a banger!!!

One winner will be released on the "Stroblight Meltdown EP" alongside the original and remixes on Kick It Recordings!!! Remixes can be any EDM genre but to go along with Kick It's peak time vibes Electro, Dubstep, and Breaks are preferred!

The deadline for the "Stroblight Meltdown" remix contest is May 7, 2013, so put on your game face and get to remixing!!! Be sure to upload remix entry's to the Soundcloud group below, and please make sure that downloads are disabled on your submission, good luck, happy remixing, and don't forget to Kick It!!!

  Strobelight Meltdown (Original Mix) - Elijah Roddy vs. Beatz Projekted "Remix Contest Open!" by Beatz Projekted™

Remix Pack - facebook.com/beatzprojekted/app_220150904689418

Submission Group -  soundcloud.com/groups/elijah-roddy-vs-beatz-projekted-strobelight-meltdown-remix-contest

Monday, April 22, 2013

Free Track - Deekline & Hardy Hard - Can't Hide - Breaking News Remix

Nothing gives you energy on a Monday like a bangin Booty Breaks tune from the one's like Breaking News, and if this doesn't get that rump shakin than nothing will, they hit us and the dance floor hard with their remix of Deekline & Hardy Hard's "Can't Hide"!!!

Kicking it off right Breaking News makes use of some very classic and appealing piano stabs to drive the listener right into the first breakdown that's chalk full of beautiful and catchy vocals before heading straight into some grinding and gnarly bass movements as we get into the meat of "Can't Hide"!

Complete with an epic second breakdown "Can't Hide" brings the noise and does not let up once as Breaking News gives us a fantastic Breaks tune that is sure to become a classic part of your database, if your looking for a hot new Breaks tune than look no further!!!

  Deekline & Hardy Hard - Can't Hide (Breaking News Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by BREAKING NEWS

Breaking News on Facebook - facebook.com/officialbreakingnews

Breaking News on Twitter - twitter.com/breakingnews71

Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show Episode 013

That's right just in time for some weekend fun we have the brand spankin new Farace Show from the global force that is Farace with his big bass line fueled series that keeps listeners coming back for more amazing tunes!!!

The theme for his newest installment if you haven't guessed already is only the gnarliest tunes out today featuring massive tracks and a couple exclusives you can only hear by picking up this fantastic episode of The Farace Show!!!

With tunes from Kamen, DVBBS, FetOo, Vova Mey, and other hard hitting artists, this is one show that you'll be rocking for weeks, be sure to check out the other 12 episodes of The Farace Show to be sure your up to date on all the hottest tunes!!!

The Farace Show Episode 013

01. - Charlie Darker "This Automatic" 
02. - DVBBS "We Are Electric" Jay Cosmic Remix 
03. - Gregor Es "To The Oldskool" Jason Risk Remix)
04. - FetOo "Unleash" 
05. - Soulfix "Spacebar Assassins" 
06. - Micro NYC "Forbidden Fruit" 
07. - Hot Shit! "Put Your Hands Up" 
08. - Vova Mey "Time For The Kick" 
09. - Metchu & Halfway House "Gucci Lettuce" Burgs Remix 
10. - Dirty Fresh feat Night Bandit "Concrete Walls" KAMEN Remix
11. - Infuze "Get Enough" 

Farace on Facebook - facebook.com/faraceofficial

Farace on Twitter - twitter.com/paulfarace

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Help Save Sonia - S&D 24 Hour NSB Broadcast

In order to help raise money for Sonia to cover medical costs and to help find her a stem cell donor, Sneaker & The Dryer will be DJing LIVE for 24 hours straight on NSB Radio!

The Broadcast will start Weds. May 22nd 2013 at 8am EST (1pm UTC) and will finish Thursday May 23rd 2013 at 8am EST. Sneaker & The Dryer's 24 Hour Broadcast will be available on NSB Radio @ www.nsbradio.co.uk and Hi-Def Video feeds will be available on UStream and Veetle.

Our friend is suffering from leukemia – a form of cancer. A stem cell transplant could save her life, but we URGENTLY need to find a match!

 - There are only 20 million people on the stem cell register worldwide, out of 7 billion people

 - Only people between 16 and 30 can join the register, so young people are DESPERATELY NEEDED

 - Older people can join the registry too under certain conditions, or help in other ways

 - People of African-Caribbean, Chinese, Indian and Mixed Race backgrounds are  DESPERATELY NEEDED 

 - Joining the stem cell registry is easy – a saliva sample kit is sent to your home

 - Donating stem cells is a simple procedure.

 - Being a stem cell donor is rewarding. Your chance of being called upon to donate is low however, about 1 in 100.

Your decision, this moment, could help save Sonia’s life! PLEASE join the registry for her, and for others like her.

Save Sonia Home Page - www.savesonia.co.uk/

Join the Register Here - www.savesonia.co.uk/how-can-i-help/

Listen to Broadcast Here - www.nsbradio.co.uk

Watch Broadcast Here - www.ustream.tv/channel/sndtv

Monday, April 15, 2013

Free Track - Jad Barrett - Killing Spree

Jad Barrett goes on an Electro rampage with his new free release "Killing Spree", complete with a remix kit and all, Jad Barrett knows how to lay it down proper to start an amazing week off right!!!

Moving along quickly "Killing Spree" kicks it into high gear utilizing progressive sounding leads and deep bass hits to ease us into the Electro slamming madness to come, with funky synths that give the impression of gnarly electric guitarists going to town the mix in of "Killing Spree" sets us up perfectly for the grinding madness that Jad Barrett is known for!

With three short and sweet breakdowns, big bass hits, and an array of movement and sweeps, Jad Barrett lays down the bassline business for this fantastic and driving free release! Download the remix pack below to start experimenting with the funky samples that make "Killing Spree" a winner!!!

  Killing Spree ( Original Mix ) FREE DOWNLOAD by Jad Barrett

Remix Kit - sendspace.com/file/ojx39f

Jad Barrett on Facebook - facebook.com/pages/JAD-BARRETT

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Free Track - PSY - Gentleman - Beatz Projekted Remix

Hitting us with the big club business just in time for those weekend gigs, we have gnarly and intense remix of "Gentleman" from Beatz Projekted that makes the original by PSY look weak and boring compared to the madness that Beatz Projekted brings to the table, Dubstep fan or not, this is a banger!!!

With enormous drums and beautiful stabs Beatz Projekted quickly gets those bodys moving utilizing a short buildup to swing us into hard slamming action! If anything is know about Beatz Projekted it's that his sound and style spreads all over the map, whether it be a funk fueled House jammer or some of the biggest Electro that's being released, he always delivers a smooth and wonderfully produced treat for the ears, and considering how young he is, it seems like you might be hearing this name all over the place!

Complete with driving bass, timely stalls, high ends and movement that will translate to foot working goodness, there is no other track that will make your weekend rock as hard as Beatz Projekted laying down a soon to be classic remix of "Gentleman"!

  Gentleman (Beatz Projekted "Mother F@#KER Gentleman" Bootleg Remix) - PSY "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted™

Beatz Projekted on Facebook - facebook.com/beatzprojekted

Beatz Projekted on Twitter - twitter.com/beatzprojekted

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free Track - FetOo - Unleash

Today we have a very special free tune from FetOo for all you FLStudio users out there, because this banging track comes with the FLP file of  "Unleash", so you can check out and experiment with exactly how FetOo made this big club Electro stomper!!!

Kicking it off funky and big "Unleash" begins with a gigantic beat and fluid stabs that pull the listener in immediately, right before hitting us with grinding and gnarly bass movement!

"Unleash" then heads into a short and driving 8 bar breakdown before once again sending us to the land of grimy bass! Without letting up the energy once FetOo gives us a straight chugging track that if full of none stop action!

Download the FLP file down below to start making your own remix with these amazing samples and hits used in "Unleash"!

  FetOo - Unleash // FREE DOWNLOAD & FLP // by FetOo

FLP File - forum.image-line.com/viewtopic.php?f=1944&t=107665

FetOo on Facebook - facebook.com/FetOoOfficial

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Free Track - Krewella - Come & Get It - Karetus Remix

Oh yes, Karetus hit's us again with an amazing and dirty banger, this time with their gnarly Dubstep remix of Krewella's "Come & Get It"!!!

With only one breakdown acting as a build up, Karetus brings it hard and fast to give us a none stop powerful remix of "Come & Get It" to give us one of the biggest Dubstep tracks you've ever heard!!!

Karetus drops a high energy beat and lets it build from there, not letting the groove slow down for a second to give us a Dubstep banger that everyone will enjoy playing out and playing in!!!

  Krewella - Come & Get It (Karetus Remix) *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Karetus

Karetus on Facebook - facebook.com/Karetus

Karetus on Twitter - twitter.com/karetus_

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

New Release - KIR301 - Kwerk - The Werkout - Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer & OLMEC

Whoo doggy have we got an exercise in bassline business for you this time coming at you from the one like Kwerk with “The Werkout” for KIR301!

When it comes to banging Breaks, Kwerk has got serious conditioning and he’ll have dance floors worldwide breaking a sweat in no time with The Werkout!  Classic driving Kwerky low ends are paired with cheeky synth stabs and old school vocal samples making for one feisty tuna, let’s pump it up!

Sneaker & The Dryer is up first on remix duties and he re-werks “The Werkout” into a Broken House masterpiece complete with epic breakdowns, pristine synths and more edits than Richard Simmons would know what to do with, are you ready!

OLMEC gives no time to rest and keeps the perspiration dripping with his Electro House take on “The Werkout.” A super sexy bassline is spotted by vox from the original and an LFO filled main breakdown for a chunky number in need of some Weight Watchers, 5 6 7 8!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 04/23/2013

Support From

Flatland Funk - "Kwerk def gives you a workout with this banger. Solid EP. Support!"

Beatz Projekted - "Support on the Original! Big tune!"

Guau - "Congratulations to Kwerk for this great song! Big work!"

Kickflip - "Great stuff all round, but the original nails it for me! Kwerk in fine form with this one :-)"

Wavewhore - "Awesome release... original is doing it for me - sounds massive!"

Pale Penguin - "Thanks a lot for this! Full support on the original, KWERK is doing some dope Electro Funky tunes! Loved it!"

Yreane - "Damn, I'm so fucking impressed with Kwerk these days. I love every tune he's making. Very talented guy. Kick It must be very happy to have him on board. Full support for the release."

TJFX - "Massive!! I'm loving everything about this release!"

Sketi - "Another top banger of a release. Cracking."

Toreba Spacedrift - "Such a dope release, loving the S&D remix of this fantastic tune!"

Burjuyz - "My choice is the original, solid track!"

   KIR301 - Kwerk - The Werkout w/ Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer and OLMEC - OUT 04/09/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Kwerk on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/djkwerk

Sneaker & The Dryer on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/sneakerandthedryer

OLMEC on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/olmec-music

Monday, April 8, 2013

Free Mix - The Kick In Btz Ramp Show Vol 10 w/ Sneaker & The Dryer

Today we have a very special Kick-in Btz Ramp Show from The Bassline Specialist Sneaker & The Dryer, giving us the big bass business in this 100% hard hitting spectacular!!!

Normally S&D goes all over the map from Glitch Hop, to Mid Tempo, to all out D&B bangers, all glued together by slamming Electro House, but Volume 10 is a non stop Electro assault firing hard and heavy with guns blazing and hitting all the right spots to give us one of the biggest and baddest Kick In Btz Ramp Shows to date!!!

Kicking it off as always, we have to have a unique and hilarious intro to get us in a light-hearted mood before transporting to Sneaker & The Dryer's land of gnarliness! To make the movement into the most gigantic dance tracks out today, S&D first gives us a bit of the funk dropping "For The Love of Money" before unleashing the bass madness with Nicky Romero's "Symphonica" that sends us right into the thick of it!!!

With over 30 tracks bumping your speakers in a mere hour and thirty minutes, Sneaker & The Dryer clearly puts over 15 years of DJing experience to work, and it shines through like the Summer sun, leaving every listener wanting more and more of some of the best mixing in the world!

Kick In Btz Ramp Show Vol 11

01. – Intro 
02. – The OJays “For the Love of Money” Shaka Remix 
03. – Nicky Romero “Symphonica”
04. – T-Rek “Showtime” Scotty Lee Remix 
05. – Tiesto “Chasing Summers” R3hab and Quintino Remix 
07. – Alex Gray Vs Vinai “Bad Boys” 
08. – Re3hab & ZROQ “Skydrop” 
09. – Dillon Francis Ft. Kill the Noise “Dill The Noise” 
10. - Afrojack & Steve Aoki Ft. Miss Palmer “Beef’s and Guitars”
         Freshly Bootleg 
11. – DVBB5 “We are Electric” Jay Cosmic Remix 
12. – Madcon “In My Head” Paul Okenfold Extended Mix 
13. – Calvin Harris Ft. Example “We’ll Be Coming Back” Jacob Plant Remix 
14. – Kill the Noise “Rockers” 
15. - Dada Life Vs Afrojack “Rock The Epic Motherfucking House”
         Garmiani Bootleg 
16. – Tonite Only “We Run the Night” 
17. – Dirty Fresh Ft. Night Bandit “Concrete Walls” KAMEN Remix 
18. – Steve Angelo Vs Matt Zo “Easy Knas” Timtek Bootleg 
19. – Steve Aoki Vs Polly & Marcus Shossow “Come with Helevete”
          Erivera Reves Mashup 
20. – Hook N Sling Vs Nervo “Reason” 
21. – Paris Burns “IOS” 
22. – Bingo Players Vs Icona Pop
23. – Duck Sauce “The Big Bad Wolf” Dada Life Remix
24. – Michael Woods Vs Astro Bros “Last Day on Bomba” 
25. - Neoteric & Wax Motif “We Go Deep” Torro Torro Remix
         (KillaGraham Edit) 
26. – Chaxxx “Polonia” 
27. – Mighty Dub Katz “Just Another Groove” Lookback Remix 
28. – Charlie Darker “This is Automatic” 
29. - HNoize ”Monkey into Space” 
30. – Flo Rida Ft. Jenifer Lopez “Sweet Spot” Jordy Dazz Vocal Remix 
31. – Genesis “I Can’t Dance” Radio Killer Remix 
32. – Nate Dogg “Shake That” Wick-it The Instigator Remix 
33. – The OJays Rewind     

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook - facebook.com/SneakerAndTheDryerMusic

Ramp Shows Blogspot - ramp-shows.blogspot.com/

Friday, April 5, 2013

Free Track - Sharaz - On The Line - Full Night Sky Mix

Yes!!! Today we have a fantastic and free tune from the one like Sharaz, bringing us the Night Sky Mix of "On The Line"!

The Breaks business kicks off with a heavy Breakbeat and a couple vocal sample floating around giving us a bouncy and up beat feel straight off the go!!!

"On The Line" quickly gets to the first and beautiful build up, before sending us into entrancing vocals, layered over large drum hits pushing into an 8 bar breakdown, then swiftly Sharaz brings us back to the bass and boom, making our feet and body's go into a frenzy!   

As far as free tunes go Sharaz' Full Night Sky Mix of "On The Line" is an amazing cream of the crop Breaks banger that will spice up almost any set you drop it in!!!

  FREEBIE FRIDAY! Sharaz "On The Line" (Full Nite Sky Mix) by DJ Sharaz

Sharaz on Facebook - facebook.com/Djsharaz

Sky Artist Management - facebook.com/SkyArtistMgmt

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Free Track - Metallica - Wherever I May Roam - Yreane Remix

Nothing says Rock n Roll like Metallica, and nothing says bangin free tune like Yreane, today we have a colossal joining of  force as Yreane lays down a big Breaks remix of Metallica's "Wherever I May Roam"!!!

Whether your a Metallica fan or not this one grabs you by the seat of your pants, instantly giving us massive guitars and a rockin vibe as Yreane builds up the action to send you head first into Breaks rocking madness!!!

The rest of Yreane's remix of "Wherever I May Roam" speaks for itself as Breaks are infused with gnarly guitars, heavy vocals, and zappy lazer's to give you one hell of a tune! Pick it up for free by following the download link, you'll be happy you did!!!

  Metallica - Wherever I May Roam (Yreane remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Yreane

Download Link - yreane.mediagates.ru/profile/audio/8555/e4m

Yreane on Facebook - facebook.com/yreane

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Free Track - Funkeez & Nicolas S. - Dark Forest

Hitting us like a bat out of the night sky we have a banging Electro jammer for you from the folks over at Audiophile, with Nicolas S. & Funkeez "Dark Forest"!

The trip threw the dark and electronic forest kicks off with heavy synths and in your face drums, quickly moving into a short and sweet breakdown before heading straight into the wooded madness!!!

This Complextro banger keeps chugging along with wide sweeps and tons of top end bass samples that will keep those feet moving all day! If your looking for some new business to play out then "Dark Forest" is for you, it's sure to have the club jumping!!!

  Funkeez, Nicolas S. - Dark Forest (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Audiophile Live

Funkeez on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/Funkeez

Nicolas S. on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/nicolassofficial

Monday, April 1, 2013

Free Track - Karetus Ft. Ricco Vitali - Future Is Now

Nothing says Monday like a free and funky tune from the one's like Karetus, and they hit us hard with some Nu Disco madness with their new tune featuring Ricco Vitali "Future Is Now"!!!

Kicking it off strong and not letting up Karetus drops grinding leads, gigantic drum hits, and string sections that give you the impression that an orchestra is backing them up on this one!

Getting to the breakdown quick we get the epic and entrancing vocals filling up every frequency to really pull you into the meat of this fantastic track, building up to pure disco bassline goodness!!!

With Daft Punk esque synths and larger than life reverb on the leads Karetus holds nothing back as we are sent on a gnarly journey that only Karetus could imagine!!!

  Karetus feat. Ricco Vitali - Future Is Now *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Karetus

Karetus on Facebook - facebook.com/Karetus

Karetus on Twitter -  twitter.com/karetus_