Monday, April 30, 2012

New Release - KIR272 - Direct Input - Time To Fly EP

Brace yourselves for an amazing release today from Kick It Recordings! Keeping things Kicking as we like to do around here, it’s time for KIR272 coming at you from Direct Input with his “Time To Fly” EP featuring 5 massive tunes all with their own unique style.

First up is the EP’s Title track “Time To Fly” which features big keys, heavy kicks and leads to die for reminiscent of a certain Cutline tune. Pulsing low ends and wicked zaps keep things pumping throughout the track.

Next up is “Heads Down” which is just what the name implies, a straight up heads down banger that teases you through the first breakdown but hits like a tsunami when it comes back around, massive!

Third in line is “United” which takes things in a more funky and grooving direction with zappy low ends, awesome synth work and diced up vocal bits.

“One Last Push” brings us into more techy territories keeping the keys coming like a madman, Direct Input drops a bit of crunched up guitars into the breakdown on this one giving it an edgy vibe while keeping it speaker pounding, excellent!

Finishing things off is DI’s 4/4 re-take of “Time To Fly” which pushes the synths to the maximum for a an awesome housey funkster that will have feet moving in no time!

Support From 

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Dope...wicked tunes!" 

Play Moore - "Killer EP, should be a topper!" 

Farace - "Loving it!" 

DJ Wicca - "Excellent...loving it!" 

Toreba Spacedrift - "Amazing EP!!! Every tune is massive!"

   KIR272 - Direct Input "Time To Fly" EP (Previews) OUT 4/30/12 by Kick It Recordings 

Direct Input "Time To Fly EP" on Beatport - 

Direct Input "Time To Fly EP" on Juno - 

Direct Input "Time To Fly EP" on Track It Down -

Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Release - Chrizz Luvly - Here We Go

Not much is known about Chrizz Luvly, but what people do know is that his tracks are massive and well produced. "Here We Go" is an amazing tune with a powerful Complextro feel to it. Chrizz Luvly's new release hits you hard between the eye's utilizing everything you would expect from one of his originals. 

Out now on Big Fish Records, "Here We Go" gives you a standard yet funky Dubstep breakdown which comes in earlier than most of your normal EDM tracks. With fantastic vocal samples placed throughout the track, this tune is a must have for your club rocking and listening needs.


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Monday, April 23, 2012

New Release - Wavewhore - Get Ready - Electrik Funk

We have two massively rockin tunes being released today from the "Breakbeat Master" known as  Wavewhore. Both of these tracks are packed with energy and funk, giving you some of the freshest business you can possibly find. The original productions are a must have to start your week out the right way, believe me the crowds will go nuts!

Crashing in with his debut on iBreaks Funk is the mighty, New York City-based producer, Wavewhore who drops two chunky floor-fillers that will confirm his place as one of the most exciting of the new breed of Breakbeat producers. First up, lead track "Get Ready" sends down funky guitar licks and brass over super-tight drum work, searing FX and vocoder vocal snatches.

On the flip, AA-side "Electric Funk" drops funky brass, cool synth work and clips of block party Hip-Hop and vocoder vocals, all sitting tightly over chunky beats and upfront acidic bass. Both singles were recently featured on BBC Radio 1 when Wavewhore returned to the world renowned Annie Nightingale show for his second appearance, suggesting he's well on the way to joining the ranks of Breakbeat heavyweights.

His music has also received high level support from many of the top names in the business, including Aquasky, DJ Icey, Jackal & Hyde, The Freestylers, General Midi, Elite Force and many more. We're delighted to see him blowing up on iBreaks Funk and know you'll be jumping around the room when the needle hits the proverbial record on this slamming EP.

   Wavewhore - "Get Ready" - iBreaks Funk by Wavewhore

   Wavewhore - "Electrik Funk" - iBreaks Funk by Wavewhore

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Beat Assassins - Free Mix - Free Track

We have some amazing tunes to pack in your bowl today from the London based artist Beat Assassins! Starting with the business, Beat Assassins new releases "Rip Up Da Riddim" and "Livin Good" are out now on beatport and both throw down some massive energy. The main release of these two being "Rip Up Da Riddim" which delivers huge Urban Electro vibes that have become synonymous with the Beat Assassins.

Rip Up Da Riddim (as the song title suggests) is a peak-time floor smasher. The gritty electro basslines, hip-hop vocals, high-end leads and urban piano riffs hammer the track home. A Dubstep-influenced dropout works the floor building to a power lead drop that will make many clubbers' night.

Livin Good sees the Assassins dropping a funk-fueled, four to the floor, booty-house belter. Again we see a peak time delivery from the Assassins with big leads, hip-hop vocals, mid-section dynamics and phat Electro basslines working a throw-down party anthem. A guaranteed floor smasher!

Beat Assassians - Rip Up Da Riddim -

Beat Assassians - Livin Good -

On to the free tuna, we have a Booty House Bootleg of the Busta Rhymes classic "Lite Ya Ass On Fire" from Beat Assassins! Featuring a big bassline and some very original synths, this track is topped off by Busta's vocals dropping the fire!

The Beat Assassins 2012 mix tape starts off with an original track "Ace is Back" off of Mofo Recordings which sets up the mix perfectly considering most of the tracks featured on the mix are from the Beat Assassins. With some exclusive tunes from Beat Assassins, this mix also includes some new tunes from up and coming artists as well as some classics.

Beat Assassins Mix Tape 2012

01. - Beat Assassins "Ace is Back"
02. - Deekline & Dustin Hulton Ft. Sporty 0 & Yo Majesty "I Like Girls"
03. - Beat Assassins "Livin Good"
04. - The Sleepover & Prendii "Bitch Please" Tonic Remix
05. - Beat Assassins "Rip Up Da Riddim"
06. - Beat Assassins "Vowla"
07. - Ed Solo & Deekline Ft. Dj Assault "Gimme"
08. - Beat Assassins "Inhale Exhale"
09. - Deekline & Dustin Hulton Ft. Kidd Money & 
        Sporty 0 "Whip It" AC Slater Remix
10. - Gary Gecko & Pigbwoy Ft Feral "Cantankerous"
11. - Freefall Collective "Ganja Man" Beat Assassins Speed Garage Remix    

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Free Tune - Squids - Thump - Chamber Remix

We have a fantastic new tune for you today from the award winning DJ Chamber! Originally from Bristol, UK, but currently living in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Chamber has moved to Asia with the intention of rapidly expanding and pioneering the newly emerging bass music scene across the continent. 

Not content with his releases topping the sales charts of various major online stores, last year saw his profile rise massively with producer credits on video-game soundtracks, as well as being named the best new breaks DJ at Breakspoll International DJ Awards.

He is also the host of a long running show on NSB Radio, and 'head chef' of the award-winning Bass Kitchen club-night, making him one of the busiest Djs in bass music. He has been dubbed a 'CDJblist' and achieved notoriety for incorporating a wide range of genres and styles into his DJ sets, production and club nights. 

"Thump" is an official remix for the Kaohsiung based band Squids, which DJ Chamber has decided to give away for free! This Glitch Hop track with it's funky vibe is driving, full of movement, and perfect for some chill sets at the club. 

The vocal samples sound amazing and are so full of flavor and spice that you would swear you've heard them before. Along with excellently crafted bass sounds, "Thump's" overall feel will keep your dancefloor and you, grooving along threw the night!

   Squids - Thump (Chamber Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by DJ Chamber

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Squids on Reverbnation -

Monday, April 16, 2012

New Release - KIR271 - Fisso & Spark - High Times

Boy do we have a massive release for you this week! With their first outing on Kick It Recordings, “Best New Producer" nominated at the 2012 Breakspoll Awards,  Fisso & Spark bring you “High Times”, right on schedule for that certain day of year!

Hitting you with big drums, bigger leads and a humongous bassline F&S rip this one like a massive bong hit that will knock you for a loop! Vocal stabs keep things moving through the work in and after a brief edit, its time for an all out assault of low ends, turn this shit up!

First up on remix duties is Farace who turns out a massive remix of "High Times" that packs more heat than a vaporizer keeping the overall vibe of the original but giving it a wicked new attitude at the same time, serious business!

Tactical Groove Orbit returns to Kick It taking things into a whole different realm with his delightfully dank Dubstep remix which is packed with phatter leads than one of Snoop Dogg's spliff's, lightin' ya up!

Finishing off the cipher we have new comer to Kick It Recordings Deformaty, who lights up an Electro House phatty that will have you blazed for days with tasty bass and delicious edits, get some!

Support From

Far Too Loud - "Yes! Farace mix, nice!!"

Left/Right - "Serious package of Electro bangers!"

Wavewhore - "This release is huge... loving the Original and the Farace remix,,, top stuff!"

Llupa - "F&S doing what they do so well, solid groove and stomping drums, layered with cool melodic breaks - so damn cool. remixes are cool, but it's all about the original for me"

TJFX - "This is big!! The Farace remix is massive!!"

Diistortiion - "This release is ridiculous. Massively banging! I wouldn't even be able to choose one as the best, just play them all!" 

Toreba Spacedrift - "The Farace remix is outta this world! Funky and driving!!!"

Dad's Disco - "The Farace remix is pre dope.... Keep up the great work :) Kick It!!"

Bass Reflections - "Massive release! Really into this! Loviong all of the remixes and the oringal. Club Stompers we will be supporting for sure!"

SK-2 - "Seriously digging ALL the mixes here, each with their own different flavour, particularly lovin the Deformaty Remix which I dropped on this week's radio show... Another super fine release!!"

   KIR271 - Fisso & Spark - High Times w/ Remixes by Farace, TGO, and Deformaty (Previews) OUT 4/16 by Kick It Recordings

Fisso & Spark "High Times" on Beatport -

Fisso & Spark "High Times" on Juno -

Fisso & Spark "High Times" on Track It Down -

Free Track - Jad Barrett - Wipe It

Happy Friday, hope everyone is getting stoked for the weekend!!! Today's free tuna comes from upcoming Kick It Recordings artist Jad Barrett. Coming from a very musical environment, at age 14 Jad Barrett was introduced to electronic music by the movement Kaotik System (LEBANON) in 2007.  Within a year from that time, Jad began producing his own harmonic and melodic pieces which are built on the his extensive foundation. 

"Wipe It" is an Electro tune that at some points has an almost Kraftwerk type melody to it, namely reminding you of Kraftwerk's song "Radioactivity". The song chugs along with its driving bassline, while still giving you plenty of change ups with the lead synth. Combine that with a well composed structure makeing for one banger that is not to be missed!

   Wipe it ( Original Mix ) FREE DOWNLOAD by JAd Barrett

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Free Track - Bad Rabbits - Can't Back Down - Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Spacedrift Remix

Good afternoon, I hope everyone is having an amazing week! Today we have an extremely groovy tune from the writers of this fine blog. Sneaker & The Dryer and Toreba Spacedrift team up once again and put together a seriously funky remix of The Bad Rabbits "Can't Back Down" that ends up somewhere between 4/4 and Breaks, take a journey down the rabbit hole! 

If your in the Florida area be sure to check out Farace, Deekline, Dave Berg, Sharaz, and Play Moore at The Dive Bar in Jacksonville tomorrow night! You shouldn't miss this massive Kick It event presented by Sky Artist Management.

   Free Track - Bad Rabbits - Can't Back Down - Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Spacedrift Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

Friday The 13th Event Page -  Friday The 13th

Bad Rabbits on Soundcloud -

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Free Track - Electrixx - Some Beats - Direct Input ReBang

Happy Thursday everyone! I'd like to introduce myself before we get to today's free tuna. My name is Toreba Spacedrift and I am the Promotions Manager for Kick It Recordings. If you keep up to date with Sneaker & The Dryer and The Shoe Skool Sessions then you may have seen some blog posts from me before. Due to the fact that Btz is being swarmed with more work daily, Kick It Recordings business and a busy show schedule, I will be taking over most of the blog work starting today. 

Getting on with business, we have a killer free tune from Direct Input in preparation for his immense forthcoming EP on Kick It Recordings. This is one piece that is more than sure to move dancefloors and shake bootys. Electrixx' "Some Beats" is an Electro House stomper that was released in late January on Bazooka Records. All the components of a great dance tune are present, from the big and nasty bass to the funky and cheeky breakdown, Electrixx means business!

If the tune was not big enough for you already, then we have you covered. The United States' own Direct Input has given us a sweet re-bang, and it is massive!!! More bass, more push and more movement to make this tune really come to life. Not much is known about the enigma that is Direct Input, but one thing is certain, this guy makes some huge tune's and should be followed closely.


Direct Input on Soundcloud -

Electrixx on Soundcloud -

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Track - Fucked Up! - Shadows - Jad Barrett Remix

Yes that's right everybody, it's time for a big free tuna today! We've got a bunch of big bangers ready to be unleashed and we're starting it off with a dirty Electro House number from one of Kick It's newer additions, Jad Barret. Be on the lookout for some big originals and remixes coming up from Jad and today you can grab one of his previous remixes for free.

Released on Strange Decks Records, Jad Barrett's remix of Fucked Up!'s "Shadows" kicks off with a crunchy work in that brings in big leads and guitar riffs giving you a big build to get things started and take you into the meat of the track. Driving low ends with just enough wobble push things along and the horror film-esque leads continue to work their magic. The final breakdown switches things up with killer zaps that take you into a super funky house beat to finish things off. Grab yourself a download and drop a comment on Jad's Soundcloud page while your there.

   Fucked up-Shadows ( Jad Barrett Remix ) FREE DOWNLOAD Out on Strange Decks Records by JAd Barrett

Jad Barrett on Facebook -

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Release - KIR270 - Kick It Recordings Best of 2011

Holy crap has it been a minute since I have had a minute to get to the blog!! Things are getting crazier and crazier for me everyday and it's getting harder and harder to find the time to do posts but fear not faithful Kick It followers! I have enlisted a new writer for the blog who'll be making his debut this week so we can get back up to speed with bringing you guys quality business on a daily basis!

Today we're talking about our latest release which just dropped today on Beatport and all the other sites and that's KIR270, Kick It Recordings "Best of 2011". Things are continuously picking up speed for us here at Kick It and 2011 was a huge year. With over fifteen tracks making it into the Top 100s on Beatport and a host of new signings like Karetus and Botbass added  to the team, we wanted to take one release to showcase some of the awesome tunes from last year that you might have missed.

Whether you're looking for big Dubstep sounds, club thumping 4/4 or a wicked broken beat, Kick It's "Best of 2011" has got you covered. Pick it up wherever you get your digital music and get ready for tons more chart toppers coming at you from the Kick It Team in 2012. We're already off to an awesome start with 5! tracks in the Beatport Top 100 Breaks last week alone, awe yeah!

Have an awesome week and check back often for lots of upcoming freebies, interviews, exclusive tracks and much more!

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