Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Free Track - Kristian Lindell & Thrill Mode - I Think I Told

Closing out the month of September proper is a slamming and sweet original House banger from Thrill Mode and Kristian Lindell titled "I Think I Told"!

A short 4/4 mix-in lush with funky stabs, and swinging percussion leads to the first vocal fueled feelgood breakdown of "I Think I Told", building up to the gnarly deep meat of this end of Summer groover! 

Crisp drums, energetic vocal stabs, flowing bass-lines, and excellent arrangement make for a heavy drop that is just right! With a second quick breakdown and a mix-out that is lengthy and perfect for DJs, "I Think I Told" is a must grab!  

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link -

Kristian Lindell on Twitter -

Thrill Mode on Twitter -

Free Track - Covex & Enzalla - Ordinary Lies ft. Bella Musser

Dropping the sweet late-night vibes on us tonight is a collaboration from Covex and Enzalla, they hit us with a powerful Chill track that features vocals from Bella Musser titled "Ordinary Lies"!

Starting off with a atmospheric, texture saturated intro, we are quickly dropped into the meat of "Ordinary Lies", filled with haunting vocals, deep sub driving bass, broken and crisp drums, and an overall beautiful feel we are easily carried along to the only breakdown of this fantastic track!

With a long mix-out, and a unique structure "Ordinary Lies" is a must grab for every DJ! 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Free Track - Teminite - Ascent

In celebration of reaching over 50,000 followers on soundcloud, Teminite has just released a free Mid-Tempo banger titled "Ascent", and it is a must grab for DJs that love to go gnarly!

A short triplet fueled intro drops us straight into the hard Electro, epic goodness that fills every nuance of "Ascent"! As deep sub rumbles and massive leads take things to all extremes, the solid 4/4 drums keep everything neatly compact and slamming!

With one atmospherically powered breakdown and a mix-out that is long and winding, Teminite makes absolutely sure that "Ascent" is a peak-time monster!

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Teminite on Facebook -

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Free Track - Danny David & EDDIE- Harry Potter - Intro Remix

Tonight we have a perfect track to close the week out, and with October just around the corner, this is a banging free release that is superbly timed for Autumn! Danny David and EDDIE combine forces to bring us a peak-time Melbourne Bounce, club slamming remix of the theme from "Harry Potter"!

Placing listeners in the familiar world of wizards and witches by utilizing, the at this point famous melody of the "Harry Potter" theme, Danny David and EDDIE build up quickly to a four to the floor, bass bouncing mix-in!

As we are dropped into the only breakdown of this 4 minute epic, our ears are hit with massive synths and wide sweeps that ultimately lead to the well timed mix-out of this fantastic remix of the "Harry Potter" theme! 

This is a LIMITED download so be sure to grab your own copy today! Just click the LINK below!

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Free Track - Forbid - Keep It Going

Unleashing a Saturday night storm of Bass House goodness is Forbid with the raw, club rocking track "Keep It Going"! At over four minutes long and with an energy that holds solid throughout, this is one track that really packs a punch!

Here is a little bit about "Keep It Going"

"Adding to it's roster of young UK producers, Audiophile XXL is excited to introduce you 19 year old Leeds producer Brandon Forbes AKA Forbid. His new single "Keep It Going" packs a powerful bassline and smooth transitions with some clever sampling. This has already been tried and tested by select XXL artists and comes highly recommended."

Download this fantastic track by visiting the LINK below!

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Forbid on Soundcloud -

Friday, September 25, 2015

Free Track - Audalanche ft. Avien - Sky Groove

Keeping the party alive this evening is the 80s esque throwback, House rocker "Sky Groove", brought to us by Audalanche and Avien! With over four minutes of non stop, bass grooving, 4/4 action, this is a must grab for those weekend gigs!

Kicking off with heavy arpeggiating synths that build up to the funk fueled meat of this powerful track, "Sky Groove" is rich with smooth guitar rhythms, wide leads, sub driving bass hits, crisp drums, and an overall uplifting club friendly feel!

With only one breakdown, and a long and winding mix-out, "Sky Groove" is a straightforward, feelgood jam that is sure to light up your night! 

Audalanche on Soundcloud -

Avien on Soundcloud -

Free Track - Kasbo - Not Over

Unleashing a storm of unique and complex sounds tonight is the new single from Kasbo titled "Not Over"! Featuring atmospheric leads, broken drums, larger that life vocals, and some nasty wobbling bass-lines, this is a great find just in time for the weekend!

Here is a little bit about this release from Kasbo - 

"Hey guys, excited to finally show you the first single from my "Umbrella Club" EP. I've been putting together this EP over the past year and really excited how it turned out. Hope you enjoy! <3 font="">

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Free Track - Chill Collins & Josh Rubin - One Track Mind

This evening we have the track "One Track Mind", a solid House groover that is perfect for late-night chill sessions, or cooling down sets! Chill Collins creates a well structured track that is funky and dynamic, along with outstanding vocals from Josh Rubin, this is a must grab for this week!

An atmospheric piano driven intro full of beautiful warmth and wide reverb, leads straight to the 4/4 meat of "One Track Mind". As Chill Collins lays down heavy drums, deep piano chords, and a filtered bouncing bassline, Josh Rubin comes in with vocals that are perfectly delivered, and lyrics that are well balanced and uplifting, even when placed in a somewhat dark, heads down Chill anthem!

With one short breakdown that quickly builds to a long mix-out, which is just right for DJs, "One Track Mind" is a smooth and fantastic track!        

Chill Collins on Facebook -

Josh Rubin on Facebook -

Free Track - Major Lazer & DJ Snake - Lean On - Baz & Simplistix Remix

Like a truck barreling down the road, we are hit with a massive D&B remix of Major Lazer and DJ Snake's "Lean On" from Baz and Simplistix, crushing all that step in it's path!

A halftime mix-in starts things off just right, as vocals from Mo take center stage we are built up to the sub driving meat that makes this such a powerful remix of "Lean On"!

With a second breakdown that quickly transitions to more halftime goodness we are then pushed back into peak-time, club rocking, hard dance action!

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Baz & Simplistix on Facebook -

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Free Track - Geek Boy - Fool - Get To Know's Futureboogie Remix

An epic scene portrayed in the form of sound, uplifting and beautiful, leaving listeners two options, dance or sit and become caught in it's musical web of seduction! Get To Know delivers a 7 minute long, Mid-Tempo House remix of "Fool" by Geek Boy. With wonderful and impeccable intuition, he delivers a perfectly arranged, euphoric groover, that is a must grab for those cooler nights at home or out on the town!

Kicking things off with a texture filled atmospheric intro, with crisp high hats, haunting guitars, and heartfelt vocals building up to the funk fueled meat of "Fool", Get To Know doesn't waste time getting straight to the bass goodness in this 80s esque soundscape!

Sweet and smooth guitar chords and licks, reverb saturated drums and pianos, well placed vocals, a bass-line groove that's hard to beat, and an overall tone that leaves one wanting more create a lasting impression! 

With a majestic breakdown filled with vocals and large drum rolls, and a mix-out that is 3 minutes long, Get To Know unleashes a fantastic remix of Geek Boy's "Fool", giving all of us a new jam to add to the collection! 

Get To Know on Facebook -

Geek Boy on Facebook -

Free Track - Cassie - Me & U - M2 Remix

Delivering some sweet House vibes with a bouncing remix of Cassie's "Me & You" is Toronto duo M2! With two vocal fueled breakdowns, and sub driving bass-line filled meat that fits perfectly with the feel of the original, this is a great free grab!

Here is a bit about the track from M2 - 

"Excited to announce the release of a remix we've been holding on to for the past little while of Cassie's Classic R&B smash hit, "Me and You". We took the original vocal and turned it into a bassline driven, melodic house record with abstract vocal work being done throughout. We hope you enjoy this remix and you can look forward to our future releases as there will be many. Thank you!"

Grab this track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link -

M2 on Facebook - 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Free Track - COMODO - 2AM

With the press of a piano chord we are sent away into a rain soaked city, walking the streets and well traveled sidewalks and alleys known as "2AM"! COMODO guides us with a deep Breakbeat driven atmospheric groover, showering over listeners with Chill waves of soft vocals, sub moving bass-lines, and beautifully crafted textures!

Leading listeners in with down low piano stabs and delay saturated vocals, COMODO quickly drops us into the funk fueled sub driving goodness that makes "2AM" such a powerful and moving track!

With one breakdown, and a smooth mix-out, "2AM" is a must have for Chill sets, or for listening to on a rainy day!!! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

COMODO on Twitter -

Monday, September 21, 2015

Free Track - Bamboora & Shwann - Kong

Unleashing a destructive display of might and raw power, Bamboora and Shwann combine forces to bring us a massive, peak-time, Big Room banger perfectly titled "Kong"!!!

Kicking "Kong" off with a heavy 4/4 mix-in saturated with deep sub riding frequencies and crisp synth work,  we are quickly sent into a groove filled Breakbeat driven first breakdown. As we are carried along by rolling drums and wide sweeps, Bamboora and Shwann push us right into a monstrous drop!

With gnarly meat that will have any club in an uproar, a second atmospherically charged breakdown, and a lengthy mix-out that packs a punch, "Kong" is a must grab to start your week out right!

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Bamboora on Facebook -

Shwann on Facebook -

Free Mix - The Funk Hunters - 2015 Shambhala Mix

Fresh off the presses is the "2015 Shambhala Mix" from The Funk Hunters, they drop a massive assortment of current Breakbeat remixes that include tracks from artists like the Dub Pistols, Dr Dre, Jurassic 5, Deekline, Featurecast, and a bunch of their own tracks!

Here's a little bit about this fantastic mix - 

"Presenting our annual Shambhala Mix. This was our 6th year performing in the Fractal Forest, and as we like to say every year, it was the best one yet!!!

Live Sax performed by Smoothie.

This set is dedicated in loving memory of Jon Horvath from Fort Knox Five." 

The Funk Hunters "2015 Shambhala Mix" Setlist

Fractal Forest Intro Feat. Chali 2na 

01. - Rakim "Guess Who’s Back" Casual Connection Remix
02. - Bar-Kays "Too Hot To Stop" D.veloped Remix
03. - Dub Pistols "Pistoleros" General Narco Remix 
04. - Opiuo "Life" Defunk Remix 
05. - The Meters "Handclapping Song" Tropkillaz Edit 
06. - Jurassic 5 "Unified Rebelution" Acapella 
07. - Dr. Dre "The Next Episode" Dani Deahl x Jason Edward Remix 
08. - Leo "Lovin'" 
09. - Chali 2na "Lock Shit Down" Acapella 
10. - Krossbow "Up & Under" 
11. - Montell Jordan "This is How We Do It" Acapella 
12. - Basement Freaks "Turn This Out" 
13. - Funkanomics "Frida Funk" 
14. - Gangstarr "Skillz" Acapella 
15. - Big Data "Dangerous" Oliver Remix 
16. - Cazzette "Together + The Weeknd" Defunk Bootleg 
17. - Yanivi "My Baby" 
18. - A. Skillz & Krafty Kuts "Back To Freak Bootleg"
19. - Soul II Soul "Back to Life" Acapella 
20. - Opiuo "On Your Side" The Funk Hunters VIP Remix 
21. - Sun:Monx "Rotney Stem Cell"
22. - Zhu "Faded" Acapella
23. - Sugar Beats "Do Me Right" 
24. - Griz "Get Down ft. Sunsquabi and Manic Focus" 
25. - Sugarhill Gang "Rappers Delight" Acapella 
26. - Odesza "Say My Name" Acapella
27. - Imagine Dragons "Shots" The Funk Hunters Remix 
28. - Fort Knox Five "Whatcha Gonna Do" The Funk Hunters Remix 
29. - Cheshire "More Good Times" Synergy Remix
30. - Gregory Porter "Liquid Spirit" Claptone Remix
31. - Stereocool & Naifank "You Got It"
32. - Kraak & Smaak "All I Want Is You feat. Keyhole"
33. - Durante "Full Moon" 
34. - Ed Solo & Deekline "Tempo" Tribute Mix By Tenor Fly 
35. - Neoh "Humanimals ft. MC Mood" Mooncat Remix
36. - Featurecast "Mash It Up Again"
37. - Opiuo "Life" SugarBeats Remix 
38. - Cheshire "Sunnyside Up"
39. - Delhi 2 Dublin & The Funk Hunters "Strumph"

The Funk Hunters on Facebook -

The Funk Hunters on Twitter -

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Free Track - Monosurround - I Warned You Baby - Breaking News Refix

Breaking News has just put out a slamming, peak-time remix of Monosurrond's "I Warned You Baby"! Changing the 4/4 beat of the original to down and dirty Breakbeat, they add meaty bass lines and aggressive top ends forming a solid remix that is a must grab for the end of the week!

Kicking it off right with a long and energetic mix-in, "I Warned You Baby" is saturated with a heavy, club driving force, that keeps dancers chugging along to this heads down banger!

With a first breakdown that is a quick building tornado of sweeps and drum rolls, we are thrown right back into the raw sub shaking goodness of "I Warned You Baby"!

In this 5 minute epic we are treated to an atmospheric, texture painted second breakdown, leading to a mix-out that just doesn't stop, progressing and perfectly giving time for DJs to really get into this track! 

Breaking News on Facebook -

Breaking News on Twitter -

Free Track - Rozfresh - Shut Your Eyes

Dropping the late-night vibes on us is the German producer Rozfresh with an incredible Liquid D&B groover "Shut Your Eyes"! In this short yet sweet ethereal crowd pleaser we are taken away on a sonic journey set to the tones of sleek pianos, crisp drums, wide pads, and sensual vocal samples, ultimately forming a solid track that is a must have evening jam!

Rozfresh on Facebook -

Rozfresh on Twitter -   

Free Track - Pep & Rash Vs Morten - Himalaya Rumors - X&T Remix

The one like X&T is back with another peak-time Breaks banger! This time around he brings together the funky House groover "Rumors" by Pep and Rash, and the massive Big Room epic by Morten "Himalaya", combining only the best of both tracks to form a gnarly Breakbeat anthem fittingly titled "Himalaya Rumors"!!!

A short atmospheric mix-in sets the mood perfectly as we are thrown into a vocal fueled, euphoric build-up, pushing listeners to the sub smashing meat of "Himalaya Rumors"! With a longer texture filled second breakdown, and a mix-out that is energetic and ever changing, X&T rolls out a fantastic mashup of these two powerful tracks!  

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Free Track - Bamboora & Odd Job - Nightwork - Beatz Projekted Remix

Hitting us with some funky Friday night vibes is the one, the mighty, Beatz Projekted, with a groove filled house remix of Bamboora and Odd Job's "Nightwork"! He effortlessly creates a 4/4 slammer that is versatile and can literally be played in almost any set, sweet rhythms and aggressive stabs complement each other so well that it's hard to define this amazing tune!

A shuffling mix-in saturated with heavy percussion and drum rolls, behind a solid kick blends right into a quick and engaging build up, as we are thrown straight into the upbeat, body jacking goodness that is "Nightwork"!

With a second breakdown that is more like another energy filled build-up, only enhanced with shredding sweeps and risers, and a mix-out that is perfectly executed, Beatz Projekted delivers a top notch, dance-floor chugger that is sure to be moving feet all over the world!   

Here is a short statement from Beatz Projekted - 

"Official remix for this awesome tune from heavy-hitters Bamboora and Oddjob! We decided to drop this one as a free download, so ENJOY!"  

Beatz Projekted on Facebook -

Beatz Projekted on Twitter -

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Free Track - El. Train - Brokenhearted

Hitting us with some sweet Chill vibes today is El. Train with his new track "Brokenhearted"! He delivers three minutes of soothing sounds and textures in this perfect tune for cooling down sets or for grooving to in your home!

El. Train on Facebook -

El. Train on Twitter -

Free Track - Shwann - Robot Geisha

The one like Shwann is back with another massive Big Room banger!!! This time around he his us with over four minutes of hard hitting action with the floor crushing track "Robot Geisha"!

An energetic and engaging mix-in starts things off perfect as Shwann leads us to the first quick breakdown of "Robot Geisha"! As we are thrown into the meat of this powerful Electro slammer, there is no turning back as we are hit with the largest of drops!

With a second more atmospherically enhanced breakdown, and a mix-out that is long and luxurious, "Robot Geisha" is an awesome track to add to your collection today!

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Shwann on Facebook -

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Free Track - Deformaty & Lightspeed - Psychoactive

Deformaty and Lightspeed are back this week with a massive Electro Bounce, peak-time banger! Cracking skulls and speakers with the powerful, dance-floor destroying 5 minute epic, known as "Psychoactive"!

Hitting us with raw energy from the start, Deformaty and Lightspeed create a gnarly 4/4 mix-in, unleashing swarms of heavy sounds and textures behind the swift punch of rich kicks, ultimately building up to the headbanging meat of "Psychoactive"!

Utilizing extremely wide, grime filled talking bass and deep sub pulsations in front of crisp drums they rip open the sky with the pinnacle of drops, crushing dancers with pure unspoiled, festival fueled goodness!

With an atmospheric, synth driven breakdown that is aggressive, beautiful and chilling, and a lengthy mix-out, "Psychoactive" is the perfect track to add to your collection today!   

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link -

Deformaty on Facebook -

Lightspeed on Facebook - 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Free Track - Awae & Okami - Aloneness

Washing over us with waves of euphoria today is a perfect end of Summer Chill groover from Awae and Okami titled "Aloneness"! Featuring deep sub rumbles, beautiful piano chords, thick drums, and a myriad of percussion, this is a sweet jam for playing out or for relaxed listening!

Short yet sweet "Aloneness" begins with a quick atmospheric build up, utilizing wide pads, and reverb saturated woodblocks to bring us to the Breakbeat driven meat! Dub inspired bass wobbles and gnarly synth work really pack a punch as deep textures help even things out, creating a wonderful track to start the week off with!  

Awae on Soundcloud -

Okami on Soundcloud -   

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Free Track - Roger Wilco - You Make It

"You Make It" is a beautiful Breakbeat fueled, chill jam from Roger Wilco, and it is perfect for warming down a set or just putting on to groove to late at night!

A sweet halftime mix-in sets things up perfectly as we are sent into the first breakdown of "You Make It", quickly pushing us into the heavy, bass thumping meat of this wonderful track!

With a second more atmospheric breakdown, and a lengthy mix-out, Roger Wilco makes "You Make It" a must grab for this weekend!

Download this fantastic track by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Roger Wilco on Facebook -

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Free Track - Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman - Father Funk Remix

Father Funk is back with another outstandingly funky Breakbeat fueled remix! This time he takes on Betty Wright's "Clean Up Woman", utilizing a massive amount of varied samples and sounds to create a must have Summer jam!

He has also included a WAV download of this fantastic remix as well!!!

Here's a message from Father Funk - 

"To celebrate reaching 15,000 followers on Soundcloud, and to celebrate having an AMAZING summer playing music and connecting to loads of beautiful people, I am unleashing my remix of Betty Wright "Clean Up Woman" to the masses!

This one's a tried and tested floor filler, sure to get those knees bouncing and those smiles smiling! Thanks to everyone for your support as always - you guys rule! :)"

Father Funk on Facebook -

Father Funk on Twitter -

Free Track - AidanS - Shooting Stars

Delivering atmospheric vibes from space tonight is AidanS with a Liquid D&B groover titled "Shooting Stars"! With almost 4 minutes of beautiful textures and perfectly executed changes we are taken away into the endless reaches of the universe, set to the tune of pure melodic majesty and sub driving dance action!

Here is a message from AidanS - 

"Hey everyone! I'm sorry it took so long to bring you another track, I'm having serious problems with my PC and I can't afford to replace it. It finally broke last night... With all my stuff and up-coming stuff on it! :( But, I must remain positive!"

AidanS on Facebook -

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Free Track - GLXY - All My Love

Dropping some 007 esque flavor on us is the duo known as GLXY! An evening set mood, to the tune of rich pianos, drums, sub bass, and beautifully delivered vocals fittingly titled "All My Love"!

In this 5 minute long epic we are treated to an uncommon energetic mix-in in the place of a lengthy intro,  and with a short vocal fueled first breakdown "All My Love" gets right down to heavy bass-line goodness, hitting us with sensual vibes and pure Liquid D&B action!

With a short but sweet second breakdown, and a mix-out that is just as powerful as the meat of "All My Love", GLXY creates a wonderful track for all to enjoy! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link -

GLXY on Bandcamp -

Free Track - Aces.R - Parlay

Hitting us with the deep D&B vibes tonight is Aces.R with his down low groover titled "Parlay"! In this 4 minute long eerie, sub driving glass-breaker we are treated to a never ending attack of atmospherics and grime saturated textures!

Here's what Abysmal Entities has to say about this fantastic track - 

"Once again, Aces.R has summoned this monster of a tune from the depths. His work is always very outstanding and unique, truly an awesome track here ladies and gentlemen, definitely not one to sleep on. Fast, creepy, and weighty ;)"  

Aces.R on Soundcloud -

Aces.R on Beatport -

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Free Track - Shingo Nakamura - Hakodate - Tact Tokyo Remix

Setting the evening vibes proper tonight is the mystery man know as Tact Tokyo with a solid chilled -out D&B remix of Shingo Nakamura's "Hakodate", he beautifully creates an amazing soundscape and feel in this almost 6 minute long groover!

A piano driven intro sets the atmosphere just right, as rolling, delay heavy leads and light drums lead listeners to the long and winding meat of "Hakodate"!

With a short and cheeky second breakdown, and a mix-out that smoothly transfers us out "Hakodate" is a must for those end of Summer nights!!! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Free Track - Delta Jack - Hashish

Hitting us with some straight up bass-line House goodness is Delta Jack with his fire track "Hashish", delivering almost 4 minutes of foot stomping action!

An energetic 4/4 mix-in filled with splashing rhythms and solid grooves kicks things off just right! As we are built up to the meat of "Hashish" with rolling snares and chopped vocals, Delta Jack unleashes a world of sub thrashing House madness!

With a second atmospherically focused breakdown and a minute long mix-out that descends nicely with the main vocals still maintaining an edge, "Hashish" is a must grab for this week!

Download this track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Delta Jack on Facebook -     

Free Track - TigerPaw - Rolling Papers

Tonight we have a laid-back D&B groover from Tiger Paw! "Rolling Papers" is an atmospheric late night jam that is perfect for evening listening!

TigerPaw on Facebook -

Free Track - Sneaker & The Dryer - Help Stamp Out Quackery

Sneaker and The Dryer is back again with another House groover that is sure to move feet! This time around S&D brings in vibes from the 90’s while adding touches of Electro and Breaks at the same time.

Filtering leads ride underneath a crisp four to the floor beat to kick things off and are quickly followed by a myriad of vocal chops and atmospherics which build things up into the meat of "Help Stamp Out Quackery". Taking no stops along the way, Sneaker & The Dryer keeps hearts pumping and heads bobbing as he pushes dancers right into the thick and rich bass-line goodness!

When we finally reach the most epic of breakdowns, it seems as though our breath has been stolen from as we’re hit with deep sub bass followed by a multitude of builds and rhythmical changes that really and truly pack a punch while bringing the energy back to the maximum threshold!

Sneaker & The Dryer let’s his DJ heritage shine as he leaves us with a lengthy mix-out that is perfectly arranged and well suited for various uses, ultimately making "Help Stamp Out Quackery" a stand out, club rocker like no other!

Grab this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Free Track - CogentMusic - 6 Hours

This afternoon we have a fantastically smooth Chill groover from the one like CogentMusic! He hits us with a Chill track he made in just 6 hours for a challenge, hitting us with a deep House driven track fittingly titled "6 Hours"!

A quick atmospheric mix-in guides us to a first breakdown that's layered with laid-back leads, building up to the 4/4 meat that is held within "6 Hours"! With heavy focus on reverb saturated pads and crisp textures CogentMusic delivers a beautiful drop that is perfect for warming crowds up or down in a set!

With a second breakdown and a mix-out that is always transforming, "6 Hours" is a sweet tune you should add to your database today!  

CogentMusic on Facebook -

CogentMusic on Twitter -

Vote Now - Above and Beyond Ft. Gemma Hayes - Counting Down The Days - Christain Q and Shokstix Remix

Christain Q and Shokstix team up yet again!!! This time around they are entering into a remix contest for Above and Beyond and Gemma Hayes' track "Counting Down The Days", and they need all the votes that they can get!!!

These three producers unleash a massive Deep House remix that has all the makings of a winner! With almost five minutes of beautiful atmospherics and packed full of smooth dance action they make it abundantly clear that this remix of "Counting Down The Days" is a smashing success!!!

Vote for them today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Vote Link -

Shokstix on Facebook -