Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Free Tune - Double 99 - RIP Groove - RuN RiOT Remix

2009 saw the sharp rise of 24 year old London-based producer and LIVE act RuN RiOT. His debut EP "Charge" consisted of four tracks and was released in May of 2009 to critical acclaim. Reaching the #2 spot in the eMusic Breaks Chart, Mixmag called it a "Brainstorming EP". His remix of Double 99's 'RIP Groove' for Skint Records was hailed as one of the Breaks tracks of 2009 by Kiss FM and we have it available for free right here on the Kick It blog below. RuN RiOT's latest release, the 'Take My Hand' EP, received 8/10 and 'Single Of The Week' from
RuN RiOT is rapidly gaining fans through his powerful and energetic LIVE shows. Working his way through the ranks, he has already supported the likes of Adam Freeland, The Scratch Perverts, The Orb and more.
With awards in production and innovation already under his belt, including Young Producer of the Year, has this to say about RuN RiOT, "Expect big things from this young producer". 2010 is turning out to be another stellar year for him with gigs booked as far out as September of this year and with remixes like his version of Lea Luna's "Thrill of the Chase" out just last week on Play Me. Reworking it with RuN RiOT expertise he phunks up the fat bassline and turns a big track into a peak hour banger! Changing up the 4/4 with a break throughout, this one will satisfy heads from both sides.
And honoring our tradition of free tracks here on the blog we also have Double 99 - "RIP Groove" - RuN RiOT Remix. When it comes to free tunes, it doesn't get better then this!

Lea Luna on SoundCloud -

RuN RiOT on Myspace -

Lea Luna - "Thrill of the Chase" - RuN RiOT Remix -

Double 99 - RIP Groove - RuN RiOT Remix -

Friday, March 26, 2010

Miami Updates Day 2

Well it's Friday here at the conference and things are in full swing. Well maybe not for the guy that put that orange Lamborghini into a wall but everybody else is having a good time. Gotta love when your friends from 2,000 miles away end up staying in the same little building as you of all places. Shouts out to Steppo, Stacy, and Kit. Last night was the Call and Response party which was pretty bangin but not as bangin as the cab ride home with full bass pumpin Deadmau5 and Felguk action!! Looking forward to this evenings festivities for sure!

New Release - Hot Laundry - Some Days

Turning up the heat with the Jazzy summer vibes is Kick It resident Hot Laundry, turning out two feel good tunes with a Breakbeat backbone and seductive piano. First off is "Some Days". Electric piano and a setback Drum & Bass break mixed with sensual vocals and zapped up pads make for a real feel good tune. Next up is "My Highway". Continuing with the Jazzy feel, Hot Laundry puts forth a funky groover with lots of energy for this style of track. Wobbling bass is interlaced with Drum & Bass fills on the breaks complementing each other nicely. If you are looking for some summertime tunes that will still move the floor, these two tracks definitely need to make it in your bag.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

We're In Miami Bitch! Pics and Free Mix

Hell yes, baggies and flops all the way, we're in Miami bitch!! Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Aston Martins - Oh My!! My apologies for the lack of content here on the blog in the past few days. Things have been crazy with preparations and a full day of travel getting down here to WMC. Things are off to a banging start already as to be expected! Kicking things off for us, TruSkool event went off with a bang yesterday! The Kick It Crew threw down proper with some of the best sets of the event coming from Stacy Osorio, Btz, Phunkae and Farace. I will get as much good stuff up on here in the coming days for all of you not able to make it to the festivities this year. First up today we've got some pics from our first day running around Miami and a WMC Promo mix from Farace. Bringing the heat like this fine Miami sunshine, Farace gives a taste of what he's been up to in the studio as of late with all the tracks in the mix being either Farace originals or Re-edits. Getting things rolling with "South Walker", this is another mix done right from the Kick It front man. When it comes to Re-Edits, Farace is firing on all cylinders and I think he's got a V-12 under the hood! Plenty more to come in the future, keep your eyes on this spot!

Farace - TruSkool WMC 2010 Promo Mix

1. Farace & Stacy Osorio - South Walker (Original Mix)
2. Digital Freq - Disco Falls (Farace Edit)
3. Dylan Rhymes - Kemptown (Sharooz Remix/Farace Edit)
4. Mr. Ozio - Steriods (Farace Edit)
5. Neelix - Disco Decay (Felguk Remix/Farace Edit)
6. Farace - Fifty Six (Original Mix)
7. Pimpwax - Bass Pumpin (Farace Remix)
8. Quadrat Beat - ZOOM (Farace Remix)
9. Dj Garen - Brooklyn Funks (Farace Remix)
10. Farace & J2K - Booty Aint A Thang (Bootleg)
11. Farace & Stacy Osorio - Been A Long Time (Original Mix)
12. Sub Focus - Could This Be Real (Farace Edit)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free Mix - DJ Phunkae 2010 WMC Promo Mix

We are pleased to announce that DJ Phunkae has joined The Kick It Crew. DJ Phunkae, AKA Chunk N Attack, is no stranger to all things Breakbeat. His original label, Funk Dawg Records, was a staple of the late 90's Breakbeat scene. Recently he is running Real Hype Records, which has 10 top 20 releases, as well as numerous top 20 remixes on labels like, Ultra, God Within, Royal One, Kick It, Gigabeat, and 13Breakz. Phunkae's current remix, of "Come On Come On" from Scott Hardkiss featuring House legend Lisa Shaw, is tearing up the Electronica charts holding fast at #3. Also his new bootleg group with Florida kingpin Brazen has been making some serious sound waves with support from the who's who in Breaks. 2010 looks to be shaping up as Phunkae's biggest year yet, and we are thrilled he will be calling Kick It Recordings his home! To start things off we have Phunkae's 2010 WMC Promo Mix. This mix is perfect for the sunshine of Miami and kicking spring off on the right note! Spanning multiple styles of Breakbeats from Florida Breaks to more trancey stuff to some straight up wobblers and more. It also features many of Phunkae's own tracks and remixes with that signature CnA sound. Pop it in, drop the top, and work on your tan!

DJ Phunkae 2010 WMC Promo Mix

1.  Wolfgang Gartner – Push and Rise then Clap
(Krisp Luvz Noize Reboot)
2.  Boy Kid Cloud - Flaaavour
3.  Stupid Fresh - Do The Dog (Rico Tubbs Remix)
4.  Stanton Warriors – Raw Meat (Ft. Too Short)
5.  Break Da Funk Down (Krafty Kuts Re-Rub)
6.  Bloc Party – Banquet (Bass Weazal’s Last Tune Remix)
7.  The Fray – Cable Car (Brazen and Phunkae Mix)
8.  War Wobblins – Rude Boy Jack (DJ Phunkae Mix)
9.  Kylie Minogue – I Begin to Wonder (Brazen and Phunkae Mix)
10.  Scott Hardkiss Ft. Lisa Shaw – Come on Come on 
(DJ Phunkae Mix)
11.  DJ Hero Ft. Matt B - Baddest DJ
12.  Discoveri – Just Can’t Take It (DJ Phunkae Mix)
13.  Enur Ft. Natasja – Calabria – Hot Pink Delorean Remix
(REL 1 Edit)
14.  DJ Phunkae – Things Baby
15.  DJ Phunkae Ft. Jack Beazly – Sexxy Phat N Famous

DJ Phunkae on Myspace -

Dj Phunkae 2010 WMC Promo Mix -
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free Tune - Boys Noize - Starter - Dane O Edit

The Boys Noize boy is from New Berlin Germany. He has been Djing since 1996 and started producing two years later at only age sixteen. Boys Noize has released originals and remixes on multiple labels including the French Label Kitsuné Music. His tracks have been played by Djs like SebastiAn, Soulwax, and Justice. Boys Noize's first EP "Oi Oi Oi" was released in 2007 and the first single off of that album was "Don't Believe the Hype". His track "& Down" was featured in Grand Theft Auto IV as well as used as a sample in Estelle's single "American Boy". Boys Noize recently produced a track for the Black Eyed Peas ft. 50 Cent - "Let the Beat Rock". His tunes tend to feature driving 4/4 beats with a very glitched out edge. His "Royksopp Remix" is a great example of this style. With a current tour spanning 3 continents and multiple dates throughout the US, Boys Noize may just be coming to a city near you.
Boys Noize's track "Starter" also fits right into the driving glitchy category. It’s a hard and rugged 4/4 with a tweaked out arrangement. Here on the Kick It Blog we've got the Dane O Edit. Dane O adds to the glitchiness of the original while giving it a bit more of a Breakbeat feel.

Boys Noize on Myspace -

Boys Noize - "Starter" - Dane O Edit -
(Right Click, Save As)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Free Tune - Benga - 26 Basslines - Elite Force Re-Fix

Pumping out the serious freakin business right now is Elite Force! Holy bag of flaming shit this guy is on fire!! Re:Vamped was just recently released and it is an all out audio arsenal! Spanning multiple genres of EDM and I think managing to create some new ones at the same time! How about releasing an album and having every track in the Beatport top 50! That's what Elite Force managed to pull off last week. How about dominating the Breaks charts from #1-12? Are you kidding me? Yep, he managed to pull that one off as well. Every tune on the release is massive and I don't have to really stress that fact, the numbers speak for themselves! 19 tunas the size you can tell stories about. From the bassline ridden trance inducing "The Final Whistle" to "Divine Act". With its Sermon-esque vocals locking into a "Disco" loop pounding you with the sub frequencies, getting "the party started" in proper fashion. Elite Force is a bassline monster! "Shaolin Style" is rugged, raw and ready for battle. One of my personal favorites is the "Ghosts and Stuff" Elite Force Re-Fix. Taking a huge tune and rinsing the shit out of it. Then there is "Maps" - Elite Force Re-Fix. Super sexy vocals and more signature bass from this maniac blend with some beautiful guitar and strings combining a fantastic blend of Folk Rock and EDM!

Well lucky you, we have one of the tracks from this release available here for FREE. "26 Basslines" the Elite Force Re-Fix is just as the name might lead you to believe, all about the bass! Squirming its way in and out of audio wormholes, the low frequencies take you on an ever wobbling journey through the world of woofers. And after you scoop up this gem, head on over to the U&A site and get your filthy mitts on the other 5 tracks that are available for free. 3 others from the Elite Force himself, 1 from Peo De Pitte and 1 from Rektchordz! Don't delay, that's half a set for this weekend's gig you've got!

Elite Force Website -

U&A Records Website -

Free Tune Page w/ 6 Free Tracks -

Benga - 26 Basslines - Elite Force Re-Fix -

Monday, March 15, 2010

Free Mix - Deekline - Take It Ezy

Monday's tend to have a funky flavor here on the Kick It Blog so why not keep the tradition and funk up your booty with a free mix from the king of Booty Breaks, Deekline. Bringing you the funked up bassline breaks like no one else, Deekline is truly a legend. Teaming up with other genre greats like Wizard and Ed Solo (Defkline + Red Polo), Deekline's name is on the tip of every Breaks head's tongue. With past Anthem's under his belt like 'I Don't Smoke' from 1999 and at the helm of no less than 6!! Record labels, Deekline is undertaking the largest world tour of his career in 2010. If you've never witnessed this man behind the decks and you are a fan of Breakbeat, you have done yourself a great injustice!! Get your ass out on the dance floor for some Hot Cakes and some Booty Breaks!!

Deekline - Take It Ezy Promo Mix

1. Take It Ezy - Tim Healey Vs Deekline
2. Gimme – DJ Assault (Heavy Feet Mix)
3. Fugitive – Diplo (Stanton Warriors Edit)
4. Real Smooth – Tim Healey Vs Tomcraft (Kraft Kuts Edit)
5. Defkline & Red Polo - Mr. Big Stuff - Booty Break
6. Ghetto Electro – DJ Godfather Ft. DJ Omega (Nom De Strip Mix)
7. I'll Be Good – Plump DJs
8. Take It Ezy – Tim Healey, Deekline & Ed Solo Ft. Bad Lay-Dee (Breaks Mix)
9. Tricky - Run DMC
9. Higher State - Josh Wink
10. Stripper Theme – Stripper Ft. DJ Omega
11. Apple Bottom - Deekline, Dustin Hutlon Ft Sporty-O
12. How I Like It - Stanton Warriors Edit
13.Last Jungle - Sub Focus

Deekline on Myspace -
Deekline 'Take It Ezy' Promo Mix -
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Free Mix - Video - Free Tune

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. We're one week closer to WMC and on that note let's start off with our free mix. Johnny Dangerously is the major organizer of the TruSkool Breaks event at WMC. Johnny has been involved with music for over 20 years and is a major part of the Breakbeat scene in Florida. He's had tons of releases on prominent labels, owned his own label, and has had his music featured for multiple things. Johnny puts together a serious mix featuring music from the artists of the upcoming TruSkool event. Get it now for free and get a taste of what you will be hearing at the event or if you can't make it to WMC, at least you can get a small piece of it right at home.

Johnny Dangerously - 2010 TruSkool Breaks Showreel Mix

5. LO IQ? “DREAMER 2010”
6. J2K “THE WAY”

Johnny Dangerously on Myspace -

Johnny Dangerously - TruSkool Breaks 2010 Showreel Mix -
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Remix Video

Next up we have a dope Re-Edit of Moby's 'Porcelain' done by Kouncilhoue. Kouncilhouse is one of the rising stars of Breaks in 2010. We recently featured an interview and 6 FREE TRACKS from Kouncilhouse that are still available further down the page. He takes the classic tune 'Porcelain' and re-works it with a Drum and Bass beat. This Re-Edit is properly done and it gets down to business. Excellent stuff!

New Unsigned Original

Moving right along we have a new tune coming from Diistortiion. Australian native Diistortiion is making big moves in 2010 as well. He has got a whole slew of material available on his SoundCloud page. From remixes to original tracks, Diistortiion is laying down some heavy stuff. A couple of them are also available further down on this page. His new unsigned original 'Dynamite' is just that. It features growling bass and FTL-esque edits, stabs, and synths well maintaining Diistortiion's sound and style. Definitely another big piece and one to look out for.

Diistortiion on SoundCloud -

Diistortiion - 'Dynamite' -

FREE Original Track

And last but not least we have a FREE track coming at you from the Sneaker of S&D aka TJFX. We have featured multiple Re-Edits from TJFX that have done excellent here on the Kick It Blog. He also has multiple originals up on his SoundCloud page that are available for free as well. 'Doomsday Dancer' is an original production that has a bit of a Psy feel to it. Blurring the lines between 4/4, Tech-Funk and Breaks it's a progressive roller that builds up energy throughout the track. Maintaining a consistent feel while changing things up nicely until the big drop. Breakin things down nice and low TJFX quickly pumps the track full of energy again and the train is back at full steam. Serious business!!

TJFX on SoundCloud -

TJFX - 'Doomsday Dancer' -

Friday, March 12, 2010

Farace Friday - Free Tune!! - Game Boy Game Girl - I Get In The Club - Farace Re-Edit

Yes yes once again the weekend is upon us and I could not be happier. Mostly this week do to the fact that, after next weekend, it's time for ton's of sun, fun and beats!! Well, as always it's Farace Friday here on the Kick It Blog and today we've got something special for you.
Do you like tracks that are maybe a bit weird or off but still bangin at the same time? Do you like having remixes that no one else does. Do you like a bit of Electro feel to your business? Well, Farace is delivering the goods Game Boy Game Girl style. Game Boy Game Girl from Australia produce some seriously deranged stuff i.e. 'Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp'. Do you have the sweaty wet dirty damp because they do. I'm not sure I want to have that or know anyone who does but as strange as that may sound, the production and quality of their tracks is solid, funky and bangin! Sort of like Steve Porter's 'Slap Chop'.
If you are a Breaks DJ then Farace is the man for you because he takes anything and makes it club worthy. Re-engineering 'I Get in the Club' into a Breakbeat scorcher. And the best part of all of course is you can only get it here! Shake your booty till it's sore.

Game Boy Game Girl on Myspace -

Game Boy Game Girl - 'I Get in the Club' - Farace Re-Edit -

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Free Tune - Rektchordz Vs Hybrid

I have been hearing and seeing the name Rektchordz quite a lot lately and that's a good thing. When it comes to Tech-Funk the boy is the business! He's been churning out some massive tunes as well as a recent sample pack and a new website! Whew! Hybrid is another huge force in the Electronic Music Industry without a doubt!! Their previous three albums have all been highly acclaimed and they have a new album due out the 29th of March. c-Row AKA Forensiq from Germany takes the two and makes a killer mash-up. Featuring the vocals of Hybrid's previously released single 'The Formula Of Fear' (sung by Charlotte James) layered over the rearranged Beta remix of Rektchordz' 'Left Behind' to create the Progressive Breaks remix that was painfully absent from the original single. And of course, it's FREE.

Hybrid on Myspace -

Rektchordz Website -

c-Row on SounCloud -

Rektchordz Vs Hybrid -

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Release - KIR234 - Jake Shanahan Ft. Marcie Joy - Get Me High - Beatport Exclusive

Stepping up to the plate for Kick It's latest release is label veteran Jake Shanahan. His previous release featuring G. Thomas on vocals did excellent on the digital sites. This time around he teams up with Trance vocalist Marcie Joy for 'Get Me High', an all out Electro House banger! Glitchy stabs and a funky beat join forces with Marcie's moving vocals and a nice thick bassline to create a wicked groove. If Electro House is your thing, this one is definitely for you!
Stepping up first on remix duties, is the one Farace. Supplying "Get Me High" with the Breakbeat treatment Farace gives it his signiture chunky break while infusing a bit of the Trance feeling he is also well known for. When it comes to blips and bleeps Farace does it just right and this track has got em in all the right places. Along with Marcie's vocals and a rolling bassline, this one is main floor ready!
Last but not least by any means another Kick It veteran, G. Thomas, gives 'Get Me High' the Progressive House work-out. Taking it nice and deep and layed back whilke still upfront, G. Thomas has done it again. All 3 are excellent representations of their relevant genres! Guaranteed to make the party rock!

Purchase Jake Shanahan Ft. Marcie Joy - 'Get Me High' - Beatport Exclusive

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kick It Sponsered Event - Tru Skool Breaks - WMC

That's right boys and girls! Kick It Recordings is proud to be a part of The TruSkool Breaks Showcase Wed. Mar 24th at WMC! Come join us for some serious breakbeat insanity for over 12 hours! Details below -
TruSkool Breaks Showcase on Facebook -!/event.php?eid=337962813419

Ed Solo is the shy, nocturnal half of many a production duo. More elusive than a badger in the Sahara during daylight hours. Ed Solo regularly locks himself away in secret studio locations, co-writing Breaks with Krafty Kuts, Skool of Thought or Deekline, and Drum ‘N’ Bass with Brockie or Darrison. His teaming with Skool of Thought has provided a host of huge singles, including ‘When I Was a Yout,’ ‘Love Your Life’ and ‘Babylon Breaks’, along with the thundering remixes of Groove Armada’s ‘Superstylin’ and Freestylers v Pendulum ‘Painkiller’ which have seen them in high demand for production work as well as for DJing.
With all his great achievements, Ed Solo is best known as one half of Defkline & Red Polo (which translates as Deekline & Ed Solo) turning out some of the sickest Breaks remixes to anchor the infamous HOT CAKES / BOOTY BREAKS label.
We are proud to have him represent TruSkool Breaks as he is a true Breakbeat pioneer!

The Bassqueen is hailed the top female Breaks producers/dj's in the world. Her sets are mind blowing, and hypnotic, filling the room with deep pulsing bass every-time she performs. Celebrating her current album release, I Heart Bass!

Hailed as one of the pioneers of the Electro sound, others try to emulate what he does. From the classic "Give The DJ a Break" all the way to the ever so popular chart topper, "The Red Pill" DJ Scratch -D has engraved his spot as the undisputed king of Electro /Electro Breaks!

Along with....
RICHIE BALBOA (Breakspolls 'Best Breakthrough DJ' 2010 & NSB Radio  'Best Breakbeat Radio Station' 2010) !!! (EXCLUSIVE)

Stacy Osorio
Duncan Beatz & MC Mynx
Tommy Who
Inconspicuous Villain
The Scritch Vs Scott Remedy
Btz (The Dryer of Sneaker & The Dryer)


Located at a brand new venue in South Beach...
758 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139


Showcasing the premiere established Breakbeat producers, top 10 Beatport charters, and Breakbeat's rising stars!

Official Web and Print sponsors for this event... - Build a professional web site in minutes! - Full color quality printing with a quick turnaround and unbeatable prices!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Interview - Farace

Kick It Recordings front man Farace was recently featured on out of Brazil. Curious why Farace does what he does? You can read the interview and check out some vids as well here -

Free Tune + Free Mixes - Fatback - Missy Got the Hands on Some Money - Funk the System Edit

Last week we featured some funked-up funky-ass shit coming from Wash AKA Funk the System. Well keeping you funktafied, he's back again this week with another free tune he just finished and some free mixes as well!
 Let's start off with the FREE tuna! When it comes to Funky Breaks, Wash is the man on the scene ready to funk you up! Bringing that classic old school funky breakbeat feel to the fullest. Putting his signature touch on this edit Missy and Luda get down to the beat. A great tune all the way around.
 Wash's mixes are also right on point spreading the funky jams nice and thick! They are all serious business but Coffeeshop is my personal favorite rinsing tune after tune with extra cream! Download em, turn it up, fire up a big phat one and let the tunes groove your soul!

Wash Funk The System on SoundCloud -

Fatback - "Missy Got the Hands on Some Money" - Funk the System Edit -

Funk The System Mixes -

Friday, March 5, 2010

Farace Friday - Videos from Breakspoll and Vienna

How quickly weeks come and go and already another Farace Friday is upon us. This past Thursday were the International Breakbeat Awards AKA Breakspoll. Some of the big winners were NSB Radio, Krafty Kuts, BSD, and Richie Balboa. Farace was one of only three Americans asked to play the event and we have some video of his set. The following night Farce played in Vienna and again on Saturday opening for The Dub Pistols with J-Tuns. Only instead of opening for them, he tagged with them for four hours!! We've got video of the ensuing insanity as well!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Featured Artist - Kouncilhouse - 6 FREE TUNES!!! + Interview

Man have we got a big one for you today. A review, an interview and a 6 TUNE FREE EP!!! Whom might this madness be coming from you ask!? Today we are talking about Kouncilhouse! Kouncilhouse, from the UK, is a Breakbeat force to be reckoned with. His production is topnotch and because of his hard graft over the last year, he earned himself a nomination at Breakspoll 2010 (International Breakbeat Awards) for ‘Best Breakthrough Producer’. Not to mention his DJing is on point. Kouncilhouse is the head and owner of ADHD Records and the founder of ‘It’s Good for the Soul’ - a 45 track compilation, to raise money for the Ellennor Lions Children’s Hospice in Kent. The album features tunes, spanning Breaks, House, Dubstep and D&B, from some of the world’s top producers. Kouncilhouse has a well rounded discography with releases like ‘Shed a Tear / Yes Man’ with D&B legend Micky Finn. His remix of Smart Systems ‘Tingler’ was released on Jumpin & Pumpin. Also his Salt & Peppa bootleg of 2009 ‘Pass the Pepper’ was huge and received radio play from Radio 1, Kiss FM, and XFM - as well as support by the big guys.

Kouncilhouse is definitely one to watch in 2010. He has clocked up a very impressive back catalog of collaborations including D’Cruze (Suburban Bass), Leeroy Thornhill (Electric Tastebuds) and Brian Douglas (Future Sound of London). He has some top releases in the pipeline for 2010, beginning with his remix of the massive rave anthem ‘Biting Back (She’s Breaking Up)’. Also his remix of The Freestylers’ ‘This City’ has just been confirmed for release by their label. Kouncilhouse tells me he’s about to head into the studio with MC Sirreal to work on his new summer anthem ‘I Don’t Care’ and will be working on more collaborations with many other well respected artists from within the EDM scene. He has also recently been signed by the label Electric Tastebuds, which is run by Leeroy Thornhill, formerly of The Prodigy. Koucilhouse’s remix and production work speaks for itself but just in case you’re unsure, here is a serious list of accolades.

Atomic Hooligan – “Big tings! Nice Boot. Was screaming for it, will definitely be banging this one!”

Tom Craft – “Sounds wicked and fresh – love it!”

Beat Vandals – “Have been playing Kouncilhouse tunes in my sets and they are totally rocking the floor… The Shizzle!”

Beat Assassins – “Kouncilhouse gets the party rocking with his solid grooves”

Rico Tubbs – “Brraaps! Pepper tune is killing it!”

Kouncilhouse Interview

I got a chance to sit down with Simon and ask him some questions to see what makes Kouncilhouse tick.

Q – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists that influenced that?

That’s a long way back to remember… I’ve always been into electronic dance music as far back I can remember but I think it was Grandmaster Flash to be honest. I remember going into Woolworths after school when I was a nipper and buying one of his albums on tape.

Q – What was your very first CD?

Can’t remember but my first piece of vinyl I bought was a dub plate of Cry Sisco - Afrodizziact (Oakenfold's Raid Mix)

Q – How did you first get involved with the electronic music culture and what was the first event you attended?

I was introduced at a very early age. My friend Sean Bighead Eddy first of all got me into listening to New Beat back in the day and then it just grew from there really. First event I attended was Woodstock in West Kingsdown in Kent (England)

Q – Where was your favorite gig you have had to date?

Hammersmith Palace (London)- which was a live P.A - around 2000 people going mad.

Q - Who have you been most proud to open for?

Not sure really…probably Terry Hooligan, Leeroy Thornhill and Soul Of Man - got a lot of respect for all of them.

Q - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

Well I’ve ‘played up’ at Glastonbury lots of times but haven’t got to play there yet.

Q – What is your favorite tune you have released?

Ummm… legally or illegally?
Well it would have to be my remix of Smart Systems ‘Tingler’ because it got released on vinyl on Jumpin & Pumpin which for me was something to be quite proud off, before vinyl really started going down the pan.

Q – Who is your favorite EDM artist?

Oh what a question… there’s so many! Liam Howlett, Orbital, Leftfield, D'Cruze, De La Soul, Future Sound Of London, Massive Attack, Meat Beat Manifesto, Cut Chemist, Atomic Hooligan, UNKLE, Soulwax, Chemical Brothers, Cooperation Of One, Scratch Perverts, Roni Size, DJ Shadow, LTJ Bukem, Joey Beltram, Soul Of Man, Fast Eddie, Art Of Noise …I really could go on all night!

Q - How about outside of EDM?

There are just too many to mention, I love Steal Pulse and R.D.F.

Q – Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

There are loads of producers I would love to work with but my main collaboration in life would have to be with my son Bailey.

Q – What was your motivation for starting the ‘Good for the Soul’ project?

My mum passed away from cancer last Christmas and my mate’s little un had leukemia twice so it
went from there really.

Q – What is your preferred software for producing?

Cubase with a little side helping of reason!

Q – What life lessons has the music industry taught you?

Take everything you hear and know in the music industry ‘with a pinch of salt’.

Q – What does the future hold for Kouncilhouse and ADHD Recordings?

Lots! Watch this space…

Kouncilhouse on Facebook -

Kouncilhouse on SoundCloud -

Kouncilhouse on Myspace -

Kouncilhouse - "The Remix EP" (6 FREE TRACKS!!!) -

Kouncilhouse - "Pass The Pepper" -
Chemical Brothers - "Block Rockin Beats" - Kouncilhouse Remix -

Leftfield - "Phat Planet" - Kouncilhouse Remix -

Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Tunes - Wash - Funk the System

Feeling that Monday funk, and not the good kind. Need a funky-ass wakeup call? Pick up that ringing phone, it's the front desk on the line with just what you need. Bringing you the super funky funked up funk is Wash AKA Funk the System. Wash is a Brazilian native slapping that funk in the ass with a latino hand he rubs some sexiness all over his tunes. If you're hankering for a hunk of funk grab these tunes! "Where's the Party At" is solid disco funk with some great James Brown-easque vocals. "Ready to Shake in the Fantastic Voyage" has got that classic  vocal and some great slap bass. Wash has got a bunch of stuff available for free on his SoundCloud page so get your butt over there and check them out.

Wash - Funk The System on Myspace -

Wash on SoundCloud -

Funk the System - "Where's the Party At" -
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Mr Big Dubstuff - Extended Mix (Funk the System) -
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