Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kick It Event - Kick The System - Grand Opening Friday April 29th

 Hot off the heels of our major success with Escape Velocity just two weeks ago, Kick It Recordings are back on the scene with another wicked event for our New England purveyors of bass! Kick The System is our new monthly starting up here in Worcester MA and the Grand Opening is this week. The last Friday of every month Kick It Recordings will be bringing you nothing  but the best in sound, lighting, visuals, and of course music!! We also are holding a raffle for an iPod shuffle and other prizes including pairs of tickets to future events. Don't miss out on an awesome night of music and madness brought to you by the Kick It Family and be on the lookout for big things to come!!

Kick The System - Grand Opening Featuring

Angel Alanis
Marcus Christian

Kick The System Facebook Event Page -

Kick The System Club Page -

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Release, Free Mix and Videos - Dirtyloud Ft. Sirreal - Needle

Lovers and masters of the bassline, Brazilian duo Dirtyloud were recently sitting at Number 1 in the Dubstep  Beatport Charts for 7 Weeks!, with their remix of Tim Healey’s "Rock It Roll It". Once again proving that Dirtyloud are here to stay and can take on any genre and do it justice. David Guetta is a huge fan of Dirtyloud and their jacking and tough yet effortlessly groovy sound has come to define the Nu-Electro style currently taking the world by storm.

Dirtyloud regularly top the Electro-House and Dubstep charts on Beatport and iTunes and their assault on the charts on Beatport is just short of legendary, having up to 4 tracks at any one time in the Top 10 Electro-House Chart, and having sat at No.2 on the Beatport “All Genre Chart” for weeks at a time. Dirtyloud are receiving remix requests from labels as diverse as Atlantic, Loaded (BYOB Dubstep Remix) and Universal to Plasmapool and Great Stuff.

 Returning to Tim Healey's label are Dirtyloud with another wicked release entitled "Needle" which features Surfer Rosa superstar Sirreal who snarls his way through the rhymes and slams into the heaviest Electro-House you’ll hear this year, freakin huge! Seeing as their love of the low-ends knows no boundaries, Dirtyloud have turned in a Drum & Bass mix that is second to none. This is stadium rave-noise at its finest, as Sirreal’s time-stretched vocals ride the high-octane groove making for a phenomenal tuna that will be hitting speakers far and wide.

Rounding out the release is chart-topper Glitter who steps up to the mark with his bass-heavy hypnotic work out guaranteed to garner support from the Tech-House/Techno and Prog scenesters.

We've got a couple videos for you as well, one being the official video for "Needle" and also the official teaser video for "School of Funk". 

Rounding out the days business is Dirtyloud's new promo mix "Needle in Your Arm". Kicking the mix off with their brand new one "Needle" this mix is full of wicked bassline monsters and wobbling beasts like Dada Life's "White Noise/Red Meat" and Wolfgang Gartner's "Anthology" the Madeon Mashup. Download it for free and pump it through your speakers at full volume while cruising down the highway with the speakers down, your car will thank you!

Dirtyloud - "Needle in Your Arm" Promo Mix

1. - Dirtyloud Ft. Sirreal "Needle in Your Arm" Original Mix
2. - Dada Life "White Noise/Red Meat" Original Mix
3. - Spencer & Hill "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Electro Mix
4. - Nom De Strip Ft. MC Loki "Step Back" Club Cut
5. - Fatboy Slim "Gangster Trippin 2011" Lazy Rich Remix
6. - C2001 "Totally Nuts" Original Mix
7. - Wolfgang Gartner "Anthology" Madeon Mashup
8. - Leony "Loving You" STFU Mix
9. - Wolfgang Gartner "Front To Back" Original Mix
10. - Nadia Ali "Call My Name" Spencer & Hill Remix
11. - Marc Mysterio "Let Loose"

Teo Moss Electro Thumpin & Bumpin Mix
12. - Haley, Tiesto & Kaskade "Only You" Dragon & Jontron Remix
13. - "UNR" Freefire Remix

   Dirtyloud's DJ SET ''Needle in Your Arm'' by Dirtyloud

   DIRTYLOUD - NEEDLE EP by Tim Healey

Dirtyloud on Facebook -

Monday, April 25, 2011

New Release - KIR250 - Tactical Groove Orbit - Radio Gost/Have A Cookie

That’s right everybody, Kick It Recordings is on our 50th release, Happy Anniversary to us! French musical mastermind Tactical Groove Orbit returns to Kick It with a pair of bangers that will knock your socks off. First up is the monstrous Radio Gost which wastes no time getting down to business. Heavy leads and a slamming beat will rock any floor at anytime! The flipside brings us “Have a Cookie” which maintains the high energy styling of the first track while incorporating classic riffs and vox for a touch of nostalgia, check out that bassline!! Get your butts over to Beatport or wherever you buy your music and pick up the release for yourself.

Support From -

Neurodriver - "Have a Cookie is wicked!"

Karton - "Radio Gost is wicked!!" 

Farace - "Have a Cookie is huge, full support on this one!!"

Bill Vega - "Radio Gost... it's a fucking tuuuuuuune!! :)"

Lupo (Hypster) - "Great stuff here from TGO, loving Have a Cookie especially :)"

Wavewhore - "Radio Gost is huge.... love the all out party funk with a heads down attitude."

 Yreane - "BIIIIIIIIIG!!! Reminds me of Far Too Loud! Quality!"

Monk3ylogic -  "Quality, Have A Cookie really jumps out at you on the first play and Radio Gost closely follows. A heavy release from Kick It Recordings which deserves to do well!"

Olmec - "Great release. Big beats, big bass, huge tracks to make the dance floor go crazy!"

Mobius - "Both of these are sounding fat but Have a Cookie is my favorite, will support." 

Johnny Dangerously - "Great release, can't wait to drop this!"

The Beatyard Blog - "Loved this one guys, some serious Electro right here. Awesome stuff!"

   KIR250 Tactical Groove Orbit - Radio Gost/Have A Cookie Previews by Kick It Recordings

Tactical Groove Orbit "Radio Gost/Have a Cookie" on Track It Down - Radio Gost/Have a Cookie

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Free Tune - Skaven - Payback

What's happening everybody! I hope you've all had a great week. Things are super busy in Kick It land so I apologize for the lack of content of this week. We've got a good one up for grabs today though. New comer to the blog Skaven is providing us with the D&B business. Better known for his efforts in Dubstep he turns his attention to the broken beat stylings of the Drum & Bass kind with "Payback". Opening up with airy pads "Payback" quickly makes it's way into a rough and tough riddim with wobbling bass and heaps of energy. Proper edits and heavy drum work keep things interesting before dropping into a massive half-time sub-frequency section just prior to the main breakdown featuring some great movie sampling. Check out Skaven's Soundcloud page to see what else he has been up to.

   Payback FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by Skaven

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Free Tune - Gustolabs Ft. Jenifer Logue - Get It On

 Happy Tuesday everybody, we're back with another tasty treat for you again today. Who's in the mood for a little Electro House, I sure am. 

We've got a new comer to the blog today and he is coming to us from the big apple. Brooklyn-based Dj and producer Augusto "Gustolabs" Araujo was born and raised in Lima, PerĂº. There he was exposed to a wide variety of eclectic music styles beginning at a very early age. At twenty years old, Gustolabs moved to Miami and instantly fell in love with its multifarious mix of cultures and music, which in turn helped him develop a sensibility for sights and sounds.
Only five years ago Gustolabs packed up his equipment and his dreams and moved to Brooklyn, NY. Making this his new home base, he started his own production company and began to collaborate with local talent working tirelessly on refining the sound he is now getting praised for.
With touches of Electro, Break Beat and Hip Hop, Booty and UK Garage, Gustolabs has a very diverse style with a melodic and progressive edge. A multi-instrumentalist, photographer, video artist, Dj and music producer, DJ Gusto is a one-man-arsenal with endless possibilities,  his production reflects just that.

Today up for grabs we have one of his originals featuring Jenifer Logue on the vocals. "Get It On" starts off with a shuffling beat and clubby kicks with some lovely pads quickly working in. A short intro to mix in  with and Gusto drops it out on the raspy vox from Jenifer. Fun and funky, this tuna has a great vibe and groove throughout the entire track. A touch of Trance influence adds some musicality to a clubbier banger rounding it out nicely. The main breakdown has a wicked hands in the air feel to it that will work great for the upcoming summer festival season. Gustolabs has got a bunch of other free stuff available on his Soundcloud page so make sure and head over there and check him out!

   Jennifer Logue - Get It On - Gustolabs (Original Mix) 320kbps FREE DOWNLOAD* by GUSTOLABS

Gustolabs on Soundcloud -

Monday, April 18, 2011

Free Tune - Wolfgang Gartner - Space Junk - Kwerk Re-Rub

 Monday is here again to haunt you like a bad ex but Kick It is here to make you forget about all those crappy dates and think about basslines and breakbeats instead. Purge the junk and blast of into space with a funked up version of "Space Junk" by Wolfgang Gartner. Kwerk is back and he brings us his retro Re-Rub and is giving it out for free. Groovy beats and vocal stabs set things in motion leading into the well known riffs from the Electro House master. Echoed claps and wobbling bass edits a nice touch proving Kwerk knows what's up in the production department. Make sure you check out his recently released EP over on Beatport as well and switch that bass!

   Wolfgang Garter - Space Junk (KWeRK re-rub) **FREE 320 D/L (see description)** by KWeRK

Kwerk on Facebook -

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Free Tune - Sneaker & The Dryer Ft. Toreba - Want You to Work It

Seven days of music, that's what I'm talking about! That's right everybody, it just keeps coming. We're giving out free stuff like a food bank this week so you definitely will not go hungry for tuna with The Kick It Blog in action. Sneaker & The Dryer return with a funky original that features the added musical stylings of Toreba and is available for download.  

Here is what The Beatyard Blog had to say about "Want You to Work It"- "Sweet piece of 4/4 action, a funky House number with some pleasing vocals and a warm broken beat feel to the entire track."

Both Sneaker & The Dryer and Farace have busy schedules in the following months with gigs all around the country. This week is the "Together Festival" in Boston featuring acts like Trentemoller and Wolfgang Gartner and for our Breakbeat heads we've got "Breakers Paradise". Come on over to felt on 4/20 for some serious business layed down by the likes of Farace, Sneaker & The Dryer, Great Scott, JSB and DJ DC. Links are below for the all the info you need on the events and more.

   Free Track - Sneaker & The Dryer Ft. Toreba - Want You to Work It by SneakerAndTheDryer

 Together Festival -

Breakers Paradise Event page -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Event Review - Kick It Recordings Presents Escape Velocity w/ Starkillers

 Kick It Recordings has started hosting events in the New England area on top of continuing to bring you the business in Florida as well and we Kicked it off in proper stylee last weekend with our first show for the Northeast - "Escape Velocity". Hosted at the area's premier all night venue, Club Therapy, "Escape Velocity" featured artists like Starkillers, Exodus, Farace, Sneaker & The Dryer, J2K and more, not to mention a guest appearance by Buzzed Lightyear himself! With a wicked line-up in the ridiculously bass-enforced main room as well as downstairs, the energy just kept going up throughout the night. All out madness ensued and fun was had by everyone, especially by the birthday boy who won the iPad raffle, what a birthday gift! We've got over 200 pics of the night over on the Kick It Recordings Facebook page, a few of which are below and make sure and check out the video from the night as well. We are just getting started so if you're in the New England, make sure you come out to the Grand Opening of Kick The System on April 29th in Worcester MA. We're giving away all kinds of Kick It Schwag as usual and also get there before midnight to be entered in the raffle for an iPod shuffle and other Kick ass stuff! See you on the dancefloor.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Free Tune - Hot Pink Delorean - Club Crashers - TJFX Re-Rack

 We know you guys love free stuff so have no fear, another TJFX Re-Rack is here. Open up your gull-wing doors and let the "Club Crashers" come pounding out of your speakers. Hot Pink Delorean AKA Terravita are currently ripping things up all over the UK. Hailing from Boston MA, HPD are quickly making their name known around the globe, putting out everything from Electro House and Indie to seriously heavy Dubstep and the like under the Terravita moniker, all with a raucous side and grimey edge. "Club Crashers" rides up the 4/4 alley in it's original form but TJFX is here to give it a proper re-working. If you like a bit of glitch with your beats, peep this one for sure. Dropping in on the horns for the first breakdown, it's all about to get serious from here. Sliced, diced and spiced to the max TJ retains most of the flavor of the original but funks it up with stutters, rolls and re-sampling. Loads of extra stabs and vocal bits crank up the energy for a peak time floor banger. TJFX has been keeping himself busy in the studio so check out his Soundcloud page for all kinds of free stuff. The video for "Club Crashers" is pretty kick ass as well so I posted it below for you to enjoy. Have a wicked weekend and Kick It!!

   Hot Pink Delorean - Club Crashers - (TJFX Re Rack)FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by TJFX

HPD on Soundcloud -

HPD on Facebook -

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Free Tune - VovKing - Panic At The Disco

 When it pertains to banging Breakbeats and bassline business, you know that this is this place to be without a doubt! Steadily pumping you full of Exclusives, downloads and more, we're back again today with another wicked tuna that's available for free. Getting things done in a big way from his home land in UA is VovKing and he is giving away one of his original Electro Breaks monsters. Starting things off with a funky break, echoed blips and filtered bass "Panic At The Disco" quickly makes it's way into an epic breakdown with realistic drums and a crunchy lead and then it's time for the bass. Sliding low ends and driving leads paired with a plethora of edits and a female vox that kicks things up an extra notch before the main breakdown takes over. The sub frequencies distort away to nothing leaving the bassline to filter it's way back in then giving way to another round of drumming madness ahead of the pinnacle of the track which takes things up another level to finish you off. The Soundcloud link is maxed out but if you head on over to the track's page, there are two more that work. Check out what else VovKing has been up to by following the links below.

   VovKING - Panic At The Disco (Original Mix) [vovKINGville] FREE TUNE!!! by VovKING

VovKing on Facebook -

VovKing Facebook Artists Page -

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Free Tune - Sketi - Target Aquired

 Sketi from the UK has been putting out some wicked Breakbeat tunas for a minute now. With about a dozen releases on Beatport, many of which have charted, Sketi is proving to be a major force in the broken beat scene. His remix of Diistortiion's "Feel It" combines Nu-Skool flavor with a Tear-out edge for a grimey jammer with a side of acid. Today we have another style of Sketi showing through and not the one that comes with Marinara sauce, I'm talking about Drumstep boys and girls. "Target Acquired" is wicked in every sense, from the intro which instantly sends the energy skyward to the talking bassline and immaculate drum work. The echoed vox and acid stabs fill out the background along with police sirens for a touch of the heat . I love the Asian-esque pads in the first breakdown which again is packed with more intensity than an supernova set to blow. Tango's in sight and he's bringing the business with him! Check out more wicked tunas from Sketi on Beatport and his Soundcloud page.

   [FREE TUNE] Sketi - Target Acquired [FREE TUNE] by Sketi Music

Sketi on Facebook -

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Release - Xim & Bass - Sorrow

XSSR Music are back for this, their 18th release and head honcho Mars takes the reigns once again, this time working in collaboration with the mighty Xim & Bass. Featuring remixes from 2 other superb producers; Dub Elements & Quadrat Beat, this is an epic package that is sure to excite bass lovers the world over. 

The original mix is a dirty, bass laden monster of a breaks tune that showcases Mars's super tight production skills to the max. The drums on this are so punchy Mike Tyson was seen running away at the mere thought of them and the bass features more wobbles than a plate of jelly in an earthquake! The breakdowns counterbalance the filth of the main track perfectly with ethereal, eery vocals and superbly crafted builds. If you like your tunes hard, intelligent and downright dirty you'd, be a fool to miss this and if you don't, what is wrong with you?? 

Dub Elements have been making a name for themselves with a string of killer Breaks and Dubstep releases and remixes and they showcase their love of the Dubstep sound once again here. Keeping the vibe of the original very much intact this is a wobbly, filthy and heavy kingsize remix that uses the eerie vocals and killer bassline to great effect. Packed full of energy this remix is going to have those that like their beats on the halftime vibe screaming for more. 

Quadrat Beat are no strangers to working with XSSR and have already proved themselves to be some of the most consistent producers out there over the last couple of years. Taking a different slant on things and slowing things right down, they still manage to maintain the feeling of the original and once again use the awesome vocals to great effect. This remix showcases a different side of the Quadrat Beat boys than we've heard before but rest assured, whilst it may be a bit slower, it maintains bundles of energy, grime and of course, plenty of slamming sub freqs! 
Whichever mix suits your style, you can be assured that dropping one of these massive slabs of bass ridden business will get the crowd rocking so make sure you buy your copy today.

   Mars ft Xim & Bass - Sorrow - XSSR018 by XSSR Music

Available Exclusively on Beatport
Purchase The Release Here -

Xim & Bass on Soundcloud -

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast #23 w/ Farace, J2K + Sneaker & The Dryer LIVE 3x6

Well, after a fantastic weekend with Kick It Recordings first North East event "Escape Velocity" having gone off with a bang, we're starting off your week with a special edition of the Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast for you. Farace made the trip back up north along with fellow Kick It artist J2k for our show on Friday at Therapy in Providence Rhode Island but before we blew away the kids down there, we all got down on a little NSB Radio action with a LIVE 3x6 show featuring Farace, J2k and Sneaker & The Dryer bringing you nothing but the business for two hours straight. If you weren't able to make it out to "Escape Velocity", at least you can download Episode #23 for a taste of the madness that ensued. The beginning is a little screwey as we were trying to fix a level issue so so don't have it up too loud before 2 mins in. Video and pics from the night soon to follow on this space.










Farace on Soundcloud -

J2K on Soundcloud -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Soundcloud -

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Free Tune - Utku S - Robot Love - TJFX Remix

Happy Hump day everybody, you're halfway there! Keeping the downloadable business coming, TJFX is back with another freebie. This time he brings us a chunky remix of Utku S.' "Robot Love". TJ maintains the overall feel of the original while giving it his signature sound with heaps of edits and stutters mixed with a lively arrangement. Head over to TJFX's Soundcloud page for a bunch of free tunas and check out the big time bangers on Utku's page as well.

Utku S.- Robot Love - (TJFX Remix) (premaster) by TJFX

Utku S. on Soundcloud -

TJFX on Facebook -

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Free Tune - Chase & Status Ft. Delilah - RuN RiOT Remix

Chase & Status put together some wicked tunes and "Time" featuring Delilah is no exception. With a small countries worth of remixes floating around for this one, I thought we'd post up the RuN RiOT Remix which is available for Free! "Time" has deep meaning and is laden with Delilah's pained vocals matching perfectly with C&S' Drum & Bass business. RuN RiOT takes things back a notch on the BPM meter but pushes the sub frequencies to the max with his monster Dubstep rendition. Focusing on the vocals he interprets the agony into heavy bass and screeching leads combining for a heavy yet uplifting tuna. Check out the video for the original below and grab the RuN RiOT Remix for Free!

Chase & Status Ft Delilah - Time (RuN RiOT Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by RuN RiOT

Refuge for Women & Children Against Violence -

Chase & Status Website -

RuN RiOT on Facebook -

Monday, April 4, 2011

Video - Stanton Warriors Ft. Ruby Goe & Hollywood Holt - Get Up

So, The Stanton Warriors new album is clearly doing big things on Beatport right now. With 11 tracks in the Breaks Top 25 and a couple more also in the Top 100, it seems people feel it was worth the wait for the new material. You can't deny the solid smoothness of tracks like "Bodywork" and "Dakota" and the peak time business of "Get Up" featuring Hollywood and Ruby Goe. Booty banging beats and funked up vocals start things off with the first verse from Hollywood and then Ruby's wickedly catchy chorus hits the speakers. Holt's second verse is super smooth and has a dash of FX tossed in for good measure. There is no way this one won't rock the party and there is a pretty kickass video to go along with "Get Up" so I've posted it below for you guys to check out.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Free Tune - NaDaDrop - Happy Krew Against The World

Packing your week full of punching power The Kick It Blog is back again with another big Free tuna! Today we have a newcomer to the blog via Toulouse France. Listed on his page as "Medieval Trash Electro", NaDaDrop has released "Happy Krew Against The World" and the name seems to fit the track just perfectly. Starting things off on an epic note, this one says anthem right from the get go. Heroic vocals and heavy strings and drums build up the anticipation. You don't have to wait long though my friends as the beat quickly comes slamming in with authority. Heavy grinding bass, a fragmented 4/4 and symphonic leads make up the main stretch into the major breakdown with its dubbed out breakbeat and heavily oscillated bass. Monster edits keep things moving for on overall gangster original that you can grab for FREE! Check out more madness from NaDaDrop on his Soundcloud page and head on over to his Facebook page and drop him a "Like".

Happy Krew Against The World (Original Mix) by NaDaDrop

NaDaDrop on Facebook -

Friday, April 1, 2011

Free Tune - Parker Vs Muse

Rounding out your work week we have a fantastic piece of Dub just in time for your weekend sets. If Knighthoods were given out for contributions to crowd rocking, Parker would be curtseying in front of the Queen come New Year. As it is, plaudits range from Massive Attack to DJ Yoda. Royalty indeed! First starting his rise smashing chumps via DJ battles, Bristol's Parker soon turned his hand to production gaining "lofty comparisons to the marvelous RJD2". The luscious beats and driving funk of his "To Eternity" LP garnered rave reviews and wide critical acclaim. Proving he was no flash in the pan, Parker followed the album with a series of club-rocking bangers, finding homes at such heavy hitting labels as Bombstrikes, Goodgroove, and Jalapeno. Not one to rest on his laurels Parker began to dabble in bass-heavy frequencies with "deliciously pleasing results". His Dubstep refix of James Brown's "It's a Man's World" reached #1 on the Hype Machine Chart, while "Where's My Monkey?" made him a household name. Parker's Crack House remix of Max Sedgley and Glitch Hop collaboration with Finley Quay further showed his versatility and confirmed him as a hit with national taste-makers BBC Radio 1, 1Xtra, Kiss, 6Music and XFM. A hectic DJ schedule has seen Parker's incredible deck talents already rock such festivals as Glastonbury, Shambhala (Canada), Big Chill and Bestival, as well as various club hot spots across the globe including FabricLive.

2011 will see a multitude of releases served up, indisputably proving Parker as one of the most eclectic producers around. His guise as one half of The Beekeepers along with Boca 45, results in the May album "Apiculture" on Jalapeno Records; a feast of chilled out breaks and dubby bass featuring a myriad of delicious vocal sounds from various talented and diverse artists. In-between a run of festival and worldwide gig dates Parker will also be giving away plenty more treats including his frankly astounding remix of Muse’s “Knights of Cydonia” which we have available today. Always one for "combining a cheeky sense of humor with a keen ear for a record-defining sample" (I-DJ Magazine) who knows what styles he'll be running, or inventing next. Parker is, and always will be, your friendly neighborhood beat smith. After the successes of his dub refix's of James Brown, Black Sabbath and of course the Jungle Book, Parker now sets his sights on Muse. Inspired by the recent revolutionary atmosphere and an unhealthy obsession with V for Vendetta, Parker has reworked the 'people power' classic Knights of Cydonia into a wicked Dubstep stormer. Massive kicks and powerful snares coincide with the filtered vox working you into the first short yet massive break dipping out on the classic Cydonia vocals. Shortly thereafter the oscillating and heavy bassline exposes itself ensuring this tuna is a summertime anthem in the making. Grab it for free and check out more from Parker on the links below.

Parker v Muse- Knights of Cydonia by DJ Parker

Parker on Facebook -

Parker on Twitter -