Monday, April 25, 2011

New Release - KIR250 - Tactical Groove Orbit - Radio Gost/Have A Cookie

That’s right everybody, Kick It Recordings is on our 50th release, Happy Anniversary to us! French musical mastermind Tactical Groove Orbit returns to Kick It with a pair of bangers that will knock your socks off. First up is the monstrous Radio Gost which wastes no time getting down to business. Heavy leads and a slamming beat will rock any floor at anytime! The flipside brings us “Have a Cookie” which maintains the high energy styling of the first track while incorporating classic riffs and vox for a touch of nostalgia, check out that bassline!! Get your butts over to Beatport or wherever you buy your music and pick up the release for yourself.

Support From -

Neurodriver - "Have a Cookie is wicked!"

Karton - "Radio Gost is wicked!!" 

Farace - "Have a Cookie is huge, full support on this one!!"

Bill Vega - "Radio Gost... it's a fucking tuuuuuuune!! :)"

Lupo (Hypster) - "Great stuff here from TGO, loving Have a Cookie especially :)"

Wavewhore - "Radio Gost is huge.... love the all out party funk with a heads down attitude."

 Yreane - "BIIIIIIIIIG!!! Reminds me of Far Too Loud! Quality!"

Monk3ylogic -  "Quality, Have A Cookie really jumps out at you on the first play and Radio Gost closely follows. A heavy release from Kick It Recordings which deserves to do well!"

Olmec - "Great release. Big beats, big bass, huge tracks to make the dance floor go crazy!"

Mobius - "Both of these are sounding fat but Have a Cookie is my favorite, will support." 

Johnny Dangerously - "Great release, can't wait to drop this!"

The Beatyard Blog - "Loved this one guys, some serious Electro right here. Awesome stuff!"

   KIR250 Tactical Groove Orbit - Radio Gost/Have A Cookie Previews by Kick It Recordings

Tactical Groove Orbit "Radio Gost/Have a Cookie" on Track It Down - Radio Gost/Have a Cookie

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  1. Both tunes are massive!!! Thanks for that! :)