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Free Tune, Free Mix & Exclusive Interview - Mobius

The hour draws near my friends, the fat man is coming! If you are anywhere near as much a fan of Christmas as I am, make sure you tune in to The Shoe Skool Sessions w/ Sneaker & The Dryer this Thursday night from 1-3am GMT on NSB Radio for a special Christmas edition. We will have a bunch of exclusive X-mas edits being mixed 2x4 the S&D way and will also be doing a Live video feed of the show. Not to mention, Santa himself will be stopping by the Shoe Skool Studios to say hello to the NSB Listeners. We hope to see you in the chat room!

Today we are talking about Southampton natives Mobius and we have got a tasty bit of material for you. Having met back in 2000 while djing events together in the local club scene, Jon Moakes and Ali Rutt formed Mobius in January of 2007. The first production the two put together was "Thugs" which was released on Ape Recordings in 2008 and infused their diverse musical backgrounds, taking aspects from Hip Hop, House, D&B and more. Keeping themselves busy in the studio and at the clubs, Mobius have turned out a number of stormers in the following years including their recent remix of Prato's "No Way" out now on Yellowfinger Records. Keeping his djing skills finely honed, Ali has hosted a weekly show on the award winning NSB Radio for quite some time now. You can tune in to the "Mobius Trip" on Mondays from 7-9pm GMT. Today we have got a free tune and mix coming from Mobius up for grabs. Starting things of with the tunage we have "Champion Hounds" which kicks off with a Drum & Bass flavored break and chilling pads. Drawing on the original bassline and classic samples, they add a fresh feel to a well know track. On the darker side and a bit laid back, it still carries plenty of energy and has an killer groove. We've also got an excellent "off the cuff" mix from Mobius available as well. Just under an hour long it's packed with big tunas and the mixing is nice and clean keeping your ears interested throughout. We were also able to catch up with Mobius and have them answer the Kick It Twelve for us, you can find the Q&A below. Head on over to their SoundCloud page to hear some more of the tunes and show them support on Beatport.

The Kick It Tweleve - Mobius Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?
I started moving heavily towards Electronic music at about the age of 15, I'd been mostly into my heavy metal and rock up to this and I guess the main acts that influenced me moving over were really Leftfield and the Prodigy. (Who are clearly both electronic but I'm not sure Metallica had a direct influence!)

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?
My 1st album would have been on cassette and was Iron Maiden's - Live After Death. I think the 1st CD I ever bought was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack, turtle power!

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?
The 1st ever club night I went to was a small house night in Southampton (England), I started going clubbing fairly regularly pretty much straight away and a couple of the guys I started to hang around with had decks. I soon decided this was a cool thing to do so got a set of (awful) Soundlab belt drive decks and a (even worse) 2 channel Soundlab mixer shortly after. It didn't take me long to decide I had to get 1210's saying that!

4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?
That's a toughy, been playing out for 14 or 15 years now so have plenty to pick from! I used to run a sizeable popular weekly event here in Southampton called Debauchery and playing the last ever night of that, to a sold out venue with 700 or so very emotional ravers was pretty special.

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?
Again there's plenty to pick from, in the Breaks scene I guess it would probably be supporting Aquasky on a number of occasions as they are one of the acts that I picked up on very early on and were real pioneers in the scene in my opinion.

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?
If I was to pick one club it would have to be the main room of Fabric, such an amazing venue. I'd also love to play a big dance tent at one of the festivals, something I'm working on for 2011!

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?
If I was to pick an original it would have to be "Thugs" on Ape Music. This was our 1st tune that was released (other than a bootleg) and whilst our production values have certainly moved on a long way it was very special to see something we'd done from scratch come out finally.
On the remix side it would probably be the Yellowfinger release of Prato - No way. I think the counterbalance of the trancey synths and the dirty bass worked really well and we've had plenty of support and great feedback on it as well.

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?
I have a very eclectic taste in music, listening to stuff from almost every style. In the dance music world I guess I'd have to go for Leftfield. They are one of the acts that got me into dance music and having just seen them at Brixton Academy in London they still absolutely kill it 15 years later. Underworld would be right up there as well.
Moving outside the dance scene I'd say Metallica, I've loved their music for about 20 years now and still love turning it up really loud and rocking out when the mood takes me.

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
There's a lot of producers and vocalists I'd love for us to work with, we're lucky enough to be doing a remix featuring Liz Melody at the moment which would have been one I'd have picked on the vox side. On the producer side of things I'd love to work with Pyramid, Elite Force and Mars to name a few. We hopefully have something on the cards for 2011 with Mars so you never know, maybe we'll get our wishes one day.

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?
We don't really use hardware other than controllers, namely Native Instruments Kore controller, Novation keyboards and Akai drum pads. Software wise we use Cubase as our DAW and our main arsenal of synths, samplers and drum machines comes from Native Instruments amazing Kore package. I also highly rate a lot of the Audio Damage plugins for fx.

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?
To do what you love and not to stop chasing your dreams even if they don't come as quickly as you hoped. I've had the pleasure of playing many big gigs over the years but this pretty much stopped when I changed to breaks in around 2001. Having spent the intervening years learning our trade in the studio I'm now lucky enough to be in a position where the good gigs are starting to roll in again, our tunes are starting to receive critical acclaim from people I've respected for years and things are looking bright.
You also need to decide if you are aiming to do it as a career or just because it's something you adore. I'd imagine we could make plenty more money if we changed to other styles but if we produce some other kinds of music (DnB may well be on the cards at some point) it will be beecause we want to and love that scene as well, not because we're chasing the money. If the opportunity came to give up the dayjob then I'd take it for sure but I decided a long time ago it was better to stay true to what I love than sell out simply for success.

12. – What does the future hold for Mobius?
We've got a new original tune done and due to hit Jan 2011 on Dusted Breaks which has already received some awesome feedback from the few who've heard it so far. Also 2 remixes done for V.I.M. Breaks and the one featuring Liz Melody well underway. We're at a stage now where I think after we've finished this remix we'll go back to concentrating on finishing some more original material over the coming months unless a really amazing remix opportunity comes our way.

Having taken a back seat from pushing for gigs over the last few years whilst we tried to push the studio work I'm making a real push for 2011 to get back out on the road heavily to promote the Mobius name. I love making tunes as well but DJ'ing to a crowd of up for it nutters is what it's all about at the end of the day! I've recently switched over to the Traktor S4 and whilst I'm still learning some of the more advanced features I'm already remixing tracks on the fly, dropping samples into the mix etc so it's really changing what I can do. I'm pleased to say I already have quite a few gigs in the diary over the next month or 2 so you'll be hearing plenty from Mobius in 2011. Jon will continue to do his amazing work on all the tunes with me in the studio and whilst he's not gigging with me as yet, if I start to get booked for really big shows we have discussed doing a live set of some sort, or maybe a Dex n FX show with another laptop running. I'll also be continuing to work closely with NSB Radio and doing my bi-weekly show on the station.

Hope your readers enjoy the mix and like what we're doing in the studio, come and join us over on and to keep up to date on what we have going on.

Mobius Demo Mix

1. - Filter "Take A Picture" Hybrid Remix
2. - Curl & Dean "Bantha" Beta Remix
3. - B-Phreak & Liz Melody "Lost your Mind" BSD Remix
4. - Prato "No Way" Mobius Remix
5. - Kooqla "Mute" F-Word Remix
6. - Ways & Means "Daywalker"
7. - Slyde "Move Ya Body"
8. - The Loops Of Fury "Pump Up" Vandal Remix
9. - Access Denied Vs BSD "Mineral"
10. - That Girl DJ "Noise" Mobius Remix
11. - Quadrat Beat "Rockstar" Mars Remix
12. - BSD "Joe Jacks"
13. - The Gulf Gate Project "Illuminati" Ways & Means Remix
14. - Hironimus Bosch "M.A.D. Breakin"
15. - My Mom Said I Am A Freak "Freak Me" Breaking News Remix
16. - Mars "Make Me Hot"
17. - Coolbreakerz "Knight Rider" Mobius Remix

Champion Hounds - FREE DOWNLOAD by Mobius

Mobius on MySpace -

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New Release - KIR245 - Farace - Move On Remixes EP

We're starting off this week and finishing off the year of releases, with a serious bang. Just out today is the heavily supported Remix EP of Farace's "Move On". Currently rocking the speakers of djs far and abroad, we have enlisted the talent of some heavyweight producers to work their magic for Kick It this time around and they seriously delivered! Access Denied is first up with their monstrous Electro House rendition that pushes hard and slams the subs from beginning to end! Making his debut on Kick It, Spanish native Deenk takes over the controls and delivers the goods with a big Breaks remix that will keep the Tear Out lovers happy. And rounding out the bunch we have our friend Boyan from Canada who turns in a big floor Tech version that will satisfy the House heads. KIR #245 is receiving big support from the likes of Karton, Quadrat Beat and Yreane and Far Too Loud has it listed as number six on his Juno Download December Top 10. You can have a listen below on the Juno player, all three tracks are there, just hit the next button on the player and then head on over to wherever you get your digital music and pick up a copy of the release for yourself!

Support From -

Far Too Loud - "Access Denied providing the killer for me here."

Karton - "Access Denied remix is great!"

Quadrat Beat - "Access Denied Remix is Awesome!!!"

Wavewhore - "Big tunes... no doubt! Feeling the Deenk remix out of the three."

Bill Vega - "Deenk mix for me, wicked stuff."

Yreane - "Access Denied and Deenk remix are fucking BIG!!! Full support on these ones, I have no words to describe my delight."

Mobius - "My favourite package from Kick It so far with an absolutely belting remix courtesy of Access Denied. Deenk continues to show why he's a name to watch as well, but the AD mix is just massive!"

V.I.M. Records - "Top stuff as always.... sooo dirty!!"

Daniella Downs - "Holy Shit all 3 of them are DOPE!!"

Diistortiion - "Smashing remix pack!! Access Denied take the cake for me on this one, those guys can do no wrong!"

Jaden - "Deenk's remix is fire!"

KL2 - "Massive"

J2K - "Sick"

TJFX - "Holy Shit the Access Denied remix is ridiculous but I will be working in the Deenk remix as well!"

Structure - "All of these are sick!"

Robin Steal - "Business Time!"

Kick It Recordings Website -

"Move On" Remix EP on Beatport -

"Move On" Remix EP on Track It Down -

"Move On" Remix EP on Beatsdigital -

"Move On" Remix EP on Dj Download -

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Free Tune - Guestlist - Wardian's Breakbeat Mix

Happy Friday everybody, TGIF! Bloody hell it's been cold everywhere here in the US as of late. Even down South in Florida they are seriously feeling this cold snap. Anyway, I'm not here to be your local weatherman, I'm here to provide you with quality music, so that's what I'm going to do :) Back to the free business, today we've got a hot one from Fun N Dark front man Wardian. I've been feeling Wardian's tunes for a couple of years now and he is one of the top producers on the harder side of things at the moment. Picking up the guitar at age twelve, Wardian has been heavily influenced by music his whole life. Growing up in Malaga Spain, he started a Heavy Metal band and began playing gigs locally before discovering Electronic Music by the time he was eighteen. Taking a liking to Drum & Bass and Nu Skool Breaks, he found a new passion in music and in 2000 he purchased his first bits of equipment and started filling his crate with choice vinyl. Consistently working on his skills and picking up gigs whenever he could, he quickly found himself making his way into the production realm. In 2004 Wardian broke through with his first releases on vinyl on labels like Selecta Breaks Recordings. Now having honed his sound, Wardian's tough and powerful grooves mixed with originality and a touch of darkness make him stand out from the pack. With a pretty heavy discography at this point, multiple chart toppers under his belt and continued gigging, he is earning respect in the Breakbeat community, not only in his home territory but around the world as well. This time around he puts his funky and rough style on the classic tune "Guestlist". The break has a bit of a Florida feel to it without going there all the way. After a brief intermission the Fun N Dark bassline gets the business under way. Plenty of change ups keep your ears interested until the main breakdown quickly sneaks up on you. Just enough flavor from the original keeps it familiar while bringing a fresh approach to well known tune, good stuff! Head on over to Wardian's websites and blog for loads more free stuff and a ton of quality tunas.

 Guestlist (Wardian Breakbeat Mix) FREE DOWNLOAD by wardian

Wardian's Blog -

Fun N Dark Records on Myspace -

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Christmas Bonus - 35 Tracks for $5 from XSSR

Keeping things Christmas related we have got another great grab for you today. Though it's not free, it just about might as well be! We are talking about thirty-five tracks for just five bucks! I'd have to say that is pretty hard to beat and sounds like an early X-mas present to me!
 "Christmas comes, but once a year, and here at XSSR we've got a super special treat for all you bassline lovers. We're giving you the chance to own amazing 35 tracks from the XSSR back catalogue for just $5! Our X-Mars madness ends very soon, on December 31st, so whether you're bulking out your own collection, or planning to fill a friends stocking with joy - make sure you snap up this amazing sack full of goodies right now!

Happy X-Mars to you all,
From Father X-Mars & all the XSSR Elves."

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 Exclusive Free Tunes - Robin Steal - X-Mas Breaks

Santa made another early trip over to The Shoe Skool Studios and dropped some more free tunage down the chimney. Today we've got two Exclusive freebies for you coming at you by way of that Breakbeat loving merry man, Robin Steal. If you're as tired of hearing the same Christmas songs over and over as Robin apparently is, then you're in luck today. First up is an Electro Breaks twist on Frosty The Snowman. Meaty kicks and crisp snares get things going before quickly dropping into an eight bar break. Drum & Bass rolls and zappy bass work alongside the original vocals. Stretched out vox and filtered beats make up the main breakdown. Thumpity thump thump this one through your speakers Christmas morning. Next up is Robin's take on "The Christmas Song" aka "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire". Big kicks get you bouncing again along with shuffly hi hats. A growling bassline drives the low ends while the original vocals provide the tops, funky stuff to spice up your holidays. Head on over to Robin Steal's SoundCloud page and pick em up along with some of his other freebies.

Robin Steal - Frosty The Broken Snowman by Robin Steal

Robin Steal - Roasted Nuts by Robin Steal

Robin Steal on SoundCloud -

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Exclusive Interview - BSD

When they recently dropped their new EP "Bass-Star-Dos", BSD took over the Beatport Breaks charts in a whole new way. Weeks later, they still have no less then 10 tracks from the album still in the Top 100. After ten years of crafting their sound, these guys have really come a long way and are at the forefront of the Broken Beat sound in 2010. We were able to catch up with the masked marauders of music and they were kind enough to answer The Kick It 12, Q&A below.

The Kick It 12 - BSD Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?
BSD : We started listening to electronic music in the late 80's, we were 16 and 21. We got through it via some indie bands that let themselves be remixed by electronic artists. That was the time when we also listened to Fluke, Meat Beat Manifesto, Lionrock, Renegade Soundwave, Orbital, Underworld, FSOL, …

The bands we're most influenced about out of the electronica could be people like Swans, The Cult, The Charlatans, Stone Roses, Joy DivisiĆ³n/New Order, Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, Prince, Dead Can Dance, etc... Though, as a matter of fact, all these bands have been somehow remixed in a dance style.

We have been mainly listening to electronic music, where the real interesting things are happening, since the invasion of the synths in the early 80's.

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?
BSD : Until now we hadn't released a whole album of our own. We had collaborated in French Hip-Hop compilations, but little more. Before BSD our main work had been engineering/production for other artists.

“Malditos Bass-Star-Dos!” was created almost a year ago, after seeing that our first singles were succeeding. We were working on tracks until we gathered more than 30 and then started the selection to get the 18 that finally made into the release. We wanted to offer some Breaks variety, because we missed other Breaks styles in the scene. We kinda made it like a tribute. Apart from a wink we've done to Tsunami One & BT’s classic "Hip-Hop Phenomenon", a NuSkool Breaks masterpiece.

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?
BSD : Our engineering and production works started being published in 1997. Those weren't songs of our own, but from other artists. Our first live performances as DJs were the same year. We played our Big Beat and Trip-Hop records, and our first Breaks and Elektro records. As BSD we've never performed in our country. Firstable, because where we live, people aren't very interested in the kind of music we make, and secondly, because we've had always problems in coming to an economic agreement. That's why our first live appearance was at "Breakspoll Spain 2009", but that was crap. We played music just after some DJs that emptied the dancefloor, for they were playing a music that didn't catch the interest of the people there. We started with 50 people and ended the night with 400 or so. So, when things became hot, was the turn for the next DJ. You see, that was crap. Thank goodness we've been having lots of great moments after that.

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?
BSD : My partner in crime.

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?
BSD : We're very attracted to USA and Asia. We've never played around there and it's got to be very exciting. A good adventure. We are in conversations these days with an US agency which is interested in us and we may get a deal, we'll know it by next year.

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?
BSD : Tough question. How can you choose only one son when you have lots, adding that we are 2 and with tastes on their own. Mmmmh, ok, we'll give you 2, one for each of us: You Must Find Strength and Elektro-Life (You and Me).

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?
BSD : We're not following electronic bands, but songs or styles. Just think that we come from the 12" culture with its extended versions and remixes. In our lives we have bought very few albums from specific artists.

Out of the dance music, these days we're enjoying bands like Editors, Arcade Fire, Union Of Knives, and similar people. But always selected songs, not albums.

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
BSD : That is something we've never thought about. We're much more interested in making songs to singers we like and try to get them out of their style and get them totally involved into electronic music. That would be very exciting. Imagine Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance) giving her vocals to an Elektro-Breaks track. Yeah! It would be spectacular.

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?
BSD : Reason, Fruity Loops, VSTs, ...we use lots of different stuff with no preferences. As for the hardware, we're totally in love with our Virus synth.

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?
BSD : Three, mainly…

1) There's a lot of people that think they know all about the Industry, but they don't even have a fucking clue. More than support you, what they do is try not to let you do well. And some of them even steal from you.

2) As soon as you get more and more popular, you get surrounded by people that didn't give you a damn until then, or even tried to damage your reputation or didn't pay attention when you tried to reach them when you weren't popular..

3) The lack of scruples of so many people...they enjoy your music, use it, earn money with it, and nevertheless, they wouldn't have bought one of our songs ever. There's a lot of fuckers on the loose in this planet!!

As you can see, we're not very positive, but this is what we've been finding on our way over the years. Fortunately, there are also wonderful people in the music industry, without them we'd have quit making music a long time ago.

12. – What does the future hold for BSD?
BSD: The idea is to keep on showing what we're capable of producing in and soon beyond Breaks. What we don't know is what will become of all this. But there we’ll be to see it and so will you.


BSD : Elektro-Life (You and Me) - Malditos Bass-Star-Dos! (the album) BSDD007 by BASS-STAR-DOS

BSD : You Must Find Strength - Malditos Bass-Star-Dos! (the album) BSDD007 by BASS-STAR-DOS

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BSD's Facebook Fan Page -

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New Release - Monk3ylogic EP - 1 Million Monkeys

Making big waves on the Breakbeat scene in 2010 have been UK natives Mokeylogic. Having long been influenced by Electronic music and the dance culture, Monk3logic was formed in 2009 by Will Bolam and Mike Connell. Both having production and Djing experience in other genres, they merged their styles to create a smooth and psychedelic Breakbeat sound. With releases on Kick It Recordings, Broken, AUX and now their new EP on Broken Robot, they are quickly picking up steam. "1 Million Monkeys" consists of three well put together dancefloor screamers. First up is "Into The Burgh" with it's tough and zappy bassline and sweeping synths. If you like Far Too Loud, Hedflux, or Speciman A, these guys’ tunes should be right up your alley. The second track is the self titled one from the EP. More on the Techy side, it features a big phat driving bassline like a monster truck and plenty of zips and zaps. Short and melodic breakdowns keep things friendly but moving right along. The final tuna is "Electrostatic". Another big bassline backs this one up as it builds consistently until hitting the massive first drop three minutes in. Tripped out vox samples whisper in and out playing with your ears alongside the heavy riff and filtered break. Just when you think it's done peaking, the energy continues to increase until everything sucks out briefly and then slamming back in like freight train with authority. Three big tracks, two average size men, 1 very large EP! Check it out now, Exclusively on Beatport and head on over to the fellas MySpace and SoundCloud pages to check out more of their work.

OUT NOW - "1 million monkeys" ("1 Million Monkeys" EP) [Broken Robot] by Monk3ylogic

Monk3ylogic on MySpace -

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Tune - Physical Bross & Bass N Funk - WolfCar

Keeping the snowball rolling in this frigid weather, we’re back today with another freebie for you. Spain is well known for its Breaks scene and we're keeping it funky today with a free original coming at you from Spanish duo Physical Bross. They have got some banging and tough tunas up on their SoundCloud page like "Silence is Golden", that you should definitely check out. Showing a different side to their production with "WolfCar", The Physical Bross keep this one more on the fun and dancefloor friendly side. Starting things off with a bit of a trancey feel, crisp and clean drums quickly pick up the pace leading into a horn filled breakdown that brings some classic 70's TV show theme songs to mind before dropping on the echoed female vox. Check your watch because it's business time as soon as it all comes back in. Super groovy leads mix with the cracking snares and the funked up vocal bits. The second breakdown takes us back to Funkytown with another dose of horns and then it's all about the beats again. You can check out more from the Physical Bross on their MySpace page as well so head on over there!

Physical Bross & Bass N Funk - WolfCar [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Physical Bross

Physical Bross on MySpace -

Physical Bross on SoundCloud -

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Free Tune - Mysto & Pizzi Vs Deadmau5 - Ghosts R Watching (KL2 Edit)

Happy Hump everybody! We're back again with more FREE business cuz that's the way we do it here on the blog. Today's track is some pretty kick ass shit in my personal opinion. Today we are talking about KL2's Re-edit of "Ghosts R Watching" by Mysto and Pizzi. If you don't know who Mysto & Pizzi are, you may have already heard their music. Getting things done at a young age, these two up and comers in the Pop and R&B industry are only 21 and 22 respectively! Having been influenced by artists like Timbaland, Daft Punk, The Neptunes and Justice, their sound takes bits from Pop, Electro, R&B and Hip Hop and works it all together with finesse. Hailing from Queens New York, they first made a name for themselves with their work on R. Kelly's "Get Dirty" featuring Chamillionaire which debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top 200. Consistently putting in work with artists like Justin Timberlake, Ciara and Beyonce they are earning the respect of many and also caught the eye and ear of Geico's marketing execs landing them a deal on their current "Money" campaign for their cover of Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me". Recent work includes just finishing up "Brutha" w/ R. Kelly to their remix of Tiesto's "Knock You Out" for the Beatport Competition. Mysto & Pizzi have also gained a wicked following on their Video Blog which documents their daily trip through the music industry giving you a behind the scenes look at their journey as rising producers. With our 17 Million views, they have reached the top of the YouTube music charts and are definitely not going to stop there. Obviously they take music and this business seriously but most of their videos have a definite air of humor to them and I find them quite funny. It looks like they can laugh at themselves a bit while still making some banging tunes. On the more serious side, the video for the original from today's edit is also really well done and I have posted it below. On that note, it is "Ghosts R Watching" and KL2's Breaks edit we are talking about today so let's get back to that. Making good use of the Deadmau5 bits and combining it with some Rockwell action, the original is straight up in your face - get down with your bad self - banging Electro House. Killer synths and tough edits keep this one from getting stuck in the cheese and the wobbling bassline reminds me of Mylo's Freeform Five Mix in a good way. Coming to us by way of Spain, KL2 changes things up quite a bit throwing a phat break on it, a new bassline and redoing the arrangement. The first breakdown comes in on MJ's vocals and synths that sound like they are right on the edge of the Deadmau5 tune and Rockwell's at the same time well still adding some freshness to the blend. The business comes in strong right after, keeping the energy up and the hands in the air. Head on over to KL2's SoundCloud page to download some other great free edits, mixes and more.

Mysto Pizzi Vs Deadmau5 - Ghosts R Watching (KL2 Re-Edit) by KL2

Mysto & Pizzi's Website -

KL2 on SoundCloud -

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Exclusive Free Tune & Interview - Wavewhore

Happy Tuesday everyone. Crikey it's cold here in New England but when the Pats run a train on the Jets demolishing them 45 to 3 in one of the biggest games of the season, leaving us with the best record in the NFL, I'll take a little chilly weather to go with it! We've got some more Exclusive action popping off today and this time we are talking about NYC's own Wavewhore. I have been a fan of Wavewhore's tunes for quite some time now and I have also been lucky enough to play alongside him a time or two over the years as well. One of the US' premier Breaks producers, Wavewhore has been one of the few from the states to establish himself on the worldwide Breakbeat scene. He has pumped out some top tunas like one of my all time personal favorites "Funk Pill" Ft. Bex Riley which was released on Broke Recordings. Other top tunes include "This is How it Should Be Done" and his remix of "Assembled" on BombTraxx. Wavewhore has had radio shows on Breaks FM and Sirius Satellite Radio as well as having had appearances on the BBC's Radio 1 and Kiss FM, both out of London. Having begun his career as a guitarist playing in Heavy Metal bands while he was still in High School, Wavewhore had his earliest electronic release back in 1992! Having garnered support from many top level producers like Aquasky, The Freestylers, General Midi and more, he continues to be one of the dominating forces in US Breaks. Not only do we have an Exclusive interview with Wavewhore for you, but we also have an Exclusive edit from him as well.  Putting his touch on The Prodigy's "Omen" it starts off with a mixable intro with looped vocals and some live sounding drums then breaking on the classic riff briefly before slamming back in with the wicked drums and main business. Pick it up for yourself for free and check out what Wavewhore had to say to Kick It, he gets two points for the best answer to question #6 so far!

The Kick It Twelve - Wavewhore Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?
When I was in high school, I was playing guitar in heavy metal bands but at the same time listening to a lot of dancehall reggae artists such as Smiley Culture, Shinehead and Yelloman. While switching through radio stations, I heard KRS-One rhyming over tougher beats on “The Bridge Is Over” and I was immediately hooked on that highly processed sound. So early hip-hop got me into thinking about beats, which me lead to dance music, drum’n’bass and then onto breaks when the Chemical Brothers came out with Exit Planet Dust.

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?
The very first few cassette tape albums given to me by my parents were probably Elvis and Abba but I think the first vinyl album I bought was a Motorhead live album titled “No Sleep ‘til Hammersmith”.

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?
I was always going out to clubs in New York City like Palladium, Limelight and Twilo and remember going to see Sasha & Digweed a lot when they first started their residency at Twilo in the late 90’s.

4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?
It’s hard to say because they are all memorable in some way but some of the shows I played in the South of Spain stand out just because of the magnitude of the scene over there and their love for breaks.

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?
Recently, I played alongside KRS-One in New York City at the Red Bull BC One afterparty and that was cool. I went on right after him and we had to coordinate the hand-off…. talk about things coming full circle!

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?
The Playboy Mansion…

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?
My favorite release so far is the Bass Pressure remix that I did for the BreaksFM label. I re-wrote the bassline with my own music and sounds but incorporated the darker feel of Rektchordz’ original by working in the same musical scale.

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?
It’s really hard to have a single favorite because there are so many talented players out there but in the breakbeat genre, I would rate General Midi among the top producers. More recently, I have really been impressed with Deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner on the 4/4 scene and High Rankin in the dubstep world. Way back in the day though, I used to listen to a lot of AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Judas Priest, Metallica etc. but it’s been a while.

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
I’d like to get more vocalists, singers and MC’s involved on my tunes. Also, Specimen A and I started a heavy breaks tune ages ago and it still sounds fresh, even after all these years… and we keep talking about finishing it off, but we just need to find the time.

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?
I use Logic and run a bunch of soft synths such as Albino and Vanguard on a G5. Recently I’ve got a Mac Pro and will be migrating to Logic 9 so I need to get some new software but I’ve got Massive now. I also have some hardware such as a Virus and a Roland XP-30 synth.

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?
It’s really a good idea to reach out to people and absorb as much as you can. Being successful in music is really about having a clear understanding of what you want to bring to the table as an artist and what is marketable and then bridging that gap.

12. – What does the future hold for Wavewhore?
On the release front, I’ve got some breaks remixes (a vocal and a dub) forthcoming on Cereal Killaz’ Scrape Recordings imprint which are scheduled for early 2011. The original tune is called “Confide In Me” and it’s by a UK artist named Divine Icons. In addition, I’ve got some original breaks tracks in the works and also a remix of a Farace & Trevor Rockwell song for your Kick It label on the way. I will also be stepping out into the dubstep and electro house genres too in the near future so keep it locked!

The Prodigy - Omen - Wavewhore's Breaks Edit by The Kick It Blog 

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Free Podcast - Tim Healey

Well, I'd have to say last week was a pretty good week here on the blog and I hope you all agree, 3 FREE EXCLUSIVE tunes in one week, you can't beat that with a bat! I've got loads of stuff lined up for this week as well, so it looks like we will be closing out 2010 in proper stylee. Starting things off for the week we've got Tim Healey's first ever Podcast mix up for grabs. Tim kicks things off with one of Surfer Rosa's new ones, "Step Back" from Nom De Strip Ft. Loc-E on the vocals. This one is a straight up party bouncer that is definitely gonna go off well. A speaker pumping bassline that is to die for drives this beast while Loc-E's super tight vocals ride the funky ass groove. This one is road tested and crowd approved by label owner Tim Healey so you know it's the business. Reaching deep in his bag for his best stuff, Tim keeps this mix jam packed with floor-rockers! "Hello" the Dada Life Remix is up next which switches things up a bit while still keeping it moving. Cheeky female vox and  a stretched out bassline make for a heavy and glitchy stomper. Keeping em coming, third up is a personal favorite of mine, "Big Booty Bitches" by Bombs Away with Dirtyloud on the remix. A nasty bassline and plenty of bounce pair with the "big booty bitches" line making for a fun but driving piece. Closing out the mix is yet another speaker-eater from Tim, his remix of Krafty Kuts' "Let's Ride "which finishes things off strong. We've also got the video for "Step Back" below and head on over to Tim Healey's new website which is the only music site that 100% interacts with Twitter and Facebook. Plus, if you're in the London area, catch Tim Healey on December 18th at the grand opening of the Raving Buddha @ 77 Goldhawk Road, London and to top it off, the entrance is FREE!!

Time Healey Podcast #001

1. Intro
2. Nom De Strip Ft. Loc-E "Step Back" (Surfer Rosa Records)
3. Martin Solveig "Hello" Dada Life Remix (Division)
4. Bombs Away "Big Booty Bitches" 
Dirtyloud Remix (Central Station)
5. Static Revenger "Vegas" Vandalism Remix
6. Afro Horse "Freaks" (Plasmapool)
7. Electrochic "Dirty Sexy Money"
Cucky Remix (Checktime records)
8. Umek & Beltek "Back in the Race" (CR2)
9. Chris Lake "Sleepwalker" (Maustrap)
10. Wolfgang Gartner "Illmerica" (Ultra)
11. Slyde "Russian Girls" Tim Healey’s
Babushka Re-Rub (Slybeats)
12. Krafty Kutz "Lets Ride" Tim Healey Remix
13. Outro, Tracklist Etc


Tim Healey's Website -

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Cutline - Die For You - J2K Breaks Edit

Oh yes, it's that time once again kids, back to back Exclusive tunas. Bringing you a weekend full of bassline business, you can always count on the Kick It Recordings Blog to keep your crate packed with fresh new stuff. We've got some interviews with killer artists like the chart stomping BSD and NYC's own Wavewhore in the pipeline and you can bet we will be keeping the freebies flowing like Niagara Falls. We're almost up to the 1 year Anniversary of the blog and it looks like we are going to just Break my goal of 30,000 views I set way back early on. Thanks for all the support everybody and long live the music! Or you could also put it "Never Say Die" as the ones like Cutline have done. Innovators and leaders of today's Dubstep and Drum & Bass genres, Cutline are making their mark on the EDM Industry and dropping some devastating tunes along the way. "Die For You" just happens to be one of those tracks. Zappy synths start things off giving way to  tweaked out vocals and big time piano riffs and then wha-wham, it's bassline time! Wicked wobbling sub freqs resonate through the woofers with massive authority. Back to the keys for the main breakdown bringing the sensuality back to this roof rocker. The official video to go along with "Die For You" is pretty awesome as well and should give you a good laugh. J2K returns to the Kick It Blog with a chunky Breaks rework that retains the original feel while forgoing the standard 4/4 for something a little funkier. Head on over to J2K's Soundcloud and grab some of his other free edits while you're there.

Cutline - Die For You - J2K Breaks Edit by The Kick It Blog

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica - TJFX ReRack

Yes yes that's right everybody, finishing off your work week proper for you, we've got another Exclusive tune up for grabs. Back again is the soleful side of S&D with another big bad edit. Peak time party rocking business as he turns up the heat on Wolfgang Gartner's "Illmerica". The name Wolfgang speaks for itself when it comes to Electro House as this guy is turning out monster stormers one after the other. "Undertaker" and "Wolfgang's 5th" are a couple of my personal favorites. Thick and meaty bass, loads of edits and chunky beats make for some real top stuff. TJFX has had some of the most downloaded edits on our blog and today's offering should be no exception. Re-racking the crap out of it he put's the "ill" in "Illmerica". If you were already a fan of this one to begin with, you're definitely going to want to grab this glitchier version. TJFX puts it on the operating table and dissects the original reconfiguring it into a wicked beast! Check out plenty of other free tunes from TJFX on his Soundcloud and head on over to Beatport to pick up some other kick ass tunas from the one like Wolfgang Gartner!

Wolfgang Gartner - Illmerica - ( TJFX ReRack ) by TJFX

Also, if you are in the New England aea, head on over to Therpay this evening to cath Sneaker & The Dryer opening for Terravita and Hot Pink Dolorean. See you on the Dancefloor!!

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Free Tune - Donald Glaude & Dj Dan - Stick Em - TJR Remix (Dublic ReFix)

That's right everyone, kicking December off the right way, we have got a big free tuna for you. Dj Dan & Donald Glaude have always been two of my favorite Djs and Donald is the Dj I most looked up to back in the day for his aggressive style, intense energy and loads of cutting and scratching. The first real party I went to, these two guys were the headliners and it was because of their sets that I was forever addicted to Electronic music and the whole culture. I have been lucky enough to spend some time with Donald Glaude over the years including a time he came back to our house where we were having a birthday party/after party and he tagged with my mate on his birthday. TJR is another kick ass Dj who is also a local favorite and he puts on a good show every time he throws down. Putting the three of them together on the production of a tune comes out to some pretty serious business and then you add Dublic to the ReFix and its pure fire. Coming from Budapest, Dublic are turning out some big edits and their rework of "Stick Em" by Dj Dan & Donald Glaude the TJR Remix is a glitchy and funked up Electro banger that will rock any dancefloor! Layering classic House vox over the track for some extra flavor they change up the drums and restructure most of the track giving it a whole new feel. Stretched out breakdowns and chunky beats keep the energy high and the bootys bouncing. Proper stuff! If you are looking for more, Dublic have loads more free downloads available on their Soundcloud page.

Donald Glaude & TJR - Stick Em (Dublic ReFix) by Dublic

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