Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Release - KIR307 - Direct Input - In Search of Something

Direct Input is back at it again with his latest release on Kick It Recordings titled "In Search of Something."

KIR307 kicks off with the title track “In Search of Something” and this Electro House banger is an essential peak time track driven by fantastic and all encompassing pianos that fill out the mix with wide reverb and haunting chord progressions. Taking a complete 180, Direct Input complements large synths and movement by hitting us hard with grinding and flowing bass stabs, and wobbling change up’s that give “In Search of Something” a bigger than life feel!

Keeping the musical and funky feel we expect from Direct Input, on the flip side we have a harder Electro jammer that right off the bat pushes and slams this musical ball out of the park as we are hit right between the eyes with “Overnight”! The dark vibes are more than present to really give us visuals of a club packed and moving at 2am to Direct Inputs unique and dirty basslines. With massive movement and heavy drops, “Overnight” is a great example of the diversity of Direct Input! If the eerie synths don’t get you, the shear driving force of “Overnight” will!

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All Other Stores 06/10/2013

   KIR307 - Direct Input - In Search of Something - OUT 05/27/2013 by Kick It Recordings

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Free Track - Chamber Vs Syko - Outer Bass

It's been a while but today we kick off this beautiful week right with a funky slammer from Chamber and Syko, with there jazz filled tune "Outer Bass"!!!

Getting right into the groove Chamber drops one hell of a classic vibe bassline and phat kicks before giving us gnarly vocal bits that punch you right in the ear holes, after a quick breakdown we get into grinding and moving Glitch Hop riffs that make "Outer Bass" an awesome summer jam!!!

With a second breakdown that gives the brain a workout with all the fantastic samples and melody's floating around Chamber and Syko bring the sky down with "Outer Bass", and leave us wanting more from this funky team!!!

  Chamber vs. Syko - Outer Bass FREE DOWNLOAD by DJ Chamber

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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Release - KIR306 - Modulizer - Atomik Bomb EP

Italian producer Modulizer is set to explode the charts with his “Atomik Bomb” EP consisting of two highly detonative tunes blending Breaks and Electro into mind bending masterpieces.

“Atomik Bomb” blasts your bassbins with thunderous bass and “Trick This” will send shivers down your spine as this down and dirty driver erupts into an audio assault on your senses!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport!

All Other Stores 06/03/2013

Support From

Flatland Funk - "Usually really picky with Breaks, this track drops heavy! Solid production. Supporting!"

Kickflip - "Great work on Atomik Bomb!"

Wavewhore - "Nice tracks... Atomik Bomb sounds good!"

Beatz Projekted - "Bomb tracks!"

Sketi - "Another big power release. Great work."

Sychosis - "Atomic Bomb is the favorite on this release, playing out this weekend for sure!

Pale Penguin - "Good tracks all over. ATOMIC BOMB is my fav... full support on this!"

Andy McAllister -"Atomic Bomb is pretty cool, got a similar sound to Fisso & Spark, should do well!  Thanks for sending!"

Thirst 4 Beats - "Another top release , pure quality and so glad I came across this label just delivering quality sounds. Top stuff!"

Pete Rosewarne - "SICK RELEASE! Trick This will definitely win some play time from me!"

Shaun of The Bass - "Sick release!!!"

Dimitris Kolios - "EPIC!"

   KIR306 - Modulizer - Atomik Bomb EP - OUT 05/20/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Modulizer on Soundcloud -

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 014

The Farace Show Episode 014 is out and ready to rock your body with the biggest Electro House, Breaks, and bass music known to man!

The artistic mastermind Farace gives us a look twice a month into his head and into selected tracks that are the cream of the crop in the massive field of gnarliness that makes up Dance music, letting us take a peek at his floor driving database!

With all the feet moving action aside, this weeks episode features some extremely fresh tracks that define excellence, and go above and beyond the proverbial skyline. Songs on this awesome collection include new tunes from Daft Punk, FetOo, Far Too Loud, and a banger from Farace himself with "Run Away" featuring Krisen Campbell remixed by Sketi! 

Farace also drops some funky Mid Tempo and some grinding Dub Step to make this a fantastic episode of the club fueled Farace Show!  

The Farace Show Episode 014

01. - Deorro "Rock the Party" Zero9 Remix 
02. - Far Too Loud "Drop The Bomb" 
03. - Farace Ft Kristen Campbell "Run Away" Sketi Remix
04. - Gerra G "Subbing" 
05. - Labisch "Acharne" Direct Remix
06. - FetOo "Problematic"
07. - DJ Exodus & Leewise "We Are Your Friends" FTampa Remix
08. - Wizard Ft Rebel MC x Tenor Fly x Daddy Freddy "Mind Control" 
09. - Igor Graphite "In the Shadow" 
10. - Player "Baby Come Back" Featurecast Remix
11. - Daft Punk Ft Pharrell Williams "Get Lucky" (Razihel Remix) 
12. - Strangers "Double Date Pt 1"

  The Farace Show - Episode 014 by farace

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

New Release - KIR305 - Audio:Hertz - My Enemy

Are you ready for the business?! Bass monsters Audio:Hertz are back with another massive release entitled “My Enemy”. Stellar synth work, tuff leads and a gnarly main breakdown are just what you need to melt faces and destroy dancefloors.

With two equally heavy remixes from Deformaty and Retchid, this release will be smashing bassbins far and wide!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 05/28/2013

Support From

The Element - "Orig mix kicks ass , support will add to my Di FM show playlist!"

Beatz Projekted - "Both remixes are quality but the original is my favorite!"

Fisso & Spark - "Awesome release! Full support!"

Kickflip - "Cool stuff from Deformaty!"

Kwerk - "WAAAAA ! This is pure Audio:Hertz madness !! Love the synth lines, and the Deformaty remix ?..... POW !!  Full support !!!"

Sketi - "Solid stuff again here. Love that baseline. Great work."

Pale Penguin - "Great work from DEFORMATY as always! Supporting this one! Thanks a lot!"

Breaking News - "Big tnx for promo! sounds good!"

Pete Rosewarne - "Retchid remix! Holy dear Jesus this whole release is sick!"

   KIR305 - Audio:Hertz - My Enemy w/ Remixes by Deformaty and Retchid - OUT 05/14/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Audio:Hertz on Soundcloud -

Deformaty on Soundcloud -

Retchid on Soundcloud -

Monday, May 13, 2013

Free Track - Fisso & Spark - Funky Boy

Nothing breaks up the normal Monday routine like some bangin Breaks from the ones like Fisso & Spark, and today they hit us with their new free track "Funky Boy", and it's an essential Breaks jammer that you need to grab!!!

Kicking things off strong Fisso & Spark make use of a gigantic Breakbeat, high energy sweeps and rocking cowbell to bring listeners in, and hold them in there grasp as they add in gnarly bass hits and catchy vocals that push "Funky Boy" over the edge!

Before moving to the Breakbeat goodness Fisso & Spark lay down a piano drivin breakdown with the main vocals of "Funky Boy" chopped up to smoothly guide us into the meat of this massive Breaks tune!

Complete with a large amount of edits and swing "Funky Boy" is a must have to start your week off with some fresh and funky flavor!!!

  Fisso & Spark - Funky Boy // FREE DOWNLOAD by Fisso & Spark

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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Free Track - FreQ Nasty Ft. Tippa Irie & Solar Lion - Not Givin' In - Memory Machine

Nothing says Thursday like some Tech moving goodness, and you know it's going to be awesome and unique when you have the one like Memory Machine bringing you the heat! The king of ambiance gives us a funk fueled remix of "Not Givin' In" featuring catchy vocal edits and a swinging beat to make this tune his own!

Starting off with creepy synths and stabs Memory Machine quickly adds a myriad of percussion and sounds chalk full of reverb that make "Not Givin' In" an atmospheric jammer that is haunting and beautiful all at the same time!

With short breakdowns, high class snaps, rolling hits, and full on Tech goodness, Memory Machine hits "Not Givin' In" out of the park and on to the floor!!!

  FreQ Nasty Ft. Tippa Irie & Solar Lion - Not Givin' In (Memory Machine Remix) by memory.machine

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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Free Track - Deformaty - The Walking Dead Breaks Remix

Today we have an amazing free tune from Deformaty that might have slipped right by you, but fear not because this Breaks remix of the theme from The Walking Dead is still free and still bangin!!!

Kicking it off with high energy progressive synths and a gnarly and large Breakbeat Deformaty quickly sends us into an epic breakdown full with the orchestral sounds that make the theme to The Walking Dead attack your ears with the chilling strings and horns that will put fear into your feet and have them running all day!

Deformaty compliments this memorable tune perfectly with grinding and wobbling basslines making the meat of this tune perfect for any club large or small, Deformaty takes a big bite out of the fleash of the theme to The Walking Dead to give us a beautiful remix that fans can really get down to as they are thrown straight into the depths of fear!!!

  Deformaty - The Walking Dead Breaks Remix [FREE DOWNLOAD!] Alternate DL link in description by Deformaty

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Free Track - Pleasurekraft - Tarantula - Beatz Projekted Remix

Kicking off Monday in style we have a free Tech groover from Beatz Projected with his funk filled remix of Pleasurekraft's "Tarantula"!!!

Quickly getting our feet moving Beatz Projekted makes use of a plethora of samples and sound bits to really pump up the energy and give "Tarantula" a complex feel well still maintaining a solid flow and groove, with it's short and steady breakdowns, Beatz Projekted focuses attention to the meat of "Tarantula" and it really makes this Tech House jammer stand on it's own!

Complete with vocal stabs being pitched up and down, a massive amount of percussion, and off kilter bass lines, Beatz Projekted brings the heat with his fantastic remix of "Tarantula"!!!

Tarantula (Beatz Projekted Remix) - Pleasurekraft "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted™

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Free Track - Jad Barrett - Diving Solutions

Bringing the Electro funk today we have a groovy free tune from the one like Jad Barrett with his original floor stomper "Diving Solutions", and it's gnarliness can't be disputed!

Moving threw sounds fast Jad Barrett first unleashes some catchy vocal stabs and quickly focuses attention to the meaty high ends and synths that throw "Diving Solutions" into the peak time category with all it's grinding movement!

With two heavy and musically sound breakdowns, massive bass drops, and clean production "Diving Solutions" is a perfect summer jam to add to the collection!

  Jad Barrett - Diving solutions ( Original Mix ) FREE DOWNLOAD [ Reedited 28-04 ] by Jad Barrett

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