Sunday, January 31, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Luke Francis - A Girl Like You - Kick It Breaks Edit

Today we've got a sweet little Breaks edit for you all. Luke Francis comes from Hamburg Germany. That's about all I can tell you about him. What I can tell you is that  "A Girl Like You" takes it's samples and vocals from the Edwyn Collins original from 1994. The original tune has a great 60s feel to it with haunting vocals and excellent guitar. The Luke Francis version draws directly from this and takes it to the next level giving it a bangin Electro House twist. Those of you lucky enough to follow this blog get your own version to drop. Kick It turns the track on it's side with a Breaks Edit. Definitely one to have in your collection! Enjoy.

Luke Francis - "A Girl Like You" - Kick It Breaks Edit -

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Dirtyphonics Vandals - Farace Re-Edit

Hailing from Paris France, Dirtyphonics are an all out audio assualt. They began performing all over France in 2006 and really broke through in 2008 thanks in part to Shimon. Specializing in D&B but incorporating all styles into their music Dirtyphonics are doing it dirty like nobody else! Their highly acclaimed LIVE performances and dj sets are not to be missed! All of their tunes including "Glow", "Teleportation" and "Vandals" are some serious business. Dirtyphonics have won multiple awards including "Breakthrough Producers" and "Best LIVE Act" in the National D&B Awards. Always hard at work in the studio and with an insane schedule, the only place to go for these guys is up! Well it's Farace Friday of course so we've got an exclusive for you today. Farace's Re-Edit of "Vandals" is only available here.  The original can definitely be tough to mix in no matter what genre you are playing and Farace gives us a slammin break to do so with. Slip this one right in like noone else will be able to. Get it now for FREE!!

Dirtyphonics on Myspace -

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Featured Artist - Prato - US - Free Mix

As of late, I have been pleased to see the quality and diversity of breaks coming from the US, go up! It's refreshing to hear people like Prato putting out consistent solid music with not only remixes but excellent original works as well. Prato has got a funky relaxed style with excellent use of vocals and samples. This mix gives you an excellent example of what Prato has been up to as all of the tracks on it our either his or remixes by him. I've listened to it 5 times now and it's great to get some work done to! You can check him out more on his website.

Prato's Website -

Prato - Special Cologne -

1. Jinx - Big Fat Ass (Prato's Juicy Double Dub)
 [forthcoming on Yellowfinger]
2. Carob Bean Queen (Prato Rubdown) [CDR]
3. Ghettface - Screwdriver (Prato Remix) [Systematica]
4. SIMO & Mancub - Punks of Funk (Prato Remix) [Sleevin]
5. Prato - Electrify [forthcoming on Dead Famous]
6. Prato - NoWay [forthcoming on Yellowfinger]
7. Pheonix - 1901 [Prato Remix) [CDR]
8. Mr No Hands vs. Prato - Relapse [Air/No Handed Music]
9. SIMO & Mancub - Mindless Banta (Prato Remix)
 [forthcoming on Sleevin]
10. Prato - Well Wicked [CDR]
11. Phosho feat Cerebral Vortex - Control
 (Prato Remix) [Think 2wice VIP]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Free Tune - Buy Now - Bodycrash - Streetlife Djs Remix

Today's hot fire is being brought to you by The Streetlife Djs. Their remix of By Now's "Bodycrash" is glitchy, funky, bangin shit! The Streetlife Djs are smoking right now and this one is no exception. Twix commercial reminiscent vocals start this one off. Futureistic sounds is the idea here with tons of bleeps, blips, and edits! Hard driving kicks light up the woofers and crunchy snares make your tweeters snap. If you drop this on a dancefloor and people don't go off, they should have stayed home :)

Streetlife Djs Website -

Buy Now - "Bodycrash" - Streetlife Djs Remix -

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Free Tune - Wiley - Never Be Your Woman - Solo Loves Garage Remix

So I have come across a few tunes of late with island sounding drums in them. I have to say I have really been digging the sound. Here is a real vocal banger that makes good use of them. Solo, remix Wiley's new track "Never Be Your Woman". This business is hot fire my friends. Zappy bass mixed with deep woblling bass are set about a garage beat. Island drums, awesome vocals and Spanish guitar (also popular as lately) complete the package in a fantastic way. Taking a sample from White Town's "Your Woman" from 1997. If you like tracks with sex appeal, this one is dripping it with a good dose of funk on top!

Wiley - "Never Be Your Woman" - Solo Loves Garage Remix -

Monday, January 25, 2010

Free Tune - Wonka Beats - Wonka Beat 1

Alright after a kick ass weekend with Farace and the Kick It Crew down in FL, I'm back in action on the blog. Mondays are a good day for beats that just make you feel good and Wonka Beats is making tunes that do just that. If you like old school Hip Hop that isn't old, this guy is gonna be right up your alley! He's making fresh tunes that sound like they were made back in the day. Dope beats, dope lyrics, and an awesome attitude to go with it! Wonka Beats is making intelligent Hip Hop with mad flavor and a real sexy style. "Wonka Beat 1" is an instrumental for the most part with some tight scratched in vocals stabbing throughout and a light female vocal in the background. He also other tunes available for free on his pages listed below. Fire one up, kick back, and let the music sooth your soul.

Wonka Beats on Myspace -

Wonka Beats Blog -

Wonka Beats - Wonka Beat 1 -

Friday, January 22, 2010

Free Tune - Mr Ozio - Steroids - Farace Re-Edit

It's Farace Friday here on the Kick It blog and today we have a real club banger for you!! Farace's Re-Edit of "Steroids" is some serious breakbeat business! I'm writing this in the airport so you don't get much of a review but trust me it's a dope track!! Don't miss out on this one.

Mr. Ozio - Steroids - Farace Re-Edit -

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Featured Artist - Lightshapers - UK - Free Tune

Today we are talking about UK based up and comers Lightshapers. After recently releasing their tune, certain circumstances caused the track to be pulled from distribution. Now it along with the remix parts are available, for download, for free! The tune I'm referring to is "Retaliation" and it's some serious business!! Slammin beats and crisp sound kick things off in the right direction. After the 1st break a mean but not angry bassline gets down to work with a "funk" sample placed in just the right spots. This one is definitely making rotation in my sets right now! Lightshapers are also putting out all kinds of beats including D&B and Dubstep with other free downloads available. Follow the links below for more information on em.

Lightshapers on Myspace -

Lightshapers on Soundcloud -

Download the Full Track and Remix Kit -

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Release - KIR231 - Farace & Stacy Osorio - South Walker

Just out today on Kick It Recordings is our latest release "South Walker". Farace & Stacy Osorio join forces for this bass driven club banger. On the original a dope vocal gets the proper treatment and rolling pads set a laid back tone with big room breaks keeping you moving. Zappy bass and snappy snares compliment the vocal piece as well.

TID Featured Track - "Really cool vibes on this fresh electro breaks cut from Kick It Recordings. Create house and electro vibes with chunky plump breaks to make the link between the two biggest sounds around. Dive in!"

The 2nd mix is of the Dubstep stylee and it keeps the same chilled out melodic feel. It's a different type of Dubstep tune then you're probably used to and if you are not a fan of the genre, this one might change your mind. Farace and Stacy Osorio - "Can you feel it?"

Monday, January 18, 2010

Free Tune - Daft Punk - Something About You - Funky Drummer Edit

I hope evrybody had a good weekend! It's back to the daily grind for most!! Fear not my friends, Daft Punk is bringing you the funky feel good freshness that's always needed on a Monday! This ones the "Funky Drummer Edit" and it's sure to make you feel all warm and cozy inside. Dim the lights, grab your lady, and turn it up.

Daft Punk - "Something About You" - Funky Drummer Edit -

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Free Tunes - Flore

Today's tunes are coming at you from Flore. Hailing from Lyon France, she's got a style all her own. She's been releasing tunes since 2003 on multiple labels including Botchit & Scarper, Splank, and MOFO to name a few. If you're feeling the funk then Flore's your kind of girl! Like your bassline's wobbly? Then these will be right up your alley.

 First up we've got "We Rewind" - Club Mix. Deep bass and crisp claps start things off into a quick break. A classic vocal sample and wobbling bass line complete the piece with stabs and edits abound.
 Second is "The Test" and we've actually got Son of Kick on the remix duties for this one. Again it starts right off with some deep bass. But after the break this one gets intense. Hard driving beats and bass, beat you about the ears! This one is not for your grandma's dancefloor!!

Flore on Myspace -

Flore - "We Rewind" - Club Mix -

Flore - "The Test" - Son of Kick Remix -

Friday, January 15, 2010

Free Tune - Miles Dyson - Minimal My Ass - Krafty Kuts Re-Rub

Miles Dyson is defintely on top of things right now. And the name Krafty Kuts has been a staple of breaks since the 90's having "been there done that" and he's won all kinds of awards. Put the two together and madness is sure to happen. Madness this is. Krafty Re-Rubs "Minimal My Ass" with smothness like butter. Got a gig this weekend? Want to rock your dancefloor's socks off. Drop this on em....

Krafty Kuts on Myspace -

Miles Dyson - "Minimal My Ass" - Krafty Kuts Re-Rub -

DJ Mix - Farace - Out at Night

It's Farace Friday here on the Kick It Blog and this week we've got Farace's newest mix for you. Kick It Recordings front man presents "Out at Night". Farace takes you on a multi-genre journey with a breakbeat backbone. This mix is some serious shit my friends! Burn it to a CD and bump this on your next trip in the car!

"Now available from Farace! A massive mix of some of the best tracks to come out of 2009! This mix takes you on a great journey covering many styles. It's mostly peak hour breaks with some House, D&B and chill out tunes throughout! 50+ minutes of pure banging dance music! Grab it now for free!"


1 Aggresivnes - Essence
2 Pyramid vs Plump DJs - Wickedest Gear
(Boy Nuke 'Em's Megaton Mash)
3 John Dahlback - Blink (D.O.N.S. & DBN Chainsaw Remix)
4 Haggstrom - Be My Baby (Peo De Pitte Remix)
5 Maral Salmassi – Let's Rock The Party (Fukkk Offf Remix)
6 Access Denied - Manifest
7 Crystal Method - High Roller (Myagi Remix)
8 Farace - The Life
9 Joman - Static (Farace Chill Out mix)
10 Back Beat Sound System - Daily Grime (Rektchordz Club Mix)
11 Rick Ross - Hustlin (Paul Anthony & ZXX Remix)
12 Deadmau5 - Ghosts'n'Stuff (Sub Focus Remix)
13 Lunar Shift - Ashes (Access Denied Remix)
14 Quadrat Beat - Showtime
15 Robosapiens - Infected (LuQas Remix)
16 Tactical Groove Orbit - Dragon's Hunt
17 Access Denied - Remark
18 Myagi - Smart Bomb (Myagi's Laser Guided Remix)
19 Pyramid - Get Down
20 Conectivers & Bikto - Exteshic (Mars Remix)
21 Dave Spoon - Lummox (Plump DJ's Remix)

Right Click Save As

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Free Tune - Pyramid - Get Down

This one here is top notch stuff my friends. Pyramid consistently make some serious in your face tunage. "Get Down" does not dissapoint. Delivering the goods with a deep bassline that's right in your face and is sure to rock the floor. Then out of nowhere you get some sexy ass Spanish guitar in the breakdown. Building it back up along with the Get Down Vox and some filtered snares dropping right back in on that submarine bass. The best part of all is they are giving it away for FREE! You can't beat that with a bat!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New Tune - Track It Down Feature - Zoom - Farace Remix

Quadrat Beat are one of my favorite upcoming artists right now and I'm always keen to hear anything with their name on it. "Zoom" is no let down. The breakdown is huge with an intense buildup, dropping back in with serious intent!

Farace steps up on the remix duties putting a hurting on your speakers. Here is what Track It Down has to say -
"PARTY PLUMP BREAKS! We love the upfront fun nature of this excellent remix by Farace. Classic Finger Lickin vibes full of lively heads-up sounds and stabs to keep everyone firmly on the dancefloor. Funky acid lead lines take it all the way home. CHECK THIS OUT!"

Free Tune - Rigorous Intuition - Flashlights, Hookers, and Kerosene

Stepping up to the plate today we've got NC based Rigorous Intuition. Flashlights, Hookers, and Kerosene is bass warfare at dub speed. RI are making moves in production for sure and this latest tune shows their versatility. Clean ass drums and a monster bassline wobble your spine with subsonic bass while suffiicient edits keep things moving along nicely.  Turn up the bass, smoke a phat one, and let this tune rattle your thoughts away! You can check them out more on their myspace.

Rigorous Intuition - "Flashlights, Hookers, and Kerosene" -

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Tune - Jake Shanahan Ft. G. Thomas - Cosmic Reality

Second up today we've got the newest release out now on Kick It Recordings. "Cosmic Reality" coming at you from Jake Shanahan Ft. G. Thomas. The origianl on this one has got great vocals and a solid ass electro bassline! It's got a good groove to it and a bit of a trancey feel at the same time. Definitely one to have. Saint Victim is up next bringing a more edgey feel to it with grungier bass and punchy breaks. If you like tracks with more minimal vocals, this is going to be the one for you. Last but not least is my pick, the Farace Remix. Farace never fails to take something big and make it bigger. Slammin beats and a rolling bassline Kick It up a notch. The layered voice is awesome along with solid edits and some edgey zaps. Peak time club tune right here! All 3 are available now wherever you get your digital tunes including Track It Down!!

Free Tune - Yeah WoHo - Bass Warfare - Hot Laundry ReFix

Ok so it's going to be Kick It Tuesday today. First up we've got an exclusive for you! "Bass Warfare" is as you might guess, all about the big bad bassline. Some ravey sirens and synths are rounded out with a dope little vox sample. But only here can you get the Hot Laundry Re-edit. That's right folks, turning up the heat and the beats is non other than toasty tidies himself. This one's sure to get the dance floor moving. Plenty of edits you can write home to momma about :) You can get more of all things Yeah WoHo on their website.
Website -
Yeah Woho - "Bass Warfare" - Original - Right Click Save As
Hot Laundry ReFix -

Monday, January 11, 2010

Free Tune - Vortech - Wub Steppin - Mr Vega Remix

Ok, today is all about the hard and in your face beats. 2nd up on this manic Monday, we've got Vortech's "Wub Steppin". Fear and Loathing vox and some tear-out esque synths make this one big tuna. The breakdowns are real dope as well and sound like they are gonna drop into some Eurythmics and then it gets all twisted.
Mr. Vega is hittin you with the remix and it's the free download out of the two. It's starts off nice and punchy and you get some great synth stabs. Then blam, out of nowhere, bass in your face!! Love the rave synth in the breakdown! Download the Mr Vega mix here -
Vortech - "Wub Steppin" - Mr Vega Remix'_(Mr_Vega_Remix).mp3
Original Mix
Vortech - Wub Steppin' by udy

Check Out All Their Tunes Here -

Free Tune - Nybraz - Akira

So today we have something a little different for you all. Hittng you in the face with some seriously hard trashy beats is Nybraz. "Akira" immeditaely gets right down to business with cracking drums and squelchy synths. This track brings in a bit of a Prodigy feel and when I think of "the head banging shit", this is it. He's also edited a video with scenes from "Akira" to go with the tune witch you can watch here -

You can download "Akira" for free on Nybraz' soundcloud page. -

Nybraz - Akira by Nybraz

Sunday, January 10, 2010

DVS - DJTV - Watch and Broadcast

In the mood to watch some turntablists rip it up from the comfort of your computer chair? Are you the man when it comes to scratching yourself? Maybe you are a mixing maniac and it's time for the world to see what you've got. What's that, you don't have a world tour lined up! Fear not my friends, you can now broadcast yourself LIVE for the world to see on DVSDJTV. It's compatible with all types of setups and you can broadcast up to 6 views/cams.  There are also loads of good vids on the site that play inbetween the Live broadcasts. On everything from Beardyman breaking down Numark's Virtual Dj, to Jazzy Jeff talking about Ableton. Plus you never know who you might catch broadcasting live.  Have a look or let someone have a look at you!


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Message From Farace

Hello and welcome! We are very excited to announce some new things going on in the Kick It world since 2010 has started! We are stepping up our game this year and bringing you new and well known talent, that will continue to drive our global attack on the dance music world! We will continue to increase the quality of our music and bring you top names in the game! Secondly, we have brought on a new team member and we are really excited by his motivation and creativity in the dance music industry. Most of you probably know him as The Dryer of Sneaker & The Dryer on NSB Radio, and from his constant shows in the northeast of the US. So welcome, Btz, to the Kick it team! We are really excited to take this label to the next level and your motivation thus far has been off the charts. Btz is in charge of A+R and Promotions, so if you have any music you want to be considered for the label send it to
 He also has started this blog that you are reading. It will feature free music, re-edits, Dj mixes and all the information on upcoming releases and current accomplishments. This page will be frequently updated so make sure you add this page to your favorites and keep checking back to get all of the exclusive free tracks! We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us thus far and we are really excited about the new year, as this is the year when we step up and represent US breaks on a globally respected level! Thanks again and see you soon!

New Tune - Tactical Groove Orbit - Dragon's Hunt + Quadrat Beat Remix

Out now on Kick It Recordings is Tactical Groove Orbit's - "Dragons Hunt" Holy crap is this a big tune!! If you like raw tunes that shake the walls and edits for days, you are going to like this one. Tactical Groove Orbit brings us some serious Tear-out business with a haunting vocal and a breakdown/build that is just nasty.
The Quadrat Beat Remix keeps up the pace and the theme. The QB brothers never fail to put together a solid tune and this one is no different. Their edits are nasty as well and the breakdown/build will remind you of the best names in the game. Phat bass and squelchy bleeps dot kicking breaks for an all out banging beat. Pick up either one and you are sure to hurt some people.

Purchase "Dragon's Hunt" here -

Free Tunes - Stanton Warriors - Boomtown Blog

"Make room for boom" cuz The Boomtown blog is here. We all know The Stanton Warriors make some badass choonage!! But did you know they give some of those tunes away for free on their new blog? Why yes my friends, sometimes Santa comes early, real early! And sometimes he brings bangin beats in his bag. With Remixes like "Good Vibrations" - Stanton Warriors Mix (A personal favorite) and Chemical Brothers "Saturate" - Stanton Warriors Remix available for free, the only thing I'm wondering is why you're not downloading them already! Keep up to date with everything Stanton Warriors related here -

Free Tune - Biggies Wobble

Here we've got a breakbeat wobbler with a classic hip hop sample. The one, (RIP) Biggie Smalls providing the vox on this tune. It was designed for long mixing so dont be surprised if it runs a bit long :)

Btz AKA The Dryer - Biggies Wobble -

NSB Radio - The World's Biggest Baddest Breakbeat Radio Station

Are you a Breakbeat addict?? Could you listen to breaks 24/7, 365 days a year? Are Breakbeats the sound track to your life? Well they are for me! Whether or not you're a junkie like me or you just need your Breaks fix once in awhile, you can always get it on NSB Radio!! NSB is the world's #1 Breakbeat radio station bringing you live Djs 24/7, 365 days a year from all around the world. Will the next Dj be from the UK? Maybe France? What about Russia, or the US, or Austrailia?? Do you like Nu Skool Breaks? Old School? Funky Breaks or how about some D&B or Dubstep? Maybe you're feeling a bit on the Electro tip today. Well you know what? NSB Radio has got it for you and it's being brought to you by some of the world's top and up and coming Djs. Ben & Lex, Richie Balboa, and Wax equestriaN to name a few. Stremed straight to you from wherever they are, there is no other station like NSB Radio keeping it LIVE non-stop. To top it all off there is a LIVE chat room you can join. Want to now the name of a tune? Think the djs is really ripping it up and you'd like to let him know? Maybe it's the worst track you've ever heard. Hop in the chat room and let them know. It's always full of people knowledgeable about breaks! Many of the Djs also stream a LIVE video feed so you can even watch what they are up to!! Also there is a forum linked to NSB Radio where you can find more stuff about Breakbeats than your little heart could desire. Belive it or not, YES you can stream NSB Radio on your freakin IPhone and get NSB on the go!! So what are you waiting for?? Click the link and get your daily dose of some serious Breakbeat business!!!

Tune in Here -

The Forums -

Loads of Free Stuff!!!

Do you love free stuff as much as I do?? Do love free stuff that doesn't suck even more? That's what I thought!! Well then, have yourself a gander at the new and improved Kick It Recordings website. 2010 is going to be a real big year for Kick It. We have some serious releases scheduled and some bangers already coming out. Be on the look out for some new artists to the label that are gonna rock your world!! For free tunes, free mixes and more, click the link!! -

Booty Aint a Thang - Farace & J2K Remix

Here's a new take on a classic that always got me going! Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupree's "Money Aint A Thang". Farace and J2K put a Nu Skool twist on it making this one dope ass tune. Signature clean breaks with a little cow bell thrown in for good measure. Eatin crab all night!!

Farace & J2K - Booty Aint A Thang -

Friday, January 8, 2010

Want to Release Your Tune!!

Do you have what it takes to have the next release on Kick It Records?? Are you an unsigned producer making banging beats that's just dying to be heard?? Send your submissions to

Free Tune - Goose - J2K Refix

Up Next we have a band coming at you from Belgium - Goose. Funky bass with Stones-esque vocals come together with an edgy side. "Bring it on" is an awesome tune with a great groove! Check em out more on their myspace -

Goose - British Mode - Jester Remix - J2K Refix

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Tune - Empire Of The Sun Breaks Edit

So here is our first treat for you all. Its a short one but tasty. This is Farace's breaks edit of "Standing on The Shore" by Empire of The Sun. It's a real cool tune and this makes it playable in a breaks set. You can check out Empire of The Sun here -