Sunday, May 31, 2015

Free Tracks - Redshift - Be Strong / Ensemble

Tonight we are treated to a killer pair of D&B tracks from Redshift! He unleashes funk and groove in a tight Liquid box of atmospheric progressions and deep bass-lines that will get you moving from the first second!

"Be Strong" is a pad driven jam that utilizes reverb saturated vocals layered over crisp drums and hearty sub bass that sets the mood perfect for a night on the town!

Redshift drops a Jazz infused Liquid D&B number titled "Ensemble" to close this release out proper! With samples from a myriad of instruments that include a stand up bass, flute, horn, piano, and riding percussion, we are left only wanting more sweet melodies from this talented producer!  

Download these two fantastic tracks today!!!

Free Track - Friend Within - The Holiday - Iva Remix

The one like Iva has just released a booty bumpin Breakbeat remix of Friend Within's "The Holiday"! He hits us with deep grooves, crispy high-ends, and smooth production as we are compelled to let loose on the dance-floor, jamming to this fantastic track!

With a short drum driven mix-in we drop into the first breakdown of "The Holiday", saturated with rich atmospherics and catchy vocals Iva builds up to nasty 808 fueled meaty goodness as we are only left with the bangin bass-line!

Iva delivers a second breakdown fluidly before sending us on the long, DJ friendly mix-out, making "The Holiday" a must have for this Summer season!

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Friday, May 29, 2015

Free Track - B.B. King - Ghetto Woman - Charlie Beale Tribute Remix

Tonight we are hit with the smooth sounds of BB King as Charlie Beale drops a Mid Tempo groover remix of "Ghetto Woman", filling our ears with funky beats that just won't quit!

Right at 4 minutes of play time, "Ghetto Woman" is driven by a phat broken beat that almost never stops, as dancers are compelled to move to the multi instrument saturated goodness that Charlie Beale has put together!  

With a short mix-in and mix-out, "Ghetto Woman" is all about getting down and boogieing to deep bass-lines, crisp atmospherics, and an all around solid sonic ride! 

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - Burn

Sparking a peak-time Electro House fireball tonight is the one like Dwaine Whyte! "Burn" is a festival fueled inferno of hard dance action that will light up the floor wherever it's played!

With a short 4/4 mix-in, "Burn" quickly changes pace as we are hit with broken half-time goodness that leads to the first piano driven breakdown. As things get heavy, gnarly stabs build up to the epic meaty forefront of this banging track!  

At almost 6 minutes long, this mammoth slams away at speakers with relentless fury as we are given multitudes of ever changing rhythms and sounds. "Burn" is a hands in the air atmospheric hit that is crowd and DJ friendly!      

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Free Track - AK9, Ben Morris & Venuto - Shine Ft. Yogi - Jackness Remix

The one like Jackness drops a groove filled House remix of "Shine" by AK9, Ben Morris, Venuto, and Yogi! The deep bouncing bass, crisp atmospherics, and all around clean production make this a stand out free track for this Summer season!!!

Here is a bit about this fantastic track from Jackness

"It is not often that a collaboration can span years and multiple countries, but “Shine” does just that. The brain child of a vocal writing session between Yogi (Random Soul), Ben Morris and Venuto a number of years ago, “Shine’s” feel-good lyrics always felt like something special to the trio, but the project was put on the back burner until the inclusion of Central Station’s newest signing AK9. After numerous back-and-forth versions between Poland and Australia, and a freshly recorded vocal, “Shine” was finally ready to be released.

Currently sitting in the top 10 of the ARIA dance charts, Perth legend Jackness has given "Shine" a future house re-work for you to unleash in your arsenal of dance weapons!"

Download this track as an MP3 or WAV file today!!!

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Free Track - DiiSTORTiiON - Hybrid Theory ft. BBK - Access Denied Remix

In case anyone missed it, Access Denied has recently released a sweet triplet infused Breakbeat remix of DiSTORTiiON and BBK's "Hybrid Theory"! Gnarly just doesn't describe how nasty and sub booming this unique track is, the rich textures and morphing sounds really set the pace for an all out banger!

With a long and ferocious mix-in we are treated to deep bass saturated patterns that swell to the talking leads that are laid just in front of the chaotic triplet timed drums right before heading into the first vocal rich breakdown!

Lengthy bouts of straight up dance-floor goodness, a second breakdown as uplifting as the first, and a DJ's dream when it comes to the mix-out, Access Denied sets the bar high with this awesome remix of "Hybrid Theory"!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Free Track - Sammy Senior - Pump

Tonight we have yet another fantastic Mid Tempo banger from the one like Sammy Senior! He drops an all out funk fueled groover titled "Pump", at just over 3 minutes long this track is jammed pack with sexy flavor and the sweet sound of bass-line goodness!

With a myriad of fresh samples including saxophones, unique leads, grinding bass thumps, and a combination of energetic vocals, "Pump" is a heavy hitter that Sammy Senior has graciously unleashed upon us!

Download either an MP3 or WAV of this powerful track today!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

Free Track - The Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc. - Pianosalmon Remix

Tonight we have an extremely groovy Deep House remix of Daniela Andrade's cover of "Feel Good Inc." by The Gorillaz, brought to us by the one like Pianosalmon! He delivers a picture perfect remix of this beautiful and intoxicating cover, giving us all a new take on this timeless track!

In this short but sweet three minute long jammer Pianosalmon hits us with atmospheric waves, and feel good sounds, unleashing deep bass progressions, crisp rolling drums, thick pianos, and the wonderfully treated vocals that make "Feel Good Inc." a must for all music lovers!

Download this track today so your not the only one missing out on this fantastic remix!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Free Track - Gwen Stefani- Baby Dont Lie - Christian Q & Shokstix Remix

Christian Q and Shokstix are back!!! Tonight they hit us with an upbeat, Deep House remix of Gwen Stefani's "Baby Don't Lie", delivering an over 4 minute long groover that will light up your night and keep things funky!

A four to the floor, vocal fueled mix-in kicks "Baby Don't Lie" off with a powerful combination of down low reverb infused basslines, unique pitch-bent leads, and light sweeps that smoothly transition between segments. Pushing listeners to a short build up as we are thrown into halftime goodness that perfectly breaks things up, we come to the massive outro of this House epic!

With beautiful vocals, straight up club atmospherics, and a multitude of fresh and clean sounds Christian Q and Shokstix produce another banger with their remix of "Baby Don't Lie"

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - It's Me Mario!

Dwaine Whyte unleashes a Nintendo fueled storm of epic proportion with his newest free Electro banger "It's Me Mario!"!!! This almost 6 minute long epic is the very definition of peak-time, bass-line driven, Electro House fire!

With high energy leads and a pounding 4/4 beat Dwaine Whyte gives us a short mix-in that smoothly transforms into a nasty build up, ultimately dropping to the massive meaty center that is the heart of "It's Me Mario!"!

An atmospheric breakdown lulls us in as we are yet again pulled to the raw energy of devastating synths, hard kicks, and a myriad of Mario samples that make Dwaine Whyte's newest creation so damn awesome!!!   

Download this fun and fantastic track for free today by visiting the LINK below!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Free Track - Zhu - Faded (Adam Noya Bootleg)

Adam Noya has been stepping out of his comfort zone this year, and it has delivered amazing results! This week he hits us with an aggressive yet groove filled House remix of Zhu's popular track "Faded", unleashing a beautiful combo of atmospherics and bouncing bass-line action!!!

Kicking off with a pad driven build up, Adam Noya quickly changes filtered drums into an all out 4/4 assault on the dance floor, driving us to the meaty goodness that lies inside, as we are overcome by the iconic vocals that make "Faded" such a memorable track!

With grinding leads, crisp and punchy drums, wide and intoxicating synths, deep bass, and production that is as clean as a whistle, Adam Noya gives "Faded" a non-stop re-work, giving DJs exactly what they want by handing over almost no breakdowns in this over 4 minute House epic! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Free Track - Sammy Senior - Artful Affair

Sammy Senior drops another free Mid Tempo groover this week with "Artful Affair"! Utilizing samples from Artful Dodger and Mary J Blige Sammy Senior unleashes wave after wave of funk fueled majesty!

With only one breakdown, and bass-line goodness that goes on for days, Sammy Senior makes sure that "Artful Affair" is a perfect Summer Glitch Hop jammer that just wont quit!

Download this track in MP3 format of WAV format today!!! 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - Off The Hook

Dwaine Whyte goes all out with his newest banging Electro creation "Off The Hook"! Delivering over 6 minutes of hard 4/4 action that will knock your socks off, he unleashes a hell fire assault of gnarly bass-lines and pounding sub frequencies!

A short mix-in driven by unique reverb infused synths leads us to the first breakdown of "Off The Hook", building tension up with a myriad of leads and melodies that surround tight sweeps and drum rolls as Dwaine Whyte tosses us into the nasty meaty goodness that lies inside!

What can be said about such a destructive sound! "Off The Hook" is fueled by Complextro like rhythms that bash away at the dance floor with relentless energy and textures, as we are lead to the second epic breakdown, it seems hard to imagine that things can get more intense than this! 

With the quickness Dwaine Whyte builds to the long mix-out that makes "Off The Hook" such a fun track to mix, leaving nothing to chance as he gives the world a perfect peak-time Electro anthem!   

Download this awesome track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - Cuda

With raw power, and unstoppable force, Beatz Projekted crashes into the club with a grooving Electro House original banger simply titled "Cuda"! He goes balls to the wall as he hits us with phenomenal textures and soundscapes wrapped around a driving 4/4 beat, and bass so deep it might just break out some windows!

An alluring mix-in saturated with reverb and atmospherics leads us to the first breakdown of "Cuda", as Beatz Projekted builds up tension we are dropped into funky, bass pounding goodness! Utilizing crisp vocal samples and a fighting progression dancers are moved along to the second epic breakdown wanting more meat filled action!

Beatz Projekted gives DJs a perfect mix-out that winds things down nicely, making "Cuda" a must have for the Summer season!

Download this free smasher from Beatz Projekted today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Free Track - Prince - Funk'n'Roll - Sammy Senior Remix

Delivering a fresh and funky Mid-Tempo remix of "Funk'n Roll" by Prince today is the one like Sammy Senior! He hits us with some sweet Glitch Hop goodness as we are taken away to a bass fueled world that's surrounded by nasty broken beats!

Getting right down to business Sammy Senior unleashes wave after wave of speaker destroying bass-line gnarliness, surrounded by unique textures and sonic bliss, making this one remix of "Funk'n Roll" that stands on it's own! 

Download an MP3 or WAV of this awesome remix today!!!

WAV Download -'n'Roll.wav

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Free Track - Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit - Unique Repeat & Daniel Krau Remix

Tonight we have an extremely groovy House remix of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" from German producers Unique Repeat and Daniel Krau!

With over 6 minutes of play-time and little breakdowns, this remix of "White Rabbit" is a perfect track for warming up a night or cooling it down! Deep basslines, swinging crisp drums, and of course the trippy instrumentation that makes the original such a powerful tune!

Download this track for free today so you don't miss out!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Free Track - Christos Fourkis - Makes Me Wonder - Andy Spark Remix

The one like Andy Spark from the duo Fisso & Spark hits us with a funky Progressive House remix of Christos Fourkis' "Makes Me Wonder", delivering mass amounts of feel good vibes and deep sub bass majesty!!!

With a short 4/4 mix-in Andy Spark quickly launches into the first breakdown of "Makes Me Wonder" build vocals up to a synth driven drop that has all the makings of a night out on the town!

As we arrive at the second more epic breakdown of "Makes Me Wonder" we are surrounded with reverb saturated textures and beautiful vocals as we are sent back into a lengthy and intoxicating mix-out!

Be sure to grab this awesome free track for yourself today!!!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Free Track - RadioKillaZ - Make Me

If you missed it, the one like RadioKillaZ has recently released a crispy Breakbeat jammer titled "Make Me" for free!!!

With over 5 minutes of playtime, funky bass-lines that sooth the soul, and massive Reggie vibes, RadioKillaZ drops a deep pad driven Summer dance-floor mover with "Make Me"!

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Free Track - Deformaty & Apocks - Keep It 100

What a wonderful start to May!!!! Deformaty and Apocks hit us with a banging new Glitch Hop original titled "Keep It 100"! With over 5 minutes of play time, and hilarious vocal driven breakdowns, this is a great track for Summer!

A quick mix-in puts us right into the groove as Deformaty and Apocks send listeners into the first build up of "Keep It 100", moving us to the hard, glitching meaty goodness that lies inside!

With a second breakdown, and a vocoder saturated lengthy mix-out, "Keep It 100" is an amazing free track to kick this month off with!

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