Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Free Track - TOMBZ & MADLY - Champions

With deep 4/4 vibes and club fueled grooves, the combo force of TOMBZ and MADLY deliver to us this fine Tuesday afternoon, a solid five minute long, sub pumping rocker, that is sure to put feet on the floor! Their House chugger "Champions", is a must have for your holiday season collection, and is sure to make an appearance in some of your sets next year as well!

A well timed mix-in sets dancers up just right for the vocal driven meat of "Champions". With one short, half-time breakdown, and a mix-out that is long and 100% DJ friendly, this is one sweet December find!  

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

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MADLY on Facebook - facebook.com/madlymusic

Friday, December 16, 2016

Free Track - Groove Delight & KRAFT - Going On

Just in time for those weekend gigs this afternoon is a club fueled, body jacking, Bass House chugger from the Brazil based Groove Delight and KRAFT! They team up to bring us "Going On", a four minute long, synth-bending journey, that is a must for your end of the year collection!

A long and moving mix-in blends perfectly into a short build-up, sending us directly to the sub pushing, vocal layered meat, of "Going On"

With only one crisp, sweep infused breakdown, and a mix-out that goes on for days, Groove Delight, and KRAFT make "Going On" a 4/4, heads down, gift, that is sure to fill that floor up fast!

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Free Track - Justin Timberlake - Sexy Back - Glitter & Bad Boss Bootleg

Ladies and gentlemen, we are back!!! Kicking off the end of our break this evening is the combined talent of Glitter and Bad Boss with a deep and rocking Bass House remix, of the groove filled track "Sexy Back", by Justin Timberlake! They deliver sub smacking frequencies, and energetic instrumentation in this wonderful, club banging remake!

In this five minute remix, we are treated to an long and progressing mix-in that leads us smoothly into the first vocal saturated breakdown of "Sexy Back" with ease! As we are built up with rolling snares and heavy sweeps, we are tossed right into the down low, bass knocking meat of this spectacular track!

With a second breakdown just as lush with atmospherics as the first, and a mix-out that sends us out proper, "Sexy Back" is a must have for your end of the year collection!   

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Holiday Break

Hello everyone!!! Due to the holidays we here at the Kick It Recordings Blog have been taking a little break so we can gather up our strength for the new year!

Fear not! We will be back in full swing, delivering to you the best free tracks and mixes shortly! Thanks to all our readers for your patience! Be on the look out for new posts this coming week as we get back to business!!! 

- Toreba Spacedrift