Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free Tune - Ramstein "Du Hast" Bombs Away Bootleg

We're switching things up a little bit today with something a little more on the Electro House side. My taste in music is about as varied it is for food and I eat just about everything. I like tunas from raw and rugged Drum & Bass to soulful vocal House, and from Pink Floyd, to Type O Negative to Simon and Garfunkel and everything in-between. Although, you can keep your country music ;) Anyway, my point is I try to keep things interesting here on the blog and today we've got something with a bit of Dirty Loud flavor to it. I'm sure the majority of you lot out there remember the strangely popular one hit wonder from Ramstein "Du Hast". Trying to find another song like that in pop music is not going to be an easy task but this one managed to have its day and as a teen at the time, I was singing "You hate me" myself for sure! So when I saw the name "Ramstein" as I was digging through Soundcloud, I had to stop and check it out. Thankfully I was pleasantly surprised as the Bombs Away boys from Australia have done a fine job taking a menacing tune and turning it into something fun, banging and club worthy. Consisting of three Aussies, each of the guys has a musical background that brings a unique element to their shows. Thomas Hart was the kid that never shut up, a B Boy from the age of 13 under the alias Orpheous earned him the crown of many beat boxing, MC championships before moving on to production and rocking Beatport's Top100 as Thomas Hart. Sketch's influence comes from playing guitar (badly) in a plethora of (crappy) Rock & Punk bands then moving on to DJing hoping he could actually be good at something, taking out #53 Nationally in the ITM DJ POLL along with BEST ELECTRO DJ in the PD Music Awards. Jackness, the token Asian guy, studied classical music with years of violin training (but still can’t play it). As fate would have it, the three have come together and are putting forth some phat and chunky crowd pleasers. Check out their remix of Mike Posner's "Cooler Than Me" for a vocal wobbler. Today though we're talking about "Du Hast" which starts off with housey hats and a filtered Kick. Sixteen in and the business drops getting things moving. Twisted Tetris-esque synths stab in and out before revealing the tracks true intentions. Zippy leads and grooving bass come back but only for a moment only to dip right back out for another quick breakdown and then it's all goodness from there with little crunched up rock guitar licks keeping it spicy. You can't help but move to this one.
Rammstein - Du Hast (Bombs Away Bootleg) by Bombs Away

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Ramstein "Du Hast" Bombs Away Bootleg -

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Stuff - Mr. Sofalumpkins aka T Power - Free Tune and Mix

We've got more free business up for grabs today. You know how they always tell you not to be a couch potato, well apparently being a Sofalumpkins is not nearly as bad. I know this because when you become a Sofalumpkins, you make banging Breakbeat music for the masses.
"He who they love. He who they fear. He who they cheer. He who they smear.Four shades of insanity for he who is dear.He who they love. He who they fear. He who they cheer. He who they smear.Defiant of age as a deviant of time, my favorite toy is still your mind."
But who could this man of mystery behind the jokers mask be? This bombardier of bass? Well it's Breaks & D&B pioneer T-Power having a bit of fun with a new alias. Granted I put in hours of detective work to bring you the inside scoops but you can also find out more about the mystifying Mr. Sofalumpkins on his website. The "Masquerade" EP is due out in November on all the digital sites but you can grab it now on the Genius Skills’ website and I can guarantee you it's chock full of good stuff. The first tune of the bunch is "Defender VIP" which starts out with a piano laden and eerie intro. Subfocus-like bass informs you this is not going to be your mama's music. Bouncy and Fidget-esque beats start things off with healthy doses of edits and sampling and Amen rolls on the eights. It then switches gears into an Electro Breaks groover with tons of funk in the trunk. Next up is "Hustler's Convention" Ft. Think Tank and the sign above the door says "Welcome Back to Funkytown"! Straight off you can feel the infectious vibe of this one with little vox and guitar stabs cutting through the punchy beat. A couple of disco edits and we're rockin out on the floor in a guerilla suit with a feather in our hat to the funked out old school vocals of Think Tank. Zappy bass and killer horns round things out. The third track in the EP is "Day The Funk Died" which starts off with wobbly and bendy bass quickly morphing into a Jazzy breakdown with a four string backing. Rounding things out is "12th Night" with its dubby bassline and techy beats. "Masquerade" is a solid package all the way around that I'm sure will be finding its way into the earholes of many. If it's free business you're after then check out Mr. Sofalumpkins Bootleg Mix of MIA's "Sunflowers". Cheeky vocals and Hip Hop drums mingle with rich sub frequencies for a short and sweet crowd pleaser. We've also got Mr. Sofalumpkins Dj Mix which is loaded with big riddim goodies like "Massive Flailing Retard" and the tough and catchy "Forgot About Dre" Bootleg. You can also check out a short video of Mr. Sofalumpkins rocking a crowd at Soundwave in 2009.

Mr Sofalumpkinks DJ Mix

1. Massive Flailing Retard - Mr. Sofalumpkins
2. Relaxing Smoke of Crack - Mr. Sofalumpkins
3. Forgot About Dre [Bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
4. Day The Funk Died - Mr. Sofalumpkins
5. Coldstone Party - Dr. Funkinchunkin
6. The Nebulizer - Dr. Funkinchunkin
7. By The Way [Bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
8. Get With This [Remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
9. Same Thang [Remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
10. Free From Sin - Dr. Funkinchunkin
11. Calabi-Yau - Mr. Sofalumpkins
12. El Sonido Nuevo - Mr. Sofalumpkins
13. Pandas & Englishmen - Mr. Sofalumpkins
14. Nechromatic - Mr. Sofalumpkins
15. Ruthless - Mr. Sofalumpkins

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Luqas "Replicant" TJFX Remix

 Ok ok so I had a lot going on the past few days with a big party at my house and all but I'm back in business and that means you are too with more free tuneage! Bringing you another Kick It Exclusive is TJFX. Having done this one just for fun and not to actually enter the competition, TJ is giving away his remix of Luqas' "Replicant". Potent kicks and Techy beats get things moving and the vocal samples give it a bit of a Sci-fi feel. The bassline starts off rolling and switches up to a more driving feel as things progress. Great use of the samples and the filtered synths are excellent. Grab it now for free!

Luqas - Replicant - TJFX Remix FREE TUNE by The Kick It Blog

TJFX on Facebook -

Luqas "Replicant" TJFX Remix -

Monday, September 20, 2010

Contest Closes Oct. 4th!! Remix Contest - Farace "People's House" Breaks Mix

Ok everyone, just to recap, here is all the info on our current and first remix competition. Not only are we giving away an Exclusive tune but we're also offering someone, the chance at a release on Kick It Recordings. When "People's House" originally came out, it was a featured release on Track It Down. Here is what TID had to say about the tune - 
"Farace makes an appearance on the Kick It label that we are all over! Aimed straight at the dance floor with its energetic vibe, rolling bass and quirky vocal hook! There are another 4 mixes on offer here so be sure to give them all a good listening to!"
Now we have gone ahead and made the remix kit for "People's House" available for download. One talented individual will have their remix released on Kick It with a full re-release of "People's House", along with other brand new mixes. We are fans of many genres here at Kick It, so pretty much any style will be accepted. Do you make Breaks tunes? How about Electro House or Tech-Funk? As long as it's big and banging, you've got a shot. All questions and submissions should be sent to The deadline for submissions is Monday Oct. 4th so you have just about two months. The winner will also receive a Kick It Prize Pack including a Kick It T-Shirt, Poster, Stickers and more as well as all versions of the new release! So stop wasting time already and get cracking on a hot new mix!

Farace "People's House" Farace Breaks Mix -

You will receive a confirmation email when your remix is received.

Farace "People's House" Remix Kit -

Free Tune - Micky Slim "Skank Out" Diistortiion Remix


 We're starting things off this week with a heavy stormer from another one of the many names coming out of Perth right now, Diistortiion. We have featured a couple other tunes from Diistortiion here on the Kick It Blog and this time he's passing on his remix of Micky Slim's "Skank Out". Surprise surprise, of all places, Micky is from the UK. 2006 was the year that Micky Slim really broke through and since then he has been keeping his nose to the grindstone with many projects including his own label, Bomb Squad Records. Tunes like "Blouse and Skirt" and "Do It" are bouncy and wobbly 4/4 bangers. Fun samples and loads of Fidget style sounds making for boisterous and lively tunas. "Skank Out" is Micky's most popular tune featuring Stupid Fresh & Virus Syndicate. It's a fantastic little track that's hit dancefloors near and far and Diistortiion turns it on it's head from fun 4/4 to rough and rugged Breakbeats! Using all of the original parts and some additional vocals, he gives "Skank Out" a proper heavy and grooving bassline. Clean drums and quick breakdowns keep things moving along nicely.Excellent stuff from the Oz native.

  Skank out - Micky Slim (DiiSTORTiiON remix) by DiiSTORTiiON

Micky Slim on Myspace -

Diistortiion on Myspace -

Micky Slim "Skank Out" Diistortiion Remix -

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Free Tunes - Silent H - 7 Free Tracks!!

This week we are going to end things with a bang, or more like 7 of them to be exact. Silent H is coming at you from the UK and he is dropping bombs along the way! He's got a bunch of gigs coming up over there and if I were you, I'd get out to one and check him out. Silent H, Aka Thom Hodkinson, has been producing and Djing Electro since January of 2010. Based in the South East Thom has had Great success in such a short period of time. In just 6 months things have really taken off for him as he has played at Ministry of Sound as well as with Funtcase, Ashburner and Goli and Cookie Monster. With more big dates on the way including a gig with Nero, Andy C and Dj Hype, 2010 is looking like a stellar year for the Brit. Not to mention Silent H!'s remix of "Lace Up" is now available on Beatport. Starting things off with the freebies is the big bad "Africa". As soon as the beat kicks in on this one, you know you are about to have your ass kicked. The tough bassline drops in quickly and it's all business from here. Killer usage of the "Africa" sample breathes dynamism into the tune and keeps it pumping. When the Rock Guitar comes back in after the first breakdown people are going to be moshing on the dancefloor! Next up is "Beta-Blocker" Again you get an excellent sense of where things are headed right from the get go. The introduction sample is perfect and makes me smile every time I hear it. Big bad Breakbeats coupled with another heavy dose of guitar make for one heads up driving tune! The change-up on this one midway through is just awesome. "Salvation" maintains the Rock and Roll styling but turns down the BPMs and the amplitude. On the Trancier side of things, at least as far as Silent H's tunes go, it's still a heavy track that would be perfect for winding down a peak time set. You can listen to and download all seven of Silent H's tracks below.

  Originals by Silent H! by Silent H!

Silent H on Soundcloud -

Silent H on Myspace -

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Aloe Blacc "I Need A Dollar" S&D Vs Toreba Breaks Edit

There's nothing I like more than giving you guys free stuff, hence why I focus on free content so much. The only thing better than giving you free stuff is giving you Exclusive free stuff! Well that's where we're at today and I've got one hot off the presses for you all. Sneaker & The Dryer and Toreba Spacedrift team up to bring you a fat and chunky rework of Aloe Blacc's "I Need a Dollar". Meaty kicks and snappy snares start things off. Bits of Aloe's vocals start working their way in and you get hints of the new Electro bassline. The whole song has basically been reworked and the second breakdown goes down to half time and then stretches way out at the end fading out to silence before coming back in strong. Fun, funky, and fresh is the name of the game with this one. And the best part of all is you can only get it here. On another note, I will be changing formatting just a tad. All links will continue to be pink but links to download tracks or mixes will now be green. This should make it easier to distinguish the links to the music. Green means go baby!

  Free Tune - Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar - Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Breaks Edit by SneakerAndTheDryer

Sneaker & The Dryer's Podcast -

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Aloe Blacc "I Need A Dollar" S&D Vs Toreba Breaks Edit -

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Release - KIR240 - Tactical Groove Orbit "Samourai/The Sun"

Tactical Groove Orbit come back once again with a furious breaks combo! Samouria sets the stage with a big dark Nu Skool banger complete with epic drums and ripping basslines throughout. As soon as the first beat drops you know this one is going to be colossal! Killer sampling give an almost cowboy/western feel to the breakdowns. Head into the shadows as this tune is sure to please your darker side! On the metaphoric flip side is "The Sun" continues with the peak time theme while turning up the funk and still keeping that big head down driving vibe. Clubby drums and stabs amalgamate with a super funky bassline. Tough half time breakdowns with hip hop vocals maintain the intensity and a killer build brings you into the thick of the things, think Pyramid "Wickedest Combination". Both are available now wherever you purchase your music!!


Wavewhore - "Proper tunes, good stuff!"

Mobius - "Both of these will be going in the bag but it's Samourai that will be seeing more plays from me I reckon. Nice stuff!"

 Jaden - "Samourai is a heavy banger, while The Sun is super funky. Not sure which I like more! Nice release."

Robin Steal - "Tactical Groove Orbit is back at it again with some serious business! Both of these tunes are awesome and will definitely be making their way into my sets."



Beatport -

Juno -

Track It Down -

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Video - Being a Dickhead's Cool

So there is not a whole lot to say about this one. I don't even live in the UK and I can totally apprciate this. Watch and laugh ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Free Mix - Wizard & Ivory "Bombs & Bass Mix CD" Volume 1

We're starting the week off this week with a bangin bassline mix from Wizard & Ivory. There new tune "Jonny 5" comes out Sept. 20th so in preparation they have released the "Bombs & Bass Mix CD" Volume 1. MC Ivory and the bassline boss man Wizard team up for another quality slab of dirty business. Ivory's tough and crunched up vocals get things pumping. Bouncy beats and heavy guitar give "Jonny 5" a hard yet danceable edge. The Dodge & Fushi Dubstep mix is ready to hurt some ear holes with it's gnarly bass and slammin beats. "Jonny 5" will be available on the 20th everywhere you buy your digital music and on vinyl at Juno. The "Bombs & Bass" mix is loaded with tasty tunes that will make the crowd come alive kicking it off with "Jonny 5". Track 2 "The Bomb" is a personal favorite of mine and they've dropped in the Breaks Redub. Closing it out is the massive "Dusk till Dawn" from Stereo: type Vs Wizard. "Hand Grenade" from Ivory is a proper stormer as well and we've got the official video below.

Wizard & Ivory - Bombs & Bass Vol 1 by Wizard & Ivory

Wizard & Ivory - Bombs & Bass Mix CD Vol 1

1 - Wizard & Ivory "Jonny 5"
2 - "Flash"
3 - The Bucketheads "The Bomb" Breaks Redub
4 - Mindflow "Switched" Cutline Remix
5 - Will Bailey "Hit The Club"
6 - Wizard & Ivory "Baltimore Shake"
7 - Tim Healy & Deekline "Bring It Back"
8 - "Always Wanted You Close"
9 - Wizard & Ivory "Jack In A Box"
10 - Wizard & Ivory "The Bomb" Affinity Remix
11 - The Freestylers "Cracks" Ctrl Z Remix
12 - Pyramid "Move"
13 - Ivory "Girls Money Drink & Drugs" Breakfastaz Mix
14 - Screwface "Bangers & Mash"
15 - "Riverside" Breaks Edit
16 - Pyramid "Simply Beautiful"
17 - Wizard & Ivory "Hand Grenade"
18 - Where's Huey Ft. Andrea Britton "Stay" Speciman A Remix
19 - Strereo:Type Vs Wizard - Dusk Till Dawn

Wizard & Ivory "Bombs & Bass Mix CD" Volume 1 -
Ivory & Wizard "Jonny 5" -
Wizard & Ivory on Soundcloud -

Friday, September 10, 2010

Farace Friday - EXCLUSIVE Free Tune - Kaskade Ft. Haley "Dynasty" Dada Life Remix (Farace Re-Edit)

Farace Friday is upon us once again and that's good news for all you Exclusive free tuna lovers. The F man is back with another big edit for everyone. This time he lends his touch to Kaskade Ft. Haley's "Dynasty", the Dada Life Remix. US producer and Dj Kaskade is making big waves in the electronic music industry. Tunes like "Everything," reached #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Hot Dance Club Play charts and that's one way to get some attention! Kaskade is now working with Ultra Records and as of late is working with artists like Deadmau5 to create some huge tracks. Choosing the Dada Life remix of "Dynasty", Farace creates a steppy and glitchy club banger. Haley's vocals maintain a smooth side with the chopped up beats and edits and the stretchiness of the added Dada Life bits come through in places. Screechy synths and heavy kicks make this one a sure win on any dancefloor. Also, if you are in the Chicago area, don't forget that Farace will be playing Unity Black on the 23rd of October. Check out the link below for all of the info on the event. Lastly, Farace will soon be releasing his "Out At Night Vol 2" mix and you can only get a free copy by signing up for his mailing list! So make sure to head on over to his website and do so if you haven't yet! If you missed out on Volume 1 of "Out at Night", you can snag that below as well.

Kaskade - Dynasty feat. Haley - Dada Life Remix (Farace ReEdit) by The Kick It Blog

Farace - Out At Night - DJ Mix by farace

Farace's Website -

Farace Mailing List -

Unity Black Website -

Kaskade Website -

Kaskade Ft. Haley "Dynasty" Dada Life Remix (Farace Re-Edit) -

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free Tune and Mix - Rennie Pilgrem "Dalek" and "Street Funk Mix"

Last up today we have some big business from the one like Rennie Pilgrem. The name Rennie Pilgrem is pretty much synonymous with Breakbeats and he is considered partially responsible for the creation of the Nu Skool Breaks genre. Before making the switch into Breaks, Rennie produced Techno and Acid House and was part of the influential rave group Rhythm Section along with Ellis Dee. Rennie is also the head and founder of Thursday Club Recordings aka TCR, a label which he founded in 1993. Rennie Pilgrem is set to release “Street Legal 2" on TCR and being the ever so generous fella that he is he has offered up some goodies for you lot in preparation. First up he is giving away the vocal version of Rennie's "Dalek". Super funky beats integrate with lyrics from Evie Eve and Jadakiss. Killer stabs and old school bass make for one quirky, fun and feel good Breakbeat tuna. Next up we've got Rennie's "Street Funk Mix". If you like your funk as much as I do then this mix is going to be sexual chocolate for you. As the name implies get ready to take it back to the old school and get completely funktified. Think Shaft and Isaac Hayes with a Nu Skool twist. The Bush Doctors "Ghost" with the "there's a ghost in my house" vocal sample just plain jams and the horns and drums of "Grasshoppa" rock my socks. Fire up a phat one and sit back and enjoy the sounds of Rennie Pilgrem. This is an awesome listening mix!

Rennie Pilgrem’s Street Funk Mix

1. Rennie Pilgrem "Untitled 1"
2. Rennie Pilgrem "Untitled 2"
3. Bush Doctors "Ghost"
4. Rennie Pilgrem "Grasshoppa"
5. Rennie Pilgrem "Dubstyle"
6. Unknown "Sliding"
7. Rennie Pilgrem vVs Ellis Dee "Brick Hausen"
8. Cashflow "Party Freak" Rennie Pilgrem Edit
9. Rennie Pilgrem "Dalek"
10. Rennie Pilgrem "Untitled 3"
11.Bush Doctors "Night Train"
12. Bush Doctors "Turn It On"
13. Bush Doctors "Spacehoppa"
14. Caper "Something Else" Rennie Pilgrem Mix
15. Rennie Pilgrem "Dubwa"
16. Rennie Pilgrem "Ice Cream"

"It aint where you're at, it's where you're from". Rennie Pilgrem goes further back to his roots than ever and then brings his influences into 2010. Street Legal 2 (another double EP) rolls with dub, blues, and even Jazz influences underpinned by Rennie's love of tough beats. Plenty of dancefloor but some tracks are more for your ears than your feet. After the success of Street legal 1 which won fans from pirate stations as well as Radio 1 and Kiss et al. The funk is currently keeping Rennie pretty busy. He's just finishing scoring his first film which includes plenty of 70's influences plus he's remixed Caper's forthcoming single 'Something Else' for Distinctive. Also as one half of the Bush Doctors (with Jem Stone )he's remixed the CB's next Single 'The Finding'. Incidentally, look out for the Bush Doctor's second release 'Night Train' which is available now. Rennie is currently at work creating a 'Nu Funk' Sample collection for the Loopmasters Producer series . Street Legal 2 is out now on TCR.

"This is nu-funk coming of age."
"Remember when Tiefschwartz were funky, anything on Classic? Freaks? Derrick Carter? Sneak?..
The best thing Rennie has done in quite some time"
Tilllate - 8/10 'Absolutely loving 'Chocolate' on this 8 tracker EP'
Jon More (Coldcut Ninja Tunes) - "Love this one, your just fat, u no just fat peace be"
Anne Savage - "'Last Train takes me right back to when I first started going out to warehouse parties with my sister. Love it. Love em all."
Plump Djs -  "This kind of music is dam rare as fook these days. Digging 'Dalek (dub)' makes me want to slip into a hot tub, hot and wet, das better!"
Soul Of Man - "The godfather has delivered an authentic and excellent slab of garage, You got me wet!"

Rennie Pilgrem on Myspace -

Purchase "Street Legal 2" Here -

Rennie Pilgrem's "Street Funk Mix" -

Rennie Pilgrem "Dalek" Vox Version -

Free Tune - Aloe Blacc "I Need a Dollar" Killabits Vs Paranoid Androidz ReRub

If you're hurting for a good dose of Soul, look no farther, I've got what you need! The Paranoid Androidz take on the Killabits' Remix of Aloe Blacc's "I Need a Dollar" and give it a proper rubbing. Aloe Blacc is an American Soul singer, rapper, and musician. His first album, entitled Shine Through, was released by Stones Throw Records in 2006. He began his career in 1995 as an MC in an indie Rap group called Emanon. By the late 90's, Blacc was a "stow away" on a Lootpack tour in Europe. His music contains elements of jazz, R&B, Soul, and Hip Hop, all blended together with excellence. He recorded a cover version of the John Legend song "Ordinary People" entitled "Gente Ordinaria" which was widely popular. Aloe Blacc's hit single "I Need a Dollar" is the intro song for the HBO show "How to Make it in America" and has been remixed many times over. He is also working on a new album entitled "Good Things" set to be released in just a few days on September 14th. The Killabits are a Dub, Electro and Drum & Bass act out of Toronto Canada. They put a Dubstep twist on Blacc's "I Need a Dollar" and now the boys from Paranoid Androidz have gone and made into a Breakbeat/Dubstep crossover. The tune starts off with the killer piano from the original and then animated D&B-esque breaks kick things into gear. The first breakdown drops on Aloe's awesome vocals and more of that deep piano. The pained bassline fits perfectly with the vocals then switching it up for some wobble to keep it interesting. Who doesn't need a dollar right now? You can cop some more freebies on the Paranoid Androidz Soundcloud page.

Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar (Killbits vs Paranoid Androidz ReRub) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Paranoid Androidz

Aloe Blacc's Website -

The Killabits on Myspace -

Paranoid Androidz on Soundcloud -

Free Tune - Steve Angelo "KNAS" Sychosis ReRub

Next up we've got some Steve Angelo ReRub action. Born in Athens, Greece he later grew up in Stockholm, Sweden. Steve is a producer, label owner, and also is part of the trio known as the Swedish House Mafia. After starting out as a turntabilist, Steve moved on to become one of the well known names in the House music industry. Steve Angello really broke through with his remix of the Eurhythmics "Sweet Dreams" in late 2004. Since then he has exploded onto the house music scene and in 2007 his eternal club banger, a remix of Robin S' "Show Me Love" was released on Data Records. Also releasing under many aliases Steve has managed to rack up the hits like "Bodycrash" under the Buy Now moniker. In 2010 he released the dancefloor rocker "KNAS". Housey hats and bouncy beats start things off leading you to an immense build up that's guaranteed to get em high before dropping in on the killer wobbly bassline. Sychosis from San Francisco is more of a Breakbeat kind of guy and with releases on Vibrance Recordings and residencies with Love All-stars, NorCal Nights, and Audio Havoc he definitely has made a name for himself in a few short years. Sychosis did us all the kind favor of reworking "KNAS" into a Break for us all and then giving it out for free, excellent. He maintains the original integrity of the song while dropping a funky and chunky breakbeat over things. You can check out more free stuff from Sychosis on his Soundcloud page.

Steve Angelo-KNAS(Sychosis ReRub) by Sychosis

Steve Angello on Myspace -

Steve Angello on Soundcloud -

Sychosis on Soundcloud -

Free Tune - Stonewash Ft. Kyla "Undertow"

Yes yes have we got lots to cover today. You guys will be able to make a full set just out of this weeks tunes :) So let's not lolly gag and get down to the business! We are going to start things off with a real banger from one of Russia's top producers at the moment, Stonewash. Working with the likes of Vadim Shantor, Stepsine and Ill Eleven records, Stonewash is turning up the Breakbeat heat in the Russian Federation. Hailing from Koenigsberg which is surrounded by Poland and Lithuania, Stonewash began producing electronic music in 1998. In 2002 he released his first album - "11 Breakbeat Session". In 2003 Stonewash's released the very popular single "Tech Your Body" 2007 saw him sign a contract with the most popular Russian label, Stepsine Records. In October of that same year Stonewash & Hz released new Electro & Electro-House album entitled "Electro Monsterz". Presently Stonewash is working with many top artists and is expecting several vinyl and digital releases in the coming months. Today we have got Stonewash's "Undertow" Ft. Kyla. I am a fan of Kyla on lyrics, I have a couple of tunes with her laying down the vocals and they're always rocking. Right from the get go you can tell this is gonna be a proper tune. Heavy kicks and rave synths set the tone for some serious business time. A quick mixable intro drops you into Kyla's vocals and the bass comes creeping round. Tough bass advances things along without getting overly grimey. The main break eases things up a bit and gives the crowd a chance to get involved with a chanted chorus and D&B fills. When it all comes back the kids are gonna start screaming. Not only has Stonewash given this one away for free but he has also made available, for FREE, many of his previous tunes and they are all pretty rocking tracks. Links to everything can be found below.

Stonewash Feat. Kyla - Undertow (Original Mix)[FREE DOWNLOAD] by Stonewash
Stonewash on Myspace -

Stonewash on Soundcloud -

Kyla on Myspace -

Stonewash Ft. Kyla "Undertow" -

More Free Tunes from Stonewash -

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free Mix - Schema "A Day of Small Victories" Promo Mix

So, I apologize for the lack of content in the past few days. I've been on a bit of a brief holiday with my lady. I'm back in business though and we have got loads of good stuff to catch up on, so I'll make up for it in the coming days. We're going to start it off today with a kick ass mix coming at you from Schema. If you like tough basslines and badass Breakbeats then you're in luck today. Consisting of Mark Smith, Lee Davis, Sean Lamy and Lee Dorrington, the foursome known as Schema are based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Having formed in 2009, they have received support from some of the biggest names in the scene. Schema are founded on a burning desire to produce, play, and perform their own take of Breakbeat, Dubstep and Drum & Bass infusion! 2009 saw the guys introduced with a live appearance and guest mix on Jay Cunning's Breakbeat Sessions show on Kiss FM. This was followed later in the summer with a monstrous Dj slot on the Breaksday stage at the mighty Glade Festival, which went down as one of the highlights of the Nu Breed hosted Sunday event. After the raging success of the first 3 releases from Sub Slayers chief rocka, Jay Cunning is proud to present to you another four track monster EP from the Jersey Bad Boys Schema. Proceedings kick off with the jaw dropping "Rat Bastard", a tried and tested bass killa bad boy. It starts off with D&B like drums and a whining siren in the background coupled with some military style kicks and an excellent vocal sample from Jonny Depp circa "Fear and Loathing". All of these clues indicate the type of bassline business you are about to be purvey to. "Le Brocqout" see's Schema venturing into a Dubstep-breaks crossover with devastating effect. Eerie synths get things going for this bassline riddim. Tough bass stabs and wobbles with authority but the track maintains musicality throughout. "Turn Off The Lights" can only be described as an anthem pairing sensual vocals with relentless attitude. Crispy beats, D&B edits and grimey bass make for a monster tune. Finally and by no means least we have "Savage Henry" a tune for all the traditional Dubstep heads out there. Bringing some island flavor to the table, Schema have no problems making big, bad dubs either as this one will satisfy the raunchiest of dancefloors. All four of these tunes have been mixed down by Pyramid's Nicky D'Silva and mastered by Shane at Finyl Tweek so you know what that means! Schema's promo mix is off the chain as well. Featuring three of the tunes from the EP and a heap load of other bangers it's mixed deftly and maintains a smooth flow while slipping through multiple genres.

Sub Slayers 004 - SCHEMA 'A Day Of Small Victories' E.P. by Sub Slayers
Schema DJ mix

1 - Schema "Rat Bastard" (Sub Slayers)
1b - Katy B "Katy On a Misson"
2 - We Bang "Smash the Floor" (Play Me)
3 - Schema "Savage Henry" (Sub Slayers)
4 - 501 "Dub U" (NSFW)
5 - Redlight "MDMA" (Lobster Boy)
5b - Magnetic Man "I Need Air"
6 - Rack N Ruin "Soundclash" (Back Butter)
7 - Pyramid Vs Schema"Into My Arms" (Dub)
8 - Schema "Le Brocqout" (Sub Slayers)
9 - Freestylers "Cracks" Flux Pavilion Remix (Never Say Die)
10 - 501 "Back the Styles Back" (NSFW)
11 - Schema "Chutney Grip" VIP Mix (Dub)
12 - Reso "Technetium" (Audio Phreaks)
13 - Dead Prez "Hip Hop" WTF? Remix (Breakbeat Kaos)
Schema - "A Day Of Small Victories" E.P
1 - Rat Bastard
2 - Le Brocqout
3 - Turn Off The Lights
4 - Savage Henry
Available now on Sub Slayers Recordings on both Vinyl and Digital!

ATM - "Like a psychotic bass hungry serial killer"
DJ Mag - "Great package, great potential."
IDJ - "Full-frontal barrage of breaks and bass"
Tilllate -"Jay Cunning’s ever reliable bastion of forward thinking Breaks, bass and Dubstep"
Starkey (Sub FM) - "Savage Henry and Le Brocquot are the ones"
Youngsta (Rinse FM) - "I like Savage Henry because it would work well with J-Tek & Dubstep releases."
Laurent Garnier - "Ohhh f**k yesss - will hammer this!"
DK (Solid Steel Ninja Tunes)
"Another great release from Sub Slayers"

Plays on BBC Radio 1 (Annie Nightingale),
Guest mixes on RTE Radio, BBC Radio 5 (The Selector), Salford City Radio & more!

For more info and where to buy "A Day of Small Victories" use the following links or head on over to your favorite digital site.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Kill the Noise Ft. Klever "Tuff as Nails Part 2" Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

Time to wrap up another week and we're doing it in style with another Exclusive for you. We love offering you stuff you can't get anywhere else here on the Kick It Blog so we're always cooking up remixes and edits that you can get your filthy little Breakbeat hands on. This time Sneaker & The Dryer put their touch on Kill the Noise and Klever's "Tuff as Nails Part 2". Thick kicks and punchy snares along with some rolling toms get things started and the first drop leaves you feeling like this might be a softer tune. As the sweep rises and the guitar kicks in you get a bit of a different sense of where this one might go and then BAM, its business time. Grimey leads and Klever stabs bring us to the next breakdown. Everything sucks out and it feels almost as if the music has stopped for a brief second until the synths start filtering back in. A chunky break is layered over the crescendo and then we're up and running again just like that. Lots of energy for about a minute and then back out for the final drop. This one has got lots of change ups throughout and keeps things interesting. Don't forget to head on over to the S&D boys waxdj page where you can download all of Sneaker & The Dryer's official mixes they have recorded over the years.

Kill the Noise Ft. Klever "Tuff As Nails" Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

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Kill the Noise Ft. Klever "Tuff as Nails Part 2" Sneaker & The Dryer Remix -

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Forthcoming Release - Kick It Recordings #240 - Tactical Groove Orbit "Samourai" & "The Sun"

And the final order of business today is our next release coming out on Kick It. Tactical Groove Orbit is from France and he has had a couple of previous releases on Kick It including "Dragon's Hunt" which was a fierce tuna. This time he's back with a pair of monsters ready to kick some ass! First up is "Samourai" Killer bass and awesome sampling come together for a huge Breakbeat stormer. Tear-out perfection! This one is sure to hurt some people far and wide. Second we have "The Sun" and again TGO is bringing the serious business. A heavy bass riff, dope acid line, FTL-esque edits and cracking drums equal dancefloor destruction. Be on the lookout for both of these everywhere you buy your digital music available September 14th!

KIR240 - Tactical Groove Orbit - Samourai//The Sun by Kick It Recordings

Tactical Groove Orbit on Mysapce -

Tactical Groove Orbit on Facebook -!/profile.php?id=100000586993229

Free Tune - Joman "Epidemic" Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

Next up we've got another fresh one for you. VCR recently held a remix contest for Joman's "Epidemic" and I thought I'd take a stab at it. I didn't end up winning but I did at least get an honorable mention. It works for everyone here on the blog anyway because now I can give it out to you all for free. This one came out pretty dark and driving, I just let the pieces direct me where they want to go. Haunting vocals start things off after the drop and give it a fairly eerie feel. Driving bass pushes things along and then the vocals slowly start working in. There are plenty of cuts and edits to keep things interesting and ravey zips and zaps pick up the energy into the main breakdown. A big buildup drops into a time-stretched vocal and then it all comes back in hard. Just when you think things are winding down everything gets going again for one final crescendo! You can check out the winners and other runners-up on the VCR website.

Joman - Epidemic - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

Velcro City -

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Joman "Epidemic" Sneaker & The Dryer Remix -

Free Tune - Major Lazer "Pon de Floor" Stanton Warriors Re-Bounce Edit

Alright, well we've got lots to "cover" today and we're going to start it off with a real funky banger. This one is fresh off the presses as the Stantons just uploaded it about eight minutes ago :) I've got quite a few versions of "Pon de Floor" myself and it's always a fun sample to work into any set. The Stantons give this one a real nice twist. Classic SW beats start things off set with a hip hop vocal and you have no idea what's coming next and then bam, right in on the Major Lazer sample. Lots of edits and change-ups keep things fresh and moving.

Major Lazer - Pon Da Floor (Stanton Warriors Re-Bounce Edit) by Stanton Warriors

Stanton Warriors Website -