Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Free Stuff - Mr. Sofalumpkins aka T Power - Free Tune and Mix

We've got more free business up for grabs today. You know how they always tell you not to be a couch potato, well apparently being a Sofalumpkins is not nearly as bad. I know this because when you become a Sofalumpkins, you make banging Breakbeat music for the masses.
"He who they love. He who they fear. He who they cheer. He who they smear.Four shades of insanity for he who is dear.He who they love. He who they fear. He who they cheer. He who they smear.Defiant of age as a deviant of time, my favorite toy is still your mind."
But who could this man of mystery behind the jokers mask be? This bombardier of bass? Well it's Breaks & D&B pioneer T-Power having a bit of fun with a new alias. Granted I put in hours of detective work to bring you the inside scoops but you can also find out more about the mystifying Mr. Sofalumpkins on his website. The "Masquerade" EP is due out in November on all the digital sites but you can grab it now on the Genius Skills’ website and I can guarantee you it's chock full of good stuff. The first tune of the bunch is "Defender VIP" which starts out with a piano laden and eerie intro. Subfocus-like bass informs you this is not going to be your mama's music. Bouncy and Fidget-esque beats start things off with healthy doses of edits and sampling and Amen rolls on the eights. It then switches gears into an Electro Breaks groover with tons of funk in the trunk. Next up is "Hustler's Convention" Ft. Think Tank and the sign above the door says "Welcome Back to Funkytown"! Straight off you can feel the infectious vibe of this one with little vox and guitar stabs cutting through the punchy beat. A couple of disco edits and we're rockin out on the floor in a guerilla suit with a feather in our hat to the funked out old school vocals of Think Tank. Zappy bass and killer horns round things out. The third track in the EP is "Day The Funk Died" which starts off with wobbly and bendy bass quickly morphing into a Jazzy breakdown with a four string backing. Rounding things out is "12th Night" with its dubby bassline and techy beats. "Masquerade" is a solid package all the way around that I'm sure will be finding its way into the earholes of many. If it's free business you're after then check out Mr. Sofalumpkins Bootleg Mix of MIA's "Sunflowers". Cheeky vocals and Hip Hop drums mingle with rich sub frequencies for a short and sweet crowd pleaser. We've also got Mr. Sofalumpkins Dj Mix which is loaded with big riddim goodies like "Massive Flailing Retard" and the tough and catchy "Forgot About Dre" Bootleg. You can also check out a short video of Mr. Sofalumpkins rocking a crowd at Soundwave in 2009.

Mr Sofalumpkinks DJ Mix

1. Massive Flailing Retard - Mr. Sofalumpkins
2. Relaxing Smoke of Crack - Mr. Sofalumpkins
3. Forgot About Dre [Bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
4. Day The Funk Died - Mr. Sofalumpkins
5. Coldstone Party - Dr. Funkinchunkin
6. The Nebulizer - Dr. Funkinchunkin
7. By The Way [Bootleg] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
8. Get With This [Remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
9. Same Thang [Remix] - Mr. Sofalumpkins
10. Free From Sin - Dr. Funkinchunkin
11. Calabi-Yau - Mr. Sofalumpkins
12. El Sonido Nuevo - Mr. Sofalumpkins
13. Pandas & Englishmen - Mr. Sofalumpkins
14. Nechromatic - Mr. Sofalumpkins
15. Ruthless - Mr. Sofalumpkins

Purchase Mr. Sofalumpkins Tunes Here - http://store.geniuskills.com/

Mr. Sofalumpkins on Soundcloud - http://soundcloud.com/mrsofalumpkins

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