Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Luqas "Replicant" TJFX Remix

 Ok ok so I had a lot going on the past few days with a big party at my house and all but I'm back in business and that means you are too with more free tuneage! Bringing you another Kick It Exclusive is TJFX. Having done this one just for fun and not to actually enter the competition, TJ is giving away his remix of Luqas' "Replicant". Potent kicks and Techy beats get things moving and the vocal samples give it a bit of a Sci-fi feel. The bassline starts off rolling and switches up to a more driving feel as things progress. Great use of the samples and the filtered synths are excellent. Grab it now for free!

Luqas - Replicant - TJFX Remix FREE TUNE by The Kick It Blog

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Luqas "Replicant" TJFX Remix -

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