Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Tune - Hatiras "Spaced Invader" Tim Healy Remix

Happy hump day everybody. The tunes are really flowing these past couple of weeks and we've got loads more good stuff in store for you. "Spaced Invader" originally came out back in 2000 I believe and man that shit was hot fire. I played that record in so many sets! Well it has been reworked for 2010 by all kinds of kick ass artists! Names like Hatiras himself, Malente, Olav Basoski, Nom De Strip and more. We are again today offering something a bit different with a Techno version of "Spaced Invaders" by the one Tim Healy. If you like playing different stuff in your Breaks sets or play full sets that aren't Breaks, than having a tune like this will suit you well. This is some proper main floor business with a big ass buildup dropping on the classic riff with some reggae vocals layered on top adding some Jamaican flavor to the drop. It then gets stretched way out before dropping back in on a bumping Techno beat as the vocals continue to twist and the synth line works its way back in. Check out all the remixes on the Hatiras website.

Hatiras Website -

Hatiras "Spaced Invader" Tim Healy Remix -
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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Free Tune - Man Like Me "London Town" Skanky Panky Records Mid Tempo Remix

Breaking up the mundane midweek we've got a funky vocal bassline banger for you. Skanky Panky Records version of "London Town" aka the Mid Tempo Remix. Although it is bit of a slower tune, it still packs lots of energy, has great vocals, and thick beefy bass. The sound quality is nice and clean and full and the edits and change ups are great. Some periods of no vox let you get lost in the beat in a good way. This is a perfect summer time tune, great for some festival action. Skanky Panky Records has artists on their roster like William Breakspear, SixAM and Huxley. Head on over to the Skanky Panky website to check them out and pick up some more free stuff! Keep it skanky.

Skanky Panky on Myspace -

Skanky Panky Website -

Man Like Me "London Town" Skanky Panky Records Mid Tempo Remix -
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Free Tunes - Free Breaks Blog

So this is gonna Kick your week off the right way. If you haven't been over to the Free Breaks Blog yet, you have been missing out on all kinds of stuff. My man Mike is a Breakbeat guru. I think he has some kind of device that is simalair to a metal detector except this thing works over the internet and is set on "Kick Ass Breaks Tunes". Either that or the man does not sleep because the plethora of free stuff up for grabs on Mike's blog is mind boggling. As the headline on his page states - "All the best tracks given away free by the very best Breakbeat artists"! Mike holds true to his word, so if you have been slacking all this time and don't have his page bookmarked, get over there and dive in! Thanks for all your hard work Mike!

Free Breaks Blog -

Friday, June 25, 2010

Farace Friday - Free Tunes - 6 Month Re-Cap

So the Kick It blog is just about six months old now and man how time flies. We have offered a lot of awesome material in that time and gotten to know a lot more about the music we play! I think that the word  about this blog has spread pretty well so far and our reach will continue to grow in the next six months and beyond. Being that Fridays are Farace Fridays, I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on all the exclusive content from Farace that we have offered. Maybe you missed one or two along the way or maybe you are newer to the Kick It Blog. I've gone ahead and compiled a list of the links for your convenience. There's all kinds of good stuff to be had. From the funky and fun but still bangin "Booty Aint a Thang" to my personal favorite, Felguk Vs The Body Snatchers "Buzz Me" Ft. Yolanda the Farace Edit. Don't forget about the FREE sample pack from Farace loaded with good stuff. Keep your eyes on this spot for tons more EXCLUSIVE content to come in the next six months from Farace and more!

Farace & J2K "Booty Aint a Thang" -

Mr. Ozio "Steroids" Farace Re-Edit -

Dirtyphonics "Vandals" Farace Re-Edit -

Game Boy Game Girl "I Get in the Club" Farace Re-Edit -

Farace - Drums & FX Sample Pack -

Dylan Rhymes "Kemptown Stuntin" Kick It Hot Potato Rub -

MSTRKRFT "Heartbreaker" Cool Hand Luke Remix (Farace Re-Rub) -

Felguk Vs The Body Snatchers "Buzz Me" Ft. Yolanda (Farace Edit) -

Rock Massive "You Know Why" PH Electro Mix (Farace Re-edit) -

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sneaker & The Dryer LIVE 2x4 @ Got Plock - 2 Hour Set - Brooklyn NY

If you are in the Brooklyn or New York area, make sure to head ever to "Got Plock" this weekend to catch a special two hour set from Sneaker & The Dryer. It's been a minute since the S&D boys ripped it up in Brooklyn, so you can bet they will be bringing the hot fire to the dancefloor. Everything from 4/4, Breaks, and D&B will be shredding the speakers in the 2x4 fashion Sneaker & The Dryer are known for. Other Djs for the evening include Nicky Twist, Dolla Bill, Dali and more. Don't miss out on this extended set.
Got Plock
Sneaker & The Dryer
Nicky Twist
Trouble & Tommy D
Dolla Bill
Carlos Castano
Tom C & 100%
Dr. Oxcide
Kid Twist
DJ KP & Bigga Don

Saturday, June 26th 2010
9 PM- 5 AM
21+ With ID
HELLO BROOKLYN (formerly the Hook)
18 Commerce Street,
Brooklyn, NY

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Free Tune - Marten Horger "Cakes" V2

Happy hump day one and all. Summer is in full effect and the skin is out. I heart summer but Marten Horger hearts "Cakes". Seeing as we did a little feature on Marten yesterday, I figured, why not post another tune from the man himself. More big-time business from the German mastermind is up for grabs for FREE! I'm not sure what Marten's fascination with "Cakes" is all about but I'm glad he made a track about it. Stomping bass and a simple break will work well on any floor. The breakdowns are great ending on the "I heart Cakes" vox and the second goes into triplets while building things way up and then dropping out on the vocal again. Hammer Aldar!

Marten Horger on SoundCloud -
Marten Horger "Cakes" V2 -

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free Tune - Jean Elan & Marten Horger "Serious" Marten Horger Edit

When not churning out Breaks tunes under his alias Boogie Army, you can find Marten Horger making banging tech, electro and broken beats production as a solo artist. Marten started his musical career at the age of 15 with a residency at Douala, one of south Germany’s most famous underground venues. Since then, Marten has spent years Djing alongside just about every major name in Germany as well as the international giants who have passed through the country. During this time he developed his unique style aptly titled, “For the People”, a blend of Breaks, Electro and Hip Hop. Marten has become famous for celebrating every party like it’s the last so his Dj Sets are more like little rock concerts, with Marten being all over the stage, partying even harder than the crowd itself!
In late 2008, Marten began a new Tech, Electro and Breakbeat project with the much famed Leeroy Thornhill (of the Prodigy) – SMASH HIFI! Their debut Single "Everything You Need" featured a world class music video and garnered kudos from all the big names in the scene.
Apart from being an artist himself, Marten runs Stamina Club which recently celebrated it’s 10th anniversary making it one of Europe’s longest running Monthly Breakbeat Nights. He also owns Stamina Agency which is the largest Artist Management Agency for Breakbeats in German speaking countries, taking care of almost all the big names in the business!
Marten himself has an extensive catalog of originals and remixes and today's track is a main room banger! When you can combine Electro and Breaks and do it right, it can be a beautiful thing. Marten puts together a "Serious" piece of business with thick punchy drums, electro bass, vocoded vocals and a synth laden trance breakdown for good measure. When it comes back in, it's guaranteed to get the people moving. As kind as Marten is, you can download it for free. Happy Tuesday!

Marten Horger on Myspace -

Jean Elan & Marten Horger "Serious" Martin Horger Edit -

Monday, June 21, 2010

Free Tune - John Dahlback "Hustle Up" Albin Myers Remix (Dj Ark Edit)

I trust all my peeps around the globe had a banger of a weekend! Today we've got an "approved burner" to Kick the week off and wet your appetites for tuneage. If you like working some Electrooo into your Nu Skool Breaks sets or you're an Electro guy (or girl), who enjoys when a breakbeat or two find their way into your sets, then "Hustle Up" the Ark Edit, is gonna do it for you! Albin Myers is from Sweden and in his short career with Joia Records he has made an impressive impact. His debut EP "Jump Up" has done exceptionally well with some kick ass tunes like "Jump" and "Da Da Da". Albin also works his magic on remixes like "Times Like These" and John Dahlback's "Hustle Up". Albin's version of "Hustle Up" is straight up chunky Electro House done right with an old school rave-trance breakdown to boot. Dj Ark kicks it in the arse and gets things moving, working a break into the mix and keeping it bangin. We've featured some of Ark's other edits and he's definitely one to watch out for.

Albin Myer on Myspace -

Dj Ark on Myspace -

John Dahlback "Hustle Up" Albin Myers Remix (Dj Ark Edit) -
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Free Mixes - New Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast Available

NSB Radio is the world's number one Breakbeat Radio Station winning the top award three years in a row at the International Breakbeat Awards - Breakspoll. NSB features LIVE Djs 24/7 from all around the globe. From The UK, to the US to the Land of Oz, there are always banging beats being brought to you by someone new every two hours. Djs like Mobius, Ben & Lex, and Wax Equestrian to name a few. Sneaker & The Dryer have been hosting the Shoe Skool Sessions on NSB for almost four years now. The Shoe Skool Sessions has a breakbeat backbone but the S&D boys work in everything from Electro House and Tech-Funk to Dubstep and D&B. If it's bangin, they'll play it. Sneaker & The Dryer are always on the lookout for the new hot business and they play lots of the tracks available here on the Kick It Blog, as well as many exclusives not heard anywhere else. The Shoe Skool Sessions are on NSB Radio every Thursday night from 8-10pm EST (1-3am GMT) but now if you can't tune in for the LIVE broadcast, you can download the show the following morning. Head on over to the Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast page and subscribe so you can get updates when new mixes are added. We also do cover shows quite often so many times you'll get two mixes in one week. Click the link, sign up and don't miss another show!

NSB Radio Website -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Shoe Skool Sessions Podcast -

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Free Tune - Karton "Phoenix"

Happy hump day my breakbeat brethren. I hope everyone is well, yes you too House heads :) We have got more serious business for you all again today. Up to bat and knocking it out of the park with a melodic, musical, and moving monster is Breaks Production duo Karton from the land of Oz. Big things are being said about the Karton boys with their exceptional tuneage and stellar quality. IDj Magazine says “Karton are fast becoming the new Hybrid. No scrub that, they’re already there” Genres come and go, meanwhile Karton have developed and refined their own unique sound. Grounded by their love for all things breakbeat, Karton are never limited by the constraints any one style of music provides. The variation in their production work and club sets illustrates that Karton do not simply follow the crowd but rather craft a distinctive style as they continue to push their sound to new levels. The duo have released numerous singles and remixes across the globe which have received club and radio support from the world’s top DJs and radio stations, including BBC Radio1, Kiss FM and Triple J. Karton were also recently nominated in the ‘Breakthrough Producer’ category for Breakspoll, the International Breakbeat Awards. Karton’s first full-length studio album is now finished. Due to be released in the second half of 2010, ‘For All Seasons’ showcases the duo’s musical exploits for the dance floor and beyond. Today's offering "Phoenix", holds up this standard and then some and to think the boys gave it out for free! Funky Piano and zappy bass join with sensual vocal stabs and crispy drums to form one beautiful track! Be on the lookout for Lupo's "Surprise Me" with a huge remix from Karton coming out soon on Kick It Recordings.

Karton on Myspace -

Karton "Phoenix" -
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Spencer & Hill "Cool" Ozi Remix (J2K Breaks Edit)

Well the exclusives just keep rolling in and we've got another one on the table for ya. J2K redoes the massive tune "Cool" by Spencer & Hill. House duo Spencer & Hill are coming at you by way of Germany and the two have an arsenal of releases including originals and remixes. With over 50 releases they are a force to be reckoned with! "Cool" has had remixes by artists like Afrojack, Gabry Ponte, and Inphinity. Today taking the essentials and giving us a fat Breakbeat bomb is Kick It Recordings artist J2K. J2K has had multiple releases himself on Kick It Recordings. We have also featured a few edits from him here on the blog and they have all done well. This one should be no exception and I'll be rocking it myself!

Spencer & Hill Website -

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Tune - Freestylers "This City" Kouncil House Remix

The phat tunes just keep coming lately. The last few weeks have included an arsenal of free stuff and I foresee more good things for the month of June! Today's offering is no exception with another big one coming at you by way of Kouncil House. Kouncil House is one of the brightest and freshest producers 2010 has seen so far. With what seems like a brand new belter coming out every week, he is receiving high recognition from all over the globe for his Original mixes, Remixes & Re-Edits. With just about all of his releases being bagged by many top Djs, they are getting spun around the world on a regular basis. Kouncil House is also getting airplay on most of the big radio stations including Radio 1, the locomotive is at full steam for KH it seems. Having collaborations with Micky Finn, Leeroy Thornhill and D'Cruze under his belt, and with remixes for the likes of The Freestylers, Smart Systems, Stakker Humanoid and the Dub Pistols, 2010 is looking to be a huge year for Kouncil House. He has also now teamed up with MC Sirreal on brand new projects and has promised that he and SirReal will be showing off some of their new material, live on the Skanks radio show on NSB Radio. Be sure to tune in for an insight into the man himself, promo's, exclusives and all the fun and antics expected from a Skanks show. Today's offering in the tuna department is no exception with another big one coming at you by way of Kouncil House. This time he reengineers the Freestyler's "This City" giving it that excellent D&B/Breaks sound that KH is famous for. Wobbly bass, and melodic piano intertwine with Tali's vocals for a beautiful piece of Breakbeat. Kouncil House’s drums fit nicely with the original elements and the track takes on a new feel whilst retaining the original vibe. We previously featured an entire remix EP from KH and in case you missed it, I have also included the link to that below as well.

Tune in to the Skanks show This Tuesday June 15th from 7-9pm GMT on NSB Radio!!

NSB Radio -

Kouncil House Fan Page -

Freestylers "This City" Kouncil House Remix -
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Kouncil House - "The Remix EP" -
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Bob Sinclair - I Feel For You - Robin Steal Breaks Edit

Well if another Exclusive track doesn’t properly finish off one solid week of music, I don't know what does! That's right everybody, three exclusives in a row with TJFX's Re-rack on Thursday, Farace's Edit on Friday and now another one you can't get anywhere else coming at you from Robin Steal. Robin slaps the taste out the house and brings it back broken. The original was always a favorite of mine so I'm partial to this one as well. Punchy snares and rolling kicks replace the standard 4/4 with edits abound and the breakdowns have all been reworked. Robin puts a fresh twist on a classic tune, increasing the energy while maintaining the overall vibe of the original. I can feel it, can you feel it?

Bob Sinclair - I Feel For You - Robin Steal Breaks Edit by Robin Steal

Robin Steal on Soundcloud -

Bob Sinclair "I Feel for You" Robin Steal Breaks Edit -

Friday, June 11, 2010

Farace Friday - EXCLUSIVE - Free Tune - Rock Massive - You Know Why - PH Electro Mix (Farace Re-edit)

Yes yes yes, it's Farace Friday again my friends and you are the lucky ones! The Kick It team gives you one more reason to love your Friday's. How's about exclusive content from the one Farace! How about exclusive content two days in a row! I'd say that caps off a mighty fine week of tunes for the blog! If you have slacked on any of them, that is an injustice you have bestowed upon yourself. Doing things big like he always does, is the founder and head of Kick It Recordings, Farace. When it comes to mean edits, Farace never fails to deliver with high caliber firepower that annihilates dance floors and they just keep getting better! This week Farace adds his Midas touch to Rock Massive's "You Know Why" the PH Electro Mix. Rock Massive hails from Long Beach California. His first release "You Know Why" has taken the dance floors and charts by storm. The tune has got mad flavor and feeling with some dope synths. The vox has that classic feel to it and works perfectly with the modern bassline. There is also a kick ass vid to go along with it that I have posted below. Farace flips it on it's side and then..... GOOOOOAL! Taking the track from four to the floor to snappy and breaky in one fell swoop. The reworking, the sampling, and the edits, are all done just right. I'm loving this one, you know why!

Rock Massive on Myspace -

Farace's Website -

Rock Massive - "You Know Why" - PH Electro Mix (Farace Re-edit) -

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Wolfgang Gartner - Undertaker - TJFX Re-rack

Yes that's right everyone we've got another exclusive edit coming at you from the one TJFX! TJFX's re-racks have done excellent here on the Kick It Blog and I've been dropping them in my own sets as well! His "Ghost N Tingz" Re-rack is hot fire. The kids always go off when I drop it and it's still available for free here on the blog. This time he takes on the sounds of the one like Wolfgang Gartner. Wolfgang's tunes already have a glitchy style with mad edits. Definitely not boring and simple tunes. Well this is right up TJFX's alley as he loves to lay down the glitchiness himself. He comes through big-time on "Undertaker" rinsing the shit out of it and bringing the edits to the maximum while still keeping a good flow and the original energy of the track. If you're a fan of the original but want something different to drop then this one is for you! Make sure to tune in tonight from 8-10 pm EST (1-3am GMT) for the Shoe Skool Sessions with TJFX and Btz aka Sneaker & The Dryer!

Wolfgang Gartner on Myspace -

TJFX on Soundcloud -

Wolfgang Gartner - "Undertaker" - TJFX Re-rack -

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Free Tune - Uppermost - Rox Sox - Ben Tomlinson Re-rub

Happy hump day friends and neighbors, I hope you all are well. Seeing as we have been on the harder side of things this week, I'm gonna roll with that. Today though it's an edgy Electro House and Breaks crossover. "Rox Sox" from Uppermost is originally straight up Electro House. Thankfully there are guys out there like Ben Tomlinson reworking the crap out of 4/4 tunes so they fit ever so nicely into a breaks set. Tomlinson does an excellent job bringing not only a broken beat to the table but injecting some extra needed energy for a Breaks set! Proper business.

Uppermost on Myspace -

Ben Tomlinson on Soundcloud -

Uppermost - "Rox Sox" - Ben Tomlinson Re-rub -
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Tune - White Papoo - Carnivore - Factorfunk Bootleg Remix

Alright, "I need everybody to report to the dancefloor", or so says White Papoo in his tune "Carnivore" Keeping with yesterday's harder edged theme we've got another big one up for grabs today. Filthy bass and machetes are the name of the game for this tune that borders on Drum & Breaks in my opinion. The original is a raucous D&B tune and Factorfunk brings the Breakbeat fire on this bootleg remix.

White Papoo on Myspace -

Factorfunk on Myspace -

White Papoo - "Carnivore" - Factorfunk Bootleg Remix -
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Free Tune - Celldweller - Switchback - Yreane Mix

So I try to do one post per day here on the Kick It Blog but sometimes life just gets in the way! Monday is back again faster than ever and I'm ready to roll with a bunch of good stuff for you guys this week. To make up for a lack of tuneage last week I'm dropping a big one today! Ripping through your speakers is Celldweller with "Switchback". Formed buy the multi-talented Klayton in Detroit Michigan, Celldweller is an electronic Rock project commonly described as a combination of Rock and Trance. Their tracks have frequently been featured in movies, trailers, television shows, and video games. Yreane steps up on the remix and lays down some serious Breakbeat business! Coming from the Russian Federation, it's no surprise that Yreane is bringing the rough and tough stylee to the table. "Switchback" is already an aggressive tune with distorted guitars and some screaming mixed with singing. Yreane does an excellent job of turning the song into a Tearout anthem complete with a driving bassline melded with the original guitar riffs.

Celldweller's Website -

Yreane on Myspace -

Celldweller - "Switchback" - Yreane Mix -

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free Tune - Melleefresh & Deadmau5 - Cocktail Queen - Rel 1 Refix

Holy hump day Batman, it's June already! The Kick It blog is already 6 months old and we are just about to break 10,000 views. Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word and I hope you are all enjoying the musical content as well as my attempt at keeping you all informed. On that note, let's talk about the tuna for today. "Cocktail Queen" is a massive Electro House track composed by Melleefresh and Deadmau5. Now there is probably not a whole lot that I need to say about Deadmau5. You know who he is and what he and his music are about, so let's move on. On the other hand, what do you know about Melleefresh the self proclaimed Club Bunny, Care Bear, and Disco Dance Diva. Wait, did you say Care Bear? Why yes I did, and in that case "self-proclaimed" would actually be in accurate because Melleefresh aka Melleny Melody, really was a Care Bear. Make that two Care Bears, Cheer Bear and Baby Tugs. That's your fun fact for today. Singer, songwriter, and performance artist Melleny Melody has been kicking ass and taking names for a long time. She was the founder of Play records in the 90s, a label devoted solely to the best in down and dirty dance music. She teamed with Spydabrown to explore more music genres like old school Jungle, Drum and Bass, Breakbeats, Techno and Hip Hop. Most recently Melleny formed a sub label, PlayDigital to get the electro music out digitally around the world which proved most successful. Mellany was recently nominated for a Juno Award with partner in crime deadmau5. You can find multiple dancefloor rockers from the two available wherever you buy your digital music. Rel 1 from Atlanta Georgia is quickly making a name for himself in the Breakbeat Community with a plethora of edits under his belt. He takes "Cocktail Queen" and reworks the four to the floor into a punchy break. Big ups to Rel 1 for making this one playable in a Breaks set and for giving it out for free!

Melleefresh on Myspace -

Deadmau5 Website -

Melleefresh & Deadmau5 - "Cocktail Queen" - Rel 1 Refix -
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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Release Out Today -KIR237 - Kick It Recordings Best of 2008-2009

I love short work weeks because when it feels like Monday, it's not and that will put a smile on anyone’s face! If only every work week started on Tuesday and ended on Friday things would be much better. Tuesdays are also great for new material! Dropping today is KIR237 - "Kick It Recordings Best of 2008-2009". Jam packed full of goodness like a jar of Smucker's, this rerelease has got something for everybody. From Farace's melodic and trancey but driving "After the Storm" to the wobbly banger from Marcus Gauntlett titled "Bad Man Soundz". If you like vocal tunes with big beats and snappy drums check out "Cosmic Reality" from Jake Shanahan ft. G. Thomas, the Farace remix. If you like a more old school Breakbeat feel then "Static Beats" from Memory Machine is right up your alley. Head on over to Beatport and pick up a plethora of banging business available on this release.

Kick It Website -