Friday, July 30, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Neelix "Disco Decay" Felguk Mix (Farace Re-Edit)

Yes that's right everyone, another Friday is upon us and that means it's Farace Friday once again. It's been a crazy day for me and I'm just sneaking this one in in time. Being the kind fellow that he is, Farace once again reaches into his treasure chest of edits and pulls out something special exclusively for our Kick It Readers. In return he just asks that if you’re a fan of his music, please head on over to DJ Mag and vote for Farace for the top 100. I have provided the link to vote below. Before we get down to the free sushi, I would also like to mention that Farace has a forthcoming release on Westway. Dogtown Clash Ft. MC Sirreal "Hole In My Head" the Farace remix will be available August 2nd. This one is a bit of a change-up from the norm for the F-man. He makes excellent use of the vocals and turns out a monster riddim with driving yet grooving bass and Reggae-esque synths and guitars. Keep your eyes open for this one! Next up we've got today's FREE exclusive edit. Neelix and Felguk are both big names in the Electro House business so when the two join forces, you know it's gonna jam. Let Farace at it and it's all over now, as is the case with "Disco Decay" the Farace Re-edit. One of his classic chunky breaks gets things rolling. Mixing in things are standard fair minus the added break but as soon as the beat drops back in, the swing is in full effect. Reworked drums, bass and vocals, pop and lock like 90's a raver funking the crap out of an already funky tune. More awesome stuff from Farace and you can only get it here!

Vote for Farace in the DJ Mag Top 100 Here

Dogtown Clash ft MC Sirreal - Hole In My Head (Farace Mix/Web Clip) by farace

Neelix "Disco Decay" Felguk Mix (Farace Re-Edit) -

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Tunes - Where's Huey Ft. Andrea Britton "Stay" 3 Free Mixes and Mixtape

Happy hump day boys and girls. Wednesday is upon us and so is some more serious business! Where is Huey, I have no idea but wherever he is, he is making some kick ass tuneage! Today we are talking about Where's Huey and "Stay" featuring vocals from Andrea Britton. This is their debut release and there are three versions for you to choose from you lucky devils, all for FREE! That's like three for the price of none and you can't beat that with a bat!
Some say myth, some say legend, others say Eastenders is getting a bit naughty, nevertheless Huey is missing so obviously Where is he? A crack team was set up to intensify the search, after smoking too much, another team was set up compromising of a splendid rap sing man and some bloke with a talent for tapping keys. They set forth on their quest to find the elusive, taking inspiration from their idol Dannii Minogue, they chose song as the best way to entice the mystical creature from its hiding place.
Will they succeeded or be destined to live a life of frivolous opulence with H from Steps as their closest confidant? Who knows… who cares… Dr Who?

The Dynamic Duo
Kinda like Batman & Robin without the latex, strength, superpowers, car or budget.
Bobby Whiskers, the self proclaimed rap-sing man is a multi layered wordsmith with an ear for a good hook. Taking influence from a wide range of genres but grounded in Hip Hop, Bobby’s always willing to step outside his comfort zone. With a colorful past dictating a vibrant present, Bobby sees his art more therapy for the future than a foundation in fame.
Phil, boss of dance supremos Specimen A is pretty hot when it comes to keys (no Rick Ross). Classically trained in piano to the highest level at the age where most of us couldn’t read, Dr Phil learnt the rules in order to breakbeat them. A seriously gifted producer and all round sonic genius. The audio dynamic duo joined forces, fusing Rock, Dance and Hip Hop to form a forever-evolving eclectic brand of no border music otherwise known as the soundtrack to the struggling search party. Join them on their mission, they’re gonna need all the help they can get!!

The Music
With "Stay", they are well upon their way of succeeding on their quest. First up on the block is the original. Getting down to work in just eight bars, this one quickly means business. Bobby's lyrics kick ass and drop straight in on top of Phil's thick and chunky beat bordering on Tear-Out, to be expected. The bassline is mean and driving but not dark and is still danceable. Andrea's vocal's compliment Bobby's perfectly and the back and forth is right on point. Clocking in at just under three and a half minutes long, you better be ready with the next one if you drop this version. Secondly we have the Bassline mix. Giving you twice the time to mix in this one definitely has a smoother mix-in edge to it. The bassline in this one is wobbly and fun while still edgey. The synths are awesome and Bobby's vocals sound mint with the zaps and edits as do Andrea's. Another quick one at just over four minutes this one is all meat and no sides as well. This track is totally worth the couple bucks a digi costs you now-a-days so for a free tune I really don't think you can get better than this! Sick shit. Lastly is the Dubsteppin mix. Pads and atmospherics start off this one while a light D&B style beat are layered over the top before the monster BASS drops in. Wobble wobble wobble till your teeth fall out, if you've got a sub, crank that shit up! I'm not an expert on Dubstep but this one is hot in my opinion. Lastly there is the mix tape. Cram packed with Where's Huey's tunes, this one crosses many genres while exemplifying their diverse style and ability. Sick beats, cracking vocals, nasty editing and thick full sound. What more can you ask for, Where's Huey FTW!!

Where's Huey Website -
Where's Huey Ft. Andrea Britton "Stay" -
Where's Huey Ft. Andrea Britton "Stay" Bassline Mix -
Where's Huey Ft. Andrea Britton "Stay" Dubsteppin Mix -
Where's Huey Mixtape -

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Free Mix and Tune - The Beat Assassins - Urban Electro Project Part 4

Hell yes have we got the proper business for you today my Breakbeat brethren. The Beat Assassins are back at it again with another big release from their Urban Electro Project. In celebration they have put together a banging mix for us and are also giving away one of their classics for free so if you don't have it yet, now you have no excuse. "Straight to the World" is the new one off of UEP Part 4 and it is one massive tune! The bassline is classic Beat Assassins, the vocals rock, the synths are dope. The mini breakdown halfway through drops right back in on that ass shaking bassline and you know the girls will be moving. Definitely a dancefloor jammer. Bringing the remix business is Peo De Pittie. Tribal drums and grungy synths lead the way on this peak time stormer. The gigantic build is sure to get the people's hands in the air before dropping back in on a wobblier version of the original bassline. It’s super funky with lots of little blips, zaps, and stabs to really drive the energy. Two top tunas in one release. On the free track tip we've got "Gun Clip", another big time tuna coming at you from the slayers of beats. This is one of my personal favorites from them, its packed with Reggae flavor and blazing vocals combined with crispy drums and kicking bass, it never fails to get me moving. Then keeping your week full of fresh content we've also got a new mix for you from the BA boys. They just came to get the party started and this mix is sure to set things off the right way. Twenty-five tracks in under an hour means just over 2 minutes per track. Party music is the name of the game and the tunes just keep coming at you one after the other. It's mixed really well and you're not left hanging as they blaze through track after track. It's one kick ass mix that of course features both of the songs from the new release as well as some other juicy Beat Assassins bangers. It's an excellent summertime mix, fire up the grill, get the beers on ice and turn this shit up!

Beat Assassins Urban Electro Project Mix 2 - July 2010
1. Disco Villains "We Just Came To Get The Party Started" D.D.T
2. N.E.R.D "Lapdance" Bingo Players Bootleg - CDR
3. DJ Assault "Night Moods" Beat Assassins Remix – Rat Records
4. Mindflow "Switched" Cutline Remix – Never Say Die
5. Plump DJs "Mad Cow / Jack Beats Mash Up" CDR
6. Sergio Gomes "Lets Blow into a Mash Up" Breaks Ida
7. Afrika Bambata "Planet Rock" Westbam Remix
8. Fort Knox Five Ft. Afrika Bambata & Amp "Mustafa Akbar" Baymont Bros Remix
9. Beat Assassins "BoomStyle VIP" DJ Assault – Get Wild Accapella
10. Beat Monkeys Ft. Foreign Beggars, Frilla & Six Toys
"Rollin" Rocstar
11. Beat Assassins "Bump"
Busta Rhymes Dangerous Accapella" CDR
12. Stripper Ft. Sir Real "Stuka" Surfer Rosa
13. The Count & Sinden "Mega" Cheap Thrills
14. Beat Assassins "Straight To The World" Mofo
15. DJ Mehdi "Signatune "Stanton Warriors Remix "CDR
16. Beat Assassins "Straight To The World "
Peo De Pitte Remix Mofo
17. DJ Neuro Prime "What Watt is This "Killawatt Remix
18. Beat Assassins "Ace Of Spades" Mofo
(Deekline & Wizard "Bounce n Rebound Fallacy Accapella")
19. Adam F Ft. Redman "Shut The Light Off "

Sigma Remix - Breakbeat Kaos
20. Sigma "3nergize" Life
21. Original Sin "Therapy" True Playaz
22. Shimon "Crossbow" Ram
23. Zinc Ft. Warrior Queen "Snipers" Bingo Beats
24. Xample "Rushin Dragon" Ram
25. Chase & Status "Is It Really Worth It VIP" Culture Shock
(Vice Chase – Ram)

Beat Assassins Urban Electro Project Mix 2 July 2010 -

Beat Assassins - "Gun Clip" -

Monday, July 26, 2010

Free Tune - Tiesto Vs Diplo "C'Mon" reFaze Edit & How to make a Helmet and How to Rock a Crowd

Happy Monday everyone out there in Breakbeat land. Hopefully you all had a good weekend. Now, we now that I focus mostly on Free and Easy to Download tunes here at The Kick It Recordings Blog but sometimes a like to change it up a little and provide something that's either entertaining or informational, or both. That's where we are going with today's post. First up we've got an instructional? video on, "How to make a Daft Punk Helmet in 17 Months". This video and build is courtesy of Harrison Krix and holy shit this guy is one crafty son-of-a-bitch!! He had to teach himself how to make circuit boards among other things for this incredible project. I love talented people and this guy built one kick-ass Daft Punk Helmet, holy crap I want one!! I have also included a link to the blog where he has outlined the steps and included many pics, some of which are below.
Next up we have a video from Tiesto Live at Ultra Music Festival 2010 in Miami. Yes, that's right I said Tiesto. Now he is actually probably one of the last people I would think I would be talking about on a Breakbeat blog, no offense to him. I'm not particularly a fan of his music or Trance for that matter. That being said "C'Mon" by Tiesto Vs Diplo is an amazing track! It's Trance I guess but it could fit into many styles of sets including Break, just the way it is. Trust you me I have dropped this original one or two times. The production on this track is stellar and so fresh and so clean clean. It's as full as can be and as wide as a hippo. The synth line when played alone takes up almost the entire spectrum of sound making at one massive lead while the kicks punch right through really driving things. The "C'Mon" vocal sample has real energy to it and it just pushes up the intensity even further. Unlike most Trance tracks, this one is not nineteen minutes long and wraps things up in just over five minutes, pretty quick for an EDM tune. The main breakdown hits at just over two and a half minutes in and it's about as epic as you could ask for. The primary sweep has a human and vocal feel to it that will send shivers up your spine. I figured including the video with the massive crowd and ridiculous stage production just adds to the visceral feel this track provides. There I did it, I wrote about Tiesto :)
 Of course, just to keep you coming back for more, we've got a free version of this one as well. If you just can't drop that 4/4 and gotta have your Breakbeat, then you can thank reFaze for supplying us all with his edit. Retaining most of the original feel, reFaze breaks the beat and chops things up a bit adding a bit of spice to things. Again, the main breakdown gets right to business so you never get bored. You can check out more good stuff from reFaze on his Soundcloud page. Put your hands in the air!!


Volpin Props Blog -

Tiesto & Diplo - C'Mon (reFaze Edit) by reFaze
reFaze on Soundcloud -
Tiesto Vs Diplo "C'Mon" reFaze Edit -

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Free Tune - X-Dream "The 1st" Far Too Loud Re-Fix

Another wonderful week comes to a close and we're that much closer to fall. The festivals are in full swing and we've got a busy schedule ahead of us ourselves. The Kah Bang Festival in Maine is going to be awesome with artists like B.O.B., Ok Go, The Bad Rabbits and Biz Markie with Sneaker & The Dryer opening up for Dara on Saturday. I've posted a link to the festival website below if you'd like more information.
 Today's free hunk of tuna is coming at you by way of Far Too Loud. If you weren't already aware, FTL is only one member now, Oli Cash, while Dom Smart is now producing under the Nuerodriver moniker. Non-the-less Far Too Loud's music is as awesome as ever and today's feature is right up there with the best of them. X-Dream "The 1st" the Far Too Loud Re-fix is straight up Psy-Breaks all the way. Giving it the Oliver Twist, this baby is primed for Breaks loving dancefloors. FTL have some of the best edits in the industry and "The 1st" follows in the Far Too Loud tradition, zaps, sweeps and filters abound making this one is all business. Sign up to the Far Too Loud mailing list to get a link to the track download.

X-Dream - The 1st (Far Too Loud re-fix) [FREE DOWNLOAD for mailing list subscribers] by Far Too Loud

X-Dream "The 1st" Far Too Loud Re-fix -

Kah Bang Festival Website -

Friday, July 23, 2010

Farace Friday - Florida Appearance - Summer Love Presents Farace @ Eclipse

That's right everyone it's Friday and it's party time! But first I've got to bang out this post for you all real quick like. If you are lucky enough to be in the northern Florida area then this Saturday evening get your butts over to Eclipse to catch the one Farace Live on the decks. The Kick It Recordings special edition of Summer Love is tomorrow night featuring some of our own artists like Stacy Osorio, Combustible and Farace! I know that Farace has been in the studio cooking up some hot new edits and you're not gonna hear them anywhere else so don't miss out on a action packed night of serious Breakbeat business!

Peo De Pittie, N.A.P.T. and Aquasky LIVE on NSB Radio TODAY!!

If you love Breakbeats as much as I do then you will be pleased to know that in just two hours time NSB Radio will be broadcasting LIVE from Brown Alley in Melbourne Australia hosted by Llupa with the likes of Peo De Pittie from 3pm GMT to 4:30, NAPT from 4:30 to 6:30 and Aquasky with an old school Breaks set from 6:30 to 8:30pm GMT. No other station brings you FREE, LIVE business like NSB keeping it live 365 days a year, 24/7. So get over there, tune in and come say hi in the chat room!

NSB Radio -

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Free Tune - Survivor "Eye of The Tiger" Hot Noizes Bootleg Mix

Have you got the eye of the tiger? The bootlegging duo known as Hot Noizes from The Ukraine sure do. These guys are laying down hot fire like a flame thrower gone mad. Check out their Soundcloud page for all kinds of insane business like Dada Life's "Let's Get Bleeped Tonight" Hot Noizes Breaks Mix and New Order "Confusion ost Blade" Hot Noizes Bootleg Mix. Today we are talking about their re-work of Survivor's "Eye of The Tiger". Other than a recognizable sample during the intro, you would never know this is an EOTT remix before the first drop. Rock guitars and Electro bass syncopate with tight snares and thick kicks. The first breakdown drops onto a repeated note of the classic riff before giving way to those classic guitars and then dropping back in with attitude and a chunky break before losing you again, forgetting what remix this is and then dropping out on the vocal sample filtered way out. Hot Noizes then work it back in before it all explodes with peak time energy. I have heard a lot of Survivor EOTT remixes but this is definitely one of my favorites!

Survivor - Eye of the tiger (Hot Noizes bootleg) by hotnoizes

Hot Noizes on Soundcloud -

Hot Noizes on Myspace -

Survivor "Eye of The Tiger" Hot Noizes Bootleg Mix -
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Forthcoming Release - Freestylers Ft. Pendulum & Sirreal "Painkiller" Kouncilhouse Official Remix

Happy Hump day one and all, you're halfway through the work week! Of course, I try to offer as much free content as possible here but sometimes we've just gotta talk about non-free tunes. Today the topic is the forthcoming Official Kouncilhouse Remix of The Freestylers "Painkiller" Ft. Pendulum. The Noisia remix that was originally released is one of my favorite tunes of all time, that shit is ridiculous! The original is an awesome tune as well and the video is pretty bonkers to top it off. Koucilhouse brings the business with his 2010 Drumstep remix. The bassline will murder children and the elderly and the drums have the signature KH old school Drum & Bass feel. The sub-bass in places is ridiculous, like right after the final drop, that shit will rattle your fillings so close your teeth tight if you drop this one on a big system!. You can watch the video of the original and check out the preview of the new Kouncilhouse remix below.

Freestylers Feat: Pendulum (Painkiller) Kouncilhouse Official Remix ...128kbps Preview by kouncilhouse

Kouncilhouse on Facebook -

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder" Dope Tito Remix

Another week comes to a close and we're going to wrap it up with a feel good track perfect for those summertime gigs. Home grown in Canada, Dope Tito is comprised of DJ Brat and Van Tek. With over 20 years of Djing and production experience these two are a force to be heard. After joining Sovereign House Records and working with top talent on original productions as well as remixing, Dope Tito has been gaining local and international recognition at an alarming rate. Their first track "Keep It Funky" reached the top 100 best sellers charts on multiple sites. This opened many doors for the Dope Tito duo and they started gaining momentum in the industry. They quickly followed up with an all breaks release on Sovereign House titled "Do You Speak Breaks? Vol.1" which included the singles "Get Tokin" & "Rollin Dope". Both of which hit the top ten best sellers list on, Juno Records, In the Mix, and climbed all the way to #18 on Beatport’s top Breaks list and managed to hold for several weeks. Dope Tito are now awaiting their remixes of General Levy, Leonski & M.I.A to be released and they have also started producing for another label, "Bass Bytes Records" out of Los Angeles, California. Dope Tito also have a recent release out called "Move Like This" Ft. Raa D & Immortal. It's a vocal Breaks tune with heavy bass and Nu Skool drums with remixes by the likes of Kid Digital, Backdraft and Journeyman Vs BARRcode. With all of this attention and hype on these Cannucks, it will be exciting to see what they come out with next. Applying the 4/4 to Maroon 5's "Makes Me Wonder", Dope Tito bring some serious funk to the table. The guitars are all original as they had a friend in to the studio to lay down the F-U-N-K. The drums and the vocals are nice and clean and the arrangement keeps things interesting. Groovy shit!

Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder (Dope Tito Remix) by The Kick It Blog

Dope Tito's Website -

Dope Tito on Myspace -

Dope Tito Ft. Raa D & Immortal "Move Like This" -

Maroon 5 "Makes Me Wonder" Dope Tito Remix -

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Featured Artist - Wardian - Free Tunes

Well I hope everyone had an awesome week. I apologize for the lack of material this week. My cable modem went on me so now I'm on my second new one this year, sweet. Anyway, we're back up and running and I'll try and make up for it in the coming days. Today we are talking about Bassline Breaks up and comer Wardian from Spain. Wardian started off getting involved with music at age twelve when he started playing the guitar. By age 18 he became focused on electronic music and more specifically, Breakbeats. Since then he has pushed on learning multiple DAWs and playing all over his home country alongside many of the top names in Breaks. Wardian has had releases on labels like Downbeat, Flextone, and Subtribe Records. Wardian is also the front man for Funndark Records, now on their tenth release. The previous featured three tracks from Wardian himself including, "This is Your Time" with wobbly and driving bass, ravey synths and an old school touch tone phone sounding lead. The sounding bell gives an ominous feel along with the vocal stabs stating "This is Your Time". The forthcoming tenth release is power packed with a pair of tracks from The Brainkiller and will be an exclusive release on Beatport available July 29th. "La Puta" has got a big fat bassline and a kick ass half-time main break that's immense while "Cockroach" is a growling bass riddim with an island feel and meaty kicks. In places it almost has a feel of "Nightmare" by Brainbug to it (interesting with the names!), this is gonna be a big one.
 Now lets talk about today's free tunas coming at you from Wardian. First up is the classic "Star 69" from Fatboy Slim with Wardian on the remix. He turns out a fun and cheeky remix while still keeping it bassy and edgy and without going overboard on the cheese or the vocals. Crisp drums and zappy bass move things along until two minutes in where he switches things up dropping in an old school synth lead. There are plenty of edits and change-ups to keep things moving. Top stuff. Second is "Turn Off the Lights" Wardian Ft. Vanilla Ice (The VIP Mix). As the name implies Wardian samples the original made famous by Ice's 1990 debut album "To the Extreme". Again we've got plenty of bass to go around and sharp drums. A bit of acid on the bassline and some Tear-out synths are worked in with the vocal. He does a great job in my opinion of using parts of the vocal without overdoing it and getting obnoxious. It definitely adds a new spin on the classic track and for free you can't beat it. Keep your eyes open for Wardian's full album entitled "Little Place of Demons", coming out soon.

Wardian on Myspace -

Fatboy Slim "Star 69" Wardian Remix -
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Wardian Ft. Vanilla Ice "Turn Off the Lights" VIP Mix -
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Monday, July 12, 2010

New Release - KIR238 - Lupo "Surprise Me" w/ Remixes by Karton & Monk3y Logic

Back again for another huge release on Kick It Recordings is the man from Madrid, Lupo. Lupo's recent tune on Kick It, "Star Raging Havoc" did awesome and he's at it again with Kick It's newest release, just out today on Beatport, Track It Down, and everywhere else you buy your digital music. This time Lupo gives us "Surprise Me, a peak time Electro House banger. Heavy kicks, filtered acid and a bit of a techno flavor start things off on this massive churner. Slowly but surely Lupo picks up the pace with added layers and then dropping it out for sixteen. When it comes back it's business time and is sure to get the crowd rocking and the people's hands in the air. Lupo then slowly breaks it way down drops it out real quick and then blam, right back in big time.
First up on remix duties are Karton. These guys are scoring goals like the Italians as of late (They're actually from Australia). They turn out a monster remix that is highly musical, with pulsating bass and killer synths. The main drop is very trancey with a filtered beat working it's way back in as the synths surge and swell before quickly dropping back in at full steam. Awesome tune!
The other remix is coming at you by way of new addition to the Kick It team, Monk3y Logic. Be on the lookout for more big things from these boys from Bristol in the future. Psy-Breaks is the name of the game with the Monk3y Logic remix. Will & Mike really come through with a freakin stormer of a tune that pumps from beginning to end with meaty kicks and punchy snares that propel the leads and driving bass. Monk3y Logic completely turn things around with Far Too Loud style synths and a main breakdown that takes me back to 1998 in a good way.

Peo De Pitt - Sounding Phat!! Cheers!!!

Bill Vega - The Karton remix is EXACTLY what I play as a Dj, pure Breakbeat genius! 9/10

Tom Llupa - "All of these are phat as f*#k, the original just stomps it's way through the 7 minutes without a let up, great groove. Monk3ylogic take it up a notch creating a more head down monster, while Karton do what they do best with their remix, melodic but tuff as nails."

Daniella Downs - "The Karton remix is absolutely ridiculous! One of their best ever in my opinion. F*#king *WOW*

BARRcode - "Kickin Tracks! I'm looking forward to playing these in the mix."




Lupo on Myspace -

Karton on Myspace -

Monk3y Logic on Myspace -

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Free Tune - Audio Bully's "Only Man" Ash Howell Edit

Capping off another great week of tunes is man on a mission Ash Howell. Ash is tearing things up in the Breakbeat scene with over thirteen hundred plays on today's track already for the week. This time Ash re-engineers the Audio Bully's "Only Man" into some Breakbeat business. The Audio Bully's are from the UK and consist of Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale. They are an electronic pop-rock band, infusing elements of Hip Hop, Punk, Garage and House. The Audio Bully's recently released their third album "Higher Than the Eiffel" in March of 2010 and their first album was released in 2003. "Only Man" is an awesome, feel good and funky song with a kick ass video to boot! Another favorite of mine from the Bully's is "See What I Mean" with its heavy distortion, screeching guitar and funky riffs. Ash takes "Only Man" and turns it into something totally different. Starting out with sweeps and pads you get the sense of a laid back tune as the vocals immerge and the beat kicks in things start to pick up. Ash infuses ample energy turning this into a peak time tuna, building things way up before dropping it out and slipping in the original in proper fashion. Things then pick right back up and we're moving again. Good time summer business!

Audio Bully's on Myspace -

Ash Howell on Soundcloud -

Audio Bully's "Only Man" Ash Howell Edit -

Friday, July 9, 2010

Featured Artist - Dane O - Free Tunes, New Release + Free Mix

Bursting on to the scene in 2010 is up and comer Dane O from San Francisco. Dane's train is firing on all cylinders making big headway with his popular edits and his first release which is out now on Ground Level Recordings. Dane is getting things done at an early age, he's only 18!
 First up is his Dusk Till Dawn Mix of Pendulum's "The Island". Taking both parts one and two and working them together in proper fashion with a Breakbeat layered behind.
 Second on the free tune agenda is Borgore's "Ice cream" the Dane O Re-rub. Originally an eccentric vocal Dubstep track with kickass bass and some dirty vocals, Dane retains most of the original feel and reworks the drums while adding a useable intro for mixing in.
 Next up is Dane's new release "Just Add Lazers". Opening with astral sounds abound and very little beat, you might expecting something softer from his first release. After a bit of a break with more airy pads and abundant arpeggios, the bassline starts to let you know it's coming. The growling yet funky bass quickly starts picking up the pace and the lead line that drops in really gets things moving. After the second breakdown, the bass makes room for ravey synths and lazers abound. The final breakdown gets big and trancey before coming back in strong. The second track in the release, "Earthly Sin" has some great vocal samples and is a deeper darker electro growler, with a Dubstep edge to it. Perfect for those 5am moments on the gnarlier of dancefloors! Remixes of "Just Add Lazers" were crafted by Dj Toxic and Si Biddle. The entire release is now available on Beatport.
 Last up is Dane's new mini mix. Dane's mixing skills are apparent in this 37 minute mix as he deftly works through multiple genres while maintaining a solid groove and danceability. You can pick up loads more edits and Re-rubs as well on his Soundcloud page. Links to everything are available below.

GL025 - Dane O - Just Add Lazers by groundlevel

Dane O on Soundcloud -

Pendulum "The Island "Dane O's Dusk Till Dawn Mix" -

Borgore "Icecream" Dane O Rerub -

"Just Add Lazers" on Beatport -

Dane O Mini Mix -
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Free Tune - Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip "Great Britain" RuN RiOT Remix

Well we have got a serious scorcher on the coals today equivalent to the insane heat we are having here in the north east of the US! Run RiOT has been ripping shit up as of late and this time he goes to work on Dan le Sac and Scroobius Pip's "Great Britain". Dan and Scroobius are making some awesome music themselves, combining spoken word with dance music. Dan and David formed the duo in 2006 and broke through that same year with "Thou Shalt Always Kill". The tune was re-released in 2009 with additional backing vocals by Pos Plug Won of De La Soul. In 2008 they were signed to Sunday Best and released their debut album "Angles". Scroobius and Dan have also been on the BBC's "Sound" and here in the US on "Last Call w/ Carson Daily", which I never watch but I managed to catch the time they were on. Their second album "The Logic of Chance" was released in March of this year. They combine many genres like Hip Hop Electronica and Drum & Bass, with the only real consistent ingredients being Scroobius Pip's vocals and that it's electronic music. Scroobius' lyrics are not just candy coated crap and have meaning and require thought to process. He incorporates pertinent topics to our lives including violence, politics, and standing up for what's right. Hailing from the UK, his points may be more focused on his home country but they ring true here in the US and elsewhere. Imagine if the cats involved with the Revolutionary War were bumping "Stake a Claim" on their way to war! Flipping things around "Get Better" has an Indie Electro feel to it with a calming beat and soothing tunes while Scroobius speaks about kids raising kids and the mischief teens get into and the reasons for why that can happen. "Great Britain" is obviously about his home land and speaks about the violence among the youth. Originally it's more of a hip hop beat but RuN RiOT totally turns it into a club banger with mean ass bass, Tear-Out style edits and a healthy dose of acid. This is one of my favorite tunes we've had up for grabs so don't sleep on this one!! You can check out Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip performing "Great Britain" LIVE in the video below.

Dan le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip on Myspace -

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Free Tune - Miles Dyson "Anthem" Resistance Remix

Well 4th of July festivities are over and it's back to the 9-5..... for now! We've got a fun one on the block today from a new cat on the scene. Resistance takes on Miles Dyson's "Anthem" and does a full on remix of the tune. The track takes on a whole new feel but in a good way. While still Electro House, things have really been reworked to where it almost sounds like a new tune. Gone is the big House breakdown, the synth is different and most of the sounds have been changed. It's really well done overall and I give it two thumbs up, Kick It Approved! You can check out more of Resistance's remixes, edits, and originals on his Soundcloud page.

Miles Dyson - Anthem (Resistance Remix) MIXDOWN V1 by Resistance

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Free Tune - Tomlinson Vs The Prodigy "No Good 2010"

Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you are all rocking out to the smell of grilling meat and Breakbeats pumping! Up for grabs today is a fresh one hot off the barbie. Tomlinson just finished this one off last night and we've already got it up for you this morning! "No Good" is a huge classic from the mighty Prodigy. Anyone in EDM worth his salt knows this one. Giving a dark and rumbling Dubstep feel, Tomlinson reworks it for 2010. The drop on the chopped up synth and vocal stabs two minutes in is awesome, then dropping fully into the classic riff. Things then pick up full steam leveling off with a funky grooving break. Ben then switches it back up to the Dubstep about four and a half in. The whole thing is well done and should be a big time crowd pleaser.

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Friday, July 2, 2010

Farace Friday - Forthcoming Release - Dogtown Clash Ft. MC Sirreal "Hole in My Head" Farace Mix

Happy Friday beat freaks around the world. To all my friends here in the US, I hope you have a kick ass 4th of July weekend and eat some grilled meat! I'm always happy to see big names come together resulting in even bigger tunes! Today's preview is the result of one of these unions. Dogtown Clash is a side project of Dub Pistols founder Barry Ashworth and Bill Borez. Notable releases from Dogtown Clash include the massive and very horny "West London’s Burning" and "Frequency", a funky and sexy, laid back vocal banger. "Hole in My Head" ft. MC Sirreal is soon due out on Westway and Farace has been asked to step up on remix duties. And step up Farace does, churning out a wicked and driving feel good tuna. Farace makes excellent use of the Sirreal vocals and lays down a chunky bassline with a bit of a trance feel to the breakdown. You can check out a preview below.

Dogtown Clash ft MC Sirreal - Hole In My Head (Farace Mix/Web Clip) by farace

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