Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Free Tunes - Where's Huey Ft. Andrea Britton "Stay" 3 Free Mixes and Mixtape

Happy hump day boys and girls. Wednesday is upon us and so is some more serious business! Where is Huey, I have no idea but wherever he is, he is making some kick ass tuneage! Today we are talking about Where's Huey and "Stay" featuring vocals from Andrea Britton. This is their debut release and there are three versions for you to choose from you lucky devils, all for FREE! That's like three for the price of none and you can't beat that with a bat!
Some say myth, some say legend, others say Eastenders is getting a bit naughty, nevertheless Huey is missing so obviously Where is he? A crack team was set up to intensify the search, after smoking too much, another team was set up compromising of a splendid rap sing man and some bloke with a talent for tapping keys. They set forth on their quest to find the elusive, taking inspiration from their idol Dannii Minogue, they chose song as the best way to entice the mystical creature from its hiding place.
Will they succeeded or be destined to live a life of frivolous opulence with H from Steps as their closest confidant? Who knows… who cares… Dr Who?

The Dynamic Duo
Kinda like Batman & Robin without the latex, strength, superpowers, car or budget.
Bobby Whiskers, the self proclaimed rap-sing man is a multi layered wordsmith with an ear for a good hook. Taking influence from a wide range of genres but grounded in Hip Hop, Bobby’s always willing to step outside his comfort zone. With a colorful past dictating a vibrant present, Bobby sees his art more therapy for the future than a foundation in fame.
Phil, boss of dance supremos Specimen A is pretty hot when it comes to keys (no Rick Ross). Classically trained in piano to the highest level at the age where most of us couldn’t read, Dr Phil learnt the rules in order to breakbeat them. A seriously gifted producer and all round sonic genius. The audio dynamic duo joined forces, fusing Rock, Dance and Hip Hop to form a forever-evolving eclectic brand of no border music otherwise known as the soundtrack to the struggling search party. Join them on their mission, they’re gonna need all the help they can get!!

The Music
With "Stay", they are well upon their way of succeeding on their quest. First up on the block is the original. Getting down to work in just eight bars, this one quickly means business. Bobby's lyrics kick ass and drop straight in on top of Phil's thick and chunky beat bordering on Tear-Out, to be expected. The bassline is mean and driving but not dark and is still danceable. Andrea's vocal's compliment Bobby's perfectly and the back and forth is right on point. Clocking in at just under three and a half minutes long, you better be ready with the next one if you drop this version. Secondly we have the Bassline mix. Giving you twice the time to mix in this one definitely has a smoother mix-in edge to it. The bassline in this one is wobbly and fun while still edgey. The synths are awesome and Bobby's vocals sound mint with the zaps and edits as do Andrea's. Another quick one at just over four minutes this one is all meat and no sides as well. This track is totally worth the couple bucks a digi costs you now-a-days so for a free tune I really don't think you can get better than this! Sick shit. Lastly is the Dubsteppin mix. Pads and atmospherics start off this one while a light D&B style beat are layered over the top before the monster BASS drops in. Wobble wobble wobble till your teeth fall out, if you've got a sub, crank that shit up! I'm not an expert on Dubstep but this one is hot in my opinion. Lastly there is the mix tape. Cram packed with Where's Huey's tunes, this one crosses many genres while exemplifying their diverse style and ability. Sick beats, cracking vocals, nasty editing and thick full sound. What more can you ask for, Where's Huey FTW!!

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