Monday, May 31, 2010

Free Mix - Robbie Huggs - Hump Day Funk Cinco De Mayo Edition

Now this is my kind of Monday. No work, great weather and BBQ action. We've had meats and seafood marinating for days and I can't wait for those delicious aromas of burning wood and grilling meat to start wafting into my nostrils. Oh yeah that's right, this is a Breakbeat blog. Well in that case how about a great mix for everyone to bump while they're outside cooking and having a good time. Robbie Huggs a fellow Boston Breakbeat Dj is up to the task of keeping you rocking out in the sun. This mix was recorded live on Robbie's weekly internet broadcast entitled "Hump Day Funk". If you like what you hear tune in to catch Robbie live every Wednesday night from 9-10pm EST (2-3am GMT) @

Hump Day Funk Cinco De Mayo Edition by Robbie Huggs
Robbie Huggs on Soundcloud -
Robbie Hugs - "Hump Day Funk" - Cinco De Mayo Edition -

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Free Tune - Popmuschi - Once Again - B-Phreak Re-rub

The holiday weekend is well under way and I hope you are all enjoying yourselves. Mario Party 2 was last night and let me tell you, it was incredible. I will get some links to pics and vids up soon so you can all see and hear for yourselves! Big ups to Tight Crew for doing things proper with a capital "p" once again! Today's tune fits nicely into your typical summertime Sunday afternoon business. Interesting to say the least are the fellows of Popmuschi. Storming onto the scene in 2004 with club hits like "Sometimes I Feel" and "Let's Rock". Bad boy of bass B-Phreak of Germany has a lengthy discography of his own. I own and have played quite a few of his tracks and he has a unique and distinguishable style. Having played events like Breakspoll in 2008 and the Nature One festival and having held down multiple residencies, B-Phreak knows his way around the decks as well. Working a little bit of his Breakbeat magic into Popmuschi's "Once Again", B-Phreak adds some fresh flavor and broken beat stylee to the House classic.

Popmuschi's Website -

B-Phreak on Myspace -

Popmuschi - "Once Again" - B-PhreakRe-rub -
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Friday, May 28, 2010

Farace Friday - EXCLUSIVE - Free Tune - Felguk Vs The Body Snatchers - Buzz Me Ft. Yolanda - Farace Edit

I think today TFIF is more appropriate. Whether it be thank fuck or even better yet, thank Farace it's Friday! That's because today we are letting loose the big guns. Farace's edit of Buzz Me w/ vocals from "We Here" Ft. Yolanda is just plain wicked! I must admit, this is one of my all time favorite edits from Farace and I've been dropping this one near and far myself, every opportunity I get. Felguk, who are out of Brazil, consists of Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky. Their bass driven Electro House is in a league of its own. Felguk have a passion for Rock, funk, and Pop and those influences come through in their music whether it be their, tunes, their LIVE sets or their Dj sets. Having toured Brazil, Mexico, the US and Canada, the duo from Rio de Janeiro are poised to take on the rest of the world having recently been invited to Warner Bros. Records to remix Madonna's new single "Celebration"! Felguk's music is just kick ass in all areas with some great edits, killer, beats and monstrous bass! Their tunes can easily accompany breaks sets as well adding some more crowd friendly appeal to your mixes. Farace does a stellar job reworking their chart topper "Buzz Me". Taking The Body Snatchers "We Here" Ft. Yolanda the Breakbeat Diva on vocals and working it in masterfully. The energy in this edit is enormous and is sure to cremate any dancefloor you drop it on. Instant incineration! If you've got a big gig this holiday weekend, make sure this one gets into your collection pronto. Check out lots of good stuff including originals and edits from Farace on his Soundcloud page.

Felguk vs The Body Snatchers - Buzz Me vs We Here ft Yolanda (Farace Edit) by farace

Farace on Soundcloud -

Felguk Vs The Body Snatchers - "Buzz Me" Ft. Yolanda - Farace Edit -

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free Tune - Sub Focus - Rock It - J-Roc Edit

How's everyone doing on this fine Thursday before the long weekend? I hope all my Breakbeat peeps have some fun festivities in store for themselves. Both Farace and S&D will be out ripping up the decks this weekend. First up on Saturday the 29th Sneaker & The Dryer will be playing at the Mario Party 2 Massive in New York. With over 700 presales sold, this one is going to go off big, just like the first Mario Party did! The S&D boys will be opening for Udachi so if you're in the New York or New England area, do not miss out on this one! Then on Sunday the 30th in Orlando Fl, Farace will be playing at Memorial alongside some of the heavyweight up and comers of Breaks like Left/Right, Curtis B, Dustin Hulton and reFaze. Not to mention the event is FREE so you have no excuse not to be there! It's sure to be a slammin evening with a line-up like that plus many more artists as well.
 On the tuneage side of things today we have got another monster for you. Sub Focus' "Rock It" holds the record for the fastest I have ever liked any song. It took maybe 2-5 seconds the first time I heard it and I knew that shit was fire. All without knowing who the artist was or any information on the track. I was actually at a festival in Vermont and I heard someone bumping it in their car. That being said, "Rock It" is a Sasquatch of a tune with one of the dopest synths I've ever heard. Sub Focus is a self-taught powerhouse! He's been releasing super high quality content like "Could This Be Real" and laying done some primetime remixes like his rework of "Ghosts n Stuff" as well. Playing gigs from the UK, to the US, the Czech Republic and everywhere in between, Sub Focus is on a roll to say the least. Today we have up for grabs a big re-edit by way of J-Roc. J-Roc is one half of the Sold Out Djs hailing from Canada. J-Roc has been blowin up lately with a Japan tour under his belt, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and an upcoming tour in the UK! His vinyl releases of "Funkanomical Boom" on Good Groove and "Rock The Funk" on Bombstrikes both hit #1 on the Juno Top sellers charts within 48 hours of being released! Reworking things and adding some vocals, J-Roc adds a bit of his Canuck flavor to the instant classic.

Mario Party 2 -

Memorial -

Sub Focus on Myspace -

J-Roc on Soundcloud -

Sub Focus - "Rock It" - J-Roc Edit -
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Free Tune - Dada Life - Bleep Me (Satisfaction) - Access Denied Breaks Edit

Well hump day is upon us again and man is it a scorcher here in New England! Record setting for sure! Well I've got the perfect tune for today. A real hot one with that sexual feeling! Swedish duo Dada Life is tearing EDM a new asshole at the moment! Olle and Stefan have teamed up as an unstoppable force! With originals like "Happy Hands and Happy Feet" and "Dada Life Guerilla Fart 8", these guys are putting out some slamming stuff. One of their newest works is a remix of Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" from 2003. The guys do an awesome job of adding there edgy and current style to the classic tune. Russia's Access Denied are also ripping things up in and out of the breakbeat scene with their huge sound and peak time tunas! AD rub some Breakbeat magic on "Bleep Me" for those of us that are fans of all beats broken. This one is ridiculous folks so don't sleep on it!

Dada Life's Website -

Access Denied on Myspace -

Dada Life - "Bleep Me" (Satisfaction) - Access Denied Breaks Edit -
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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Free Tune - Yeasayer - Sunrise - Hey Champ Vs Dustin Hulton Edit

Tuesdays are always better than Mondays because they are one day closer to Friday! They’re especially great when they include free tunes! Today we have got an excellent edit coming by way of Hey Champ Vs Dustin Hulton. The two forces combine to rework Yeasayer's "Sunrise". Yeasayer are an Indie band from Brooklyn with a large following and heavy gig schedule. The trio first gained popularity at 2007's SXSW festival. "Sunrise" was part of the group's first single release and they describe their music as "Middle Eastern-psych-snap-gospel". Dustin Hulton has also been turning up the heat as of late with tunes like "Apple Bottom" w/ fellow bassline bossman Deekline ft. Sporty O. Dustin and Hey Champ do a great job of taking "Sunrise" from an all out Indie track to a playable feel good Breakbeat. This would be a killer tune for closing out a sunrise set this summer! Download it now for free!

Yeasayer on Myspace -

Hey Champ on Myspace -

Dustin Hulton on Soundcloud -

Yeasayer - "Sunrise" - Hey Champ Vs Dustin Hulton Edit -
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Free Tune - Rebel Sketchy - Analogic

Well well, here we are back again on another Monday. My apologies for the lack of content last week, this week will make up for it. First off to clear those Monday blues we have a humongous tune for you delivered by way of Rebel Sketchy. "Analogic" is pumped full of funky breaks, killer bass and well placed zaps making for one awesome track! The acid bassline in the main breakdown is phenomenal and when the beat drops back in, the energy is sizzlin! When it comes to phat, chunky, Nu Skool Breaks, the UK has got things on lockdown, therefore it's no surprise Rebel Sketchy is from London. Check him out on his Myspace or Soundcloud page.

Rebel Sketchy on Myspace -

Rebel Sketchy on Sondcloud -

Rebel Sketchy - "Analogic" -
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Tune - Metallica - Seek and Destroy - Bassnectar Remixxx

Purveyors of heavy bass, the multi-faced creature called Bassnectar, have unleashed some immense tunes! Created by Lorin Ashton in the mid 90's, it still continues as an open-sourced musical project that is as diverse as it is heavy, as raw as it is meticulous, and as fierce as it is imaginary. Combining all genres with wobbling basslines and mesmerizing atmospheric aspects, Bassnectar calls the work “omnitempo maximalism”.Bassnectar regularly tours across the United States and Canada, and performs at festivals such as Austin City Limits Music Festival, Lollapalooza, Rothbury, Coachella, Burning Man, Ultra Music Festival, Bonnaroo, and Shambhala. If you catch Bassnectar live you can expect a combination of sound and visuals consisting of three very large LCD screens and more. With nine albums released to date and three in the last three years, Bassnectar is showing no signs of slowing down. The newest one "Timestretch" is available now from If you like bass ridden woofer raping electronic music then tunes like "Bass Head" with its vocoded vox and pitch twisting bassline will be right up your alley. Bassnectar has also been kind enough to provide us with this killer remixxx of Metallica's "Seek and Destroy". Shredding your speakers like the jaws of a shark, this one will seek out your soul and destroy it with bass. One of the world's most famous guitar riffs grabs your attention right away and then the sub frequencies smack you around the room. The final build drop is ridiculous.

Bassnectar Website -

Metallica - "Seek and Destroy" - Bassnectar Remixxx -
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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Shoe Skool Sessions on NSB Radio - Special Guest - Farace

Monday is back again like a crazy ex-girlfriend you just can't get rid of! Thankfully Monday's are only 24 hours long like every other day and Tuesday is already just around the corner. That being said, Thursday night is not far off either and Thursday nights means it's time for The Shoe Skool Sessions with Sneaker & The Dryer on NSB Radio. NSB Radio is the world's number one Breakbeat radio station bringing you LIVE Djs 24/7 from all around the globe. Every week from 8-10pm EST (1-3am GMT) on Thursday nights NSB is the place to be as the S&D boys bring you LIVE 2x4 Breakbeat mania mixing in everything else from Electro House and 4/4 to Dubstep and D&B. This week the Shoe Skool Crew will have a special guest in the S.S. studios for the show, the one Farace! The Shoe Skool Sessions are hijacking an extra two hours of airtime for a total of four hours of LIVE business coming at you from Farace and S&D. Sneaker & The Dryer will also be broadcasting the action via a LIVE video feed of the show so everyone can watch the magic as it happens. Be prepared for high a energy onslaught of audio mayhem! Don't miss this special show and make sure to stop by the chat room and show your support!!

NSB Radio Show Archives -

Friday, May 14, 2010

Farace Friday - New England Appearance

Thankfully another Friday is upon us and the weekend is here! On a real sour note, The Glade festival for 2010 has been cancelled! That's some super shitty business! On a positive note, if you are in the New England area, Farace and Sneaker & The Dryer will be throwing down next weekend in CT at Buggin. Don't miss your chance to catch Farace at a rare New England appearance. Also if you're not up to speed with all of Farace's free edits, you can pick them up for free on his Soundcloud page and make sure to sign up for Farace's mailing list, as there is exclusive content available only  through there as well. Have a great weekend!

Farace on Soundcloud -

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - John Dahlback - Blink - D.O.N.S. & DBN Chainsaw Mix (J2K Re-edit)

Today we've got another Exclusive edit coming at you from J2K. J2K has been kind enough to give us a couple of his edits previously for the blog and they have all done well. This time around he reworks D.O.N.S. & DBN's Chainsaw remix of "Blink" by John Dahlback. Originally from Sweden but currently based out of London, John Dahlback is a House producer and is also the owner and founder of Pickadoll Records, with releases by himself and the likes of Sébastien Léger and Dada Life. John also produces Techno under the Alias Hug. With his mother and father both coming from music, it was only natural John would go down that road himself and he has always been attracted by different sounds which later developed into his own style.  Always doing what he loves and sticking to his own sound, cool beats, unusual melodies and characteristic vocals summarize John Dahlback best as a person.

John Dahlback's Website -
John Dahlback - "Blink" - D.O.N.S. & DBN Chainsaw Mix (J2K Re-edit) -
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Free Mix - Diistortiion - Under Suspicion

Happy hump day everybody, I hope your weeks are going well. We have had other material from Diistortiion here on the blog. From mixes, to Re-rubs and originals, the Oz native is doing big things in the land down under. Today we've got another stellar mix with twenty six bangin tracks including his own track "Dynamite". This mix pretty much sums up where Diistortiion is at the moment when it comes to music and djing. He is really focused on trying to incorporate all sounds and styles that he likes into his sets and not restrict himself to a particular genre or BPM range. Also included in Diistortiion's new "Under Suspicion" mix are a few of his new releases, remixes, bootlegs and mashups. All previews, info and downloadable versions of these tracks can be found on Diistortiion's soundcloud page. If you like what you’ve heard in this mix and you live in Melbourne, you can check out Diistortiion live every Saturday from May 22nd at Brown Alley at the “Under Suspicion’ nights, monthly at the ‘Against the Grain’ parties, on rotation at ‘Bass Camp’ at lounge and Mixed Messages parties.

Diistortiion - "Under Suspicion" Promo Mix

00.00 - 1) DiiSTORTiiON Intro
01.00 - 2) Ways n Means - Bass Bomber - Busta Rhymes/ Woo Hah Accapella - MIA /Bucky Done Gun Accapella
02.08 - 3) The Crystal Method - Double Down Under - Yo Majesty/ Club action Accapella
02.53 - 4) Plump Djs – Beat Up
03.07 - 5) Mike Muvment –Ghetto Freaks (Rouge Element Remix )
03.20 - 6) 4kuba – Dildoes
04.06 - 7) Left Right – Gang Bang
04.12 - 8) Access Denied – Troll - Limp Bizkit/ Rollin Accapella
05.47- 9) Costello – Girls speak louder
(Donique remix) Miles Dyson Edit
06.28 - 10) General Midi – Back for more - Vocal sample
07.24 - 11) Bass Nectar – For whom the bass tolls - Vocal Sample
11.30 - 12) Deadmau5 – Ghosts n stuff (Elite Force vs Sub Focus) DiiSTORTiiON Mash - Fat Boy Slim/ Renegade Master Accapella
16.46 - 13) Pyramid & Specimen A – Move
21.25 - 14) Access Denied – Turbo beat
27.00 - 15) Asian Trash Boy – Wanc (Yreane remix)
30.24 - 16) Chris B Feat Sporty O – Ill of 808
33.53 - 17) Access Denied – Manifest
40.23 - 18) Dynamite – DiiSTORTiiON
(Out on Ridiculoud Records in August)
45.59 - 19) Micky Slim – Skank out
(DiiSTORTiiON remix) Free download of my sound cloud
50.39 - 20) Future Funk Squad – Zones (4kuba remix)
54.37 - 21) The Prodigy – Voodoo People
(Pendulum vs DiiSTORTiiON mix)
58.48 - 22) Bass Nectar – Time stretch
60.52 - 23) Refracture – Lake Como (Breaks mix)
65.21 - 24) Elite Force – Law of life
70.55 - 25) Meat Katie – Redlight (Elite Force Red light lasers mix)
76.04 - 26) Bass Nectar – Land of the lupies

Diistortiion on Soundcloud -

Diistortiion - "Under Suspicion" Promo Mix -

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Tune - Pryda - Pjanoo (Freestylers Vs Loose Cannons) Ark Edit

Pryda AKA Eric Prydz has had multiple hit releases including his 2008 smasher "Pjanoo" which topped the UK singles chart for five weeks. It's been featured in games like "Grand Theft Auto IV" and "Dj Hero" and has been remixed by everybody and their mom. Dj Ark puts together a kicking Mashup of Pjanoo that starts off breaks, but works into The Loose Cannons awesome D&B mix halfway through, then back out again to rattle the crowds. This track was recently played on Lady Waks' Radio show and has also been supported by Marten Horger who dropped it at Fabric. Be on the lookout for a full feature on Dj Ark coming soon to this blog.

Eric Prydz on Myspace -

Dj Ark on Myspace -

Pryda - "Pjanoo" (Freestylers Vs Loose Cannons) Ark Edit -

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Featured Artist - Andy McCallister - Free Tune and Celebration Mini Mix

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms around the world! I hope everyone is doing something nice for their mum today! If you're mum is a fan of Breakbeats then you're in luck as we've got a free tune and a mix up for grabs. We've featured a couple of edits from Andy McAllister recently and both of them were excellent. Andy is the man behind Ground Level Recordings and he knows a thing or two about making tunes himself. His track "We're here to Rock" has got a funky vibe with great energy and excellent arrangement. The vocoded vox gives a bit of robotic feel to the funk. His latest release "Celebration" is available now and Andy has also provided us with a banging mini mix to help promote the tune. "Celebration" features MC Coppa (Style and Flavor) on the vocals and Andy lays down a Nu-Skool track with some old school flavor. It's definitely a bouncy summer track with 100% of that feel good factor. "Celebration" has already picked up support from artists like Mr. No Hands, DJ Icey, Pete Jordan, Jack Stat, Flore, Scott Nixon and Kickflip and more! Andy's mini mix is done well and flows nicely with some kick ass fun tunes and it features both the "Zombies" re-edit available on this post and the "Duck Sauce" re-edit are available further down.

Buy "Celebration" Here -
Herve - "Zombies" - Andy McAllister Re-edit -
Celebration Mini Mix -
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Free Tune - Daft Punk - Around the World - Kid Dub Remix - Datadex Re-rub

One name in electronic music that does not need a whole lot of introduction is Daft Punk. Daft Punk are hands down one of the biggest EDM acts of all time and the D.P. guys put on a ridiculous show that is not to be missed! "Around the World" has special meaning to me because when midnight struck on NYE 2000 and the new millennium was being ushered in with fireworks going off the top of the buildings and my best friends around me, the song that came on at that moment was "Around the World". I think that was pretty much the coolest moment that that song could have come on! Anyway, it's a classic tune and has been used for all kinds of TV and radio commercials and more. The original Kid Dub remix spices things up a bit but Datadex take it to new levels giving it a breaky feel with a pronounced snare and proper edits. Datadex turn it into a peak time dancefloor smasher with some added vocals to top things off.

Daft Punk -

Datadex on Myspace -

Daft Punk - "Around the World" - Kid Dub Remix - Datadex Re-rub -
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The World's Most Important 6 Second Drum Loop

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Hump day everybody. What a great combination! Speaking of great combinations, let's talk about the world's most important six second drum combination, the Amen break. I'm sure if you're any type of fan of electronic music or hip hop you are familiar with the Amen break. Of course you are aware of it but do you know the history of how it came to be? This video is very well done and gives an in depth look at the story of the Amen. If you don't know, now you know.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Release - KIR236 - Direct Input - Steady Nights EP

That's right folks Direct Input is back again! This time with his bangin EP "Steady Nights" just released today.. Starting things off is the bass ridden "Macheens" with its big bad pulsing low frequencies working in and out like a heartbeat. This is a great cross over tune that will perform well on House and Breaks floors alike. Next up is "Everybody Jam". Another banging bassline coupled with Trancey synths that get things moving along. Big time drops culminate in that driving low end pushing the energy higher and if you look around, everybody's jammin. The third release on the "Steady Nights" EP, which also happens to be my favorite, is "It's The Funk". Living up to the name, "It’s The Funk" has a great funky feel while managing to have influences from Electro House, Trance and Nu Skool all wrapped up into one freakin kick ass package! The final crescendo is massive breaking on "F-U-N-K" and then slamming back in with a full docket of sound! This tune has a score to settle with dance floors and I hope you’re on one when it comes knocking. Big ups to Direct Input!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Tune - Duck Sauce - Anyway - Andy McAllister's Duck Sausage Remix

Ah another Monday. Well Monday's are usually known for problems and whenever my good friend Brad has a problem, he likes to remedy the situation with a cup of duck sauce. Computer won't boot, flat tire, bad hair day, try a cup of duck sauce. I think we'll go with his philosophy for today. EDM giants Armand Van Helden and A-Trak have joined forces as the mighty Duck Sauce. Both have been at the top for years and their combined accomplishments are astounding. Now they have united as that golden Chinese delicacy and are pumpin out some dancefloor monsters like the Disco-funky "You're Nasty" and "Anyway". "Anyway" is a House classic if I have ever heard one with excellent sampling and a bangin 4/4. Andy McAllister takes that 4/4 chops it up, sticks a fat bassline on it, and woks in some kickin edits! More excellent stuff from the Derby native.

Duck Sauce on Myspace -

Andy McCallister on Myspace -

Duck Sauce - "Anyway" - Andy McAllister's Duck Sausage Remix -
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Tune - Chromeo - Night by Night - Bubblegum Sci-Fi Mix (Dj Ark Remix)

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Closing out this first weekend in May we've got some hot business from the Chromeo boys. I'm a big fan of the Canadian duo composed of P-Thugg on the keys and talk box and Dave 1 on guitar and lead vocals. Friends since they were kids, the two formed Chromeo in 2001. Their debut album "She's in Control", was released in 2004 and defined their 80's laden funk ridden style. The single "Needy Girl" became a worldwide club hit. Their sophomore album "Fancy Footwork" was released in 2007 and they spent the following two years touring the world playing festivals like Glastonbury in the UK, Fujirock in Japan, and Lollapalooza in the US. Chromeo's third album "Business Casual" is due to be released this summer and "Night by Night" is one of the tracks from that album. Bubblegum Sci-Fi’s mix is proper business yielding massive buzz saw synths that tear through this vocal robodisco banger. Reworking the hooks he funks up the swing and turns up the heat on Chromeo's dancefloor filler. Dj Ark takes the 4/4 fire and fixes it by breaking it! We can work it night by night!

Chromeo's Website -

Bubblegum Sci-Fi on Myspace -

Dj Ark on Myspace -

Chromeo - "Night by Night" - Bubblegum Sci-fi Vs Dj Ark Remix -