Friday, January 31, 2014

Free Track - Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives - KWeRK's FUNK n FILTH ReWERK

We have a perfect free track for you this Friday! KWeRK has recently let loose his fantastically funky remix of Bizarre Inc's "Playing With Knives", putting his well known quirky flavor to werk, and delivering a Breakbeat jammer that doesn't quit or let up it's powerful energy for even a second!

This amazing track is an exclusive free release for the Funk and Filth Blog, here is what they have been saying about the one like KWeRK:

"From his British beat lab Ian KWeRK Padley spends his time and his talents producing breaks bangers, remixing some of the sickest tunes around or smashing together mixtapes that will knock your socks (and pants, and probably any piercings you might have!) clean off! In fact his Planet Angel Promo Mix was deemed so damn tasty by the beat pervs at Funk and Filth HQ that it made it into our shortlist for the Mix Of The Year poll!

Today it's all about his monster re-werk of Bizarre Inc's "Playing With Knives", which is now available as an exclusive free download only here on Funk and Filth!! A big, breaksy, bassline roller with that infectious piano riff, definitely one to be smashing in your mixes this year! Grab it now, and keep your eyes peeled for more from the Kwerkster as we hear he is working on some more dangerous remixes (including one for Rebel Sketchy) and a fresh E.P. of Glitch hop, Drumstep and Breaks badness!!"

  Bizarre Inc - Playing With Knives - KWeRK's FUNK n FILTH ReWERK (FREE DL) by KWeRK

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Free Mix - Jordan Clayton - Bending The Sound Podcast - Episode 15

Just in time for the weekend, we have a fantastically large mix from the one like Jordan Clayton, as he drops massive Electro House and Big Room business, it's the perfect mix for an eventful weekend!

Complete with banging tracks from the likes of Nom De Strip, Madeon, Hardwell, Dimitri Vegas, Morgan Page, Calvin Harris, Nicky Romero, and a special edit from Jordan Clayton himself, this is one powerful mix that you will be playing for weeks to come!!!

Bending The Sound Podcast Episode 15

01. - Kryder "Aphrodite"
02. - Daddys Groove "Stellar"
03. - Mako "Beam" Dannic Remix
04. - Paris & Simo, 3LAU "Escape Ft. Bright Lights"
05. - Calvin Harris Ft. Ayah Marar "Thinking about You" Mars2Mars Bootleg
06. - Nom De Strip "I Cant Believe It"
07. - Thomas Newson "Pallaroid"
08. - Max Vangeli & AN21 "Glow" Promise Land vs An21 & Max Remix
09. - Nicky Romero "Symphonica"
10. - Madeon "Technicolor"
11. - Morgan Page V Nilson & The 8th note "Against the love" JClayton Edit
12. - Kenneth G vs RHCP vs Sander Van Doorn Project Californication "Aholics" Fred McLovin Mashup
13. - Dimitri Vegas & Moguai & Like Mike "Mammoth"
14. - "Tsunami" Original Mix
15. - Merk Kremont "Zunami"
16. - Alesso OneRepublic "If I Lose Myself" Alesso vs OneRepublic Extended Remix
17. - Hardwell Dyro Bright Lights "Never Say Goodbye feat Bright Lights"

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Steve Aoki feat. Rune RK - Bring You To Life - Huve & Dave Jacob Remix

Huve and Dave Jacob bring new flavor and bounce to the well established Electro House sound with their upbeat remix of Steve Aoki featuring Rune RK's "Bring You To Life", giving listeners a perfect combination of Big Room hollowness and the hard grid of Electro bass!

Quickly creating movement with Progressive leads and orchestral strings Huve and Dave Jacob set us up for a massive track, that's grounded by the thump of a large 4/4 beat, well at the same time surrounding ears and minds with triplet percussion that will have thousands of body's jacking to the symphony that is "Bring You To Life"!

Complete with two emotionally charged vocal breakdowns, and a destructive myriad of sounds and synth work, Huve and Dave Jacob certainly know how to make a crowd come to life, making it abundantly clear with this slamming remix of "Bring You To Life"!

  Steve Aoki feat. Rune RK - Bring You To Life (Transcend) (Huve & Dave Jacob Remix) [ REMIX CONTEST] by Huve

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Free Mix - Farace - Live NYE 2013

Tonight we have a special mix from the one like Farace!!! Join him on a hour long journey set to gnarly Breakbeat and Electro House bangers that make you feel as if you are reliving new years eve all over again, but this time the non stop, raw energy of the one that is Farace! 

Not only does Farace slam breath taking beats and bass on a crowd of thousands, his New Years Eve mix is chalk full of the atmosphere he created that night, so apparent and real that its almost tangible, as he drops massive tracks that represent 2013 perfectly!

Comprised of mostly new tracks, Farace manages to slip in a few of his own original floor crushers, but no track that night could contend with the gigantic response he received from his Hip Hop driven Electro House monster featuring Chayo Nash, "Message In Bottles"

Pick this fantastic mix up for free from the official Farace Soundcloud page, and be sure to be on the look out for everything Kick It Recordings has in store for you this year!!!! Kick It!!!!

  Farace Live NYE 2013 by farace

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Free Track - Memory Machine - Summer Fade

Feel good vibes and other worldly soundscapes are synonymous with the name Memory Machine, within the subtle pads and dramatic transitions of "Summer Fade" he delivers an upbeat and introspective jammer in full, leaving everything to the imagination!!!

With a myriad of laid back sounds and textures Memory Machine begins filtering in beautiful orchestral and piano movements set behind unique percussion and snare hits, before heading into a jazzy breakdown filled with flutes and airy sweeps, making "Summer Fade" a fantastic track to close your eyes, and groove along too!   

The meat of "Summer Fade" is made full by a clear booming bass line and swing fueled drums that keep attention locked in on the swirling pulse and fade of Memory Machine's heartwarming sounds creating a lasting impression that sticks with you all day!          

  Summer Fade (Original Mix) by memory.machine

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Free Track - Deformaty & Koyote - Rocket 2.0

Deformaty and Koyote unleash another reverb driven Melbourne banger with their updated version of the original floor crusher "Rocket 2.0"!

Giving more meat, harder drops, heavier bass, and massively epic breakdowns, Deformaty pulls no punches, delivering layer upon layer of gnarly dance action, that should have everyone in the club with hands up and drinks in the air, grooving along to the splendor that is "Rocket 2.0"

It's difficult to find anything that specifically sticks out in "Rocket 2.0", Deformaty and Koyote make certain that every nuance of sound is placed perfectly in the mix, bringing us a track that just doesn't quit! Whether your a fan of the Melbourne style or not, in the hands of Deformaty and Koyote, you are sure to be playing this one, over and over again!

Pick this fantastic tune up for free by visiting the Deformaty Facebook Page!!!  

  Deformaty & Koyote - Rocket 2.0 (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deformaty

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Free Track - The Bee Gee's - Staying Alive - Beatz Projekted Remix

Today kicking off the new year proper, the one like Beatz Projekted hits us with a fantastically funky remix of The Bee Gee's "Staying Alive", and the feel good groove has never been stronger than in the capable hands of this now seasoned producer!

Working into things with a swinging House beat Beatz Projekted quickly filters in the classic Bee Gees vocals that make this such a memorable track! The up beat action doesn't end there, as a hard disco fueled bassline sends listeners heads swaying back and forth!

With fast breakdowns and buildups, Beatz Projekted keeps a fluid pace, enticing feet to move with guitars and drum rolls that jack your body, giving us a completely updated, dancer approved remix of, "Staying Alive"!    

  Staying Alive (Beatz Projekted Bootleg Remix) - Bee Gees "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted *

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