Thursday, January 9, 2014

Free Track - Memory Machine - Summer Fade

Feel good vibes and other worldly soundscapes are synonymous with the name Memory Machine, within the subtle pads and dramatic transitions of "Summer Fade" he delivers an upbeat and introspective jammer in full, leaving everything to the imagination!!!

With a myriad of laid back sounds and textures Memory Machine begins filtering in beautiful orchestral and piano movements set behind unique percussion and snare hits, before heading into a jazzy breakdown filled with flutes and airy sweeps, making "Summer Fade" a fantastic track to close your eyes, and groove along too!   

The meat of "Summer Fade" is made full by a clear booming bass line and swing fueled drums that keep attention locked in on the swirling pulse and fade of Memory Machine's heartwarming sounds creating a lasting impression that sticks with you all day!          

  Summer Fade (Original Mix) by memory.machine

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