Thursday, July 30, 2015

Free Track - Airwolf - Lose The Lazy ft. Stahsi

Tonight Airwolf hits us with a sweet Summer Deep House groover that is perfect for late evenings at festivals, clubs, or just driving down the coast taking it all in! "Loose The Lazy" features outstanding vocals from Stahsi, and wonderful production on the part of Airwolf!

Clocking in at 5 minutes long, Airwolf delivers in full, a powerful club pleaser with "Loose The Lazy", lengthy breakdowns and meat that goes on for days make this feel good jammer a must for every DJ!!!

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Free Track - Nappy Roots - Good Day- Nerdy Bastard Rework

Tonight we have a little feel good action coming from the one like Nerdy Bastard! He drops a funky Glitch Hop re-work of "Good Day" by the Nappy Roots, delivering a perfect Summer jam for all to enjoy!!!

Utilizing most of the original track Nerdy Bastard adds some crispness to the overall sound of the drums, and beefs up the low-ends to make things really bump! With energetic grinding synths riding throughout, he makes "Good Day" a fantastic groover!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Free Track - Becko Ft. Jeremiah Payson - Don't Try to Bro Me - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

Back again this month with another dance epic is the one like Sneaker & The Dryer! He creates an almost 7 minute long journey by remixing Becko and Jeremiah Payson's "Don't Try to Bro Me", completely and entirely adding his own flavor around every corner to deliver a polished Electro House banger that is unique just as much as it is smashing!

A complex and inviting 4/4 mix-in primes listeners for the madness to come, as S&D adds driving bass-lines and a myriad of swinging samples, he pushes us right into the first vocal saturated breakdown with ease. 

Aggressive singing and synths build up alongside risers and airy sweeps to bring us to the meat of "Don't Try to Bro Me". The Complextro-esque vibes and sheer might created by destructive layers of sonic goodness are clear and crisp, while the spot on sub work really punches through!

With a second breakdown that introduces a gnarly halftime element to "Don't Try to Bro Me" and a mix-out that is over 2 minutes long, Sneaker & The Dryer yet again unleashes a stunning track that can be enjoyed at home as well as in the club!  

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Free Track - Chamber & Kurnel MC - Bass Kitchen

Awe yeah that's right!!! Chamber and Kurnel MC drop a fresh, Mid-Tempo, Glitch Hop groover on us all today with their down and dirty original "Bass Kitchen"!

Reverb saturated keys set the mood perfectly for a laid-back good time as Chamber and Kurnel MC drop straight into smooth vocals over grinding leads and crisp beats, forming a sonic feast for the ears!

Chamber and Kurnel MC also have included the lyrics to this banging tune!

"Bass Kitchen"

We eat bass for breakfast, lunch and dinner Always making it fatter don't want it getting no thinner professional players we don't mess with beginners creating these musical flavours to savour til Im on my zimmer frame. 

Im spitting them lyrics they hand-draughted tracks be hand-crafted the Chamber's at it again 

A world travelling phenomenon

We be rocking on and on From the UK to Taiwan Hitting festivals, clubs and pubs and sho nuff every city and town, the people show love the young to the old and all of us grown ups whenever we show up we ready to blow up switch on the elements turn down lights sharpen up minds like the edge of a knife Its time to get busy Got you feeling the heat 

We got you of the finest beats now 

Stir it around Smooth it all out From the Left to right Mix it up and down you Astounded by the sound we make it's straight bitching The things we be cooking up in the Bass Kitchen  

Yea, it make the crowd go mental Coming down heavy, never clown with the gentle We all prepped for service with dope instrumentals From Europe to Asia,  loving the oriental (To Sia!) Slicing on the decks Dicing on the mic Mike Tyson with the flow punching out ya lights

Got the oven turned up to 450 leave you more hotter more sweaty more crispy Tenderise ya ears like raw mincemeat Us to Hip Hop like coke was to Whitney Imagination runs wild walt disney Golden brown going down Malt whiskey We in the lab trying to take you straight back cooking up boom bap til its breaks real bad Giving it to ya like we making fois gras see Im working with producers holding michelin stars yea 

Stir it around Smooth it all out From the Left to right Mix it up and down you Astounded by the sound we make it's straight bitching The things we be cooking up in the Bass Kitchen   

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Free Track - Terry Thompson Ft Lisa Mack - Shine - TheElement ReBoot

Closing out the week proper tonight is TheElement with an upbeat House remix of Terry Thompson and Lisa Macks' "Shine"! He delivers groove driven, piano fueled, deep bass club action, as energetic vocals push things right to the edge of feelgood dance perfection!

Cutting to the chase, TheElement unleashes vocal chops and one hell of a funky bass-line behind a crisp 4/4 beat, progressing to a nicely timed, vocal fueled, first breakdown. As we are dropped into the meat of "Shine", rich pianos, bouncing top-ends, and sub rumbling bass unleash an energetic atmosphere that is just right for the summer! 

With a second breakdown, and a lengthy mix-out, "Shine" is an almost 6 minute long, festival friendly track that you should grab today! 

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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Free EP - Illvis Freshly - What Chu Know About Illvis? Remixed - Volume 1

Tonight we have an extremely funky three track release from Illvis Freshly!!! "What Chu Know About Illvis?" is a compilation of Glitch Hop tracks from some of this years greats, Shaka Loves You, Sammy Senior, and Father Funk! With distinct sounds from each artist we are dropped into a Mid Tempo dream, that must be heard today!

Here is a little bit about this fantastic release - 

"Here ya go folks! Volume 1 of the 3 part series being released over the next 3 weeks. This volume is the International series, featuring 3 of Ghetto Funk's Bad Boys, Father Funk from England, Sammy Senior from New Zealand/UK, and everybody's favorite funky duo, Shaka Loves You from Scotland. All 3 of these acts are playing gigs all around BC and Alberta, if they roll through you hood do yourself a favor and go check one of their sets."

Be sure to grab each of these tracks today so you are not the only one missing out!!! 

Illvis Freshly - On The Breaks (Shaka Loves You Remix)

Illvis Frshly - ZIZO (Sammy Senior Remix)

Illvis Freshly - Fat Bastards (Father Funk Remix)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Free EP - Nick Thayer - Astronaut and Lunatic EP

Nick Thayer drops a banging two track EP on the world tonight, fittingly titled the "Astronaut and Lunatic EP"!!! He unloads Glitch Hop goodness in waves as we are taken away by the hard sounds of grinding leads and deep bass, to an uncharted land of gnarliness!

Here is a little about the EP from Nick Thayer himself - 

"Did you ever hear the story about the tiger who couldn’t stop telling lies? One day the Lying Tiger's tiger friends decided they’d had enough of his outlandish claims, and so they went to see the Tiger Witch Doctor about a spell to stop the lying. When their truth-challenged friend went to sleep that night they cast the spell, and waited eagerly to see what would happen. When their friend awoke, naturally, they wanted to see if the spell had worked, so they asked the Lying Tiger what he was going to do that day. ‘I’m an astronaut now, so I’m just taking a quick trip to the moon’ the Maybe-Still-Lying Tiger replied. Dismayed to think that the spell hadn’t worked, they replied: ‘You’re not an astronaut. You’re a lunatic!'. The next thing you know, the Lying Tiger started floating upwards. ‘What’s happening?’ he cried out as he headed for the moon, completely against his will. You see, what the spell actually did was to make everything the Lying Tiger would say come true, not to stop him lying!

I used to sometimes say that I was going to the moon to meet alien friends, just in case somebody had cast that spell on me. I’d like to go to the moon and make friends with aliens. I'd like to be an astronaut and a lunarian. But maybe not a lunatic."

Pick up these fantastic tracks today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Free Track - Shwann - Smoker

In celebration of reaching 80,000 followers on Soundcloud the one like Shwann has decided to give away a slamming Big Room epic! "Smoker" is a balls to the wall thrill ride that will be lighting up festivals around the world, and turning clubs into rubble as the massive electrifying sub frequencies pound away with a relentless onslaught of bass!!!

Starting off with a heavy 4/4 mix-in, Shwann smoothly transforms into a driving buildup before sending us right into the meat of "Smoker"! Saturated with reverb and myriad of destructive sounds, we are encompassed by a pure, peak-time, hands in the air banger that will have feet moving for days!

With one atmospheric yet aggressive breakdown, and a mix-out that is long and ever changing, "Smoker" is a must have for this Summer season!!!  

Pick this fantastic track up today by visiting the LINK below!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Free Track - Grant Rebound & Rudy Zensky - Radiance - Dwaine Whyte Remix

Like an unstoppable force Dwaine Whyte is back yet again with another Melbourne Bounce banger! This time he rips up speakers across the world with his peak-time remix of Grant Rebound and Zensky's "Radiance", an epic journey set to deep sub driving bass and massively crisp leads!

A short mix-in quickly tosses us into the first synth driven breakdown, as we are thrown into the meat of "Radiance" one thing is clear, this track is meant for one thing and one thing only, electrifying the dance-floor!

With a second breakdown as large as the first, and a lengthy mix-out that is perfect for every DJ, Dwaine Whyte hits the nail on the head with his remix of "Radiance"!!! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Free Track - Major Lazer Feat. MØ & DJ Snake - Lean On - X&T Remix

X&T drops a massive booty rockin Breakbeat remix of Major Lazer's "Lean On", delivering a driving, peak-time Breaks club crusher that is packed full with raw energy and slamming sounds!

This mystery man hailing from Spain always hits us with fresh soundscapes and clean production, and his remix of "Lean On" is no exception! With only one breakdown and a short build up after the mix-in, X&T gives us over 3 minutes of non-stop Breakbeat action!

Be sure to grab this awesome track for free today!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - Connection

Coming at us from the one like Dwaine Whyte is yet another slamming Electro House slammer! His newest creation "Connection" is a gnarly epic that is perfect for festival season, coming in at almost 6 minutes long, this is a monster track that you don't want to miss out on!

With only one short breakdown after a minute long, 4/4 mix-in, we are sent into an almost never ending land of sub pounding goodness! As Dwaine Whyte delivers peak-time meat that drives the dance floor with an assortment of hard synths and tight drum hits, he makes "Connection" a certified banger!!!

Grab "Connection" today for free by visiting the LINK below!

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Free Track - David Bowie - Fame - Funk Ferret Edit

Tonight we have a sweet Mid Tempo remix of "Fame" by the one and only David Bowie from Funk Ferret! He hits us with almost 4 minutes of non stop Breakbeat action, delivering a fantastic remix of this classic song!

Here is a little bit about "Fame" from Funk Ferret himself - 

"An all time classic and one of my favourite David Bowie tracks. I've always been drawn to the underlying funk tones on this one and needed something fresh for my sets, so decided to put this little edit together.

The age-old question on audio mastering... What is good? What is bad? I've been through so many versions of this track, I don't know which one sounds best anymore! Anyway I've almost given up on this one now, so I hope you like this version :)"

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Free Track - Andy Spark - Blue Red

In case you missed it, Andy Spark has recently released a super smooth Progressive House groover titled "Blue Red"! As you can guess he utilizes samples of Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus from the now classic movie "The Matrix", peaking our interests once again as to which pill we would choose...the red...or the blue!

Kicking things off with a building 4/4 mix-in, Andy Spark casually sends us into the first breakdown of "Blue Red", as Trance synths swell in the background we get the iconic vocals asking which pill we will take, as we are pushed into the rabbit hole there is no escape as we are hit with deep sub driving bass and sharp leads!

With an atmospherically charged second breakdown, and a mix-out that goes on for days, "Blue Red" is a must have for every DJ!!! 

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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Free Track - Taiki Nulight - Into Darkness

Closing out the week proper is a slamming bass fueled banger from the one like Taiki Nulight! The use of minimal sounds and eerie textures over heavy sub hits makes "Into Darkness" a spectacularly banging track, and with a time of over 5 minutes long, this one one tune you need to pick up today!

Here is a little about this fantastic release from Dim Mak Records - 

"UK-based Taiki Nulight unveils “Into Darkness,” his first original work on Dim Mak through the label’s music discovery imprint New Noise. As the track’s name suggests, “Into Darkness” is a brooding house & bass record, speckled with sparse drum kicks and throbbing plucks of low end."

Be sure to grab your free copy of "Into Darkness" today!!!

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Friday, July 10, 2015

Free Track - Fatboy Slim - Praise You - Basement Freaks Bootleg

With a fresh and flavorful remix of Fatboy Slims iconic track "Praise You", Basement Freaks unleashes a powerful and heavy hitting Moombahton driven banger on the masses! Delivering over 3 minutes of body rockin goodness by utilizing samples from the beautiful original over gnarly pure dance action!

A short mix-in leads to a heartwarming and familiar breakdown, as Basement Freaks builds up the classic vocals along side rolling snares as we are willingly transported to a bouncing world of deep, sub pounding frequencies! With wonderful construction, and perfectly placed sounds, "Praise You" is a track that any DJ can be happy to drop! 

Including a second breakdown and a well timed mix-out, Basement Freaks completely knocks this one out of the park and into the stratosphere! 

Pick up this awesome tune today for free by visiting the LINK below!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - In My Mind

Back with another Melbourne Bounce banger this week is a producer that seems to have no problem releasing a constant flow of high quality dance tracks, that's right, it's the one like Dwaine Whyte with a floor crusher titled, "In My Mind"!

With a deep and atmospherically pleasing mix-in Dwaine Whyte quickly gets down to business, dropping listeners into a sub pumping breakdown that builds energy with unique samples and heavy leads, ultimately gearing up dancers for the all out peak-time, meaty goodness that makes "In My Mind" so gnarly!

A 4/4 beat comprised of thumping kicks, crisp high hats, and reverb infused snares bangs away, as the feel of side-chained bass and melodically uplifting leads take us away to dance heaven! With a second, equally as epic breakdown, and a mix-out that is long and always changing, "In My Mind" is a must have for festivals this Summer!   

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Free Track - Sneaker & The Dryer - Sigma Vela

Sneaker & The Dryer is back with a powerful Electro House slammer that is fully packed with haunting textures and dance driven sounds that will linger between your eardrums for days to come! Clocking in at over 8 minutes long "Sigma Vela" is a stunning accomplishment of sonic majesty, imploring dancers to get down and dirty to the bone chilling, speaker rumbling goodness, that is found within!

Kicking off with an eerie intro layered with a myriad of pads, percussion, pan flute leads, and massive drum hits, S&D pushes us into heavy bassline gnarliness as we are progressively built up to the first breakdown of "Sigma Vela" with a pounding 4/4 beat!

Two minutes and thirty seconds in and we are finally thrown into the first breakdown, aggressively moving us into the balls-to-the-wall meat that is at the forefront of "Sigma Vela"!

With a plethora of energetic sounds Sneaker & The Dryer unleashes a storm of peak-time action bringing us one step closer to the spacey, reverb saturated vocal samples that place the listener right in a galactic battleground in the second breakdown!

The long and luxurious mix-out of "Sigma Vela" is a DJs dream, allowing room for various layering well still maintaining a high energy feel and groove, making this one of Sneaker & The Dryer's most complex releases yet!      

Pick up this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Free Track - De La Soul - Breakadawn - Rhythm Scholar Brand New Day Remix

Coming at us with a funky Breakbeat driven remix of De La Soul's "Breakadawn", is the one like Rhythm Scholar! He unleashes over six minutes of groove filled goodness, and has also included a link to a Dub version, a Radio edit, and this powerful remix all in one package! 

Here is a little from Rhythm Scholar on this fantastic release - 

"As we wait for the new De La Soul album, let's all bask in the remixed glow of one of their tracks from 1993's Buhloone Mindstate!

This time they are helped along the way by: Smokey Robinson, The Brand New Heavies, Steely Dan, The Bar-Kays, Skull Snaps and Barry White!"

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