Monday, July 20, 2015

Free Track - Grant Rebound & Rudy Zensky - Radiance - Dwaine Whyte Remix

Like an unstoppable force Dwaine Whyte is back yet again with another Melbourne Bounce banger! This time he rips up speakers across the world with his peak-time remix of Grant Rebound and Zensky's "Radiance", an epic journey set to deep sub driving bass and massively crisp leads!

A short mix-in quickly tosses us into the first synth driven breakdown, as we are thrown into the meat of "Radiance" one thing is clear, this track is meant for one thing and one thing only, electrifying the dance-floor!

With a second breakdown as large as the first, and a lengthy mix-out that is perfect for every DJ, Dwaine Whyte hits the nail on the head with his remix of "Radiance"!!! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

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