Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Track - Free Deformaty Producer Pack - 666 - The Devil - Deformaty & Strive Remix

You know the week is off to an amazing start when you not only get a free track from the one like Deformaty, but also pick up a bunch of new samples and sounds to play around with straight from the hands of this talented producer!!!

In Deformaty's second volume of his massive Producer Pack he gives artists a wide array of sounds, textures, and atmospheres to use in their own songs and soundscapes, samples include many: Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Drum Loops, 15 Bass samples, FX, Sweeps, and Synth Loops/Synth Stabs, making this a fantastic sample pack for any producer!!!

  Deformaty - Producer Pack Vol. 2 [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deformaty

Deformaty has also teamed up with Strive to bring us a banging remix of "The Devil", the Melbourne House peaktime floor pusher is a perfect track to add to your arsenal!

With clean production and bright mastering Deformaty and Strive hit us with the epic stick as they deliver a remix of "The Devil" that will get any crowd jumping, between the two gigantic breakdowns and the gnarly thump of the bass, it's astounding how much one track can make you want to get off your feet, and put on your dancing shoes!

Pick up Deformaty's "Producer Pack Vol. 2" and his remix of "The Devil" by visiting his Facebook Page and give it a like!!!  

  666 - The Devil (Deformaty & Strive Remix)[FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deformaty

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Free Track - Jamie Berry feat. Octavia Rose - Delight - Beatz Projekted Remix

The one like Beatz Projekted unleashes a massively funky Electro Swing remix of Jamie Berry's "Delight", which features Octavia Rose laying down some sweet sweet vocals, as Beatz Projekted works his magic, creating a perfect, up beat, club groover!!!

Starting things off with a solid 4/4 beat Beatz Projekted quickly utilizes a thumping bassline that gets blood pumping and feet moving to the fantastic sounds that are held within "Delight"!

With a short breakdown that introduces wonderful elements of horns and brass instrumentation, the show is stolen as Beatz Projekted throws listeners into the meat of "Delight", taking ears to new heights as the beautiful vocals from Octavia Rose fill our spirits! 

  Delight (Beatz Projekted Remix) - Jamie Berry feat. Octavia Rose "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted *

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Free Mix- Free Tracks - Chamber Music Vol. 1

The one like Chamber has just released a free mix comprised completely of his own banging Glitch Hop anthems, most of which are available for free, the epic mix also includes some Breakbeat, Dub Step, and Nu-Funk remixes of his own original tracks!!!

Be sure to not miss out on all the fantastic free music that Chamber has to offer, you wont regret it!!!!!

Chamber Music - Vol 1

08. - Chamber "Ramblin' Man" 
10. - Chamber "Snake Style" 
19. - Chamber "XXL" Mafia Kiss Remix 
20. - Chamber "XXL" 

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Far Too Loud - Acid 9000 - Deformaty Remix - Vote Now

Deformaty has entered Far Too Loud's remix contest for the new track "Acid 9000", saying that Deformaty kills it, is an enormous understatement, as he drops a Breakbeat bombardment of nasty bassline goodness!!!

Deformaty needs everyone's vote for this remix contest, once you hear it and behold it's glory, you will understand that he deserves your vote for the epic sounds he lays down in "Acid 9000"!

Vote quick before it's too late!!! 

  Far Too Loud - Acid 9000 (Deformaty Remix) by Deformaty

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - Back With a Vengeance!

Beatz Projekted does it again with his newest free track "Back With a Vengeance!", the dirty vibes of down right nasty Electro House madness, form a fantastic peaktime masterpiece!

Building synth lines and drums along with heavy sweeps Beatz Projekted quickly gets into some meaty goodness, as pitch bent leads and pounding bass ride with a massive 4/4 beat behind them, right before heading into the monstrosity that is the only breakdown in "Back With a Vengeance!"!

Giving the crowd just what they want Beatz Projekted hits a 11/10 on the epic scale, hitting us with large trance leads and an atmosphere so amazing, you'll have to hear it to believe it! Pick up "Back With a Vengeance!" today, you and the dance floor will be happy you did!!!

  Back with a Vengeance! (Original Mix) "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted *

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Far Too Loud - Acid 9000 - Modulizer Remix - Vote Now

Kick It Recordings artist Modulizer has just entered a remix contest for Far Too Loud's new release "Acid 9000", any votes and support you can give him will be much appreciated!

Modulizer transforms "Acid 9000" into pure Glitch Hop goodness, utilizing massive synths, basslines, and drums, he wraps every sound perfectly within an array of chopped and glitched melodies, giving us a tune that is truly worth voting for!!!

Follow the vote link and show your support for this amazing track!!!

Youtube Video

On Soundcloud

  Far Too Loud - Acid 9000 (Modulizer Remix) by Modulizer

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Free Track - Shiba San - Okay - Jason Laidback Remix

Jason Laidback’s exclusive bootleg "Fools Gold" hit the circuit two weeks ago, now the chief rhythm selector and one half of breaks duo, Slyde, has got his filthy paws on Shiba San's "Okay", hitting our ears with a funky Breaks banger!

Quickly getting into the meat of "Okay" Jason Laidback sets us up beautifully for a Breakbeat onslaught of funky rhythms, unique percussion, fantastic and thumping basslines, and an overall smooth liquid feel that is a DJs mixing dream!

With only one build up and one short breakdown Jason Laidback makes sure that feet will be moving and bodies will be jacking non stop to the ultimately fantastic track that is "Okay"! Pick this up for free by giving the Jason Laidback Facebook Page a like, you will be happy that you did!!!


Download Link -

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Free Mix - Neurodriver - Carrier Wave Promo Mix

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Neurodriver, having released two singles already this year, and with a host more in the pipeline, the UK-based producer has now put together a very special mix to showcase his latest sounds, which you can download for free from Soundcloud!

A chilled mixture of Progressive, Breaks, Techno, House, and almost everything else imaginable Neurodriver delivers an amazing promo mix that will have you bouncing for days!

Neurodriver Carrier Wave Promo Mix

01. - Neurodriver "Satellite" 
02. - Neurodriver "Transmission"  
03. - Neurodriver "Mecha Move"  
04. - Neurodriver "The Depths" Ap3x Remix 
05. - Split & Jaxta "Species"
06. - Neurodriver "Sniper" Dyno Remix 
07. - Neurodriver & Ecession "The Acid Shuffle"  
08. - FM Radio Gods "Moskito" Neurodriver Remix  
09. - Neurodriver "Carrier Wave" 
10. - Neurodriver "Church of the Plasma Christ" Peak Remix 
11. - Neurodriver & Excession "Haunting" 
12. - Neurodriver "Sidewinder" Sense Datum Remix 

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Free Track - Hotline Zero - Funk Off

Hot Cakes new project Hotline Zero comes out swinging with their free Breakbeat, Glitch infused banger, "Funk Off", delivering a mixture of heavy bass and funk to the masses!

Kicking things off smooth and groovy from the first hit Hotline Zero quickly gets feet moving with party themed vocals, a massive beat, and thumping bass and sends listeners wobbling back and forth to the funkiness that is "Funk Off"!

With two quick buildups, a multitude of stabs from guitars, and basslines that don't quit, Hotline Zero makes it abundantly clear what their goal is with "Funk Off", to deliver high quality tracks that get those booty's shaken!

Pick this up for free by visiting the Hotline Zero Facebook Page and give it a like!!!

  Funk Off (Free Download in description) by Hotline Zero

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Free Track - Jordan Clayton - City Bassics

Jordan Clayton delivers 100% pure, feel good, Electro House goodness with his newest creation "City Bassics", dropping an onslaught of bass thumping madness, and uplifting synth action!

Kicking things off with the heavy grind of intense leads Jordan Clayton quickly gets feet moving with a massive 4/4 beat that is comprised of crisp snare hits, airy high hats, and large kicks setting listeners up perfectly for a breakdown of epic proportions!

The peaktime play ability of "City Bassics" can not be denied, as Jordan Clayton hits us with a complex array of sounds and textures as he complements beautiful melodies with intense bass driving power, giving us a track that can inspire anyone to get out of their seat and move to the beat!       

  Jordan Clayton - City Bassics **Free Download** [Instrumental Edit] by Jordan Clayton

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