Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Track - Free Deformaty Producer Pack - 666 - The Devil - Deformaty & Strive Remix

You know the week is off to an amazing start when you not only get a free track from the one like Deformaty, but also pick up a bunch of new samples and sounds to play around with straight from the hands of this talented producer!!!

In Deformaty's second volume of his massive Producer Pack he gives artists a wide array of sounds, textures, and atmospheres to use in their own songs and soundscapes, samples include many: Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Drum Loops, 15 Bass samples, FX, Sweeps, and Synth Loops/Synth Stabs, making this a fantastic sample pack for any producer!!!

  Deformaty - Producer Pack Vol. 2 [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deformaty

Deformaty has also teamed up with Strive to bring us a banging remix of "The Devil", the Melbourne House peaktime floor pusher is a perfect track to add to your arsenal!

With clean production and bright mastering Deformaty and Strive hit us with the epic stick as they deliver a remix of "The Devil" that will get any crowd jumping, between the two gigantic breakdowns and the gnarly thump of the bass, it's astounding how much one track can make you want to get off your feet, and put on your dancing shoes!

Pick up Deformaty's "Producer Pack Vol. 2" and his remix of "The Devil" by visiting his Facebook Page and give it a like!!!  

  666 - The Devil (Deformaty & Strive Remix)[FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deformaty

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