Friday, March 7, 2014

Free Track - Hotline Zero - Funk Off

Hot Cakes new project Hotline Zero comes out swinging with their free Breakbeat, Glitch infused banger, "Funk Off", delivering a mixture of heavy bass and funk to the masses!

Kicking things off smooth and groovy from the first hit Hotline Zero quickly gets feet moving with party themed vocals, a massive beat, and thumping bass and sends listeners wobbling back and forth to the funkiness that is "Funk Off"!

With two quick buildups, a multitude of stabs from guitars, and basslines that don't quit, Hotline Zero makes it abundantly clear what their goal is with "Funk Off", to deliver high quality tracks that get those booty's shaken!

Pick this up for free by visiting the Hotline Zero Facebook Page and give it a like!!!

  Funk Off (Free Download in description) by Hotline Zero

Download Link -

Hotline Zero On Juno - 

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