Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Free Track - Erykah Badu - On & On - Beat Fatigue Remix

Beat Fatigue takes on Erykah Badu's "On & On", delivering us a certified, Glitch Hop club banger, as he hits listeners ears with sweet and funky rhythms and a groovy bass-line that goes for days!!!

With meaty goodness that stretches on for days, Beat Fatigue unleashes a storm of grinding and glitching bass leads, giving us a mix-in that's over 2 minutes long! Arriving at a short first breakdown before heading into a long mix-out, "On & On" is a Glitch Hop Fueled adventure that just doesn't quit!  

Download either in MP3 format, or WAV down below!!!

WAV Download - beatfatigue.bandcamp.com/on-on-beat-fatigue

MP3 Download - facebook.com/Beat-Fatigue

Monday, March 30, 2015

Free Track - Zomboy - Delirium - Far Too Loud Remix

The one like Far Too Loud does it yet again as he delivers an overwhelmingly large Electro House remix of Zomboy and Rykka's "Delirium"! Smashing dancers with heavy peak-time vibes, and sub rumbling bass-line action!

With a short and mellow mix-in, Far Too Loud quickly gets down to business, dropping to a vocal fueled, atmospherically charged first breakdown, before slamming us with the grinding meaty goodness that make his remix of "Delirium" so gnarly!

"Delirium" progresses towards a wide and energetic second breakdown, and a long mix-out that makes for a wonderful transition between tracks, hitting the nail squarely on the head!!! 

Here is a little about the full release - 

"Never Say Die and Zomboy proudly present the hotly anticipated ‘Resurrected’ LP. Spanning eleven tracks in length, including two special exclusives from the man himself, this highly desirable package features blistering remixes from the likes of Dillon Francis and Far Too Loud."

Download this massive track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link - wavo.me/delirium_far_too_loud_remix

Far Too Loud on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/far-too-loud

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Free Track - J&K - Fanfare

Coming at us tonight from the Australian duo J&K is an upbeat Electro jammer titled "Fanfare"! With support from the one like Shwann, and packed full with funky vibes and rich textures, this is a perfect track to kick the week off right with!!!

Starting things off smooth and swinging, "Fanfare" has a percussion driven mix-in and build up that quickly turns into a deep, sub bass-line chugger as we are thrown right inside the meaty goodness within!

With a long and gnarly, dirty synth-line saturated breakdown, and a mix-out that descends perfectly as J&K transform into reverb heavy soundscapes, "Fanfare" is one fantastic track you should download today!   

J&K on Facebook - facebook.com/JANDKEDM

J&K on Twitter - twitter.com/JandKEDM 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Free Track - Zen N - I Feel Loved - Blacklist Remix

Blacklist hits us with a stunning Booty Breaks remix of Zen N's track "I Feel Loved"! He unleashes a funk fueled storm of epic, sub booming proportion, delivering a perfect track for this upcoming weekend!!!

With two quick breakdowns, and meat that goes on for days, "I Feel Loved" is a non stop, bass thumping journey, that you will have to play over and over again!

Blacklist on Facebook - facebook.com/justindalson

Blacklist on Beatport - pro.beatport.com/artist/blacklist

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Free Track - The S - Death & Rainbows - Farace & Dave Berg Edit

Farace and Dave Berg team up yet again to bring us a slamming Breakbeat remix of "Death & Rainbows" by The S, delivering a massive amount of energy with this peak-time banger!!!

Kicking off with a short but sweet mix-in, "Death & Rainbows" hits us right away with a solid Breakbeat, surrounded by light textures and crisp percussion as Farace and Dave Berg send us into a quick breakdown, we are thrown right into grinding, bass-line nastiness!

With a second atmospheric breakdown, and a meaty mix-out that goes on for days, Farace and Dave Berg make sure that their remix of "Death & Rainbows" is a club smasher!!!

Farace on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/farace

Farace on Facebook -  facebook.com/faraceofficial

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Release - Dub Pistols - Return Of The Pistoleros

The Dub Pistols hit us with a new single from their upcoming album "Return Of The Pistoleros" which is due out on the 1st of June this year!

Here is a little bit about the new release - 

"Festival season is fast approaching, so what better time to welcome back the perfect soundtrack to a mucky weekend? Ladies and gentleman, make way for Dub Pistols - check out the Gigwise premiere of new single 'Pistoleros' below. 

Ready for a rave in the wild west? Well, good - as the lead track from their upcoming album, Return Of The Pistoleros, is a bold and brave cowboy dance attack, where Ennio Morricone goes drum and bass. It's a delicious and juicy taster of the album to come. 

“There’s always been a bit of the outlaw in classic reggae,” explains frontman and true gentleman Barry Ashworth, “a bit of spaghetti western, Mexican feel. That's how we feel. We don’t have to try to fit in any more. We’re not going to be anyone’s flavour of the month. We’ve got our crowd and we’re getting new people all the time, from the ska dads to the festival kids, and it’s all word of mouth, no marketing, just from our live show."

Dub Pistols - Pistoleros (Feat. Seanie Tee)

Dub Pistol's Upcoming Tour Dates

APRIL 7 - Snowbombing, Mayerhofen Austria
APRIL 24 - Harlow, The Square
APRIL 30 - London, Dingwalls
MAY 1 - Herne Bay, Kings Hall
MAY 2 - Poole, Mr Kyps
MAY 3 - Southampton, The Brook
MAY 8 - Sheffield, O2 Academy
MAY 15 - Glasgow, Audio
MAY 16 - Dundee, Buskers 
MAY 21 - Portsmouth, The Wedgewood Rooms
MAY 22 - Tune In The Dunes Festival, Perranporth Beach, Cornwall
MAY 23 - Frome, Cheese & Grain
MAY 29 - Barnstable, The Factory
MAY 30 - LemonFest Festival, Newton Abbot

Album Pre Order

New Release KIR365 - Johhny Labs & Beatz Projekted - Superelevation

Once... every century... a song is created that lives on through the ages, demolishing and then devouring everything in its path. Yes... you have guessed correct, the two forces of nature known as Johnny Labs & Beatz Projekted have come together to unleash one of these tracks on the masses, lifting the ground from underneath and replacing it with only wide open sky as we are consumed by "Superelevation"! With peak-time remixes from Shwann and Statik Link, KIR365 is a release not to be missed!!!

This Electro monster punches hard as Johnny Labs and Beatz Projekted start with a thumping 4/4 beat, quickly filtering in eerie and unnerving leads as sweeps and high ends form a wide atmosphere, building up to the gnarly and driving meat that puts "Superelevation" in a league of its own!

What can be said about a drop so nasty, so tantalizing and so perfect, "Superelevation" is riddled with heavy textures and sub bass so full that it literally takes your breath away! As we arrive at the only breakdown, Johnny Labs and Beatz Projekted make it count, first dropping to Trance synths and then kicking things up a notch as drums lift us up, ultimately throwing the listener back into a long and energetic mix-out that will have every DJ loving the variety that these two provide!

First up on remix duties is the rising star known as Shwann! He hits us with a Big Room remix that is saturated with flavor all his own, generating the term Shwann Style, a formation of words which means only one thing... balls to the wall furry!!! The myriad of sounds Shwann utilizes whether it the grinding bass, intense leads, or the large and crisp drums is simply overwhelming and will erupt any dance floor in a swell of fire and sweat as bodies are smashed with a pure dance anthem!

Closing it out with a unique and powerful Big Room remix that is fused with down and dirty Trap vibes are the ones like Statik Link! Moving back and forth between 4/4 goodness, Hip Hop inspired 808 breakdowns and build ups that will have your grampa rising to his feet, Statik Link freely and smoothly blend genres giving us a wonderful end to this fantastic release!!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 04-07-2014

Support From

LJ MTX - "Shwann remix is fire! Thanks!"

Wavewhore - "Hard to choose a favorite here as all 3 mixes are getting it done!"

DM&H - "Support from DM&H, we like that drop!"

Don Marco - "Awesome driving basslines!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "This is such an amazing release! Massive...simply massive!!!"

Dave Jacob - "Big tune!"

Rubicon 7 - "Great remix from Shwann!"

John Gibbons - "This is big. On the Shwann Remix!"

Jayden Lewis - "Cool!"

Tod Zane - "Amazing track guys!!!"


Johnny Labs on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/johnnylabs

Beatz Projekted on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/beatz-projekted

DJ Shwann on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/dj-shwann

Statik Link on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/statiklink

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Free Track - Karetus - Battle Royale - Paranormal Attack Remix

Karetus has just decided to give away the Paranormal Attack remix of their new track "Battle Royale", unleashing a storm of 140bpm Electro House madness on the world!

With a gigantic atmosphere, a banging, peak-time groove, and an all out feel of total devastation, the Paranormal Attack remix of "Battle Royale" is a perfect track for any Electro Fueled database!!! 

Karetus on Facebook - facebook.com/Karetus

Karetus on Twitter - twitter.com/karetus_

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Free Track - Chamber - Sonno

Chamber is back!!! This time he takes on a different type of beast, delivering a chilled-out, emotionally fueled, Electronica esque groover, with his newest release "Sonno"!

A perfect track for a laid-back weekend, "Sonno" is a 4 minute long atmospheric journey that keeps a solid flow, as synths and sonic textures are wrapped around a heavy Breakbeat!

To grab this track for free just visit the LINK below!!!

Download Link - hypeddit.com/chamber-sonno

Chamber on Facebook - facebook.com/DJChamber

Free Track - Lorde- Team - Christian Q & Shokstix Remix

Christian Q and Shokstix team up again to bring us a killer, atmospherically beautiful House remix of Lorde's "Team", hitting listeners with waves of feelgood, dance-floor action!!!

Airy claps, rolling synths, upbeat vocals, and wonderful sonic textures start off Christian Q's and Shokstix's remix of "Team" out proper, building up smoothly to a deep and groove filled drop that delivers fantastic sub driven meat that lasts for days! 

With a second vocal charged breakdown and a mix-out that is perfect for any DJ, "Team" is a great addition to everyone's database! 

To grab this track for free just visit the LINK below!

Download Link - shokstix.toneden.io/spotlight/team-remix

Shokstix on Facebook - facebook.com/shokstix

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Free Track - Father Funk - It's All About U

To celebrate hitting 4,000 likes on his Facebook Fanpage, the one like Father Funk has decided to give away a funky, grooving, Glitch Hop slammer with his new track "It's All About U"!!!

This over 4 minute chilled out grinder kicks off with a full on soiree of soft and powerful sonic textures, as Father Funk hits us with smooth vocals, deep bass-lines, thumping drums, and an overall atmosphere that will have you dancing through the night to the sounds of "It's All About U"!

Father Funk has given listeners the choice of downloading a MP3 or WAV of this bumpin track!!! 

WAV Download Link - mega.co.nz/fatherfunk

Father Funk on Facebook - facebook.com/fatherfunk

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Free Track - Shwann - Bombast

In celebration of gaining 25,000 followers on his Soundcloud page, the one like Shwann has decided to give away a massive, peak-time, Big Room, club demolisher with, "Bombast"!!!

Starting off with a quick mix-in, the futuristic samurai DJ known as Shwann sends us into the first airy breakdown with no hesitation as we are built up to the gnarly drop in "Bombast"!

Whether it the triplet timed action, the deep and reverb saturated atmosphere, the pound of hard kicks, or the shear magnitude of Big Room power, "Bombast" is an over 4 minute thrill ride from Shwann! With a second long and building breakdown, and a mix-out that goes on for days, there is a lot to love about this track!!! 

Pick this fantastic track up today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link - hypeddit.com/shwann

Shwann on Facebook - facebook.com/SamuraiShwann

Free Track - Deformaty - Audio Graffiti

Deformaty is back with another free original tune!!! "Audio Graffiti" is a club bouncing, feet to the floor, Melbourne banger, that sends listeners on a wild, 4/4 adventure into the realm of bass!!!

A funky and body jacking beat makes up the mix-in of "Audio Graffiti", as Deformaty pulls listeners into an atmospheric and just flat out epic first breakdown, we come to the pitch-bending, energetic meat of this monster track!

With a second breakdown just as entrancing and beautiful as the first, Deformaty gives DJs a long and perfectly flowing mix-out, delivering a gem to add to the database with, "Audio Graffiti"!!! 

Grab this track for free today by visiting the Deformaty Facebook Fanpage!!!

Download Link - facebook.com/deformaty

Deformaty on Twitter - twitter.com/Deformaty   

Monday, March 16, 2015

Free Track - Imagine This - Pushing Forward - Hertz Donut & Rapture Remix

Gnarly Glitch Hop vibes saturated with heavy Mid-Tempo bass-lines and funk fueled vocals make up Hertz Donut and Rapture's remix of "Pushing Forward" by Imagine This!!!

Starting off by unleashing a hard and nasty combination of wide drums, pitch-bending leads, sub booming bass, and vocal flows that are off the hook, Hertz Donut and Rapture deliver over 5 minutes of non-stop action, only slowing things down for a couple 8 bar buildups, hitting listeners with the dope sounds of "Pushing Forward" with relentless energy and might!

Download this astonishing track today by visiting the LINK below!!!

Download Link - mediafire.com/PushingForward+HertzDonutXRapture+Remix.mp3

Hertz Donut on Facebook - facebook.com/hertzdonutmusic

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Free Track - Joshua Casper - Can't Funk Wit It Ft. AK Sediki - Sammy Senior Remix

Awe yeah!!! Sammy Senior hits us with a Midtempo, Breakbeat groover with his remix of Joshua Casper and AK Sediki's "Can't Funk Wit It"! Delivering fresh vocals over a fire beat that will instantly inject energy into any mix or club you drop it in!!!

This Glitch Hop club bumper kicks off with a quick mix-in as Sammy Senior pulls us into a short first breakdown, dropping to an all out assault of funky flows and grinding bass-line furry, as we arrive at one more fast breakdown, with over three minutes of non-stop, dance infused power, "Can't Funk Wit It" is a perfect track to end the week with!!!

With your choice of downloading an MP3 or WAV, this is one free release you don't want to miss out on!!!

WAV Download Link - dropbox.com/JoshuaCasperCan'tFunkWitIt

Sammy Senior on Facebook - facebook.com/sammyseniornz

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Free Mix - Deformaty - Best Of 2014

Deformaty hits us with his "Best of 2014" mix, it's a powerful and banging combination of tracks, mostly from the Colorado biased producer himself!!! Join Deformaty as he takes you on an over hour long journey through bass and sound!!!

Deformaty - Best of 2014

01. - Deformaty "Audio Graffiti" 
02. - Deformaty "Bang Bang" 
03. - Alesso "Tear The Roof Up" Deformaty Remix
04. - Deformaty & Lightspeed "Psychoactive"
05. - Deformaty "Phenom" 
06. - Uberjack'd "I Like To Rave" Deformaty Remix
07. - Modulizer "Bassline Generator" Deformaty Remix
08. - Botnek//Steve Aoki "Grindhouse" Deformaty Mash
09. - Deformaty "Viral" 
10. - Chainsmokers "Selfie" Botnek Remix
11. - Lektrique "Storm Troppers" 
12. - Snails & Botnek "KRMT" 
13. - 3lau & Botnek "Vikings" 
14. - Deformaty & Lightspeed "Get Some" 
15. - Deformaty & Koyote - "Unknown"

Deformaty on Facebook - facebook.com/deformaty

Deformaty on Twitter - twitter.com/Deformaty

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Free Track - Dwaine Whyte - Get Funky

Dwaine Whyte is back with another peak-time smasher!!! This time around he unleashes a massive assault of grinding bass-lines and massive drum combos with the Electro banger "Get Funky"!!!

Heavy vibes and dark textures along with a pounding 4/4 beat and rolling leads make up the mix-in of "Get Funky", after a short while Dwaine Whyte pulls us in to the first breakdown, quickly building up to a gnarly and powerful drop!

With a second atmospheric breakdown and a mix-out that is long and luxurious, "Get Funky" is an almost 7 minute long epic Complextro journey, that just doesn't quit!!!

Dwaine Whyte on Facebook - facebook.com/djdwainewhyte

Dwaine Whyte on Twitter - twitter.com/djdwainewhyte

Free Track - Farace ft. Trevor Rockwell - Feel That Ammunition - Wavewhore VIP Remix

Today we have a special and exclusive free track from Wavewhore and Kick It Recordings!!! He drops a killer peak-time Breakbeat remix of Farace and Trevor Rockwell's "Feel That Ammunition", delivering a VIP mix that will have the club jumping in an instant!!!

With a quick mix-in Wavewhore sends listeners into a synth driven first breakdown, building up to the gnarly meat that's inside "Feel That Ammunition", as vocals from Rockwell are layered on top of bass-line madness, Wavewhore adds a myriad of texture and top ends that kick the energy into high gear!!!

Leading us to a second breakdown and throwing us back into sub riddled goodness "Feel That Ammunition" (The VIP Mix) is one track that you do not want to miss out on!!! 

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the Wavewhore Facebook Fanpage!!!

Download Link - facebook.com/wavebreaks

Wavewhore on Twitter - twitter.com/Wavewhore

Free Track - Stevie Wonder - Ain't No Superstitious - Basement Freaks Bass Edit

Basement Freaks go funky with a deep and soulful, pounding Breakbeat remix of Stevie Wonder's "Ain't No Superstitious", bursting through speakers with a non-stop groove filled medley of sounds and sonic textures!!!

Starting off with the iconic lead of "Ain't No Superstitious", Basement Freaks soon unleash a killer mixture of 808s, crisp horns, and swinging drums, giving us a hard hitting combo that will have everyone dancing the night away!

With only one breakdown "Ain't No Superstitious" is a great track to listen to, and an even more fantastic track to mix!!!  

Basement Freaks on Facebook - facebook.com/BasementFreaksOfficial

Basement Freaks on Twitter - twitter.com/BasementFreaks

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Upcoming Artist - Avalanche The Truth

Spring is in the air and we've got some wicked irie vibes coming at you from one of Jamrock's fasting rising stars, Avalanche The Truth!

Avalanche is an upcoming artist born and raised in one of the most beautiful places on earth,  Ocho Rios Jamaica. Also going by the moniker Avalanche The Truth, this is one rasta who sings from the heart and spreads positive vibes wherever he goes!

I had the pleasure of spending a week with Avalanche last year and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Everywhere we went was an impromptu jam session and the infectious spirit of Avalanche put a smile on anyone's face we came in contact with! Whether we were at the beach, at a bar in the hills or following the twists and turns of mountain roads, the sound of Avalanche's clean rhymes and cool lines kept us moving to the island breeze. Keep your eyes out for his road manager English as well, she is the best!

Avalanche has worked with the likes of Damien Marley, Richie Spice, Gregory Praises and many more and with his constant work in the studio, that list is quickly growing! After just having spent 6 months in London on the grind and banging out hits, Avalanche is now returning home to The West Indies with fresh fire for his hometown brethren.

Today we've got a pair of new tunes and a mixtape from Avalanche for you and first up is "Love The Youth Dem" which is a tribute to the younger generation from someone who knows what it's like to grow up the hard way. Featuring wicked guitars, smooth keys and crisp horns complementing Avalanche's positive message perfectly, "Love The Youth Dem" will have you skanking instantly!

Next up is Avalanche's latest release "Love Love" which is set to be an instant hit all around Jamaica and beyond. Bringing an uplifting riddim and lyrics from the heart, Avalanche tells it like it is in this classically styled love song.

If you're enjoying the sounds of the one like Avalanche The Truth as much as I do, check out the brand new official mixtape right here!

Avalanche on Facebook - facebook.com/avalancheJA

Avalanche on Twitter - twitter.com/avalancheja

Friday, March 6, 2015

Free Track - Kiwa - Flash Forward - Blacklist Remix

Blacklist lays down the Breakbeat hammer with his newest remix of Kiwa's "Flash Forward", delivering waves of dirty and nasty bass-lines that grid and bend as dancers are pushed into foot stomping madness!!!

With a short but sweet mix-in, and a quick build-up, Blacklist throws listeners right into the mix of "Flash Forward", hitting us with deep bass, splashing drums, gnarly leads, and an atmosphere that really makes this track a unique pleasure to groove to!!!

Unrelenting meat unfolds for days as DJ's have the opportunity to mix for long periods, making "Flash Forward" a killer track to add to any database!!!

Blacklist Website - artistecard.com/blacklist

Blacklist on Facebook - facebook.com/justindalson

Free Mix - Ill Behaviour & Forrest Funk - ILL FUNK

Ill Behaviour and Forrest Funk drop an hour long, funk fueled, Breakbeat mixtape, that is a perfect grab right before the weekend!!! 

Groove to the sounds of a multitude of artists and a plethora of Genres as Ill Behaviour and Forrest Funk trade off mixing duties, delivering a slamming and soulful mix with "Ill Funk"!!!

Forrest Funk on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/funkforrest

Ill Behaviour on Facebook - facebook.com/djillbehaviour

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Free Track - 3rd Prototype & Shwann - Psycho

3rd Prototype and Shwann are back again!!! This time around they drop an all out, balls to the wall, Big Room banger on the masses with their new free release "Psycho"!!!

"Psycho" has to be one of the meanest, nastiest, Electro fueled dance-floor epics that has come out in years! With their combined efforts 3rd Prototype and Shwann deliver a perfect track, a smooth 1 minute mix-in, two atmospheric and down right sexy breakdowns, a lengthy and rolling mix-out, and club powered meat that can catch the roof on fire in an instant!

Whether it the deep and pounding thump of sub bass, the melodic, reverb saturated multitude of interchanging leads, or the beautiful and spine-tingling breakdowns, if "Psycho" is a peak into what 2015 holds, we are in for a spectacular year!

Pick this track up for free by visiting the LINK below!!!   

Download Link - hypeddit.com/shwann

Shwann on Facebook - facebook.com/SamuraiShwann

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Free Track - Je Boogie - Big Fat

Starting off the month of March right with some funky fresh sounds is the one like Je Boogie with his new free release "Big Fat"!!!

This big booty rocker is a short but sweet club banger that is sure to go down like a charm every time its played, Je Boogie makes it abundantly clear that "Big Fat" is a hard hitting Breakbeat thrasher!!!

Je Boogie on Facebook - facebook.com/thejeboogieofficial

Je Boogie on Youtube - youtube.com/user/thejeboogieofficial