Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Track - Free Mix - New Release - Welcome To The Universe Remix EP

Today we have a bag packed full of tricks and tunes for you! Firstly we have a brand new release from Skanky Panky Records, Sedge Warbler's "Welcome To The Universe Remixed".

We kick it off with a slam-dunk from K Lab and his remix of "Paranormal Ox Man". K Lab really delivers the goods on this EP with big hip-hop drums that grind against dirty bass jabs and glitched out vocals to create a true dance floor disruptor.

Next up we have SixAM, with a huge remix of "Octopus Lover", featuring funky bass and swinging drums that fuse together into a glitch hop banger!

Pushing up the tempo to 140 for a moment we come to a long-time tearout Breakbeat with Slim Blue's remix of "Terror Night". This future Jungle tune will have any dancefloor moving with it's old school D&B basslines that cruise along under the Jungle drums.

Back down to hip-hop territory we have newcomer Jiffster on the case with his remix of "Science Girls". It's a rump shaker, with squelchy funk wobbles and an off kilter choppy groove give this one a sound all it's own.

K Lab hits you again with another huge remix, this time of "Octopus Lover". You'll have no choice but to nod your head along to this groovy remix!

Closing it out we have the one and only Cut La Roc with his remix of "Science Girls"! Low slung beats and grinding basslines are the name of this game. Disco's super thug vocals are given space to breathe and paint a picture of space sluts, epileptic power rangers, and bionic synthesizers.

   SPRMX001 Sedge Warbler - WTTU Remixed PROMO by Skanky Panky Records

Now as promised we will get on to the free goodies for the day! Here is a free mix that Sedge Warbler has put together with almost all tunes from the new EP release!

Skanky Panky Records Mix

01. - SixAM "Bad Mother"
02. - Gramatik "Talkbox Intended"
03. - Sedge Warbler "Octopus Lover" SixAM Remix
04. - Sedge Warbler "Octopus Lover" K Lab Remix
05. - Sedge Warbler "Science Girls" Jiffster Remix
06. - Ini Kamoze "Here Comes The Hot Stepper" William Breakspear Remix
07. - D State Darkus Tension "Shoulder Roller" Schema Remix
08. - Sedge Warbler "Terror Night" Slim Blue Remix

Lastly we have a fresh and free Glitch Hop tune from Sedge Warbler that is sure to smack your funky bone! Awesome vocals and a groovy bassline make this tune an excellent grab!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Release - KIR274 - Farace - Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt

I hope everybody had an enjoyable holiday weekend here in the states! Today it's back to business in a big way with a massive release for you, KIR274! Farace is at it again and this time around, he's holding nothing back!!

Teaming up with Swedish native Kid Colt for “Living in Black”, Farace gets down to it right from the get go with big synths quickly filtering in and a wicked phat and nasty bassline that’s harder than granite. Kid Colt’s vocals keep the energy through the roof from beginning to end and the main breakdown will have hands in the air every time.

Kid tested and crowd approved, this one is already picking up heavy support from top names around the industry. If you'd like to see it in action, check out the Live video footage from Farace & Dave Berg's set this past weekend at Tight Crew's  Mario Party 4 in Brooklyn New York, the Kick It Fam was in full effect!

Head on over to your favorite digital retailer to pick up "Living In Black" and keep your eyes on this space for non-stop nastiness! Have a great week and Kick It!!

Support From

Marcus Gauntlett - "MONSTER!"

Fisso & Spark - "Killer tune! Will support!"

Breaking News - "Big Tnx for promo!!! Good tune! 5/5" 

Wavewhore - "Hip-Hop Electro FTW!" 

Yreane - "Cool rap :) Will drop it on the show. Well done!"

Dave Berg - "Nasty stuff!"

Kwerk - "This is pure ridiculous!!!! LOVE!!!!"

Martin (Rat Records) - "Thanks"

Deenk - "BIG!"

Diistortiion - "Massive tune and pro ass production. Win." 

Bass Reflections - "Good tune! Will be supporting this." 

TJFX - "Massive work from Farace right here! Full Support!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "I'm ecstatic for this to be released!!! So much energy in the tune and vocals! Will deff be rocking this out in the club and at home!!!

   Farace - Living In Black feat Kid Colt [COMING SOON] by farace

Farace "Living In Black" on Juno -

Farace "Living In Black" on Track It Down -

Farace's Website -

Monday, May 28, 2012

Free Track - OLMEC - Goody Goody

Starting the week with a free tune from the Kick It Blog never felt so good! We kick off this Monday afternoon with a fantastically swinging tune "Goody Goody" from Bristol based artist OLMEC, delivering massive bass and funk in one of his newest Electro House bangers!

The intro slams into effect with some amazingly nasty reverb over the funk fueled stabs! As the drums filter in to the forefront, this track already has you moving within the span of 8 bars! The breakdown works in with the old time vocals of "Goody Goody" and quickly turns into a balls to the wall, hard driving bass tune!

The song keeps you chugging along to the second breakdown which is short and sweet as you get thrown right back into the peak time movement of this classic tune. OLMEC definitely shines through with his newest freebie, declaring that he is definitely  an artist to keep tabs on! 

   OLMEC - Goody Goody ***FREE DOWNLOAD!!*** by OLMEC

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Mix - Farace and Dave Berg - Kick It Up Tour Mix

If you're in the New England area tonight you will not want to miss out on a rare chance to see Farace and Dave Berg throw down a completely massive set at their Worcester Stop! Then on Saturday the Kick It bus heads for New York for Tight Crews Mario Party 4, this time featuring a set from Sneaker & The Dryer as well as Farace and Dave Berg's last stop on the tour.

Alternately if you're over seas and can't make it Dave Berg and Farace have put together a free mix that will transport you right to the front of the stage, and you'll be right there rocking along with them! Please be sure to check back with this blog frequently to make sure you don't miss any future shows that Kick It will be putting together!     

The Kick It Up Tour Mix

01. - J Nitti "Kindergarden"
02. - Far Too Loud "Desibel"
03. - Skrillex and The Doors "Breakin' A Sweat" Zedd Remix
04. - Minero "Miss Perfect"
05. - Skrillex "Kyoto Feat. Sirah"
06. - Nero "Crush On You" Knife Party Remix
07. - Martin Solveig "The Night Out" A-Track Remix
08. - Mord Fustang "We Are Connected" 
09. - James Egbert "The Lodge"
10. - Felguk Vs Dirtyloud "Nudge"
11. - Divine X "Magibomba"
12. - NAPT and Peo De Pitte "Gonna Be Mine" Far Too Loud Remix
13. - Modulation "Groovy Movie"
14. - Probe "Ultimate"
15. - Mord Fustang "Windwaker"
16. - Hirshee "Bang This"
17. - Dada Life "Happy Violence" Caveat Remix
18. - Steve Lade & Xspectiv "Our World Is Here" 
19. - Hirshee "Smash The Disco"
20. - Madeon "Icarus"
21. - Sean Tyas & Horny Sanchez "Rebox"
22. - Afrojack & R3hab "Prutataaa" Krafty Kuts Re-Rub
23. - Nero "Must Be The Feeling" Flux Pavilion & Nero Remix

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Mix - Farace - EDMbiz Presents The Insomniac Discovery Project

The Insomniac Discovery Project Mix from Farace is sure to pump you up, and start your Tuesday off with a bang. The mix features two massive handful's of peak time tunes, and some floor stomping originals from Farace himself!

The mix is kicking and rocking straight from the start as Farace drops his forthcoming release "Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt" that is sure to give you a feel for this mega mix!

Please be sure to show some love for such a prolific DJ/producer and favorite this mix and share it with all your friends! This new mix from Farace brings the fact to light that missing one mix or tune from Paul Farace will leave you in the dark!

Farace - The Insomniac Discovery Project Mix

1. - Farace "Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt"
2. - Karetus "Future Is Now" DJ Kue Remix
3. - Probe "Ultimate"
4. - Farace "Get Up Jax"
5. - Lucky Date "Hos and Discos"
6. - Lucky Date "I Want You"
7. - Felguk Vs Dirtyloud "Nudge"
8. - Alex Metric "Deadly On A Mission" Dub Remix
9. - Farace "Push The Beat Rock"

Farace Website -

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Video - Bob Kats - Loudness War & Peace

Today we have a very interesting video for you to mull over as you take a break from producing and mixing. Bob Kats goes threw the years and gives you a rundown of how music has hit its loudness limit and that by 2020 we should be back to having dynamics and healthy ears once again!

This 20 minute video takes you from the quiet beginnings of the Compact Disc in 1980 through to Loudness Peace by the year 2020. It includes demonstrations of the loudest master Bob has ever had to make and paints a picture of what the art of audio mastering will be like once the loudness war has been settled.

Please take to heart what this video has to say about the music industry and the changes that we all hope will come to pass, sooner than latter. We can all start our part today by making sure our mixes and tunes are not over compressed and limited like a brick wall to save our ears and the ears of our listeners. Remember that mastering is not about making a song loud, its about bringing out clarity and dynamics within a song.


Loudness Wars on Wiki -

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Album - Farace - Chillout Collection

No my friends, you are not reading this title wrong, today we have a massive free album from the powerhouse producer Farace!

Paul Farace has released four free albums to suit everyone's needs, with a collection of Originals, Remixes, Re-Edits, and now the latest, one very groovy collection of Chillout tunes, what more could you ask for!

A message about the albums from Farace himself, "I have compiled these collections as I move forward and take the next steps with my music. I wanted to allow everyone an easy way to access all of my best tracks from the last 3 years. I sincerely appreciate all of the support I have received from family, friends, other artists and everyone involved in the scene (especially my awesome wife Ashley) - it means far more than you know. I really hope you enjoy the collections. I have worked very hard over the years and have decided to give these songs out for free." 


Also as a special gift we have a preview of Farace's newest track "Living In Black" which features upcoming sensation Kid Colt, that will surely take over the charts when it is released!

     Farace - Living In Black feat Kid Colt [COMING SOON] by farace

Farace Collections -

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Free Track - Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime - Dave Berg Re-Bump

Today we have a fantastically large Re-Bump of Adrian Lux's "Teenage Crime" from the one like Dave Berg! From start to finish Dave Berg treats you to it all with big bass, amazing transitions, and melody that makes the original track memorable and massive!

Before the first breakdown gets close to dropping Berg throws in a bit of the vocals and a little low end to really make this tune come to life from the first eight bars. As the overwhelming drop hits the atmosphere fills up the room and pushes you towards the slamming Breakbeat that establishes this track as one to put in your peak time folder!!! 

Dave Berg is a self proclaimed audiophile and has a talented ear for music. At the age of 10 he 1st learned to play guitar and at the age of 13 formed his 1st band. At the age of 15 he was introduced to EDM and picked up DJing at the age of 17 which later led to Producing and the rest, they say, is history in the making.

Dave's mixes are a collective range of gut-wrenching, funky and audaciously epic dance music from start to end! Dave is always ahead of the game when it comes to the latest sounds consistently playing to packed dance floors everywhere, he is definitely a must-see DJ! 

   Teenage Crime (Dave Berg Re-Bump) by Dave Berg

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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Release - KIR273 - Kwerk - Please Don't w/ Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer and Play Moore

The one like Kwerk is back and this time he’s brought us a funky but tough tuna entitled “Please Dont”. Grooving low ends and a Kwerky lead riff are paired up with male and female vox keeping things bouncing from beginning to end.

Sneaker & The Dryer return to Kick It as well with a Breaks remix of “Please Dont” that takes things in a whole different direction with a new bassline, loads of lasers, zaps, re-pitched and reversed vocals and plenty of change-ups to keep you on your toes. Track It have featured the S&D remix on their Breaks Chart this week and this is what they had to say - "Big sounds from the Kick It crew who throw down some sick party breaks."

Play Moore rounds things out with his Techier version of “Please Dont” which continues the Breakbeat theme of this release but brings in Electro low ends and a touch of Complextro on the edits, banging!

Support From

Farace - "All quality tracks in here!"

Fisso & Spark - "Top release! all tracks are rocking!! will support!"

Wavewhore - "Nice release... all of the mixes are interesting in the their own way but the Sneaker & The Dryer Remix is the one I would reach for."

Breaking News - "Head banging EP!!! S&D is my favorite remix! but others are awesome too! 5/5!"

Louise O'Donnell (Life Support Machine) - "Sneaker kicks the Sh*t out of it again - BIG!" 

Mobius - "Play Moore's mix is probably my pick here but all the mixes have got something to offer to be honest"

Llupa - "Loving the grooves on the original - great stripped back feel. Both remixes work well, but it's the original for me :)"

Bass Reflections - "Good stuff, good vibes for all sets!  Will definitely be supporting this.  Shouts and thanks for the promo, will plug it for sure!"

SK-2 - "All 3 mixes are awesome, especially lovin' the Play Moore remix which I dropped on last weeks radio show." 

Ellissentials - "Just wanted to say, this release is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME! I seriously can't pick a favorite in this! I'd have to say SnD's remix is my fav, if I HAD to pick... this is just BANGIN!"

   KIR273 - Kwerk - Please Don't w/ Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer and Play Moore by Kick It Recordings

Kwerk "Please Dont" on Beatport -

Kwerk "Please Dont" on Juno Download -

Kwerk "Please Dont" on Track It Down -

Kwerk on Soundcloud -

Friday, May 11, 2012

New Release - Dirtyloud - Dae Gaetta 2012

Tim Healey’s Surfer Rosa imprint continues to deliver the goods with Dirtyloud’s next release! Following the strong tradition of Skrillex and Zedd, Dirtyloud's first single of 2012 has been commissioned by The Dae Gaetta Bus Party from the Norway Russ (Graduation) festival. 

Its a massive slab of peak-time Electro, where the fly vocal is devoured by the most juddering bass action you'll hear this year. Plus, with every Electro single they release hitting the top 10 in their genre on Beatport, this single is set to blaze a trail and serve as a taster ahead of their forthcoming multi-track EP of blistering bass-line sounds.

As the dynamic duo from Bel o Horzonte's 168K Facebook likes and millions of Soundcloud and Youtube views bare witness, their fan-base is growing exponentially.

   SRR021 - DAE GAETTA 2012 - DIRTYLOUD by Tim Healey

Dirtyloud has also released a free mix to go along with their new release! This mix is massive and driving right off the starting line as it begins with there new release "Dae Gaetta 2012"!

Dae Gaetta 2012 DJ Mix

01. - Dirtyloud  "Dae Gaetta"
02. - Kevin Doherty "Lifeline Feat Shay" Rocket Pimp Remix
03. - Borgore "Flex Feat Shay" Document One Remix
04. - Gemini "Fire Inside"
05. - Far Too Loud "Desibel" Club Mix
06. - Marco V "Analogital" Hard Rock Sofa Remix
07. - Polina Angger Dimas "Release Me" Vandalism Remix
08. - Martin Solveig "The Night Out" The Fat Rat Remix
09. - Hardwell Dannic "Kontiki" Dyro Remix
10. - Lazy Rich "The Chase Feat Belle Humble"
11. - Laidback Luke Arno Cost Norman Doray "Trilogy" GTA Bigroom Remix

Dirtyloud on Facebook -

Surfer Rosa Records -

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Free Track - Bingo Players - Disco Electrique - Kyle Cross Bootleg

Kyle Cross drops a funky bootleg of Bingo Players "Disco Electrique" that will have you hitting the dance floor like John Travolta! This tune features peak time vocals and a driving Electro bass line that holds it's own as it moves you around!     

For many years Kyle Cross has explored and searched for different styles of dance music, in the beginning he was primarily focused on Hard Dance music under the alias Lanky. Learning how to work a crowd with good track selection and seamless mixing, he has had the chance to play across Western Canada.

In the following years Kyle slowly traded the aggressive beats for funkier basslines and under the alias of Kyle Cross he started pushing the Breakbeat and Electro sound he is known for today. With influences such as Krafty Kuts, NAPT, Pyramid, Far Too Loud, Davip and Freestylers, Kyle Cross seeks to drive you onto the dancefloor by playing anything with a heavy bassline!

Not happy with just DJ'ing he took up producing his own music, his first EP was met with a top 20 placing on the Beatport Breaks chart! Since then he has has had multiple featured releases on top dance sites such as Beatport & Trackitdown.

   Bingo Players - Disco Electrique (Kyle Cross Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD by KyleCross

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Website - Pluginboutique

The Pluginboutique is a brand new venture from the team at Loopmasters which is dedicated to selling Instruments, Effects and Studio Tools from leading music software companies worldwide.

The website was designed from the ground up to provide a custom solution to sell downloadable products such as Soft Synths, Music Plugins, Studio Effects and Synth Presets – and launches with some great names already involved including Fxpansion, Ohm Force, Flux, PSP, D16, Sinevibes, Waves, Sonic Charge and G-Sonique alongside many others.

The website features product ratings, instant download and authorization, a service to ensure all your plugins are up to date, one login to see all your plugins from different manufacturers, free plugins, trial versions, and a virtual cash scheme which rewards you with each purchase.

Matt Pelling comments, “With such a fantastic amount of Digital Music Software currently available, we felt we could use our experience and knowledge in this sector to create a great looking website where all the best products could be easily compared, so producers can research, purchase and download the best audio plugins for their projects, and start using them immediately”. 

As an introductory offer all first time purchasers will receive a free sample CD from Loopmasters! Be sure to check out there Facebook page for more information and future offers that are sure to get your attention and hopefully some free plugins!

The Pluginboutique -

Loopmasters -

The Pluginboutique Facebook Page -

Friday, May 4, 2012

Dub Pistols Album Launch Party

The Vinyl Touch is joining forces with The Dub Pistols and Sunday Best Records to bring you the Official London Launch on Friday the 11th of May for the eagerly anticipated new album - "Worshipping The Dollar"

Barry Ashworth is the head honcho of Dub Pistols and the main driving force behind the act, but that’s not all he is capable of. Barry DJs out solo all around the world as well as playing host to Dub Pistols Sound System LIVE featuring vocalists Rodney P and MC Sir Real. He is also co-label boss at Westway Records and produces under a plethora of aliases. 

Barry was one of the very first residents at the world-renowned Fabric club in London as well as resident at the biggest Ibiza parties Manumission. He currently holds residency at Jade Jaggers ‘Jezebel Loft Parties’ across various locations in London.

If your in the London area this will be a show not to miss, especially considering the price, you cant find a better deal! With big names such as the Dub Pistols, Apply The Breaks, High Rankin, and many other leaders in EDM the Dub Pistol album launch party is going to be insane!

This event is to be held at London's hottest new venue - Electric in Brixton (formerly "The Fridge") This will be the ideal way to kick off the festival season with a FULL LIVE show from The Dub Pistols band in the main auditorium, alongside support from some of the biggest names in dance music and a big bad dose of The Vinyl Touch to boot, we're struggling to think of a reason not to attend! 

Tickets available from -

Dub Pistols on Soundcloud -

Thursday, May 3, 2012

New Release - Chemical Language - We Want Your Soul EP

Today we have a new release from Chemical Language on Big Alliance Records, out May, 14, 2012. The four track EP "We Want Your Soul" features some massive peak time tunes, jam packed with all the energy you would expect from a dance floor smasher of this magnitude!

Chemical Language is Nir Ben Shoushan from Miami Florida, originally from Israel where he studied music production at Yoav Gera Sound College. There is not much else that is know about Chemical Language other than he enjoys playing various instruments including the guitar and piano.

The first track "Panic" gives you a good feel for the EP as a whole, hitting you with big business right off the bat. The breakdown is fantastic with some hilarious vocal samples that act as the glue holding the track together to give you a fun tune to play out.

Following the madness of the first song "Tonight" starts off with a long Dubstep break and quickly turns into a funky Electro House banger. With some vocoder like vocals and some far out spacy sounds, this one is perfect for rocking in the club.

The title track of the EP "We Want Your Soul" is a Dubstep listeners dream, big synths, huge drums, and some ominous vocals to set it off!  This one is a must own, mostly due to the Steven Hawking like vocals that are more than enjoyable, proclaiming to you  that "we want your soul".

Closing things out is a very cheeky Dubstep tune about Tim Leary named "Dr Leary". This track has a giant feel to it and some very interesting samples that make it extremely unique.

All and all this is bound to be a chart topping release for Chemical Language and Big Alliance Records, grab your copy May 14th!

   BA117 - Chemical Language - We Want Your Soul EP by Big Alliance Records

Chemical Language on Twitter -

Big Alliance Records -