Monday, May 21, 2012

Video - Bob Kats - Loudness War & Peace

Today we have a very interesting video for you to mull over as you take a break from producing and mixing. Bob Kats goes threw the years and gives you a rundown of how music has hit its loudness limit and that by 2020 we should be back to having dynamics and healthy ears once again!

This 20 minute video takes you from the quiet beginnings of the Compact Disc in 1980 through to Loudness Peace by the year 2020. It includes demonstrations of the loudest master Bob has ever had to make and paints a picture of what the art of audio mastering will be like once the loudness war has been settled.

Please take to heart what this video has to say about the music industry and the changes that we all hope will come to pass, sooner than latter. We can all start our part today by making sure our mixes and tunes are not over compressed and limited like a brick wall to save our ears and the ears of our listeners. Remember that mastering is not about making a song loud, its about bringing out clarity and dynamics within a song.


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