Thursday, May 31, 2012

Free Track - Free Mix - New Release - Welcome To The Universe Remix EP

Today we have a bag packed full of tricks and tunes for you! Firstly we have a brand new release from Skanky Panky Records, Sedge Warbler's "Welcome To The Universe Remixed".

We kick it off with a slam-dunk from K Lab and his remix of "Paranormal Ox Man". K Lab really delivers the goods on this EP with big hip-hop drums that grind against dirty bass jabs and glitched out vocals to create a true dance floor disruptor.

Next up we have SixAM, with a huge remix of "Octopus Lover", featuring funky bass and swinging drums that fuse together into a glitch hop banger!

Pushing up the tempo to 140 for a moment we come to a long-time tearout Breakbeat with Slim Blue's remix of "Terror Night". This future Jungle tune will have any dancefloor moving with it's old school D&B basslines that cruise along under the Jungle drums.

Back down to hip-hop territory we have newcomer Jiffster on the case with his remix of "Science Girls". It's a rump shaker, with squelchy funk wobbles and an off kilter choppy groove give this one a sound all it's own.

K Lab hits you again with another huge remix, this time of "Octopus Lover". You'll have no choice but to nod your head along to this groovy remix!

Closing it out we have the one and only Cut La Roc with his remix of "Science Girls"! Low slung beats and grinding basslines are the name of this game. Disco's super thug vocals are given space to breathe and paint a picture of space sluts, epileptic power rangers, and bionic synthesizers.

   SPRMX001 Sedge Warbler - WTTU Remixed PROMO by Skanky Panky Records

Now as promised we will get on to the free goodies for the day! Here is a free mix that Sedge Warbler has put together with almost all tunes from the new EP release!

Skanky Panky Records Mix

01. - SixAM "Bad Mother"
02. - Gramatik "Talkbox Intended"
03. - Sedge Warbler "Octopus Lover" SixAM Remix
04. - Sedge Warbler "Octopus Lover" K Lab Remix
05. - Sedge Warbler "Science Girls" Jiffster Remix
06. - Ini Kamoze "Here Comes The Hot Stepper" William Breakspear Remix
07. - D State Darkus Tension "Shoulder Roller" Schema Remix
08. - Sedge Warbler "Terror Night" Slim Blue Remix

Lastly we have a fresh and free Glitch Hop tune from Sedge Warbler that is sure to smack your funky bone! Awesome vocals and a groovy bassline make this tune an excellent grab!

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