Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free Mix and New Release - Nuerodriver - Snake Charmer

We are finishing off this week and this month talking about a real big release from a real big name! Having been half of the founding force of the mighty Far Too Loud, Neurodriver is no stranger to making kickass Breakbeats. Such is the case with "Snake Charmer" which wastes no time getting down to business. The face-melting bassline is pushed along by powerfully tight drums and a whole gamut of resonant zaps and glistening metallic synth stabs. Before long the distinctive Pungi hook kicks in, charming not only snakes, but any raver within ear shot! The ancient and mysterious sound of the Pungi plays off signature futuristic grooves and edits, building up to an absolutely devastating second drop.
Label newcomers Broken Eye, turn out a mind-blowingly impressive remix. Super punchy drums and a fiercely energetic bassline carry this one along with the momentum of an asteroid. The Pungi hook is frazzled and twisted, as if half digested by a giant robot serpent. Intelligently programmed, hard hitting drums and glitchin' grooves provide brief interludes before smashing back into the ripping bassline.
On remix duty Brighton's very own psybreaks ambassador Luqas turns out a much deeper interpretation. The on-beat bassline provides clockwork reinforcement to every drum hit and will have you bouncing on your heels as the floor shakes beneath you. The familiar elements of the original are given a glitchy remodelling, scattered throughout the track like sonic psychedelic molecules. One badass tune with three serious versions, "Snake Charmer" is rocking the charts with the original currently sitting at #19 on the Beatport top 100 Breaks and the others not far behind with the Broken Eye Remix at #26 and the Luqas version right on it's heels at #28.

Support From -

Eddy Temple Morris (XFM) - "Reminds me of the peak of the Breaks scene when people like Rougue Element and The Breakfastaz were routinely coming out with huge fat slabs like this!"

Anne Savage - "Will definitely play at Judgement on Sunday."

Tim Healey - "Massive sounds all around."

Plump DJs - "10/10, Great stuff. Defo add to my set."

Freddy Fresh - "Great tunes"

Ed Solo - "Nice Bass Sounds"

Lee Coombs - "Great Track! Luqas mix for me on this one!"

Stereo MCs - "Cool Groove, will play."
Pick Up The Release Here -

Also, don't forget we've got the free Nuerodriver Dj mix for you as well. Loaded with a bunch of exclusives and showcasing some of Dom's new Breaks and Techno tunas, plus a couple of tracks forthcoming on the Broken Robot imprint.

Neurodriver Autumn 2010 Dj Mix

1 - OOOD "Oddball" (Broken Robot)
2 - Hedflux "Revolve" (Broken Robot CDR)
3 - Subliminal System "In The Borough"
Monk3ylogic Remix (Broken Robot CDR)
4 - Forty Fingerz "Dinoshark" (Italo Business)
5 - Neurodriver "Teleport" (CDR)
6 - Lee Coombs "Light & Dark" Neurodriver Remix (Lot49)
7 - Vandal "Big Dog" Elite Force Remix (Benefit)
8 - Neurodriver "Church of the Plasma Christ"
(Flying Rhino Digital)
9 - Neurodriver "Snake Charmer" (Broken Robot)
10 - Loops of Fury "Pump Up" Vandal Remix (U&A)
11 - Neurodriver "Trompeta" (Broken Robot CDR)
12 - Neurodriver "Battledroid" (Broken Robot CDR)

Neurodriver DJ mix - Autumn 2010 by BrokenRobot

Broken Robot Records Website -

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Release - KIR242 - Farace - Move On- Original & Dubstep Mix

Kick It is back with another big release and this time front man Farace is delivering the goods with his new single "Move On". Just out yesterday, "Move On" is one kickass tune with driving electro bass and haunting vocals coming together to form a unique original that has widespread appeal and great energy. Crisp drums are the name of the game with this tuna and the catchy synths inject the track with vivacity and intensity. "Move On"would work well in a Breaks or 4/4 set so either way you're in luck and if Dubstep is more your thing, Farace turns out a fresh wobbler as well. Be sure to check out both mixes and coming soon we have a massive EP in the pipeline with remixes from the likes of Access Denied, Deenk, Boyan and 2Names. Be on the lookout out for that coming soon to a digital retailer near you!

Support From -

Far Too Loud - "Nice Breaks track"

Bill Vega - "Original Mix for me."

Diistortiion - "Farace is Killing it!! Pumping tune, both versions. Full Support."

Mobius - "Proper hands in the air stuff from Faarce on this one, definitely the original for me. Will support and looking forward to hearing what Access Denied do with this as well."
(You won't be dissapointed!!)

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Farace is on point no matter what style he is bringing to the table, real smooth tune!"

Bass Refelctions - "Big sounds here. Relly enjoying the chill vibes with the bouncing beats. Will be supporting this release and the original is the one for me."

Jaden - "Farace has really found his niche. Such a clean tune."

Inconspicuous Villain - "The original is brilliant!"



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Exclusive Interview - Tim Healey

Well I hope everyone has got some big festivities in store for this weekend. Seeing as I actually don't have a gig on Halloween this year, we are going to head out to the home of Halloween, Salem MA for our first time which should be a blast. A man who is no stranger to having an awesome time is Brighton native, Tim Healey. Known as the godfather of Electro House and founder of the genre busting dance act Coburn, Tim has worked with artists far and wide like Deekline, Felguk, and Hatiras. With upcoming gigs in countries like Greece, Poland, and Brazil, 2010 continues to be a big year for the founder of two major labels, Giant Pussy Records and his new label already on their 4th release, Surfer Rosa Records. Not to mention he's hard at work in the studio pounding out a new album scheduled to drop early next year. Kick It got to have a few minutes of Mr. Healey's time and he was kind enough to answer our "Kick It Twelve". Look below the interview for links to Tim Healey's pages and tunas.

The Kick It Tweleve - Tim Healey Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?
As a child I was enthralled by synth bands from the late 70s and early 80s. From Moroder to Bronski Beat, via Depeche Mode and Yazoo, Vangelis, Jarre and the early hip-hop of Grand Master Flash... Between the age of 10 and 14 I played guitar and got really into bands, but I still loved this electronic sound. The first time I thought “that’s really cool club music” was when I heard M/A/R/R/S – Pump up the volume, it turned my love of indie-rock and alternative music on its head and I needed more…

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?
Prince Charming – Adam & The Ants, and it was actually an audio cassette (remember them?).

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?
Wow – I’ve been Djing in clubs for 20 years. I ran a club called UNITY, in Durham City, when I was 18, and used to go to raves in the London area to get inspiration.

4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?
Impossible to answer. How do you judge such criteria? Biggest? That would be 1million on the beach in Rio. Best location? Burning Man, USA. Best club? Pacha, Sao Paulo. Best vibe on dancefloor? Fusion Festival, Germany. But I reserve the right to change this list every few months.

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?
Probably big rock bands at Fuji Rock and Reading Festivals. In terms of Dj energy, and DJ skills…my good mate Terry from Atomic Hooligan takes some beating.

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?
The Moon.

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?
Its always the next single, I believe in them all, or I wouldn’t make so much music.

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?
Crikey. I’m currently digging paintings by Ged Quinn. Check them out online.

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
I am working with super cool people all the time. I’ve produced pop acts and remixed great bands… but sure, I’d love the phone to ring and it to be Lady Gaga’s management – “Tim we need you to do her next album…”

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?
I use a combination of both, valve/transistor circuitry and software, which is how I have my own sound.

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?
Respect everyone you meet, and don’t let the f*ckers get you down.

12. – What does the future hold for Tim Healey?
More singles this year, incl. "LIVE IT LOVE IT" (watch the video at, and then there’s my album slated for release in 2011, which goes from Dubstep and Reggaeton to cutting edge Electro. My new web-site: launches imminently which is going to be the home of Tim Healey TV and my label Surfer Rosa.

Keep it locked. Blessings. Tim H



Tim Healey's Website -
Tim Healey on Myspace -
Tim Healey on Facebook -

Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Pendulum - The Island - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

Another busy weekend in the books and let me tell you the kids at Monster Mash in NYC felt the full on onslaught of the 2x4 business that is Sneaker & The Dryer! Insane heat, banging sound and people packed wall to wall made for one sweaty session! The S&D boys were dropping their new stuff left and right and the crowd was really feeling them. One of those new ones you can snag yourself for free right here, right now. Warner Brothers and Pendulum recently held a remix contest for "The Island" and we've got the Sneaker & The Dryer remix available for download. Right on the edge of Breaks and Electro House this one should work well for fans of either. A quick intro breaks on some of the synths from the original before dropping back in with zapped out bass and Rob Swire's pained vocals. The easily recognizable lead synths filter in pairing up with the new bassline. Rave zaps and talking bass go back and forth in-between the vox bits. The energy rises and falls throughout the main bit of the song before picking way up into an epic breakdown. It's hands in the air time until the final timestrecth on the last bit of vocals then bam, back to business! If you like what you're hearing, you can download lots more free stuff from Sneaker & The Dryer on their Soundcloud page.

Pendulum - The Island - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Sneaker & The Dryer's Podcast -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Soundcloud -

Pendulum "The Island" Sneaker & The Dryer Remix -

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Free Mix - Monk3ylogic Electro Dj Set

Things are a bit crazy for me right now so I know the content has been a bit skint but as soon as I get all this madness straightened out, the business will be back full steam. Today I've got a kickass Electro mix for you from Kick It newcomers Monk3ylogic. Hailing from the UK, the Monk3ylogic guys are putting out some heavy tunage! Their recent remix of Lupo's "Surprise Me" on Kick It was a Psy-Breaks stormer. Their new mix focuses more on the 4/4 side of things but starts off hard and heavy with Kloe & Imprintz "Bulldog" leading into one of Monk3lLogic's own tunes "Bass Effex" the Eastman Engage Remix. Holy crap is this a monster tune. If you are a fan of artists like FTL and Hedflux, this one is for you. Badass bass, edits like you wouldn't believe and killer production. Smooth mixing and big beats are the name of the game on this one. Fifth on the list is one of the new ones on Kick It Recordings. 8B1T's premier tune "Sneakers" is receiving heavy support and the Sneaker & The Dryer remix is currently sitting at #24 on the Beatport Top 100 Breaks right now. Monk3ylogic drop the other remix from the release coming at you from Canadian native Van Tek. Twisting lows and a grooving vox combine for a banging and tough track. With other names like Dirtyloud, Alex Mind and Spencer & Hill in the mix, non-stop dancefloor destroyers keep dropping one after one. Excellent stuff from the Monk3ylogic fellas!

Monk3ylogic Electro Dj Set

1. Kloe & Imprintz "Bulldog"  [Burn the Fire]
2. Monk3ylogic "Bass Effex" Eastmann Engage Remix [Liquid Records]
3. Sketi "Where You At?" [Ebony Red Records]
4. Freestylers Ft. Belle Humble "Cracks" Ctrl Z Remix
[Never Say Die Records]
5. 8B1T "Sneakers" Van Tek Remix [Kick It Recordings]
6. Monk3yLogic "One Million Monkeys" [Broken Robot Recordings]
7. Spencer & Hill "House Beat" [Tiger Records]
8. Monk3ylogic "Where's the Car" Olmec Remix [Broken Records]
9. Spencer & Hill "GoGo Girl" Dirtyloud Remix [Bazooka Records]
10. Electric Souldside "Electric State" Dirtyloud Remix
[Bug Eyed Records]
11. Alex Kidd "Move Over" Lucky Date Remix [Crude Traxx]
12. Far Too Loud & Alex Mind "Bring Back Boogie"
[Bazzoka Records]
13. Spencer & Hill "Sunbeam" [Tiger Records]
14. Olmec "Push It" Monk3ylogic Remix [Broken Records]

Monk3yLogic Electro DJ Set (MP3 - Download) by Monk3ylogic

Monk3ylogic on Myspace -

Monk3ylogic on Soundcloud -

Monday, October 18, 2010

Exclusive Interview - Nick Thayer

Yes yes, it's Monday again. Time flies when you're having fun and man am I. It's always a challenge to keep up on everything and balance it all out but doing the blog is one of my favorite things to maintain. Last week we featured a whole boat load of stuff from antipodean mastermind Nick Thayer. Being a big fan of his work myself I thought it would be great to have him answer the Kick It Twelve and being a sporting chap, he was happy to oblige. Under the interview you can find links to Nick's pages and more.

The Kick It Tweleve - Nick Thayer Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?
I probably started getting into electronic music around seventeen, thanks to acts like the Chemical Brothers. They had that kind of appeal where it was rock, soul, funk and yet electronic all at once. They really bridged that gap for me.
2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?
The first album I owned was Queen's 'Greatest Hits'. The first CD I bought was I think Michael Jackson's 'Bad'.
3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?
There was also this night called Purveyors at this spot in Melbourne called The Lounge, where I used to go every week with my mates. I got exposed to a lot of different club music there, and I guess from the off it was guys like Ransom and Paz who I used to watch there who showed me that club music, and electronic music in general, doesn't have to be homogenous.
4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?
I'd say playing at Roots Society at Burning Man this year is right up there. An amazing group of people, an amazing setting, and playing to 10,000 people in the middle of the desert is an unparalleled experience.
5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?
I guess the first time I played at Fabric about five or six years ago, which was for a Plump DJs night, it was alongside every heavy hitting name I could think of. Seeing my name on that flier alongside everyone else I was looking up to was a real buzz.
6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?
I've never been to South America which I would love to do. I've also never played in LA or New York, which seems very strange. I think I'm gonna break those two cherries in March though...
7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?
As an artist, you always have to be most proud of your most recent work, otherwise you're never progressing. My favorite tunes on my album are 'Can't Touch Me Now', 'Swan Dive', and 'Ca$h Money'.
8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?
Ever since the first time I saw them, the Chemical Brothers continue to push boundaries. Outside of EDM I'd go for Muse.
9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?
The list of vocalists I'd love to work with is as long as you can imagine. I find the most exciting collaborations are the unexpected ones though. When you wind up with a day off on tour somewhere, and someone else is there too and you jam into some other guy's studio just to see what will happen...
10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?
I use Cubase and Ableton to produce. For hardware I can't do without my Roland SH2000 and my Prunes And Custard guitar pedal.
11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?
If you want to succeed, you have to put in the effort. Whether it's work, music, sport, whatever. Make sure you're putting in 100%, cause you can be damn sure the next guy is, and when it comes to it, he'll beat you.
12. – What does the future hold for “Nick Thayer”
For me it will be more of the same. Writing music and then playing it in dark places. I've developed an AV show alongside visual artist sevenmilligram that we're touring through Canada in December and then the US in March. Plus I've got two new EPs coming out in January and February. And a stack of remixes. It's all go.

Gonna Getcha VIP - FREE 320 DOWNLOAD by Nick Thayer

Bombstrikes Vol 19 'Nick Thayer & Ali B' Sampler by Nick Thayer

DJ Agent 86 - Microdot (Nick Thayer Rmx) by Nick Thayer

Nick Thayer's Website -

Nick Thayer on Myspace -

Friday, October 15, 2010

Farace Friday - Remix Contest Winner and EXCLUSIVE Free Tune

Yes that's right Friday has come back around again like a high speed bullet train and it's time for Farace Friday again. We're pumping out goodies like a Little Debbie factory this week! First up though, let's talk about the results of our first remix contest. Two months ago we hosted the parts to Farace's tune "People's House" and we offered you all a shot at a release on Kick It Recordings as well as a sweet prize package. We received an excellent response from our readers and we were sent over thirty entries to the competition. After much deliberation and much time spent listening to the entrants remixes we have picked a winner. Coming all the way from Budapest Hungary, Inzert is the winner of the "People's House" Remix Contest! It will soon be released along with other all new remixes on Kick It Recordings. Loads of synths fire things of in a melodious way. Things get heavy when the bass comes in though as this one is a proggy driver all the way. Rich drums and substantial edits keep the energy up and your ears interested. Back to the synths for the main break cooling things off for a moment before letting it all rip again. This is proper Breakbeat business! You can peep the Lo-fi preview below and check out more work from Inzert on his Soundcloud page.

Farace - Peoples House (Inzert remix) 128kbps by inzert

Inzert on Soundcloud -

Next up it's Trick or Treat time with a perfect Halloween tuna coming at you from the on like Farace. If you are familiar with "The Lost Boys" movie then you know "Cry Little Sister". A pained and haunting anthem with killer keys and some serious 80's feel. Farace put's a Dubstep twist on it while still retaining the overall feel of the original. I'm loving the vibe on this one and it's an awesome set closer. Thanks to Farace, it's yours for Free! Don't forget if you are in the Florida area, Farace will be playing the Phuckheadz event "Phuktoberfest"on the 30th of this month in Jacksonville. With members like Public Enemy, Cypress Hill, Willie Nelson, Cheech and Chong, Carl Cox and even Elmo, need I say more!! Be there!

Cry Little Sister (The Lost Boys) (Farace ReFix) by farace

Farace on Soundcloud -

Farace's Website -

Kick It Recordings on Soundcloud -

Check out the L.O.O.P. on the Phuckheadz Blog Here -

Thursday, October 14, 2010

3 Free Tunes - Electric Soulside

We've had a nice variety of tunage this week and we're going to keep that going with a trio of big 4/4 tunes. Electric Soulside is a Belgian duo based in Brussels. Comprised of two brothers with a knack for merging styles, Patrick and Steve Hoody have established themselves as a well known act in the Electronic Music industry. With their high energy production they have travelled the world igniting dancefloors and dancers feet with an immense catalog of over 100 releases, their tunes have been played by everyone and everywhere, like the BBC's Radio 1. Electric Soulside's Indie-dance single "Feel Funky" was released on Cold Blank's label Burn the Fire and it reached number one on Beatport and stayed there for over a month and a half! With remixes like their chart topping version of Deekline & Wizard's "Night Moves" and collaborations with artists like DJ Assault while picking up massive support on blogs like Hypem for tunes like their highly acclaimed remix of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll" with additional vocals supplied by Odissi, (available below) the creative duo behind Electric Soulside continue to flare passion and prowess on the decks and in the studio.
 First up for the free goodies is "Soul Scream" bringing big time kicks, a plethora of bleeps, blips and zaps and a cheeky bassline. Heavily chopped vocals add some sexiness while the overall bounciness keeps it funky and fresh. Next up is D.H.S.' "House of God" the Electric Soulside remix. Techy and steppy, this one is a little more laid back but still plenty big enough with good use of the original vox. The third and final we have today is the previously mentioned Electric Soulside version of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's "Heads Will Roll" Ft. La Roux with additional vocals on the remix supplied by Oddissi. Taking things to the tougher side Odissi's added bits give some additional flavor to the well known track while the synths keep things poppy and dancefloor ready. Three great free tunes from well known artists, what more can you ask for? I've included a video of their recent set at Burning Man as well ;)


Electric Soulside - Soul Scream **FREE DOWNLOAD** by electric soulside

D.H.S. House Of God (Electric Soulside Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD** by electric soulside

" Yeah Yeah Yeahs & A-Trak ": Heads Will Roll (Electric Soulside ft Odissi Mix) - Free Track by electric soulside

Electric Soulside on Myspace -

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Tunes & More - Nick Thayer - Gonna Getcha

Well today is all about the tunes I can tell you that much. We have got a ton more free stuff up for grabs today. A few short months ago Nick Thayer released "Just Let It Go" on Aquasky's label Passenger (link below). The album itself was nominated for "Best Electronic/Dance Album" at the "Australian Independent Record Awards". Around the time of the release, Nick made available the parts for the killer single "Gonna Getcha", to anyone who wanted them. Some killer remixes have come back and Nick even did a fresh new VIP mix himself all of which have available for FREE! Also, if you yourself the parts are still available on Nick's Soundcloud on the "Gonna Getcha" VIP page. Speaking of that VIP mix, that's the first one we have up for download. Nick starts things off with Tribal-esque drums and chopped up vocals. A quick break and then tough and meaty bass is driving things home. Techy hats and fidget bleeps push the energy up to the roof. Winding synths that remind me of Dada Life or Farace bring us through the major breakdown. A big tuna that should work well for many.
Next up is Nick Thayer's remix of Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand". This one is being reworked by everybody right now but few can do it like the Wizard of Oz. Heavy kicks and the DS sample bring us back to Funky-town right off the bat. Filters and rolls do the job early on coming in on a jacked bassline. Clean and crisp this is a good part rocker.
 Next we have the Pimpsoul remix of "Gonna Getcha". Downtempo, old school Electrobasswobble is the name of the game on this one. Thick snares and a fantastic low ends making for a slower but bouncy feel good tune. Transformer on the vocals maintain the old school feel while the synth line twists out through the breakdown. This one is really well done!
 Third in line for the "Gonna Getcha" remix is the Smile on Impact Remix bringing a badass bassline driven Tech-Funk stormer. Driving kicks and zaps and bleeps give it a fun and modern edge. Pitched up vox and trancey synths keep things moving and the energy high.
 If Dubstep is your thing then the Bill Poster's Remix is gonna be the one for you. Ridiculous talking bass and shaky hi hats combine for a weighty vocal riddim. The hook finds its way into the main breakdown and you forget you're in Dub land for a moment until wham, you're smacked in the face with the low Hz.
 There are also the Shaun Fiddle and Wolfbane DJs remixes to get your hands on. Shawn Fiddle turns out a Spanish Techno version while the Wolfbane DJs turn in an Electro House banger with a dope breakdown that manages to combine horns with a video game feel and 80's synths in a way I particularly like. Plenty of spunk to keep it going when the beat drops back.
 Had enough yet? Good neither have I. We have also got some wicked Hip Hop flavor coming from down under. Nick Thayer Ft. Mike Beatz and Lex One bring us the hot fire of "Can't Touch Me Now". Showing he can drop bombs on any style, he teams up with some smooth cats dropping blazing rhymes on a highly flammable beat. Turn your speakers up and watch the bass combust your woofers!
 Just in case you're still hungry for more, Nick Thayer's new 30 min mix for Annie Nightingale's Radio 1 show is also available and it's jam packed with more fresh berries than a jar of Smuckers!

Gonna Getcha VIP - FREE 320 DOWNLOAD by Nick Thayer

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Nick Thayer Rmx) by Nick Thayer

Nick Thayer - Gonna Getcha (Pimpsoul Remix) Free download. by Pimpsoul

Nick Thayer - Gonna Getcha (Smile on Impact remix) by smile on impact

Gonna Getcha (BillPosters Rmx) by billpostersdj

Nick Thayer "Gonna Getcha" Shaun Fiddle Remix -

Nick Thayer "Gonna Getcha" Wolfbane DJs Remix -

Nick Thayer Radio 1 Mix -

Nick Thayer - "Just Let It Go" -

Nick Thayer on Facebook -

Free Tune - EXCLUSIVE - Kloe & Imprintz - Bulldog - J2K Re-rub

Starting your hump day off right we've got a massive tuna you're gonna need some real heavy test for! J2K is back again and he's bringing some serious business with him. Think Wolfgang Gartner meets Le Castlevania. The original is a monster track with heavy kicks, slammin bass, killer production and backing vocals to give it that anthem feel. Well done in every way. J2K drops a Break on it giving us something a little less 4/4 for the Breakbeat heads. This one is sure to hurt some people!

Kloe & Imprintz - Bulldog - J2K Rerub - FREE Download by The Kick It Blog

Dj Kloe on  Myspace -

J2K on Myspace -

Monday, October 11, 2010

New Release - KIR241 - 8B1T - Sneakers - Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer and Van Tek

We're starting this week off with another big release from Kick It. Just out today on Kick It Recordings from first time Kick It artist, 8B1T has his premier track "Sneakers" with remixes from Sneaker & The Dryer and Van Tek! "Sneakers" is an awesome tune with clean punchy beats, feel good synth lines, driving bass and uplifting vocal snippets. Sneaker & The Dryer toughen things up a bit with a more ‘in your face’ remix while Van Tek comes through with an Indy House feel mix that has good drive and an excellent breakdown. Make sure you check them all out and thank you for the support!Available at Beatport, Juno, and all other digital sites.

Support From -

Mobius - "Wicked original on this, loving the vocal that comes in later on in the track, after teasing early on.”
Diistortiion - “8B1T caught the attention of my ears a few months back and I’ve been impressed with everything I have heard since and this release is no exception. Banging, love it!! The remixes are solid, especially Sneaker & The Dryer for me!!”
Luqas - "Sweet – 8B1T has got some skills. Can’t decide between the original and the S&D mix but will support for sure.”
Monk3y Logic - “We are loving this release with 2 very good remixes. It has a nice tough tech feel that will give you something else for the dance floor, the only problem now is working out which one to play!”
Far Too Loud - "Solid Release"
Wavewhore - "Nice One! Definitely feeling the Sneaker & The Dryer Remix on this package."
Inconspicuous Villain - "Sick Release!!"
Bill Vega - "Wicked, like the original most"
RuN RiOT - “Loving the original mix. It’s packed full of good ideas and the groove is fantastic!"
Daniella Downs - "The Sneaker & The Dryer Mix is Uber-Nasty"
KIR241 8-Bit Sneakers + Remixes by Kick It Recordings

Friday, October 8, 2010

Farace Friday - Farace DJ Mag Top 10 October 2010

TGIF once again. I hope everyone had a good weekend and has some killer festivities lined up for the weekend. It's also Farace Friday once again here on the Kick It Blog. We've also broken 25,000 views, so thanks to everyone for all the support! We're just getting bigger, better, and stronger and on that note, I have incorporated the blog with Facebook and you can now follow and keep track of the blog right from your Facebook account. New buttons have been added to the main page making it super easy to subscribe.
 DJ Mag has asked Farace to provide them with a monthly "Top 10" tunas and this week we have the ten hottest tracks according to him for the month of October. Head on over to Beatport, TID or wherever you buy your digital music and get your hands on the fire that Farace is dropping!

Farace DJ Mag Top 10 October 2010

1 - Freestylres Ft. Belle Humble "Cracks" Ctrl Z Remix
2 - Le Castle Vania "Nobody Gets Out Alive" Noisia Remix
3 - Pendulum "The Island" Part II
4 - Dogtown Clash "Hole In My Head" Farace Remix
5 - The Hounds & Andrey Mute "Down We Go"
6 - Cristoph Maitland "Electric Finger" RuN RiOT Remix
7 - Colombo "Heep Hop"
8 - Emanuel Kosh "Make My Music" Zodiac Cartel Remix
9 - Lupo "Surprise Me" Karton Remix
10 - Joman "Moving Faster" Farace Remix

Also, just to re-cap, we had to new free tunes from Farace last Friday so I have posted those below as well. Enjoy.

Sonic Bee ft. Chunk n Attack-Nu Skool Skank (Farace Remix) by farace

Dresden & Johnston vs John Debo - Keep Faith ft Mezo (Farace Remix) by farace

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two Free Tunes - Some DJ

We've got a double dose of action for you today and two super funky FREE tunes coming at you from Some DJ. Party Breaks is the name of the game with Some DJ and first up is a killer Re-work of Rob Bass' "It Takes Two". Bringing the BPMs down to grooving speed he does a fantastic job of bringing us a funked-up Breakbeat version of the classic. Next up is John Ozila's "Funky Boogie" the Some DJ Remix. Getting loads of support on his Soundcloud page this is another big time party rocker. Filtering things out and then bringing it back nice and big everything comes back with heaps of energy and the P-Funk all stars would be calling for a sweet chariot to swing down and let em ride. Swinging beats and 70's vocals give it some Disco flavor. Invite over a few friends, have a few drinks and let the rhythm rock you.

It Takes Two - Rob Bass - some dj remix MASTER 6 by some dj

Funky Boogie - John Ozila - some dj remix by some dj

Some DJ on Soundcloud -

Free Mix - Dirtyloud and New Release - Tim Heaely & Adamo "Move"

Wow have got some serious business to talk about today. The unstoppable godfather of Electro-House, Tim Healey is back with engineer extraordinaire, Marc Adamo, with another genre-busting trail-blazer of a tune. With official approval from The Shamen, they have re-worked the world-wide no.1 “Move Any Mountain” into a dance-floor destroyer. Slamming zeitgeisty beats collide head-on with the original early-90s synth-pop extravaganza to devastating effect. This tune is going to hurt some people far and wide!
On remix duty, Beatport chart-hoggers, and Brazilian wunderkinds, Dirtyloud (having up to 4 tracks at any one time in the top 10 electro-house chart, & sitting at no.2 on Beatport “all genre chart” for weeks at a time), tear the original apart with their inimitable speaker shredding sound, and producer-du-jour Bass Kleph goes all-out tech-house with his masterly re-work.
On the free side of things, the Dirtyloud boys are dropping a big bass bomb of a mix for you all to rock out your speakers. Starting things off with their own remix of "Move", this space shuttle is blasting through the atmosphere in, 5,4,3,2,1! Featuring loads of their own tunas and a few from other top names like Alex Mind and Hirshee.

Dirtlyloud Dj Mix

1 - Marc Adamo & Tim Healey "Move" Dirtyloud Remix
2 - c2001 "Disco Popp Shit" Dirtyloud Remix
3 - Cybersutra "Bad Self" Dirtyloud Remix
4 - Electric Soulside "Electric State" Dirtyloud Remix
5 - Dirtyloud & Alex Mind "Dirtymind" Original Mix
6 - Lea Luna & Miles Dyson "Hearts Under Fire" Autoslide Remix
7 - Soundpusher "Rush" Original Mix
8 - Spencer & Hill "GoGo Girl" Dirtyloud Remix
9 - Dylan Rhymes "Kemptown" Sharooz Remix
10 - Keoki & Mellefresh "Sleazee" Dirtyloud Remix
11 - Frederik Mooij "The Realness" Hirshee Remix
12 - Aaren San "Apes From Space" Dirtyloud Remix

Purchase Tim Healey & Adamo's "Move" Here -
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two Free Tunes - Bombs Away

With their debut in the Australian ARIA charts at number 28 this week and currently sitting in the top 100 for Electro on Beatport, Bombs Away are a force to be reckoned with and their bootlegs are solid ingredients in sets all around the world. So last week I featured a banging remix of Ram Stein's "Du Hast" from the Bombs Away guys. Well they've got another couple of bangers they are giving away that I thought I should mention. First up is their club remix of Rihanna's "Only Girl". There's no doubt that Rihanna's vocals are very popular right now and her voice is none around the world. Bombs Away bring her over to the Electro House side with a sweet and sticky reworking that makes me want to shake my ass like a hoochie out on the floor! Snappy beats and zappy bass work perfectly alongside Rihanna's vociferation. Next up is the Bombs Away remix of Mike Posner's "Cooler Than Me". Cut up vox and copious kicks get things going. Posner's polished voice fills the breakdown and swinging low-end adds the meat. You should have no problem getting people moving with these tunas! If you still want some more Bombs Away business head on over to Beatport and check out the Dirtyloud Remix of "Big Booty Bitches". It's a cheeky stormer that ought to send your mom running from the house.

Rihanna- Only Girl (Bombs Away Club Remix) (Unofficial) by Bombs Away

Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (Bombs Away Remix!) by Bombs Away

Bombs Away Website -

Bombs Away - "Big Booty Bitches" Dirtyloud Remix -

Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Tune - Duck Sauce "Barbara Streisand" Kid Kenobi's Nick Thayer Vs Pimpsoul & DJP Mash Up

We're starting things off this first week of October with a real funkster. Before we get to the tuna, just a quick reminder that the "People's House" Remix Contest closes today. You still have time to get your submission in to We've featured some other tunes from Duck Sauce on the Kick It Blog and I as well as many others, love there soulful and feelgood, funky sound. On the other hand, I'm not the biggest fan of straight up House, so edits of their stuff are always right up my alley. There are two kickass bootlegs going around of Duck Sauce's new one, "Barbara Streisand", one from Nick Thayer and one from Pimpsoul. Both of which I have included links to below. Today we are talking about the Kid Kenobi Mashup though. Having won multiple awards as early back as 2001, including Australia's favorite DJ three years in a row, Kid Kenobi has been ripping things up in the Land of Oz for quite some time now. Having toured all over the world as well, his name is known far and wide beyond the shores of his homeland. Kid Kenobi takes the different versions of "Barbara Streisand" and deftly works them together forming one fabulous and cheeky bootleg mashup. Sliding from one to the other with heaps of edits and some extra added stabs to kick things up a notch. Mid-way through Kenobi drops down the tempo switching gears to the Pimpsoul & DJP Remix for some old school flavor. A smooth ass buildup brings us back to a wicked and wobbly bassline. Towards the end things revert to the Nick Thayer rendition giving you a clean beat to work out with. Top Stuff!

Kid Kenobi & Shureshock round the world adventures

Kid Kenobi - NEW EP UP!

Barbara Streisand (Kid Kenobi's Nick Thayer Vs Pimpsoul Vs DJP Mash Up) - Duck Sauce by Kid Kenobi
Kid Kenobi on Myspace -

Kid Kenobi on Soundcloud -

Pimpsoul on Soundcloud -

Nick Thayer on Soundcloud -

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Tune - Da Vip- Mueve su pelo feat Ke$ha Pornstar CNF Mashup

So one thing I can't figure out is what this guys name is. Is it Da VIP, DaVIP, Davip and is it V.I.P. like very important person or is it just vip? What I do know is this guy makes some serious Breakbeat and Drum & Bass tunes and he started out from a very young age. Coming to us from the Russian Federation DaVIP?, has been releasing tracks for several years and by the time he was eighteen he was well accomplished with releases on labels like Cut N Run and Subtribe. Da VIP has received support from artists like Ed 209, Jay Cunning, and Ctrl Z. His latest release "Ignition" is out now on Hardcore Beats with a killer Dubstep remix from Bare Noize. I found this little gem of a freebie on the Cut and Funk Soundcloud page. I'm not entirely sure of the origins of all the parts from this one but I know the vocals are from Ke$ha and the Spanish style guitars are freakin great. Drum & Breaks beats start things off with heavily chopped vox from the pop phenom. Tear-out bass, as to be expected from the Hardcore Beats camp, pushes things to full amplitude and Screwface-esque synths pierce through the subsonics. The main breakdown has that epic feel to it and tough leads build things back up dropping in hard with proper chunkiness.
Da vip- Mueve su pelo feat ke$ha pornstar CNF mash by Cut and Funk

Da VIP on Myspace -

Da VIP on Soundcloud -

Cut and Funk on Soundcloud -

Friday, October 1, 2010

Farace Friday - Loads of Free Stuff!

Yes that's right everybody, Friday is upon us once again and the weekend has arrived! That means it's Farace Friday as well and we've got some tasty goodies today for you guys to scarf up. Starting things off is the phenomenal follow up to Farace's "Out At Night" Volume 2 which is now available for download for one and all! Check the number because Dj Dan's "Operator" has got the line kicking things off in proper fashion with some quick layering on the three-way. Farace does a masterful job of this mix, seamlessly sewing together nineteen tracks and nine loops in just under an hour’s time keeping the energy high and the beats pumping hard. If you're heading out to the club tonight, pop this one in the dash to get the crew fired up!
Next up we've got the first of two free tunes from Farace. The names Dresden and Johnston are without a doubt well known in the Dance Music Industry and hundreds of thousands of kids have had their hands in the air to their melodic tunes and pulsing beats. Farace turns out a grooving and chunky lyrical stormer that's sure to earn some smiles and cheers. Tormented violins and pained vocals are accompanied by monster kicks and moving pads to create a peaceful but pounding piece with swung out beats giving it an almost Breakbeat feel.
Last up we've got a classic from Farace now available for FREE. Sonic Bee Ft. Chunk n Attack's "Nu Skool Skank" the Farace Remix is a peak time banger with ravey synths and vocal samples, a brawny bassline and a good dose of guitar to give it that rock edge. Right on the border of Breakbeats and House, this one should do well for either crowd with it's Kick/Snare 4/4ish break and heaps of change ups, edits, and intensity.
 Farace "Out At Night" Volume 2
1 - Dj Dan "Operator" Myles Dyson Remix (Rel1 ReFix)
2 - Dj Icey "Lexicon Hustle" Original Mix
3 - Freestylers Ft. Belle "Cracks" CTRL-Z Remix
4 - Pendulum "The Island" Part II
5 - Le Castle Vania "Nobody Gets Out Alive" Noisia Remix
6 - X-Dream "The 1st" Far Too Loud ReFix
7 - BSD Vs Access Denied "The Ultimate" Original Mix
8 - Sound Pusher "Milk and Honey" Felguk Mix (Rel1 ReFix)
9 - Freestylers "This City" Myagi Remix
10 - Access Denied "Autostop" Original Mix
11 - Emanuel Kosh "Make My Music" Zodiac Cartel Remix
12 - Tiesto Vs Diplo "C'Mon"
13 - NAPT Vs Mike Snow Vs Passion Pit "Black and Blue"
14 - Dub Pistols Ft. Ashley Slater "Back To Daylight"
Access Denied Remix
15 - Joman "In Heaven"
16 - Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP "We No Speak Americano"
Porter Robinson Remix (Marten Horger Edit)
17 - Jabbawockeez (The Bangerz) "Robot Remains" Sangers & Ra Mix
18 - Farace "I Dont Know None of Those" (Forthcoming on Kick It)
19 - Rusko "Hold On" Sub Focus Remix

Haggstrom - Be My Baby (Peo De Pitte Remix)
Jamiroquai - Supersonic (Acapella)
Jay Z - Money Aint a Thang (Acapella)
Naz ft Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World (Acapella)
The Funk Bandit - Crazy Love (Acapella)
Afrika Bambaattaa & The Soul Sonic Force - Planet Rock (Acapella)
Who Da Funk - Shiny Disco Balls (Acapella)
Dead Prez -It's Bigger Than Hip Hop (Acapella)
Young MC - Bust a Move (Acapella)

Farace on Soundcloud -