Sunday, October 3, 2010

Free Tune - Da Vip- Mueve su pelo feat Ke$ha Pornstar CNF Mashup

So one thing I can't figure out is what this guys name is. Is it Da VIP, DaVIP, Davip and is it V.I.P. like very important person or is it just vip? What I do know is this guy makes some serious Breakbeat and Drum & Bass tunes and he started out from a very young age. Coming to us from the Russian Federation DaVIP?, has been releasing tracks for several years and by the time he was eighteen he was well accomplished with releases on labels like Cut N Run and Subtribe. Da VIP has received support from artists like Ed 209, Jay Cunning, and Ctrl Z. His latest release "Ignition" is out now on Hardcore Beats with a killer Dubstep remix from Bare Noize. I found this little gem of a freebie on the Cut and Funk Soundcloud page. I'm not entirely sure of the origins of all the parts from this one but I know the vocals are from Ke$ha and the Spanish style guitars are freakin great. Drum & Breaks beats start things off with heavily chopped vox from the pop phenom. Tear-out bass, as to be expected from the Hardcore Beats camp, pushes things to full amplitude and Screwface-esque synths pierce through the subsonics. The main breakdown has that epic feel to it and tough leads build things back up dropping in hard with proper chunkiness.
Da vip- Mueve su pelo feat ke$ha pornstar CNF mash by Cut and Funk

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