Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Free Tunes & More - Nick Thayer - Gonna Getcha

Well today is all about the tunes I can tell you that much. We have got a ton more free stuff up for grabs today. A few short months ago Nick Thayer released "Just Let It Go" on Aquasky's label Passenger (link below). The album itself was nominated for "Best Electronic/Dance Album" at the "Australian Independent Record Awards". Around the time of the release, Nick made available the parts for the killer single "Gonna Getcha", to anyone who wanted them. Some killer remixes have come back and Nick even did a fresh new VIP mix himself all of which have available for FREE! Also, if you yourself the parts are still available on Nick's Soundcloud on the "Gonna Getcha" VIP page. Speaking of that VIP mix, that's the first one we have up for download. Nick starts things off with Tribal-esque drums and chopped up vocals. A quick break and then tough and meaty bass is driving things home. Techy hats and fidget bleeps push the energy up to the roof. Winding synths that remind me of Dada Life or Farace bring us through the major breakdown. A big tuna that should work well for many.
Next up is Nick Thayer's remix of Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand". This one is being reworked by everybody right now but few can do it like the Wizard of Oz. Heavy kicks and the DS sample bring us back to Funky-town right off the bat. Filters and rolls do the job early on coming in on a jacked bassline. Clean and crisp this is a good part rocker.
 Next we have the Pimpsoul remix of "Gonna Getcha". Downtempo, old school Electrobasswobble is the name of the game on this one. Thick snares and a fantastic low ends making for a slower but bouncy feel good tune. Transformer on the vocals maintain the old school feel while the synth line twists out through the breakdown. This one is really well done!
 Third in line for the "Gonna Getcha" remix is the Smile on Impact Remix bringing a badass bassline driven Tech-Funk stormer. Driving kicks and zaps and bleeps give it a fun and modern edge. Pitched up vox and trancey synths keep things moving and the energy high.
 If Dubstep is your thing then the Bill Poster's Remix is gonna be the one for you. Ridiculous talking bass and shaky hi hats combine for a weighty vocal riddim. The hook finds its way into the main breakdown and you forget you're in Dub land for a moment until wham, you're smacked in the face with the low Hz.
 There are also the Shaun Fiddle and Wolfbane DJs remixes to get your hands on. Shawn Fiddle turns out a Spanish Techno version while the Wolfbane DJs turn in an Electro House banger with a dope breakdown that manages to combine horns with a video game feel and 80's synths in a way I particularly like. Plenty of spunk to keep it going when the beat drops back.
 Had enough yet? Good neither have I. We have also got some wicked Hip Hop flavor coming from down under. Nick Thayer Ft. Mike Beatz and Lex One bring us the hot fire of "Can't Touch Me Now". Showing he can drop bombs on any style, he teams up with some smooth cats dropping blazing rhymes on a highly flammable beat. Turn your speakers up and watch the bass combust your woofers!
 Just in case you're still hungry for more, Nick Thayer's new 30 min mix for Annie Nightingale's Radio 1 show is also available and it's jam packed with more fresh berries than a jar of Smuckers!

Gonna Getcha VIP - FREE 320 DOWNLOAD by Nick Thayer

Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Nick Thayer Rmx) by Nick Thayer

Nick Thayer - Gonna Getcha (Pimpsoul Remix) Free download. by Pimpsoul

Nick Thayer - Gonna Getcha (Smile on Impact remix) by smile on impact

Gonna Getcha (BillPosters Rmx) by billpostersdj

Nick Thayer "Gonna Getcha" Shaun Fiddle Remix -

Nick Thayer "Gonna Getcha" Wolfbane DJs Remix -

Nick Thayer Radio 1 Mix -

Nick Thayer - "Just Let It Go" -

Nick Thayer on Facebook -

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