Monday, October 4, 2010

Free Tune - Duck Sauce "Barbara Streisand" Kid Kenobi's Nick Thayer Vs Pimpsoul & DJP Mash Up

We're starting things off this first week of October with a real funkster. Before we get to the tuna, just a quick reminder that the "People's House" Remix Contest closes today. You still have time to get your submission in to We've featured some other tunes from Duck Sauce on the Kick It Blog and I as well as many others, love there soulful and feelgood, funky sound. On the other hand, I'm not the biggest fan of straight up House, so edits of their stuff are always right up my alley. There are two kickass bootlegs going around of Duck Sauce's new one, "Barbara Streisand", one from Nick Thayer and one from Pimpsoul. Both of which I have included links to below. Today we are talking about the Kid Kenobi Mashup though. Having won multiple awards as early back as 2001, including Australia's favorite DJ three years in a row, Kid Kenobi has been ripping things up in the Land of Oz for quite some time now. Having toured all over the world as well, his name is known far and wide beyond the shores of his homeland. Kid Kenobi takes the different versions of "Barbara Streisand" and deftly works them together forming one fabulous and cheeky bootleg mashup. Sliding from one to the other with heaps of edits and some extra added stabs to kick things up a notch. Mid-way through Kenobi drops down the tempo switching gears to the Pimpsoul & DJP Remix for some old school flavor. A smooth ass buildup brings us back to a wicked and wobbly bassline. Towards the end things revert to the Nick Thayer rendition giving you a clean beat to work out with. Top Stuff!

Kid Kenobi & Shureshock round the world adventures

Kid Kenobi - NEW EP UP!

Barbara Streisand (Kid Kenobi's Nick Thayer Vs Pimpsoul Vs DJP Mash Up) - Duck Sauce by Kid Kenobi
Kid Kenobi on Myspace -

Kid Kenobi on Soundcloud -

Pimpsoul on Soundcloud -

Nick Thayer on Soundcloud -

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