Thursday, September 29, 2011

12 Free Tracks - Farace - Originals Collection

You know you're on fire when you open for Porter Robinson & Tiesto and the Plump DJs in the same week! Well, that's just what Farace did this week! 

On top of being a maniacal mastermind behind the decks working the shiz out of his S4 and plethora of Midi Fighters, Farace is a multi-talented and creative individual who can excel at anything he sets his mind too. Whether it's behind the video camera, taking stills, or working his magic on digital editing, there is no end to his talents. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention he's a kick ass producer as well, silly me.

Having near 50 releases under his belt with originals and remixes that have charted in almost every category of EDM on all the major sites, plus some of the smaller ones, Farace's Discography is starting to have some serious depth to it. Being the nice guy that he is, Farace is always giving out free stuff and he is now putting together a series of collections that you can grab for yourself, for FREE!

Stuffed full of more goodness than a turkey on Thanksgiving, Farace's first collection up for grabs is chock full of nothing but originals from the F-Man. Consisting of twelve wicked tunas, you get a killer assortment of Breakbeat action like "People's House", "Fifty Six" and a personal favorite of mine, "Damn Club DJ". Plus other massive works like the highly successful Drumstep Anthem "Feel That Ammunition" featuring Trevor Rockwell and the super dubby "I Don't Know None of Those". You can grab the entire set for free by just entering your email address in the box provided and if you like what you get, which I know you will, you can make a donation by heading over to Farace's website, the link is below. You can also check out the other forthcoming collections while you are there.

Message From Farace

I have compiled these collections as I move forward and take the next steps with my music. I wanted to allow everyone an easy way to access all of my best tracks from the last 3 years. 

I sincerely appreciate all of the support I have received from my family, friends, other artists and everyone involved in the scene (especially my awesome wife Ashley) - it means far more than you know.

I really hope you enjoy the collections. I have worked very hard over the years and have decided to give these songs out for free.Thanks for everything, 

Paul Farace <3

   Farace - Peoples House (Farace Breaks Remix) by farace

   Farace - Brk Tch (Original Mix) by farace


Make a Donation -

Farace on Facebook -

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Free Track - Discoveri - Vibes - J2k Remix

Ah yes, it's free tuna time again. Just the thing you need to make your hump day a little brighter. Bringing you a serious slice of Breaks business is J2K with his remix of Discoveri's "Vibes".

J2K is one of the founding members of Kick It and he has been proving himself a force to be reckoned with right along the way. Rocking clubs and events from the southern US to the North and over to the West Coast, J2K has been keeping himself busy in the studio and on the road and with a string of chart toppers under his belt including the very successful "Millennium", things are just heating up for this budding producer.

Packed with bouncy goodness and a chunky bassline, "Vibes" the J2K remix is a groovy Breakbeat banger laced with trancey leads and kickin' drums. Combining touches of multiple genres with his own unique sound and style for a progressive workout that continues building into the main breakdown with proper style, he knocks this one outta the park. Turning things up another notch when it all comes back around again, J2K keeps things interesting straight through to the end in proper fashion. 

Grab it for free and head on over to J2K's Soundcloud page to see what else he has been up to including his wicked remix of Tactical Groove Orbit's "Bleaching It", forthcoming on Kick It Recordings.

   Discoveri - Vibes (J2K Remix) Free Download!! by J2k

J2K on Facebook -

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New Release - KIR259 - Sneaker & The Dryer - Tribute to Jack w/ Remixes by Exodus & ReepR, Johnny Dangerously and OLMEC

Following the wicked success of Karetus’ “Loudness War” Kick It Recordings returns with their first release from Sneaker & The Dryer for KIR259.

Bringing you the business in a big way, Sneaker & The Dryer light things up with a massive Broken House stormer in “Tribute to Jack”. Paying homage to the recently departed long time activist and author Jack Herer, the S&D boys start things off with heavy kicks and wicked synths leading into the first break which is quickly followed by the rolling Electro bassline and original vox. Wicked edits abound and ravey stabs keep the energy building as you work your way into the main breakdown. Trancey leads and heavily verbed zaps combine with filtered vocals for an epic hands in the air moment before it all comes back in like a freight train with lasers taking ya back, that’s the Real Jack!

Peak Hour Music’s Dj Exodus & ReepR are up first on remix duties and they’ve turned in a guaranteed chart topper of the 4/4 kind. Slick beats and pristine production are paired with vocoded vox and a jammin bassline complimented by the immense trance leads for a feel good groover with plenty of umph.

Keeping  things popping,  OLMEC returns to Kick It with a massive remix and proves why he is quickly rising to the top of the Electro House charts with his tough and driving yet upbeat version of “Tribute to Jack”. Big time bass and glitched out vocal samples make for a wicked and funky tuna that will keep dancers feet moving straight through to the end. 

Rounding things out with a proper Breakbeat workout, Johnny Dangerously delivers the goods with his funked up “Kush” mix. Old School flavor meets Nu Skool vibes lighting ya up with talking bass that wobbles like a top gone mad from one too many rips. Big Trance stabs and pitched down vox roll you into the super dubby breakdown halfway through before a final dose of low ends finishes you off.

Support From

Chrizz Luvly - "Love it, will be a killer release!"

Far Too Loud - "Liking this release, OLMEC remix will get a spinning from me!"

Marcus Gauntlett - "Dj Exodus & ReepR Remix is awesome! Full Support!"

Farace - "Have to say this whole pack is just massive!!"

Breaking News - "HELL YEAH!!! Original is AWESOME!!! Love it! 5/5"

Wavewhore - "Big release... really feeling the original mix on this one!"

Fisso & Spark - "Wicked release, great vibes on this! Will support in our next gigs!"

Sketi - "Love the original mix for this. Great stuff."

Audio:Hertz - "Oh my days! Hands in the air! Awesome production!"

John Grief - "A bit of something for everyone in this varied package. Think I will be going with the OLMEC Remix on this one, like the way it rolls out."

VovKING - "Liking the Original and the Remix from Exodus and ReepR!!!"

Tactical Groove Orbit - "Really nice track and remixes, well done!"

Charlie Kane - "BIG!"

TJFX - "S&D Killing it!! Solid release all around. If you don't like this, you don't know JACK!!

Diistortiion - "Sneaker & The Dryer keep getting better and better. Wicked production on this one!" 

Mobius - "Johnny Dangerously Remix is the one for me."

   KIR259 Sneaker & The Dryer - Tribute To Jack (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

   Sneaker & The Dryer - Tribute to Jack (Preview) - OUT NOW!! by SneakerAndTheDryer

Sneaker & The Dryer "Tribute to Jack" on Juno -

Sneaker & The Dryer "Tribute to Jack" on Track It Down -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Soundcloud -

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Free Tune - Sketi - You Ready For This?

The free tunes just keep coming and today Sketi returns to the Kick It Recordings Blog with a super funky Breakbeat banger for you to shake your money maker to.

Consistently pumping out chart toppers on a variety of labels, Sketi has firmly established himself as one to watch in 2011. Remixing for the likes of Altered Beats, Yreane, and the Anologeeks, he is not only putting together wicked remixes but his original tracks are top notch as well. If you like your Breaks a little harder and a little darker, than Sketi is definitely making music for you.

Big, brash and full of beans, "You Ready For This" is Sketi's latest free offering and it was just posted less than 24 hours ago. Starting things off with a big Rock & Roll feeling break, chunky guitars and chilling pads, Sketi quickly sets the tone for a heavy workout backed with a big bassline to satisfy your sub-frequency needs. Acid zaps, a plethora of lasers and more edits than you can shake a stick at keep things rocking right into the main breakdown which has a short and sweet drop allowing for just a moment of rest before you're off and running again. Grab it for yourself, share it with your friends or even it give it to your dog, he probably won't care though.

   [FREE DOWNLOAD] Sketi - You Ready For This? [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Sketi Music

Sketi's Website -

Sketi on Facebook -

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free Tune - Farace - My Mind

We're back again today with another wicked free tuna for our readers and this one is coming at you from Kick It Recordings front man Farace who has been steadily releasing banger after banger.

With global bookings at events like Breakspoll and WMC and a string of chart topping originals and remixes for over 30 record labels worldwide under his belt, Farace has earned the respect of fans and artists alike. Farace consistently charts at the top dance music stores, including holding positions at number 3 on Beatport and taking number 1 at several others such as TrackItDown, DaneMusicHub and DjTunes. You can hear his original work in countless Dj mixes and on multiple radio shows including BBC Radio One, Kiss FM UK, Austria's FM4, NSB Radio, and many more. With original tracks that have placed in the top 100 Electro, Breaks, Indie Dance, D&B and Dubstep Beatport Charts, Farace has shown he can produce a multitude of sounds and do it right. Like his production values, in his live sets you can expect a genre bending, energy filled set packed with slamming beats, massive bass and one of a kind performances. With a ton of new music coming out and a busy event schedule ahead, there is no stopping this musical powerhouse.

Digging into his endless bag of goodies, Farace drops another freebie on his fans entitled "My Mind" which is a techy bit of Indie Electro awesomeness getting down to business with a heavy drumbeat and filtering arps. Two sets of eight and then the trippy vocals start to make their way in backed up by a heavy and rolling bassline and wicked synth stabs followed by a big lead section to change things up a bit. Then it's time for another round of hands up and heads down low ends before giving way to the trancey and Spy Hunter-esque mid section. Rounding things out is another dose of grinding lows with big edits and pounding kicks to bring it all home, snag it for free and grab yourself a bunch of other great stuff by following the links below, make sure to "like" Farace's Facebook Artist's page and sign up for his mailing list while you're at!!

   [Free DL] Farace - My Mind (Original Mix) by farace

Farace Upcoming Gig Schedule

09/14 - Hybrid, Farace, Dave Berg @ Suite Jacksonville, FL
09/26 - TBA Gainesville, FL
09/28 - Plump Djs, Farace, Dave Berg @ Suite Jacksonville, FL
09/29 - NSB Radio with Sneaker & The Dryer @ NSB Radio
09/30 - Kick The System @ Worcester, MA
10/01 - Kick It Family BBQ @ Worcester, MA
10/08 - Dragon Lounge @ San Diego, CA

Farace's Facebook Artist Page -

Farace's Website -

Friday, September 16, 2011

Broken Robot Madness - Free Tune, Mixes and Remix Competition

Ah yes, we've arrived at that glorious day known as Friday again, how about a little bit of free business to sweeten the pot! Today we've got a plethora of stuff for you from Broken Robot so we're gonna get right down to it starting off with their latest release from Hedflux, Neurodriver and Luqas, both of which tunes have been riding high in the Beatport charts.

First up is the highly anticipated collaboration between Hedflux and Neurodriver entitled "Energy Vibration". This track is the perfect showcase of both artist's style, fusing Hedflux's driving Tech-Funk Psy goodness  with Neurodriver's intricately crafted synth work to create an acidic peak-time of a monster guaranteed to get any dancefloor moving! The first half of the tune builds hypnotically, introducing the sample from which the track takes its name and midway through there is a deceptively serene breakdown, right before the full force of the second drop is unleashed in a moment described by one of the Freerange DJs as "The Epitome of Rave"!

On the flip-side is a darker, more alien workout resulting from Hedflux's teaming up with new Broken Robot signing and Psy-Breaks pioneer LuQas. "Reptoid" chugs along menacingly, with tripped out blips and squarks underpinned by a relentless bassline, twisting and turning until finally reaching the main breakdown. At this point the most twisted lead line is introduced: sounding something like a cross between Hallucinogen's infamous Gamma Goblins and gray with a stomach ache! This is one tune that will positively devastate those night-time floors!

   BRR016 - Energy Vibration / Reptoid by BrokenRobot

Next up is the Tech-Tastic and Psy-rific one hour Burning Man Mix from Neurodriver. Fans of the Breakbeat mastermind have long been waiting for a new mix from him and you will not be disappointed when the hard and heavy basslines and supersized acid riffs start melting your mind and pulsating your body. Packed full of massive tunas like "In the Rough", "Teleport", "Trompeta", and of course "Energy Vibration", this is sixty minutes of maniacal madness that will leave you wanting more, grab it for free!

Neurodriver Burning Man 2011 Mix

1. - Neurodriver "Man Made Final" (CDR)
2. - Neurodriver "The Depths" (AUX Tech)
3. - Neurodriver & Atomic Drop "In The Rough" (CDR)
4. - Wally Lopez & Richard Dinsdale "Shamba" 
        Luigi Rocca Remix (303 Lovers)
5. - Neurodriver "Teleport" (lot49)
6. - Neurodriver "Panic Button" (CDR)
7. - Meat Katie & Elite Force "Believe" Rektchordz Remix (U&A)
8. - Neurodriver "Church of the Plasma Christ" (Flying Rhino Digital)
9. - Lizard Kings "Oviparous" Mike Hulme Remix (U&A)
10. - Neurodriver "Trompeta" (Broken Robot)
11. - Neurodriver & Messy MC "In the Shadows" (CDR)
12. - Da Fresh "Once Again" Hertz Remix (1605)
13. - Neurodriver & Hedflux "Energy Vibration" (Broken Robot)

   Neurodriver - Burning Man Mix 2011 by BrokenRobot

 We're not done with you yet kiddies, you wanted more and we've got it. Hedflux recently posted up one of his prize tunas that he has used both as an intro and mid-set many times to great crowd response. Hedflux wanted to give more back to everyone for a long time, to express his gratitude for all the comments, and acts of support and appreciation you've given him over the years. He hopes you enjoy this wicked piece of Psy goodness and find a place for it in your DJ sets as he has.

   Hedflux - Introversion [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Hedflux

What's that you say, you still want more, well then more you'll get. How about another wicked mix of the Psy & Tech-Funk kind, this time coming at you from Hedflux himself! 

In the last year Hedflux has been (almost) all over the world performing, introducing people to this sound. The response has been overwhelming, and it seems like every new gig he travel's to, now has an even more electric atmosphere than the last. Hedflux has always been highly selective of the music he plays, in an effort to define something new and distinct, and he now feel's that this style is getting the recognition it deserves. So, it's not often Hedflux releases a mix, and this time he really wanted to showcase the state of the art of Psychedelic Tech-Funk. There are lots of new and exclusive tracks in here which will be available over the coming months, and it clocks in a whopping eighty minutes. Enjoy,and share it far and wide!

Hedflux "The Art of Psychedelic Tech-Funk"

1. - Hedflux "Introversion" (CDR)
2. - Hedflux "Integrator" (Aux Technology)
3. - Bad Tango "Checkpoint" (Broken Robot)
4. - Monk3ylogic "Bass Effex" Hedflux Remix (Liquid)
5. - Acidnova "Break the Dream" Monk3ylogic Remix (Rune)
6. - Hedflux & Neurodriver "Energy Vibration" (Broken Robot)

7. - Tim Healey & Atomic Drop "Take Control" Hedflux Remix (Surfer Rosa)
8. - Bad Tango "Cortex" (Broken Records)
9. - Snook "Within the Stream" (Broken Robot)
10. - Hedflux & LuQas -"Reptoid" (Broken Robot)
11. - Madmind - "Slaves of Consumption" Blazer Remix (Psychoactive)
12. - Hedflux "White Nights" (Broken Robot)
13. - Triple Agent "The Operator" (Broken Robot)

   Hedflux - The Art of Psychedelic Tech-funk (July 2011 Mix) by Hedflux

Broken Robot Remix Competition

Now for all you budding producers out there, Broken Robot are proud to announce that they will be holding a remix competition of “Energy Vibration”! The remix parts to the track will be released next month, so you have a few weeks to register your email address at their website ( before they are mailed out in their next newsletter. Once the parts are sent out, you’ll have until the 30th of November to submit your entries. The best remixes will receive a full release on Broken Robot next year with royalties paid to you. In addition of course, it’ll win you a foot in the door with the label, as well as kudos with the wider scene, and maybe even get you laid. All styles of music are welcomed, but of course music fitting the broad remit of the label is more likely to win their favor. So that’s all for now...get signed up to the mailing list, and the parts will be on their way to you soon.

Broken Robot Records on Facebook -

Hedlux on Facebook -

Neurodriver on Facebook -

Luqas on Facebook -

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Free Mixes and New Release - Stripper - Ur Not Alone

After the storming success of their first single on  Surfer Rosa "Stuka", Stripper are back with a slamming Electro House re-work of the '90s classic: "You're Not Alone". The spine-tingling chords and vocal from the original have been lovingly re-created, before the boys unleash their massive bass and analogue edits. 
Result: all out pandemonium!

On remix duties, label owner Tim Healey teams up for the first time with uber-in-demand studio legend, Wizard, to deliver their sublime Dubstep re-work. The sensual and hypnotic vocals of the original are devoured by their unbelievably huge and juddering bass, top stuff!

Support From

Calvertron - "Origianl Olive track is one of my all time fav tracks. Dubstep remix is bad ass :)"

Utah Saints - "Big Tune X Thanks - The Wizard & Tim Healey Refix is a big end of set tune."

Tom Craft - "Wow! Awesome release!! Love both mixes."

Marco - "5/5, like both mixes."

Freddy Fresh - "Great choonage."

   SRR012 - STRIPPER - UR NOT ALONE by Tim Healey

While you're over at Soundcloud checking out the original and Healey Vs Deekline remix, make sure you grab the wickedly bass heavy mixes that are also there from Stripper and Tim Healey, we've got the Stripper Promo Mix tracklisting below for you.

Stripper September Promo Mix

1. - Tiesto Ft. Kay "Work Hard, Play Hard" Autoerotique Remix 
      (Musical Freedom)
2. -  Stripper "Ur Not Alone" (Surfer Rosa)
3.  - Erol Alkan & Boys Noize "Death Suite" Erol Alkan Edit (Boysnoize)
4. - Deniz Koyu "Tung" (Flamingo Recordings)
5. - Freddie le Grand "Metrum" (Toolroom)
6. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Paella" Stripper Remix (Booty Breaks)
7. - Afrojack "Bangduck" Mogwai Remix (Wall Recordings)
8. - Adam K Ft. Jelo "Room Mates"
9. - Umek "Promised Land" (1605)
10. - Funkagenda & Adam K "Drift" (Tool Room)

Surfer Rosa Records on Facebook -

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Exclusive Free Tune - Calvin Harris - Feel So Close - Kwerk Re-Rub

Ah yes, another Hump Day is upon us and another free tuna is up for grabs. The one like Kwerk returns to the Kick It Blog with a wicked Exclusive banger  you can't get anywhere else. Completely re-Kwerking Calvin Harris' "Feel So Close", this one is more of a remix than a re-rub and should have been released with the original in my opinion!

Starting things off your kicked in the ass by all new drums with that signature Kwerk sound giving you a nice chunky breakbeat backed by filtering vox and arps to set the tone. The first breakdown takes you into a big hands in the air moment featuring the vocals and keys from the original and then it's time for the bass! Heavy on the low ends and packed with punch she's beefier than a double quarter pounder with cheese!  Big edits and wicked sampling from the original mixed with little female stabs keep the energy rising right into the main break where you're treated with another round of vocals and epic cheekiness to keep things kicking. This one is sure to rock any crowd it's faced with so cop it for yourself and check out the video for the original while you're at it.

Calvin Harris "Feel So Close" Kwerk Re-Rub - Exclusive - Get It Here!!

Kwerk on Facebook -

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Free Tune - Modjo - Lady - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

I told you I've got some good stuff lined up for you guys this week and we're back today with another brand new free tuna from S&D. This time they've set their sights on Modjo's huge House classic "Lady" and given it a proper Breaks rework.

Starting things off with a fat break and riffs from the original your quickly dropped into the first breakdown which focuses on the classic vocals. Then from out of nowhere your hit with the upbeat and zappy Electro bassline and the futuristic vox from the one like Method Man setting things in motion. Building things up for the main breakdown your assaulted with lasers and zaps coming at you from every which way. Another quick vocal solo takes you into the super funked up breakbeat with big disco stabs and then it's time for the peak roll, edit and fill and then it's back to business with plenty of change ups to keep things interesting. Grab it for free, check out Sneaker & The Dryer on their Facebook page and keep your eyes and ears on this space for a massive original coming out soon on Kick It from S&D with remixes by DJ Exodus, OLMEC, and Johnny Dangerously, it's pure fire!!

   Free Track - Modjo - Lady - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

Sneaker & The Dryer on Facebook -

Kick The System "Back to The System" Event Page - Back To The System!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Free Tune - Zomboy - Game Time - Autoclaws Locked Down Bootleg

That's right everybody, it's Peanut Butter Jelly time! We've got a wicked tune up for grabs today and I've got a bunch of good stuff lined up for you guys this week. Starting your week off proper we've got Autoclaws' Bootleg of Zomboy's "Game Time".

If you haven't heard about about Zomboy yet, maybe you have been hibernating, if that's the case, you can check him out here -

On that note, let's talk about today's free business coming from Autoclaws. Hailing from Sydney Australia, Autoclaws has been bringing his wobbly and dark sets packed with Drumstep, Dubstep, D&B and Hard Style to some of Sydney's largest clubs. With his high energy sets producing nothing but pure intensity, he goes above and beyond ensuring that the crowd are left in violated state yet still wanting more! With a couple of releases under his belt Autoclaws has turned loose his production stylings on Zomboy's "Game Time".

Keeping things straight forward from the intro you get a good dose of the original with it's massive buildup and wicked sampling with a tasty little vox edit dropped in for good measure from Autoclaws to give you a taste of what's coming. A quick 16 bars and we're into an all new buildup with crazy bleeps and zaps paired with excellent drum work for an epic moment before dropping in on the Drumstep section to finish you off. Grab it for free and check out Autoclaws on his Facebook page.

   Game Time (Autoclaws Locked Down Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD by Autoclaws

Autoclaws on Facebook -

Friday, September 9, 2011

2 Videos - RC Sparks and Tapolsky & VovKING

Starting things off for us today, we've got a little something different. Did you ever play with RC cars and what not when you were a kid? Have you been longing to get back into it having seen some of the bad ass stuff that is out there? Or, maybe you are an RC enthusiast yourself and you're looking for a good place to meet some like minded people. Well my friends, today is your lucky day because RC Sparks and RC Adventures are just what you're looking for. 

My man Aaron AKA Dj Medic has been working hard day in and day out since 2008, building his RC Empire. Realizing back then that there was a niche to be filled in the world of RCs when it came to Hi-Def Videos, build videos, and really just quality footage all around, Aaron got down to work with his first video which has received 80,000 views since it was first posted. Since that time Aaron has produced over 300 videos and his YouTube channel "RC Adventures" has received more than 19,000,000 views and that figure is growing by 1 million per month!

Aaron has also put together a wicked website in RC that has everything from the Sparks Blog to videos, tons of pics, and the Sparks Apparel Store. Not to mention Aaron recently started the RC Sparks forum which in a very short period is already nearing 2,000 members, largely due to their no "Dickheads" atmosphere they have cultured.

To celebrate the 300th Episode of RC Adventures, Aaron teamed up with Kick It Recordings for a no holds barred 1st Ever mash-up of new, old and unseen footage. Lupo's "Star Raging Havoc" the Access Denied Remix (Previously Released on Kick It Recordings) provides the soundtrack to this high energy and fun filled video. You may laugh, you may cry but you will definitely smile and you may even pick up the keys when it's done and head out the door to your local hobby shop, I'm just saying, this shit looks fun!

RC Sparks Website -

RC Adventures Page -

Next up we've got a bit of utter madness coming at you from Tapolsky & VovKING. If you haven't been keeping up with the VovKING, you need to get over to his Soundcloud page and check him out! Tapolsky on the other hand I can't quite figure out and not speaking any Russian doesn't really help. All I know is the guy is out of his gourd and he was involved with this video so big ups to him!

To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure of the full name of this song but I know it has something to do with Moombahton, maybe one of our readers can post a comment and help me out ;)

VovKING on Soundcloud -

VovKING on Facebook -

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Release - KIR258 - Karetus - Loudness War w/ Dilemn Remix

Holy crap what do you know, I have internet again!! Sorry for the lack of posts in the past week but it's kind of hard to get them done with no connection to the web! I'll try and make it up to you guys in the coming days with some good freebies. Today we are talking about Kick It's latest release which just dropped worldwide on Tuesday and man is it a monster, one of our biggest releases to date for sure!

Hailing from Portugal, newcomers to the game Karetus have quickly been establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with their unique and in your face cutting edge style. Making their first appearance on Kick It, the ones like Karetus have been smashing tunes with their aggressive and dynamic sound and this time they are hitting you with the “Loudness War”. Rough and rugged right from the get go “Loudness War” features crisp and clean drums paired with slick edits to start things off. Quickly making your way into the first breakdown you are immediately assaulted by intense sub bass frequencies that will resonate your soul as the massive and warping synths take hold of your mind.  A quick vocal sample and then it’s time for the face melting bassline and missile like  leads to do their dirty work as they pummel you about the ears knocking you senseless, you wanted a war, you got it!

On remix duties we have the French mastermind known as Dilemn bringing us an epic slice of techy business that has already been rocking dancefloors round the globe with it’s no nonsense heads down approach to “Loudness War”. Heavy kicks and shuffling hats take you into the first drop where you are greeted by wicked synths and a colossal build up to set things back in motion with authority. Electric and wobbling low ends provide plenty of bounce as you make your way into the wicked dubbed out breakdown before it all builds back up again with maximum intensity for another hands in the air moment leaving no one left standing still when the beat comes slamming back in like an earthquake, mission complete!

"Loudness War" has been Featured by both Beatport and Juno Download, here is what Juno has to say about this massive tuna.

"Although filed under breakbeat, the original version of "Loudness War" actually inhabits the no-man's-land between Breaks and Dubstep. It's loud, wobbly, intense and murky, utilizing the sort of colossal, over-the-top builds and spooky vocal samples that suggest nuclear Armageddon may be a matter of days away. If it was any more foreboding, John Simpson would be reporting live from the dancefloor whilst wearing a fetching flak jacket. Dilemn remix, opts for a grungy mix of grandiose War Of The Worlds builds, crunchy Electro House builds and bowel-evacuating bottom end."

Head on over to Beatport or wherever you get your digital music and pick up a copy for yourself and then see what else Karetus have been up to by following the links below.

Support From

Far Too Loud - "Nice stuff, love the stripped back drop on the Dilemn remix!"

Access Denied - "I love both the tracks! Full support!"

Farace - "LOVE this release! Karetus are on fire right now and the Dilemn remix is huge! Full Support!"

Marcus Gauntlett - "Really like the Dilemn remix for my sets, full support!"

Wavewhore - "Nice release... def feeling the original on this one... nasty bizness!"

Yreane - "Original is the one for me! Beats, bass and inner energy, love it! Dilemn never disappoints and turns in an absolute banger as well! Kick It are taking it to another level!!"

OLMEC - "Love what I'm hearing from both the original and the remix!"

Mobius - "All about the Dilemn remix on this one, will be playing for sure!" 

Dj Trux - "This is just awesome!!"

TJFX - "Massive release! Original is pure carnage!"

Kwerk - "Absolutely massive sound!"

Diistortiion - "Damn what a massive release!! Both versions are banging but if I had to choose one I'd lean more to the original but only just. The production on both tracks is off the hook. Massive, massive sound!!"

SK2 - "This is gonna be huge, both remixes are slamming! Heavy beats and dirty bass on the original mix, lush rolling bassline & crystal production on the Dilemn remix.. stunning!!"

   KIR258 Karetus Loudness War + Dilemn Remix (Preview Clips) by Kick It Recordings

Karetus "Loudness War" on Beatport -

Karetus "Loudness War" on Track It Down -

Karetus on Facebook -

Karetus on Soundcloud -

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Forthcoming Tune - Stylus Rex - Blatant Elephant - Official Video

I hope everybody's having a good week so far. Today we've got something a little different for you coming by way of Ground Level Records and Stylus Rex.

Stylus Rex made his mark with his first self-pressed vinyl "Boomstick" released in 2005 which was picked up by Hiedi Van Amstell to sell through Phonica and also by Ray Vinyl through Vinyl Addiction. Since that time the Stylus Rex sound has come a long way. Keeping his head down and his beats hard, Stylus has continued to release a plethora of material on labels like Punk Funk, Re:Connect, Control Breaks, Bronzerat, and BijouBeats, along with five singles currently on Ground Level Records. These have all worked to establish Stylus Rex as one of the heavy hitters in Breaks.

His latest work "Blatant Elephant" is due out on Ground Level Records on Sept. 19th and we've got the official video featuring wicked visuals by Purform, Rob Seward and Nicolas Deveaux. The track itself starts out with phat kicks, throbbing bass and echoed vox to set the tone. Wicked guitars provide the funk just before the blatant elephant sounds his trunk letting you know it's time to get up, way up. Super techy but packed with goodness, Stylus Rex takes you on a journey through the land of the pachyderm and it feels good!

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