Sunday, May 1, 2016

Free Track - Gorillaz - Clint Eastwood - Vitamindevo Remix

Closing out the week with a stunning House remix of the feel-good tune "Clint Eastwood" by the Gorillaz today is the San Francisco based producer Vitamindevo! With little to no breakdowns, this tune is a straight up 4/4 rocker that knows no bounds when it comes to providing bass hitting action!

Crisp drums, deep sub pounding bass, and wonderfully treated vocals, all wrapped and saturated with energetic textures and stabs forms Vitamindevo's remix of "Clint Eastwood", giving us a solid re working of this now classic tune that carries loads of power and force within its sounds!  

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Free Track - Ben Dooks - Fool

Kicking off the month of May with a sweet and grooving 4/4 club mover today is the House producer Ben Dooks with the heads down chugger "Fool"!

With almost five minutes of pure dance action, a solid mix-in/mix-out, two atmospherically pleasing breakdowns, and meat that goes on for days, "Fool" is a must have to start off your May collection! 

Here is a little bit about this fantastic release - 

"From its conception D-Vine Sounds has solely relied on the support from its followers, which continues to astound the team on a daily basis... Month by month the D-Vine Squad grows and with festival season knocking at the door we saw no better way than to thank our loyal followers and family with a whole sampler of FREE Summer downloads!

Each track hand picked by the team over the last 6 months is certain to set the dance floor and the booth on FIRE!!!

A compilation of remixes & re-edits of some house classics with some extra special samples and twists - this will be a soundtrack for your summer!"

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Free Track - Emojii - Bullseye

Closing the night out proper this evening is a slamming, peak-time, Bass House smasher from Chicago based duo Emojii! The heavy hitting track "Bullseye" is a four minute long club crusher, that is a must for those that like a gnarly tune!

With a solid mix-in and mix-out, two atmospheric breakdowns that are epic, and festival fueled meat that goes on for days, "Bullseye" is a must have for those weekend gigs! 

Download this fantastic track today from Soundcloud!

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Free Track - AutoErotique - AUH - TheElement Remix

Right on time for those weekend gigs is a slamming Bass House remix of Autoerotique's "AUH" from the London based producer TheElement! He delivers over five minutes of heart stopping action, which is cleanly produced, and well structured, forming a monster track that must be grabbed today!

A short piano filled mix-in smoothly transitions us to the first quick breakdown of "AUH" with ease! As the one like TheElement drops us into the sub pushing meat of the 4/4 club smasher there is no turning back!

Entering the second, atmospherically charged breakdown, that is saturated with stunning amounts of vocal stabs and textures, we are yet again sent into the hard hitting power of "AUH"!

With a solid mix-out, and some fantastic builds, "AUH" is a full and complete banger that will make a perfect addition to your end of the month collection! 

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Free Track - ODD JOB - Hit The Flo

Today we have a sweet House rocking club mover from ODD JOB! Hitting us with just about five minutes of sub pushing, body jacking goodness, you will love the hard sounds of "Hit The Flo"!

With a lengthy mix-in/mix-out, a large, atmospheric breakdown, and four to the floor meat full of rich bass, "Hit The Flo" is a great tune to add to your weekly collection!

Download this fantastic track from Soundcloud today!!!

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