Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Weekly Event - Subterra: Presents Nicky Twist

We are kicking off the second week of Subterra proper with a stellar line up tonight! Featuring New York's own Nicky Twist, the Massachusetts bass-line specialist Sneaker & The Dryer, and the atomic DJ known as Chernobyl Child, this is sure to be a killer party that if you live near the Worcester Massachusetts area, you do not want to miss out on!!!

Here is a little more about this fantastic night!!!


Presented by Kick It Recordings and The Cove Music Hall. 

Hopefully you made it to the First installment and had a BLAST!

Continuing on with bringing only the best artists from around the country and beyond, we stayed a little closer to home this week with the NYC badboy himself, Nicky Twist!

21+ w/ Proper ID
Ladies Free before 10pm
Open: 9PM-2AM
$10 @ the Door / No Presales

Tonight's Lineup

Nicky Twist (NYC) 
(Bass Monster Music - BP2)

Since the late 90's Nicky Twist has been known to rock with the best of them. Turntablist, producer, and label owner Nicky Twist is on top of his game smashing crowds everywhere he steps up to play.

Sneaker & the Dryer (MA)
(Kick It Recordings - NSB Radio - Tight Crew)

One of New Englands top Bass Music producers, S&D has been a staple in the EDM scene since 2004. His high energy performances will be sure to keep you locked into the groove and moving your ass all night long.

Chernobyl Child (MA)
(4orce Productions)

This underground sleeper is no stranger to rocking dance floors. One of 4ORCE Productions founding members, he's been known to lay down some nasty DnB & House sets.

The Cove Music Hall
89 Green Street
Worcester, MA

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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Free Track - Jacob Sampson - Timeless

Deep winter vibes, and heavy atmospherics, Jacob Sampson delivers a sweet, chilled out groover, with the track "Timeless"! This over four minute long jam is an excellent electronic, laid-back, sub rumbler! 

With a fantastic intro, wide dance fueled meat, one pad driven breakdown, and a well timed mix-out, "Timeless" is a great grab!  

Monday, February 8, 2016

Free Track - Rando - International Flavors

Australia based producer Rando has just released a sweet and tender Chill track titled "International Flavors"! At just about three minutes long, this atmospheric groover is a wonderful track to listen to, or chilling out a crowd at night!

With a texture rich intro, deep and sub booming meat, a cerebral breakdown, and a solid mix-out, "International Flavors" is a must have for your collection this week!

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Rando on Facebook -

Free Track - Andrea Fissore - Clockwork

Andrea Fissore is at it once again! Today he hits us with another 4/4, groove filled, House body mover titled "Clockwork"! With just over six minutes of run-time, lush with heavy atmospherics, and packed with laid-back feelgood vibes, this is a must grab to start your week off right!

A solid minute long mix-in sets the pace perfectly, as we are dropped into the first short build-up, Andrea Fissore pushes us right to the deep and rolling meat of "Clockwork"!

With a second longer breakdown, rich drops, and a well timed mix-out, he makes this weeks free tuna a spectacular catch! "Clockwork" is a certified club pumper! 

Download this fantastic track today for free by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Andrea Fissore on Facebook - 

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Free Track - Abrigo De Pelos & One Path - My Way - BSN Posse Remix

Dropping a fantastically sweet Chill track on us tonight is BSN Posse with an outstanding remix of "My Way" from Abrigo De Pelos and One Path! At just about four minutes long, and filled with wonderful atmospherics and bass heavy grooves, this is a great track for warming down a night or just chillaxin!

Here is a little bit about "My Way"

"We are over the moon to have a BSN Posse remix come in for My Way, the boys deliver and constantly shape shift to glorious effect." 

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