Monday, April 20, 2015

Free 420 Track - Rita Marley - One Draw - Father Funk Remix

Father Funk knows how to do 420 right!!! He drops a dope remix of Rita Marley's "One Draw", lighting up the dance-floor until there is nothing left but the sweet smell of smoke!

With exactly 4 minutes and 20 seconds of playtime, Father Funk hits us with amazing Mid-Tempo flavor as a big beat surrounds glitching bass, smooth vocals, and a myriad of instruments that will get you right in the groove of "One Draw"!

Be sure to check out Father Funks 420 Freebie from last year as well!!!

Father Funk gives you the choice of downloading an MP3 or WAV of this fantastic song!

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Free 420 Track - Beenie Man - Dude - Sammy Senior Remix

Hitting us with the 420 flavor is the one like Sammy Senior with his sweet Moombahton remix of Beenie Man's "Dude"!

With a non-stop flow of soul driven vocals, grinding bass-lines, and the hard thump of deep drums, Sammy Senior's remix of "Dude" is packed full of club action!

Grab an MP3 or WAV of this excellent track today!!!

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Free Mix - The Armory Podcast - 089 - Farace

Nothing kicks off a weekend better than an hour long mix from the one like Farace! He joins up with The Armory to bring us the 89th episode of this fantastic podcast series!

Featuring almost strictly tracks from Farace, he adds in a couple bangers from artists like Stanton Warriors, Mighty Dub Kats, Fisso & Spark, Direct Input, and a couple more choice producers! 

If you love the feel of a broken beat, or are a fan of variety, than this is one mix that will get you grooving in no time!

The Armory Podcast Episode 089 - Farace

01. - Electrixx "Some Beats" Direct Input ReBang
02. - Run Riot "Damaged" Farace Remix
03. - Farace "Move On" Deenk Remix
04. - Farace and Dave Berg "Fly Away" Fixx and Lab3 Remix
05. - Stanton Warriors "Where's THe Beef"
06. - KWeRK "AWOL" Direct Input Remix
07. - Minero "Pulse" Farace & Dave Berg Remix
08. - Heatbeat and Chris Schweizer "Nasty" Farace Breaks Edit
09. - Fisso and Spark "High Times" Farace Remix
10. - Mighty Dub Katz "Just Another Groove" Stanton Warriors ReBounce
11. - Aaron Sigmon "Booty Bump" Breaks Mix
12. - Eric Mendosa "Rayon X" Farace Breaks Edit
13. - Discos Over "Chains ft Charlotte Rowe" Farace Remix
14. - Farace "Pop Dat feat Chayo Nash"
15. - Flatland Funk & Voyager "Robot" Farace & Dave Berg Remix
16. - Beatz Projekted "Battleship" Farace Remix
17. - DJ BL3ND & Modulation "Here We Go" Farace & Dave Berg ReEdit
18. - Farace "Run Away ft Kristen Campbell" Sketi Rmx

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free Track/Help De La Soul!!! - De La Soul - Ring Ring Ring - Rhythm Scholar Remix

Rhythm Scholar hits us with a soul driven remix of De La Soul's "Ring Ring Ring", delivering a heartfelt and funky groove that is larger than life with flavor and meaning!

He also gives us the option to download the "Dub Dub Dub" version as a two track package!

Here is a little bit about how you can help the legendary group De La Soul - 

De La Soul is ready to record a new studio LP! If you head over to their Kick Starter Page you can donate to the cause and help them get enough funds to make this new album!

You have until May 2nd!!!!

Support De La Soul -

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Free Track - Al Jarreau - Roof Garden - Father Funk Remix

Bringing us the funkiest of grooves tonight is the one like Father Funk with his Mid-Tempo, bass wobbling remix of Al Jarreau's "Roof Garden"!

A quick mix-in leads to a vocal fueled 16 bar breakdown, throwing us right into bass-line goodness within the first minute of "Roof Garden". As a sweet and crisp Breakbeat drives us along to the tune of soulful instrumentation and vocals that keep energy flowing smoothly,  Father Funk yet again gives us another great free track!

Father Funk gives us the option of downloading either a WAV or MP3 of this fantastic remix!!!

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