Saturday, August 29, 2015

Free Track - Left/Right & Trespass - Sunspot

Tonight we have a perfect bass thumping groover from Left/Right and Trespass! They drop a five minute long epic on us with their eerie and haunting, atmospheric club rumbler "Sunspot"!

They have also included a sweet music VIDEO to go along with this awesome release!

Left/Right of Facebook -

Trespass on Facebook -  

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Free Track - Porter Robinson - Flicker - Citylights Remix

Releasing a fantastic Chill remix of Porter Robinson's "Flicker" tonight is the appropriately named Citylights!!! Short but sweet, this Breakbeat infused Mid Tempo groover is saturated with a beautiful feeling of time spent in the big city at twilight, and with atmospherics in abundance, this is an excellent evening listen!

Alternative Download Link -

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Free Track - Henry Fong - Wine Dem - X&T Remix

Tonight we have a short but sweet Breakbeat club rocker from the one like X&T!!! His remix of Henry Fong's "Wine Dem" is a heavy bass banger, delivering a massive punch of sub thumping goodness!

A fast paced mix-in layered with vocals and rolling drums kicks "Wine Dem" off just right! As we are sent into a energetic buildup X&T smacks us with 808 madness, unleashing a drop that's full of raw dance flavor!

With an epic, atmospherically charged breakdown, and a well balanced mix-out, X&T creates a fantastic remix of "Wine Dem" that is sure to play out like a charm!   

Free Track - Copycatt - Mother

Hitting us this evening with the late-night vibes is Copycatt, dropping a cerebral Chill track titled "Mother"! Utilizing a crunchy Breakbeat at Hip Hop tempo and some fantastic atmospherics, Copycatt creates a beautiful soundscape that is perfect for moonlit listening!

Here is a little about "Mother" from Copycatt - 

"A story from my night time thoughts. Free because I actually want you to have this song in your library and listen to it at night when you are having a night time think."

Copycatt on Facebook - 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Free Track - Antonio Marchante & Joan Garcia - Summer Dawns

Tonight we have a sweet House groover from Antonio Marchante and Joan Garcia! They drop over seven minutes of deep bass pounding goodness with "Summer Days", and it's sure to please any lover of bass music!

Download this fantastic track today by visiting the LINK below!

Download Link -

Antonio Marchante on Soundcloud -

Joan Garcia on Soundcloud -