Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Archery Trick Shots - Dude Perfect

Robin Hood had better step up his game, Dude Perfect are here with some insane archery trick shots!

Ok, I admit, the background music is not exactly the type of stuff we would normally have on the Kick It Blog but if you really can't handle the Country, just mute it! You'll still be be able to enjoy the video for what it's worth.

From actually curving a shot and still hitting a target to nailing the world's longest shot with a bow from a ridiculous length, these guys hit some killer shots and use creativity to keep things interesting.

My personal favorite is the basketball on the arrow into the hoop but there are quite a few badass hits made!

Dude perfect have a ton of other entertaining stuff on their YouTube channel as well so check em out!

Dude Perfect on YouTube - youtube.com/dudeperfect

Dude Perfect Website - dudeperfect.com/

Monday, November 24, 2014

New Release KIR357 - FUBAR - Ulitmatum EP

FUBAR makes his debut and slips the dogs of war with a havoc inducing, peak-time Electro House EP, simply titled “Ultimatum”! With four, balls to the wall, head-banging club crushers, FUBAR makes it abundantly clear that his first EP to be released on Kick It Recordings is pure dance gold!!

With a quick and intense mix-in, the title track “Ultimatum” starts off with a myriad of sounds and atmospheres as hard pitch-bent leads send us moving to the first breakdown of this over six minute long Electro House giant! Utilizing progressively arpeggiated synths, and large off kilter leads in front of an ever increasing wash of rolling drums and sweeps, “Ultimatum” crescendos into a gnarly drop that may have you… checking your pants!

The meat of “Ultimatum” is filled with a staggering amount of grinding leads, rumbling bass lines and massive soundscapes as FUBAR opens an enormous EP in the most fitting of ways!

For the second track, FUBAR goes into a no holds barred, Complextro-esqe rage, slamming listeners with an intense array of madness saturated leads and stabs, breakdowns fueled with screaming synths, and the all around feeling of a battleground of sound with “Damaged”!

“Shock” is basically a futuristic 8-bit influenced Electro theme song to the most extreme videogame you’ve ever encountered in your life! With meat for days, “Shock” is over five minutes of pure club action only briefly stopping for short breaths along the way!

Closing it out proper, FUBAR throws down unleashing body-slams and full nelsons as he obliterates his opponents! Regulating with fluctuating bass and razorblade leads “Take Down” is a brutal last stage, which only promises one thing… total dance-floor devastation!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 12-08-2014

Support From

Wavewhore - "Awesome stuff!!"

Cally & Juice - "Really like all 4 of these, especially Damaged and Shock!"

Kickflip - "4 top stompy complextro numbers and a great debut release! Damaged is my pick of the bunch."

Don Marco - "These drops are awesome!"

Dwaine Whyte - "Really tight production, nice complex drum patterns!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Amazingly epic EP right here!!"

Magnus Johanson - "Nice work... Will support/test them out... thax))"

Bootz Saint - "Been a while since ive got some solid elctro like this! THIS SHIT IS BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome work!"

Reality Randy - "Really digging it. Like the grit!"


FUBAR on Facebook - facebook.com/FUBARElectro

FUBAR on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/fubar_electro

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Free Track - Tigerlily & The Only - Daylight - Jason Risk Remix

Tonight we have a very special track from the one like Jason Risk with his big and bouncing Melbourne remix of Tigerlily and The Only's "Daylight"! Giving us not one free track but two different versions of his remix! One version with a slowed down second drop, and a version that stays true to a 128bpm format!!!

Here is what Jason Risk has to say about his newest remix - 

"Hey all here's my remix to Tigerlily & The Only's "Daylight". Originally it was for the comp but I got swamped with other deadlines so had to prioritize!

If you don't like the second drop because its slow, there's also a version that's just 128bpm the whole way, available here"

Alternate Version - dropbox.com/Daylight(JasonRisk128Remix)

Jason Risk on Facebook - facebook.com/jasonriskmusic

Jess Greenberg - All Along The Watchtower Cover

Holy hooters Batman, it's Jess Greenberg! YouTube sensation Jess Greenberg has been making a name for herself with her acoustic guitar and tiny black tank tops since 2010.

Winner of Ryan Seacrest's "Totally Covered Summer" in 2013, Jess has been consistently picking up attention from other big names as well like her support from Sports Illustrated this past August for her cover of "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. WZLX called her cover of "Highway to Hell", the Breast Ever!

Jess has got an amazing voice and is a wicked guitarist and it's all backed by looks that could kill! My personal favorite from Jess is her cover of Bob Dylan's "All Along The Watch Tower". Crank it up and enjoy the view!

Jess Greenberg's Website -  jessgreenbergmusic.com

Jess Greenberg on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/jessgreenberg1

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Free Mix - Future Funk Squad - Retro DJ Mix

Tonight we have a slamming Breakbeat mix from the one like Future Funk Squad!!! He drops an old school vibe assortment of broken beat madness with his newest mix "Retro"!!!

With a large amount of Future Funk Squad remixes, and some originals, "Retro" is a fun and funky mix that you'll love getting down to!!! 

Future Funk Squad "Retro Music Festival 2014"

01. - 2 SINNERS "In Circles"  FFS Remix
02. - "Satisfaxion Boot"
03. - SOTEG "Crowd React" FFS & Madam Breaks Remix 
04. - FFS "Riffulator" 
05. - General Midi "The Westerner" 
06. - Brothers of Dub "Same Frequency" FFS Remix
07. - The Prodigy "Funky Shit" FFS Rr-Edit 
08. - Aquasky "Satellite Channel"
09. - FFS "Sorcerary Dust"
10. - Madam Breaks "Breakspinner" 
11. - "Carnival"
12. - "Higher Scram of Consciousness"

Future Funk Squad on Facebook - facebook.com/Future-Funk-Squad

Future Funk Squad on Twitter - twitter.com/futurefunksquad