Thursday, February 23, 2017

Free Track - Noisy Dealer & Arikakito - Bring It Back

Closing out the day this evening, from the combined efforts of  Kazakhstan based Noisy Dealer and Arikakito, is a slamming Bass House club rocker! The four minute long floor crusher "Bring It Back" is sure to be a sick body moving addition to your 2017 database!

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Free Track - LowLight - You

Keeping the ball rolling with a solid and grooving Liquid D&B creation, is the New York based producer LowLight with the sub ridding sounds of "You"! With a wonderful structure, and a run-time of almost six minutes, this is certainly one track you'll love to play, all year round!

With multiple atmospheric breakdowns, a well timed mix-in/mix-out, and heavy meat that is sure to take you on a ride, "You" is a great find that must be downloaded today!

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Free Track - Low Disco, San Marttin - Back

Kicking off a spectacular round of tunes this fine afternoon is the combined skill of Low Disco and Sam Marttin with the deep sounds of "Back"! At six minutes long, with impeccable grooves, this House rocker is a must have for your end of February collection!

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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Free Track - JØRD & Sterium - Dope

Starting our week with a chugging Bass House rocker tonight, is the Brazil based production team of JØRD and Sterium! The over four minute long "Dope" is a down-low grinder that is sure to fit perfectly in your February database!  

With a solid mix-in, two building breakdowns, bouts of fantastic halftime goodness, and bass-line meat that goes on for days, "Dope" is sure to fill the floor with feet in no time at all! 

Download the full track for free today from Soundcloud!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Free Track - FVCKDIVMONDS & TYPE3 - Let's Ride

Closing out the week proper this fine evening, with some heavy Bass House vibes, is the production team of FVCKDIVMONDS & TYPE3. They deliver three and a half minutes of floor moving dance action with the chugging sounds of "Let's Ride"!

A building mix-in leads straight to the bass bouncing meat of "Let's Ride" with a solid pace. With a myriad of sounds and textures, this sub booming rocker eventually leads the the first and only short breakdown, smoothly sending us into a well timed mix-out, making this a definite must for your February collection!  

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