Friday, March 27, 2015

Free Track - Zen N - I Feel Loved - Blacklist Remix

Blacklist hits us with a stunning Booty Breaks remix of Zen N's track "I Feel Loved"! He unleashes a funk fueled storm of epic, sub booming proportion, delivering a perfect track for this upcoming weekend!!!

With two quick breakdowns, and meat that goes on for days, "I Feel Loved" is a non stop, bass thumping journey, that you will have to play over and over again!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Free Track - The S - Death & Rainbows - Farace & Dave Berg Edit

Farace and Dave Berg team up yet again to bring us a slamming Breakbeat remix of "Death & Rainbows" by The S, delivering a massive amount of energy with this peak-time banger!!!

Kicking off with a short but sweet mix-in, "Death & Rainbows" hits us right away with a solid Breakbeat, surrounded by light textures and crisp percussion as Farace and Dave Berg send us into a quick breakdown, we are thrown right into grinding, bass-line nastiness!

With a second atmospheric breakdown, and a meaty mix-out that goes on for days, Farace and Dave Berg make sure that their remix of "Death & Rainbows" is a club smasher!!!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Release - Dub Pistols - Return Of The Pistoleros

The Dub Pistols hit us with a new single from their upcoming album "Return Of The Pistoleros" which is due out on the 1st of June this year!

Here is a little bit about the new release - 

"Festival season is fast approaching, so what better time to welcome back the perfect soundtrack to a mucky weekend? Ladies and gentleman, make way for Dub Pistols - check out the Gigwise premiere of new single 'Pistoleros' below. 

Ready for a rave in the wild west? Well, good - as the lead track from their upcoming album, Return Of The Pistoleros, is a bold and brave cowboy dance attack, where Ennio Morricone goes drum and bass. It's a delicious and juicy taster of the album to come. 

“There’s always been a bit of the outlaw in classic reggae,” explains frontman and true gentleman Barry Ashworth, “a bit of spaghetti western, Mexican feel. That's how we feel. We don’t have to try to fit in any more. We’re not going to be anyone’s flavour of the month. We’ve got our crowd and we’re getting new people all the time, from the ska dads to the festival kids, and it’s all word of mouth, no marketing, just from our live show."

Dub Pistols - Pistoleros (Feat. Seanie Tee)

Dub Pistol's Upcoming Tour Dates

APRIL 7 - Snowbombing, Mayerhofen Austria
APRIL 24 - Harlow, The Square
APRIL 30 - London, Dingwalls
MAY 1 - Herne Bay, Kings Hall
MAY 2 - Poole, Mr Kyps
MAY 3 - Southampton, The Brook
MAY 8 - Sheffield, O2 Academy
MAY 15 - Glasgow, Audio
MAY 16 - Dundee, Buskers 
MAY 21 - Portsmouth, The Wedgewood Rooms
MAY 22 - Tune In The Dunes Festival, Perranporth Beach, Cornwall
MAY 23 - Frome, Cheese & Grain
MAY 29 - Barnstable, The Factory
MAY 30 - LemonFest Festival, Newton Abbot

Album Pre Order

New Release KIR365 - Johhny Labs & Beatz Projekted - Superelevation

Once... every century... a song is created that lives on through the ages, demolishing and then devouring everything in its path. Yes... you have guessed correct, the two forces of nature known as Johnny Labs & Beatz Projekted have come together to unleash one of these tracks on the masses, lifting the ground from underneath and replacing it with only wide open sky as we are consumed by "Superelevation"! With peak-time remixes from Shwann and Statik Link, KIR365 is a release not to be missed!!!

This Electro monster punches hard as Johnny Labs and Beatz Projekted start with a thumping 4/4 beat, quickly filtering in eerie and unnerving leads as sweeps and high ends form a wide atmosphere, building up to the gnarly and driving meat that puts "Superelevation" in a league of its own!

What can be said about a drop so nasty, so tantalizing and so perfect, "Superelevation" is riddled with heavy textures and sub bass so full that it literally takes your breath away! As we arrive at the only breakdown, Johnny Labs and Beatz Projekted make it count, first dropping to Trance synths and then kicking things up a notch as drums lift us up, ultimately throwing the listener back into a long and energetic mix-out that will have every DJ loving the variety that these two provide!

First up on remix duties is the rising star known as Shwann! He hits us with a Big Room remix that is saturated with flavor all his own, generating the term Shwann Style, a formation of words which means only one thing... balls to the wall furry!!! The myriad of sounds Shwann utilizes whether it the grinding bass, intense leads, or the large and crisp drums is simply overwhelming and will erupt any dance floor in a swell of fire and sweat as bodies are smashed with a pure dance anthem!

Closing it out with a unique and powerful Big Room remix that is fused with down and dirty Trap vibes are the ones like Statik Link! Moving back and forth between 4/4 goodness, Hip Hop inspired 808 breakdowns and build ups that will have your grampa rising to his feet, Statik Link freely and smoothly blend genres giving us a wonderful end to this fantastic release!!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 04-07-2014

Support From

LJ MTX - "Shwann remix is fire! Thanks!"

Wavewhore - "Hard to choose a favorite here as all 3 mixes are getting it done!"

DM&H - "Support from DM&H, we like that drop!"

Don Marco - "Awesome driving basslines!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "This is such an amazing release! Massive...simply massive!!!"

Dave Jacob - "Big tune!"

Rubicon 7 - "Great remix from Shwann!"

John Gibbons - "This is big. On the Shwann Remix!"

Jayden Lewis - "Cool!"

Tod Zane - "Amazing track guys!!!"

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Free Track - Karetus - Battle Royale - Paranormal Attack Remix

Karetus has just decided to give away the Paranormal Attack remix of their new track "Battle Royale", unleashing a storm of 140bpm Electro House madness on the world!

With a gigantic atmosphere, a banging, peak-time groove, and an all out feel of total devastation, the Paranormal Attack remix of "Battle Royale" is a perfect track for any Electro Fueled database!!! 

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