Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New Release - Free Mix - Walking Def - Love To Give EP

This morning we have a wonderful upcoming release from Walking Def on Midication Recordings that's due out on August 11th, and let me tell you, the "Love To Give" EP is one release not to be missed!

Not many acts can say that their debut release was paired with a camera strapped to a baby's head, then filmed and shown on prime time US TV. But that's exactly what happened when Walking Def's first single, the bass-heavy "Running All My Life", was picked up by GoPro for their 2013 Super Bowl advert which has now clocked up over a million views on YouTube. 

Their next effort, the four-track "Love To Give" EP, is a showcase of Walking Def's studio versatility and innate musicality. Opening with the French Electro infused "Everything", the trio offer a euphoric 110bpm piece of bass music that fans of Justice should have no problem sliding into their playlist. Moving on to the title track, "Love To Give" is a bittersweet Breakbeat rave bomb, with a dark edge that's perfect for peak time dance floor action! 

The EP rounds off with two slices of high-energy, 140bpm, bassline pounding madness! First up is Walking Def's collaboration with Virus Syndicate, "Let Me Show You", it's feel-good disco chords and distinctive Virus vocals are underpinned by a chunky Electro bassline, creating all out dance floor havoc!

Finally Walking Def pay tribute to their previous single with "Come To Me", a track that will elate fans of large bass slamming Dubstep, the world over with the grimy and grinding sound's of bass booming business! All and all "Love To Give" is a rock solid EP that is sure to take the charts and ear's of the public by storm!

Walking Def "Love To Give" EP

Walking Def has also released a free mix which includes three tracks from their new EP, and also contains tracks from fantastic artists such as Pyramid, Far Too Loud, Zomboy, Porter Robinson, and Duke Damont, making this a quick yet massive mix!!!

Walking Def "DefCast 001"

01. - Walking Def feat. Virus Syndicate "Let Me Show You"
02. - Caspa feat. Diane Charlemagne "Reach For The Sky"  
03. - 501 "The Final Cut" 
04. - Pyramid "Dangerous" 
05. - Millions Like Us "Departure" 
06. - Walking Def "Love To Give"  
07. - Far Too Loud - Faster Than Light 
08. - Duke Damont feat. AME "Need U (100%)" 
09. - Autoerotique "Asphyxiation" 
10. - Millions Like Us "Behind You" 
11. - Taiki and Nulight "Take Me Up"  
12. - Disclosure feat. Eliza Doolittle "You and Me" 
13. - Zomboy feat. Lady Chann "Here To Stay" (Astronaut Remix) 
14. - Matt Zo + Porter Robinson "Easy" 
15. - ShockOne feat. Metrik + Kyza "Lazerbeam" (SKisM Remix) 
16. - Habstrakt "Eat Me" 
17. - Walking Def "Everything" 
18. - Rudimental feat. Angel Haze "Hell Could Freeze" (Skream Remix) 

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Release - KIR313 - Audio:Hertz Ft. Katy Lewis - Sometimes

Coming at us from rising stars Audio:Hertz, “Sometimes” Featuring Katy Lewis is an all out Electro House assault that invades our minds with entrancing vocals and beautiful sounds that could only come to us from the Cardiff bad boys themselves!

“Sometimes” kicks off proper immediately getting down to hard synthline business and within thirty seconds, Audio:Hertz slides in Katy Lewis’ vocals bringing the energy and feeling through the roof! With astounding melodies and spot on composition, this epic driving tune gives everyone’s ear a bit of something to fall in love with!

Along with the original of “Sometimes”, Audio:Hertz also unleash a banger of a club mix that gives everyone a harder and club friendly look at this hands up jaw dropper! With larger breakdowns, wider synths, and harder bass bumping goodness, the club mix is a perfect representation of the Audio:Hertz sound!

First up on remix duties is Beatz Projekted and if we know anything about this young up and comer, it’s that anything he comes in contact with becomes massive and makes a crowd of people get down! With unique breakdowns and one hell of a gnarly bassline, this hard Electro House remix of “Sometimes” will have feet sore for days!

The ones like MBFB brings the heat and lights the floor on fire with their pitch bent synths in this fist pumping remix that really captures the vibe of “Sometimes” to give us a heartfelt track that is just in time for festival season!

Lastly we have Saam Roberts with a Dubstep infused Electro smasher! It’s four to the floor action is broken up wonderfully by halftime madness and gigantic breakdowns, giving us yet another look at the fantastic and powerful “Sometimes”!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 08/13/2013

Support From

Farace - "What a track boys! Monster melodies, clean mix and full of energy! Loving that vocal from Katy too, well done! Full Support!"

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Killer release all around but the Club Mix is my favorite one!"

Sychosis - "The original stands out so much sonically, it's a great track gonna be rocking this in SF!"

Kamen - "Wicked stuff right here!"

MBFB - "Ahhhhhhhh lads club time is here!"

Saam Roberts - "If i don't hear this at Creamfields this year I'll be thoroughly disappointed. It has summer festival written all over it!!!"

DeadSlim - "Shit hot EP!!"

Active Gear - "Loving this, top stuff from the Audio:Hertz boys, Beatz Projekted Remix is the one I'm all over, its the first tune on my new promo mix!"

Ed Russell - "I'm less into the Electro House vibe but the Beatz Projekted mix is the best for me. Like, but not love... Will still fully support and play on NSB. Keep on with the good work!"

Shaun of The Bass - "Dopeness! MBFB Remix is my fave by far"

Dimitris Kolios - "Massiveeeeeee"

The Dirty Bunch - "Nice Electro House mates, love the funky sounds, awesome vocals nice instrumentation job well done!"

Sam Man J - "So catchy! Great track, love it, well done!"

The Universal Sickness - "The build ups in this track are totally intense. The editing of the vocals is really awesome too! Very nice work!"

   KIR313 - Audio:Hertz Ft. Katy Lewis - Sometimes EP - OUT 07/30/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Audio:Hertz on Soundcloud -

Beatz Projekted on Soundcloud -

MBFB on Soundcloud -

Saam Roberts on Soundcloud -

Free Track - Duke Dumont - Need You (100%) - Deekline Remix

Today we have a booty shakin remix of Duke Dumont featuring A*M*E "Need You (100%)", from the one like Deekline, as always it's Breaks at there finest drivin by a funky groove that will have crowds getting down on the floor!

In the studio, Deekline is a bonafide musical shapeshifter, he is impressively diverse, having reworked the likes of Armand Van Helden, Old Dirty Bastard and The Prodigy. Earlier in 2013 his 2-step-flavored reworking of Lethal Bizzle & Donae'o's "Not A Saint" anthem proved he's still in touch with his UK garage roots at a time when the sound has never been hotter.

Kicking things off large Deekline drops a massive Breakbeat on top of classic sounding synths that bounce between each ear giving us an upbeat revamp of "Need You (100%)", that screams to be played out to a crowd of people this Summer season!

When the vocals from A*M*E hit, it's all over, Deekline makes sure this track has 100% of your attention, and with the flowing and wobbling bass lines, there will be no stopping your feet as your taken away by the fantastic sounds of "Need You (100%)"! All you need to do to get this amazing track for free is giving Deekline a like on Facebook!

  Duke Dumont - Need U (100%) - (Deekline Remix) - FREE DOWNLOAD by DJ Deekline

Download Link -

Deekline on Twitter -

Monday, July 29, 2013

Free Track - King Kornelius - ii Desu

This morning we have a fantastic free tune that's a part of King Kornelius' 8 tracks in 8 weeks challenge, the third song in the series for week three is a banging Electro House jam entitled "ii Desu", and if my Japanese serves me well, ii desu means good, and this track goes well beyond the boundaries of good, and into the realm of amazing!

 "ii Desu" starts off beautifully, creating a fantastic atmosphere that quickly draws listeners in as King Kornelius drops heavy kicks and layered synth work throwing us straight into another world,  with a larger than life soundscape that music critics and dancers can both get behind. "ii Desu" walks the thin line between mainstream and underground music!

After an upbeat mix in "ii Desu" transitions to a haunting breakdown that's fueled by de-tuned synths, epic sweeps, and driving drums that move the soul just as much as it moves peoples feet! When getting into the meat of "ii Desu" King Kornelius holds nothing back as grinding leads and pounding bass kick this tune into high gear giving us a peaktime Summer classic!

Be sure to follow King Kornelius throughout his 8 week challenge for more amazing tracks, that this writer is sure will not disappoint!!!  

King Kornelius "ii Desu"

"ii Desu" Preview on Soundcloud

King Kornelius on Twitter -

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Music Video - Rory Hoy Vs Kitten and The Hip - I'm Ur MF

Smacking us with the funk today we have a a brand new video from Kitten and The Hip and Rory Hoy for their new track "I'm Ur MF", which will be released on Tallhouse Digital August 9th, and it's sure to be a massive hit!

Starting with a myriad of driving horns, quickly getting listeners into the groove, vocals from the mastermind Ashley Slater are soon dropped, and are accompanied by a powerful beat from Rory Hoy, to kick off "I'm Ur MF" in style!

Soon vocals from the immensely talented other half of Kitten and The Hip, Scarlett Quinn, trade off with Ashley's, giving us a beautiful back and forth leading up to a chorus propelled by both of the fantastic vocalists, sending "I'm Ur MF" over the edge and into a unique world of swinging, hip, funk fueled wonder!

Be sure to save the date and buy this amazing tune when it is released! Alternatively there is a clean version of the song so everyone can enjoy the funky power of Kitten and The Hip!

I'm Ur MF (Dirty Vocal)

I'm Ur MF (Clean Vocal)

Kitten and The Hip on Soundcloud -

Kitten and The Hip on Facebook -          

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Release - KIR312 - Deformaty - God Particle - Remixes by MBFB and DeadSlim

Down from the heavens, fallen to the earth, and released from the hands of Deformaty, “God Particle” is a haunting track with a divine power that entrances listeners and gives them no option but to move their bodies to the beat!

The Breakbeat splendor of “God Particle” kicks it off in high gear as Deformaty makes use of unique and massive percussion and movement pushing your ears along for an epic journey! Almost immediately the righteous and holy synths that make “God Particle” a crusade through sound fall into place and it’s accompanied by an outrageously large breakbeat and hefty basslines that push this tune over the edge!

First up on remix duties is MBFB bringing the Electro fire, turning up the heat with gnarly and grinding  basslines, along with killer synth leads, MBFB gives us a harder look at “God Particle”!

Hitting us with a peak time banger, DeadSlim shows us what he can do when given the “God Particle”, and listeners are sent into the sky filled up with four to the floor action that no one can deny. With a massive second breakdown and out of this world sweeps, DeadSlim knows how to cater to the masses!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 08/06/2013

Support From

Farace - "Deformaty on the bass! Awesome track!"

Beatz Projekted - "Liking this whole release a lot!"

Wavewhore - "Big release... Deformaty original is on point!"

Run Riot - "Diggin the original!"

Sneaker & The Dryer - "Deformaty is an animal! Original is badass and MBFB lay down the business on their remix as well!"

James D'Ley - "Great release , all about the Deadslim remix for me, will be airing out no doubt !"

Sychosis - "The original mix stands out above all sonically, great track-well produced."

Saam Roberts - "Sick release, all three are BANGERS!!!!"

Damn Right - "Liking the heady synths and heavy beats on the original."

Llupa - "Original is cool, great squelchy groove, solid beats and dig the melodic layers."

Shaun of The Bass - "MBFB is killing it!"

Diistortiion - "Big beats on the original!"
Reali7y - "SICK release! loving Deadslim remix!"

Dad's Disco - "First class release .......... Looking forward to playing this out!"

Bass Reflections - "Sick release! Love the trancesque synths and the big bass. As usual kick-it putting out fire!

Audio Jaxx - "this is so epic! love the drop, love the buildup, awesome work"

Astro Shaman - "Such a sick track nice work man"

     KIR312 - Deformaty - God Particle w/ Remixes by MBFB and DeadSlim OUT 07/23/2013 by Kick It Recordings


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MBFB on Soundcloud -

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Free Mix - The Farace Show - Episode 015

Farace has been slammed with work lately, and The Farace Show has been put on the back burner for a couple of weeks, but the workaholic that is Farace is back, and makes up for lost time with episode 15 of his signature show, giving us the gnarliest in Electro House, Breaks, and bassline music!!!

Kicking things off heavy and large, Farace first drops a new and free track from Minero entitled "Skyride", taking us on an epic journey of bass driving goodness, and the one like Farace only picks up steam from there to give us a bangin new episode of The Farace Show!   

Next Farace drops his new remix of Beatz Projekted's "Battleship" that was recently released on Kick It Recordings, to give us yet again, another free peaktime floor crusher! Farace also gives us an exclusive look at his new track featuring Chayo Nash "Pop Dat", due out on Kick It Recordings on August 5th, with a remix from Dave Berg it's sure to be a massive release!

With the latest tracks from Zedd, Fatso, Sharaz, and a Marten Horger remix of Stanton Warriors "New York", this is one Farace Show that shakes the floor and has everyone wanting more!

The Farace Show Episode 015

04. - Fatso "More Lies" 
05. - Virtu & Downloud "Anthem" 
06. - Empire of the Sun "Alive" Zedd Remix 
07. - Bro Safari & UFO "Burn The Block" 
09. - Nick Kennedy "Rattray Road" The Fielders Remix 
10. - Sharaz "Whip" 
11. - Hydrualix ft Zuri Akoko "Thank You for the Music" Farace ReWork

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Free Track - Farace Ft Chayo Nash - Money On My Mind

Coming at us from the one like Farace and Chayo Nash we have the epic Hip Hop infused "Money On My Mind", it's one banger of a tune drivin by Breakbeat flavor, when you bring these two artists together they always come up with pure magic!!!

"Money On My Mind"came together from a tiny jam session, Farace dropped the beats, and the melodies basically wrote themselves in one pass, Chayo Nash then came through with a fantastic freestyle, then cut it up a bit and produced the track out to make a massive hands in the air club crusher!

Kicking things off with synth lines that sound as if an orchestra composed of all horns is going to town as even more synth's are layered to give "Money On My Mind" an atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression and leaves everyone wanting more from this powerful team!

When getting to the meat of "Money On My Mind" the glitched and chopped vocals take control as phat drums and those beautiful synth lines push the listener along, giving us a Breakbeat/Hip Hop/Electro track from Farace and Chayo Nash that can't be beat!

  Farace - Money On My Mind ft Chayo Nash [FREE DL] by farace

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Free Track - Audio:Hertz - Dirty Shift

Audio:Hertz and Kick It Recordings team up to give you a massive Electro House jammer that will have you sweating buckets and getting down to the sweet and driving sounds of "Dirty Shift"!!!

"Dirty Shift" was meant to be released as Audio:Hertz' first EP but ended up just sitting around for a couple of years, now Cardiff's bad boys have decided to show some love to Kick It Recordings, representing the awesome and powerful relationship between Artist and Label to bring us a wonderful original tune, free of charge!!!

Starting things off proper Audio:Hertz drops the fire as gigantic drums and heavy synth stabs give the impression of being pushed right into peak time madness showing that not all mix ins's have to be long and underdone, making "Dirty Shift" stand on it's own leaving no one standing around!

The first breakdown in all it's atmospheric glory kicks things into high gear as wide sweeps and gnarly synth lines build up creating a staggering amount of energy  before diving head first into Complextro bliss!!!

No words can describe the raw force of "Dirty Shift" as Audio:Hertz unleashes intense basslines surrounded by a myriad of samples and movement that shift this awesome track into the mysterious realm of bass, never to return!!!  

  Audio:Hertz - Dirty Shift [In Association With Kick It Recordings] FREE DOWNLOAD by Audio:Hertz

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Free EP - Den5ity - Dirty Love w/ remixes from TheElement and Still Alive

"Dirty Love" is a slammin EP from Den5ity released on Dirty Korner Recordings, with nasty remixes from TheElement and Still Alive, this EP will have people getting down and dirty, quickly filling up any dance floor!

Den5ity unleashes pure Glitch Hop fire as he drops heavy and grinding basslines, well still giving a laid back,  funky jammer that drives and pushes, just as much as it's beautiful melody's and atmosphere create a memorable impression. Starting things off with reverb infused synth stabs, "Dirty Love" soon sheds it's airy appearance and quickly  moves onto booty shaking bliss, forming a nostalgic and heartfelt song that leaves listeners in need of more...and there is!

TheElement kicks the energy into overload, giving us a dark and gnarly Glitch Hop banger, keeping the funk of "Dirty Love" alive, well pushing it on and into a realm of dirty, nasty, bassline madness! 

With an upbeat look at "Dirty Love", Still Alive deliverers an Electro House remix filled with happy and soothing overtones, creating a peaktime, festival friendly, hands in the air floor crusher, ending this EP off proper!  

  Den5ity - Dirty Love FREE EP Inc Remixes From TheElement & Still Alive by Dirty Korner Recordings

"Dirty Love" on Beatport - 

Den5ity on Soundcloud -           

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Free Track - Beatz Projekted - Battleship - Farace Remix

You know it's going to be a rockin day when you have a free release from the one like Farace, dropping the Breakbeat fire with his remix of Beatz Projekted's "Battleship"! Released in March on Kick It Recordings, "Battleship" is a fantastic peaktime banger, and it's gnarly sounds are enhanced with added vocals and powerful movement from the talented producer known as Farace!

Kicking it off in a proper Breakbeat fashion with phat drums and heavy synth stabs, Farace soon builds up to a short and sweet first breakdown before diving in head first into grinding bassline madness! 

With catchy and upbeat vocals, beautiful and atmospheric synths from the original track, and an overwhelming amount of Farace flavor, "Battleship" is a must have for Breaks enthusiasts and Electronic music fans a like! Be sure to check out the original release from Beatz Projekted, with remixes from Kwerk, and Tactical Groove Orbit Here!!!

  Battleship (Farace Remix) [Free Download] by farace

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Monday, July 15, 2013

New Release - KIR311 - Farace - Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt - Myagi and Silky Filth Remixes

After Farace’s massive success with “Living in Black” ft. Kid Colt, Kick It has returned with two killer remixes for KIR311.

First up bringing the bass business is non other than the one like Myagi hitting us hard with a Stanton Warriors-esque Breakbeat remix. Making good use of the original vox and synth stabs, Myagi balances things out with cheeky leads and stellar FX work, this one is infectious!

Silky Filth joins Kick It for the first time and switches gears with his Techy yet hard and driving remix of “Living In Black”. Wicked synth stabs and nasty basslines will have hands in the air all the way to the dubbed out breakdown which will have everyone nodding their heads and stomping their feet, serious business!!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 07/29/2013

Support From

Beatz Projeketed - "Sick!"

KAMEN - "Wicked remix by Myagi!"

Run Riot - "Feeling this!"

In Bloom Recordings - "Love the bass. Awesome remix mate"

Kwerk - "Funk yeah!"

Root Sellers - "Myagi+Farace=nu-kartel. Hotness!"

 The Pooty Club Records - "Nice remix!"

   OUT NOW!! KIR311 - Farace - Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt - The Remixes - Myagi and Silky Filth by Kick It Recordings

Farace on Soundcloud -

Myagi on Soundcloud -

Silky Filth on Soundcloud -

Friday, July 12, 2013

Free Track - Dub Pistols - In Love - Marten Horger Remix

Oh you know it's going to be a fantastic day when we have such a spectacular tune being dropped on our ears, especially when it's a remix of one of our favorite artists, The Dub Pistols!!! 

Marten Horger gives us a funky Electro driver with his wonderful rendition of "I'm In Love" that features the ones like Rodney P and Lindy Layton, don't miss out on this killer tune because it's only free for the weekend, GET IT NOW!!!

"I'm In Love" has some amazing Old School flavor and along with Lindy Layton's vocals and vocal stabs from Rodney P, Marten Horger makes this a perfect tune for Summertime! Nothing says party like a Dub Pistols track and Marten Horger does it proper justice on "I'm In Love", remember it's only free for THIS WEEKEND!!!


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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Free Mix - Dub Pistols - Breaks Mix June 2013

Oh yeah you read the title correct, today we have a brand new mix from the one's like Dub Pistols, and really, what's can beat a mix from these legends!!!

This hand picked rocker of mix is jam packed with massive and funky Breaks tracks that make it abundantly clear that Breaks are alive and well, especially when in the capable hands of Dub Pistols!

With smooth transitions and tracks from Elite Force, Mumbai Science, Paul Taylor and D.A.V.E The Drummer, this hard hitting mix is one of the many reasons why we love and adore the Dub Pistols!!!

Dub Pistols "Breaks Mix June 2013"

  Dub Pistols - Breaks Mix June 2013 by dubpistol

Dub Pistols on Facebook -

Dub Pistols Website -   

Monday, July 8, 2013

Free Track - Nicky Romero - Symphonica - Farace Remix

That's right, hitting us with the Breakbeat business today we have the one like Farace dropping his new remix  of Nicky Romero's "Symphonica", and it's guaranteed to blow your speakers away!!!

Farace gives us a perfect tune to kick off the week in style with eerie and epic sounds that will have any dance floor getting down and dirty! Starting things off in fifth gear, Farace utilizes the massive and entrancing synth lines that make "Symphonica" a memorable and banging track that stands on it's own in a sea of  dance tunes!

Complete with a gnarly Breakbeat and added vocals, Farace makes "Symphonica" shine with hard hitting basslines and build ups that will have your toes twitching! Be sure to not miss out on this fantastic tune from the one like Farace, you wont regret it!!!

  Nicky Romero - Symphonica (Farace Remix) by farace

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Release - KIR310 - Beatz Projekted - Vampires

Is that a bird, a plane, a bat in the night…no it’s Beatz Projected swooping down from the skyline with his new blood sucking banger “Vampires”! With remixes from Sneaker & The Dryer, Kwerk, and Temazo, this is one hard hitting original release from Kick It Recordings that will entrance and have you falling in love with the sexy vibes of “Vampires”!

Coming at us from the one sailing around the globe, Beatz Projekted lays down the madness with “Vampires” giving us a beautiful and full, Electro House floor smasher that will bring the dead back to life as we sleep all day and party all night, it is definitely fun to be a Vampire! With amazing vocal samples and one hell of a blood curtailing bassline, Beatz Projekted hits the stake on the head and into the hearts of our listeners!

First up on remix duties is New England’s own Sneaker & The Dryer, and if you thought the original was overwhelming you’ve heard nothing yet! S&D puts his own spin on “Vampires”, giving it a revamp with peak time synth stabs, grinding bass leads, and a fantastic use of the vocals that make this tune scream Beatport top 100! The movement and background samples alone will have listeners jacking their bodies like never before, then to top it off the mean and downright dirty basslines throw this remix of “Vampires” over the edge and out into the night!

Next up we have the one like Kwerk, and if anything is known about this prolific artist it’s that he can transform anything he gets his claws on into club crushing goodness! Giving us a funky and driving remix of “Vampires”, this tune can be layed down at anytime during the night, whether it’s warming up a crowd or giving a hard bite right to the ears of peak time listeners, this Breakbeat jammer is a perfect representation on how Breaks are alive and well…or undead and well rather.

Last but not least we have Temazo giving us a lighter and airy feeling remix that brings the Complextro heat well still maintaining a Breakbeat feel! With a myriad of samples and sharp as teeth synths, Temazo gives us the final glimpse of “Vampires” and how intense and mysterious these creatures of the night can be! With short breakdowns and moving melodies, this remix is perfect for music critics and listeners alike!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Stores 07/16/2013

Support From

Far Too Loud - "Wicked remix from Temazo!  Cheers!"

Kickflip - "Temazo's driving 4/4 Breaks crossover remix takes this release for me! Cool stuff from Kwerk, too."

Wavewhore - "Awesome Electro release... Sneaker & The Dryer Remix is sounding BIG!"

Pale Penguin - "Sneaker & The Dryer and Kwerk remixes are totally dope... will support, chart and play for sure!"

Dylan Kennedy - "Kwerk nailed this one. HUGE remix!!!"

REA7ISM - "yooooo this full release screams dopeness! I couldn't pick a favourite if I tried! Props boys!"

Toreba Spacedrift - "Wow! Fantastic release! Loving this, and will deff be playing the Sneaker & The Dryer Remix!"

   KIR310 - Beatz Projekted - Vampires - Remixes by Sneaker & The Dryer, Kwerk and Temazo - OUT 07/02 by Kick It Recordings

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Sneaker & The Dryer on Soundcloud -

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Temazo on Soundcloud -

Monday, July 1, 2013

Free Track - DIMIK - Get Up Off That Thing Stand Up

Today we have a funky little track coming from Australia's own DIMIK with his Hip Hop fueled mash up "Get Up Off That Stand Up"!

Kicking things off with a dirty and phat breakbeat, DIMIK wastes no time getting down to business as vocal samples from  Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Sean Paul, Lil Jon, and Bone Crusher come to the forefront, and man is this tune one hell of a mash up!!!

With almost no breakdown, "Get Up Off That Stand Up" is a straight driver that is perfect for warming up a crowd and will for sure get those heads and body's moving leaving no one standing around!!!