Thursday, June 28, 2012

Loopmasters Present - Krafty Kuts - Bass Beats and Kuts

Loopmasters continue to bring the freshest sounds from some of the top producers  in the world and this collection is no exception - Krafty Kuts - "Beats, Bass & Kuts" is a cool collections of samples from one of the UK's most respected DJ/Producer combos. Collecting Three Breakspoll awards, has only further cemented his legendary reputation in the global DJ scene.

Effortlessly maintaining hierarchy status in every genre across the Breaks, Electro, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop spectrum's, Krafty’s music represents mash-up in its truest form. His high octane sets never fail to boost his fanbase and his regular teaming with Dynamite MC and obsession with only the biggest new tracks and remixes keep his show fresh and exciting with every minute that passes.

This collection of royalty free samples weighs in at 1.2GB and includes 782 24Bit samples, with 232 Loops between 75 - 180 Bpm, and 550 One Shot Samples. 50 Ready to play patches are included for Reason NNXT, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt compatible soft samplers.

Apple Loops, Reason Refill and Ableton Live versions are also available to purchase separately.In detail Producers worldwide should expect to find 20 Rocking Bass Loops, 20 Drum Construction Kits, 17 Stab Riffs, 24 Vocal Loops, 120 Expertly Processed Single Drum Samples, 224 Bass One Shot Sounds, 50 FX, 16 Vocal One Shot and 140 Synth Samples.

Demo Song/ Free Track

   Krafty Kuts - Bass Beats and Kuts by loopmasters

 10 Free Samples

   Krafty Kuts - Bass Beats & Kuts by loopmasters 

Krafty Kuts -

Krafty Kuts on Soundcloud -

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Free Track - Shakedown & Mousse T - At Night - DJ 2rip Remix

Today we have a fantastic remix of "At Night" by Shakedown & Mousse T brought to us by Washington DC's own DJ 2rip!!! This remix is a banging update of the original, featuring nasty bass leads, amazing vocals, and massive drums that make this remix come to life!

The history of DJ 2rip’s career in the dance music industry is hard to sum up in just a few words. For nearly two decades his music has reached coast to coast, while his performances continue to deliver a unique sentiment. His latest shows have been billed amongst some of the largest names in the industry as he has blossomed from and underground rave DJ in nineties to playing festivals boasting an attendance of over 10,000 people.

It has been a snowball effect over the last 3 years as DJ 2rip’s touring schedule continues to fill faster & faster. In 2011 he completed over 50 shows, having played sellout performances at venues like Stratus in Phoenix, Irish Center in Pittsburgh, GBar in Tampa and Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale.

With over 24,000 YouTube views, 8,300 followers on Facebook, over 4000 plays on Soundcloud and a touring schedule that has seen the year from start to finish it seems safe to say that, while he remains humble & thankful, DJ 2rip continues to push himself to the limit while gaining loyalty from fans, critics, promoters and party people across the country.

     Shakedown & Mousse T - At Night (2rip remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by dj2rip

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Release KIR276 - Tactical Groove Orbit - Back to The Drop w/ Remixes by Marcus Gauntlett and Sneaker & The Dryer

Have we got some serious business for you this time! Tactical Groove Orbit returns to Kick It with a massive dancefloor smasher in “Back to The Drop”. Classic vox, heavy bass and big guitar riffs make for a heads down Electro House smasher with heaps of energy, sick edits and an intense main breakdown, not to be missed!

Marcus Gauntlett is first up on remix duties and he turns in a main room Progressive version of “Back to The Drop” with huge kicks, techy vocal work and a reworked bassline with more drive than Mario Andretti! Clean production, big builds and a touch of the axe make this one a must have!

Sneaker & The Dryer take things in a whole new direction for the second remix blurring the lines between Electro House and Breaks. If you like big basslines, constant change-ups, and lots of edits, this is going to be the mix for you!

Support From

Farace - "Marcus Gauntlett Remix is huge! Will be dropping that tonight for sure!"

Fisso & Spark - "Top stuff guys! Will support!"

Wavewhore - "Solid release... Sounding good."

Dr. Fish - "Great all round package.  Great heavy sounding original with two killer remixes.  My favourite is this Marcus Gauntlett remix.  Proper awesome thumping Tech bizness.  Will be supporting all of these." 

Pale Penguin - "My Fav is the Sneaker & The Dryer remix... great Electro-Breaks stuff.. will support!!" 

Audio Hazard - "Really liking the original of this. Deep and dirty. Lurvley..." 

Toreba Spacedrift - "Massive release right here! 3 wicked mixes for three different styles!"

   KIR276 - Tactical Groove Orbit "Back to The Drop" w/ Remixes by Marcus Gauntlett and S&D by Kick It Recordings

Tactical Groove Orbit "Back to The Drop" on Juno -

Tactical Groove Orbit "Back to The Drop" on Track It Down -

Thursday, June 21, 2012

New Video - Dub Pistols - Mucky Weekend

Dub Pistols are back and dropping bombs with the video for their new single "Mucky Weekend"! The track is taken from their fifth studio album "Worshipping The Dollar" which is planed to be released on June 25th! 

Dub Pistols are a London based Dub Music and Big Beat Band, founded by ex-club promoter, Barry Ashworth, in 1996. The other members of the band are Brooklyn producer and lyricist, T. K. Lawrence on vocals, Jap Slut guitarist John King, turntablist DJ Stix / Steve Hunt and Dan Bowskill.

"Mucky Weekend" starts off with a massive Drum & Bass beat and quickly let's in the bass hitting you right away with the business! As the first verse of the vocals comes in your feet and head are already moving to this club banger in full force! If this single is any hint to how epic and groovy "Worshipping The Dollar" will be, then we are in for a fantastic experience when the album comes out on June 25th!!!

Dub Pistols on Facebook -

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Free Track - Disconnect Head - Partez Pas - Jad Barrett Remix

Today we have a intense Electro remix of Disconnect Head's "Partez Pas" from France's own Jad Barrett! Originally issued from a very musical environment at the age of 14, Jad Barrett was introduced to electronic music by the movement Kaotik System (LEBANON) in 2007. A year later, he began producing his own harmonic and melodic pieces from where you can perceive his musical bases.

This funky tune starts off with a big 4/4 beat with FX and white noise layered throughout the intro to get those feet moving quick! Within the time the second 8 bar comes around, synths and snare are already being used in full force to lead you into a short but sweet first breakdown!

What happens next is pure dance madness, driving bass and some very unique stabs make this track stand out in a crowd of tunes that somehow always sound the same. The song continues on with more and more energy being pushed threw it like an amplifier!

If you are searching for a great tune that has it's own feel and original flavor, your not going to want to miss out on Jad Barretts newest freebie! Be sure to check out his soundcloud for many other great tunes that will surely have you rocking out!!! 

     Disconnect Head-Partez pas ( Jad Barrett Remix ) FREE DOWNLOAD [ Wav. ] by JAd Barrett 

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Free App - Loopmasters - DJ Studio for iPad

Loopmasters, the world leaders in professional royalty free sound samples have teamed up with Rocudo to present music makers, Djs and Producers worldwide with a fantastic new FREE app for the iPad, DJ Studio.

Loopmasters has built a powerful DJ App and packed it full of great Loops & Samples from top Artists & DJs. Then they folded in some advanced features and premium content options which you can unlock at your own pace.

The launch version includes a huge collection of Dance samples which can be combined and controlled in 1000s of unique ways enabling anyone to enjoy mixing great sounds, and to control the dance floor!

Browse builit-in library of Loop & Samples and drop onto your 4×4 Deck
Tap Pads to play – auto-sync means you’re always on the Beat
Manipulate Level, Mute and FX Send for each Pad
Mixer provides Level/Mute, EQ and FX Send on 4 independent channels
Delay FX Unit provided will autoset its parameters to match Tempo
Save your Sets and Record your Live Performances
Absolutely no experience required
It’s FREE! 

Download DJ Studio - Loopmasters DJ Studio 

Alternative Download Link - DJ Studio on iTunes

Friday, June 15, 2012

Free Mix - The Hard Granada Podcast 3 - Ft Sneaker & The Dryer

Who's ready for the business?!? Turn up your speakers and get your dancing shoes on because it's time for the Hard Granada Podcast #03 with Btz aka Sneaker & The Dryer! Coming at you from our brother label Kick it Recordings comes S&D, a big producer known for his fat basslines and insane melodies.

Dj S&D takes you on a journey through 60 minutes of nothing but Sneaker & The Dryer tunes with a wicked blend of Electro and Breaks. Grab it for yourselves and don't forgot to check out the Hard Granada website to keep up to date on all things HG related! BOOM!

 The Hard Granada Podcast #3 W/ Sneaker & The Dryer

01. – Sneaker & The Dryer “Bout to Freak” (Hard Granada Records)

02. – Myles Travitz “Stomp” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix (Forthcoming on UltraPhonix Recordings)

03. – Modjo “Lady” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix [Free Download - Free Track - Modjo - Lady - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer]

04. – Max Rocca “Confusion” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix (Forthcoming)

05. – The Bad Rabbits “Can’t Back Down” Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Spacedrift Remix [Free Download - Free Track - Bad Rabbits - Can't Back Down - Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Spacedrift Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer]

06. – Kwerk “Please Don’t” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix (Kick It Recordings)

07. – 8-B1T “Sneakers” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix (Kick It Recordings)

08. – Sneaker & The Dryer “Give Up” (Hard Granada Records)

09. – Sneaker & The Dryer “Tribute to Jack” (Kick It Recordings)

10. – Under Construction “In My Game” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix [Free Download - Free Track - Under Construction - In My Game - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer]

11. – Tactical Groove Orbit “Back to The Drop” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix (Forthcoming on Kick It Recordings)

12. – Wardian “Lobo” Sneaker & The Dryer Remix (FunNDark Records

   Hard Granada Podcast #3 w Sneaker & The Dryer by SneakerAndTheDryer

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Free Sample Pack - Under This - Breaks Assault Vol 2

Today we have a super high quality sample pack coming at you by way of Under This and let me tell you, it's massive!!! "Breaks Assault Vol 2" comes packed with 150 samples including, drumloops, basslines, vocals, FX, leads, tops and percussion! All the samples in this killer pack are labeled with the tempo and the key to avoid wasted time trying to figure out details!

No matter what kind of tunes you're producing, "Breaks Assault Vol 2" has amazing sounds that can fit a wide range of music! If you've been looking for new samples or if you are stuck on a current project, this is one collection of sounds that could easily turn your day around!

   Under This - Breaks Assault Vol.2 [SAMPLE PACK] - FREE D/L IN DESCRIPTION!!! by UnderThis

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Free Track - Direct Input - What You Say

What do you say to a brand spankin new tune from the enigma known as Direct Input...we say, bring it on!!! "What You Say" has funk flowing out of it like a river, and just as expected from a Direct Input release it pulls no punches and floods your ears with an ocean of sound!

Kicking in with a massive Breakbeat, unique stabs, and vocals from a world of their own Direct Input already has your feet shuffling and your mind wondering what kind of journey it's embarking on. No time is wasted as bass and gigantic drum rolls begin to take center stage, just as you think more couldn't be more in store some peak time synths move you into the breakdown.

Direct Input certainly gives the listener what they want, this tune's full and funky soul shines threw "What You Say" continues to change and build momentum throughout with amazing and banging bass. Be sure to get your copy of this amazing song, you wouldn't want to be the only person missing out on this fantastically produced original track!

   Direct Input - What You Say by directinput 

Direct Input on Soundcloud -    

Monday, June 11, 2012

Free Track - Toreba Spacedrift - Space Bits Bravo

Happy Monday everybody, it's free tuna time and we've got something far out for you today! Coming at you from another world, the Space Rock King, Toreba Spacedrift is back with another super funked out track of the Space Bass Kind.

Blurring the lines between EDM, Rock, Pop and Psychedelia, the T-Drifter has a unique sound that's one part dance, one part funk and 100% catchy. His latest work, "Space Bits Bravo" takes you on a journey to a land where the girls are plentiful and the beats are banging.

 Kicking things off with laid back appregiations and atmospheric pads, Toreba's tripped out vocals soon make their way in. Asian-esque leads on the first breakdown fit the theme of the tune perfectly and the guitars that follow pick the energy up two fold. Then, out of nowhere the Drifter drops a wicked rap on your ears before mellowing things out again for the final buildup with it's wicked snare work. Another chorus and then a bonus rap to finish things off, love it!

Grab it now for free and check out Toreba's other tunes by following the links below. Enjoy your week and make sure to Kick It!!

   Space Bits Bravo (Free Download) by Toreba Spacedrift

Toreba Spacedrift on Facebook -

Toreba Spacedrift on Twitter -!/torebaspace

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Video - Farace - Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt

You might have woke up today thinking that it's just another Tuesday but I'm here to tell you that today is monumental and marks the 500th post on the Kick It Recordings Blog!!! For two and a half years now we have been giving you the down low on the hottest EDM, news from the electronic dance community, and the newest tracks and information from Kick It Recordings.

We are proud today to bring you a brand new video from one of the most talented individuals that ever set foot in the EDM world, the one riding his workhorse around the globe, Farace!!!! This beautifully made video is a look right into the artists mind, as Farace makes his newest release "Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt" visually come to life!!!

With his newest tuna on Kick It Recordings tearing up clubs all over, and many successful ventures behind him, we can see that Farace has a one way ticket to the top and will allow no turbulence along the way! Farace has a unique style with his videos that shines threw from the first frame. With thousands of views on a plethora of his tutorial and music videos, we are positive this one will be no different in satisfying a need for quality sound and artistic visual representation!

Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt - Official Music Video

 Living In Black On Soundcloud

Farace On Facebook -

Monday, June 4, 2012

Free Track - Lucky Date - Mr Right Now - Botbass Remix

Nothing says it's Monday like a free tune from the Kick It Recordings Blog! Today we have a down and dirty remix of Lucky Date's "Mr Right Now" from Colombia's own Botbass!

Botbass may be 21 years young but he has already established himself as Colombia’s top producer and remixer of Electro House. Having started his professional career in 2006 at just 15, working with a well known producer from his local scene “Junatik", as his mentor, Botbass began to hone his skills in the studio.

This remix is massive and if you're into grimy Electro House then you should mark today down as a lucky date in your calender because Botbass brings the aggression right from the get go! Within sixteen bars the Colombian King of Electro House shows you what he's got up his sleeve as some huge white noise moves you into fantastically large sub bass. 

As the breakdown slams the original vocals in your head, things quickly turn into a driving, heads down, bass-line banger that makes the originality of this remix a must have!

Botbass is continuing to develop his sound and style by diligently working in the studio and hammering out big time tunas, so rest assured, you will soon be seeing Botbass, side by side with the biggest names in Electronic Dance Music, be on the lookout for big things to come from this budding artist!

Lucky Date "Mr Right Now" Botbass Remix -

Botbass On Soundcloud -

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Mix - Kick In Btz Ramp Show - Vol 5 - w/ Sneaker & The Dryer

We're back!!! Summer is upon us and today we have the newest installment of the Kick - In Btz Rampshow which is sure to be an excellent soundtrack for this beautiful first week of June!

I know everyone has been waiting patently for another Rampshow from Sneaker & The Dryer but due to an extensive live performance schedule, remixes, and running Kick It Recordings it get's more difficult everyday to bring you lady's and fellas new mixes, like Btz would want.

Rest assured and as you well know, it would be imposable to stop S&D from putting out massive mixes for people to rock out to, so with that being said, let's move on to the fantastically bassy Kick-in Btz Ramp Show #5!

After a short intro, the business immediately takes over and moves you right into Dallas K's "Hyphy" setting the mood for this powerful summertime mix. By the time you realize it, the second track has dropped in and Sneaker & The Dryer already have you locked with driving bass and a Chuck D acapella on top of that!

I could go into more detail but I'll just let this super mix do the talking and have your ear's and feet do the judging! Have a fantastic weekend grooving to the sounds of S&D and be sure to check back soon because you know for a fact that you don't want to miss out on even one of these shows! Kick It!!

Kick In Btz Rampshow Volume 5

01. - Intro
02. - Dallas K "Hyphy"
03. - Alex Mind "Sick" Darth & Vader Remix
        Chuck D Acapella Edit
04. - Dilemn "Clapping" BioBlitz Remix
05. - You Killing Me "My Religion" Karetus Remix
06. - Gloumout "NYC Make It Happen" FTampa Remix
        Intergalactic Acapella Edit
07. - Steriofia "Check This Sound" Markatan Remix
        Jackson 5 Acapella Edit
08. - Tim Berg "Alcoholic" Dada Life Remix
09. - Specimen A & Fat Face "I Need You"
10. - Savant "You Can Play"
11. - Jefr Tale "Start Again"
12. - Stanton Warriors Vs Flux Pavilion "Cracked" Elite Force ReVamp
13. - Access Denied "Trust Me"
14. - Eitenne de Crecy Vs Wolfgang Gartner "No Brain" Elite Force ReVamp

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