Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Video - Farace - Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt

You might have woke up today thinking that it's just another Tuesday but I'm here to tell you that today is monumental and marks the 500th post on the Kick It Recordings Blog!!! For two and a half years now we have been giving you the down low on the hottest EDM, news from the electronic dance community, and the newest tracks and information from Kick It Recordings.

We are proud today to bring you a brand new video from one of the most talented individuals that ever set foot in the EDM world, the one riding his workhorse around the globe, Farace!!!! This beautifully made video is a look right into the artists mind, as Farace makes his newest release "Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt" visually come to life!!!

With his newest tuna on Kick It Recordings tearing up clubs all over, and many successful ventures behind him, we can see that Farace has a one way ticket to the top and will allow no turbulence along the way! Farace has a unique style with his videos that shines threw from the first frame. With thousands of views on a plethora of his tutorial and music videos, we are positive this one will be no different in satisfying a need for quality sound and artistic visual representation!

Living In Black Ft. Kid Colt - Official Music Video

 Living In Black On Soundcloud

Farace On Facebook - facebook.com/faraceofficial

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