Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The History of Dub

Happy hump day everybody, it's time for another history lesson. I like to keep our readers well informed and today it's all about the Dub. "The History of Dub" is available as an eight part series on YouTube and I've posted the first three parts for you below. Fire up a big spliff, kick back and get some insight into where the music we love so much came from!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Free Mix and New Release - Karton - Bang EP

 Ahead of Karton's forthcoming album "Find the Constant" due out soon on Sound of Habib, Karton have released their latest EP "Bang" featuring Fraksha. This is the first release off Karton's second album and it gives insight into the massive club bangers they have been working on. Following their Breakspoll nomination and the release of their critically acclaimed debut album in 2010, Karton have been receiving much attention and the "Bang" EP showcases the new musical direction that the Australian duo has taken.

The opening track is a collaboration with Melbourne based UK rapper Fraksha and brings us deep into the realm of Dubstep. Oscillating bass and big vocals make for a hands in the air stormer.

Next up is "Girl With Vertigo" which takes things in a more dance friendly direction but keeping the bass big and the energy up. Wobbling and warping sub frequencies are paired with no-nonsense breaks and poppy vox making this my favorite out of the bunch and one I have already dropped a few times.

Rounding things out it's back to the Dub with the ear popping "Feed the Horde". Anthemy synths set things in motion giving you a false sense of security before the audio assault of low-ends rapes your body, heavy business!

Support From

DJ Mag - "Single of the Month"

Krafty Kuts - "Great EP, nice variety of flavors."

Annie Nightingale - "Good stuff, keeps moving and changing."

Tim Healey - "Girl With Vertigo is rocking will play!"

Freestylers - "Girl with Vertigo is the one for me!!"

Aquasky - "Bang is the best one here for me, I liked the vocalist :)"

Freq Nasty - "Love it, Epic tune. Nice work Karton!!"

   Bang EP clips by Sound of Habib

Karton June Promo Mix

01. - Karton "Girl With Vertigo"
02. - Stanton Warriors "Turn Me Up Some"
03. - I.D. "Once Again"
04. - DaVIP "Brick"
05. - Wanda Jackson "Whirlpool" Damn Horns Remix
06. - Gella "Vapour Trail"
07. - Julie Thompson "Shine" Pyramid's Drop The Bass Remix
08. - Specimen A Ft. David Ivans "Chasing Shadows" Pyramid Remix
09. - John B Vs Jack Beats "All Night" Skream Remix
10. - Pyramid Ft. Julie Thompson "Cruel" Skism Remix
11. - Jazzsteppa Ft.. Foreign Beggars "Raising The Bar"
12. - Karton "Feed The Horde"
13. - M-Phazes Ft. Nine High "That's What We On" Filth Collins Remix

14. - Calvertron "Future Proof"
15. - Destroy Disco "Riding High" Dodge & Fuski Remix

16. - Ed Rush & Tali "Dark Days"
17. - Karton "Chase It High"
18. - Chase & Status "Time" Pixel Fist Remix

19. - Cassius "I <3 U SO" Skream Remix
20. - Rusko "Everyday" Netsky Remix
21. - Art Vs Science "Magic Fountain" Royalston Remix
22. - TJR Ft. DJ Gant-Man "Juke It" Karton Remix

23. - Karton Ft.. Fraksha "Bang" Calvertron Remix

Karton June Promo Mix -

Karton on Facebook -

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kick It Event - Kick The System - The Foam Party

We're back again with another big event for our New England party people and this time we're bringing the foam cannon! We've got a massive line-up compiled for you, insane top-of-the-line sound from Supreme Sounds, wicked live visuals from Adrenochrome and DJ Times magazine will be in the building giving out free copies of their zine as well as garnering votes for Annalyze as one of America's Top 100 DJs. We are also offering reduced admission at the door for anyone who comes in beach attire so come ready to get wet! See you all Friday night and let's Kick It!!

Kick The System Event Page -

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Release - KIR254 - Bo Knows Disco w/ Remixes by Monk3ylogic and Direct Input + Monk3ylogic Interview

The train kept running all night long and it was pounding out big bad breakbeats all along the way, next stop KIR254. Keeping your baskets full and your speakers bumping,  Kick It is continuing to bring you fresh faces with fresh beats and this time around is no different.

US native Bo Scott aka Scott Saunders brings us “Bo Knows Disco”, a funked up Breakbeat groover with a catchy bassline and an Old School feel.  Tripped out vox add a touch of psycadelia to the mix as the energy continues to build. Even our old friend Mr. Speak and Spell makes a cameo for a bit of nostalgia.

First up on remix duties we have Monk3ylogic with their wicked psy-infused and techy stormer. Starting off with tweaked out vocals, the big and beefy Monk3ylogic beat quickly makes itself known. Zaps and bleeps a plenty as they beat you about the ears with their crafty and cunning stylings and heavy rolling bassline.

Rounding things out, Direct Input returns to Kick It with the friendliest mix of the bunch. Laid back with hints of tech and trance mixed in and buzzing low-ends providing the bass for a wicked feel good tuna.

"Bo Knows Disco" is out today exclusively on Juno Download and will be available on all other digital sites next week, June 28th.

Support From

Farace - "Loving the whole pack!" Especially feeling the Monk3ylogic and Direct Input remixes, will find a spot in the bag for both."

Yreane - "Monk3ylogic remix is doing the business for me."

Mobius - "Like the Monk3ylogic mix best of the 3."

Diistortiion - "Really feeling the Monk3ylogic and Direct Input remixes on this one. BANGING!!"

Bass Reflections - "It''s the original all the way for me. Good release, big dance vibes as always, will be supporting for sure!"

DJ Rip - "Great! Especially like the Monk3ylogic remix!"

TJFX - "Hello Bass!"

Kwerk - "I'd shake my Kwerk to this, awesome!"

Distorsion Records - "Dope Stuff!"

SK-2 - "Another awesome release!! Lovin the Monk3ylogic remix the most, will be dropping this on my radio show tonight for sure!!"

   KIR254 - Bo Knows Disco Previews by Kick It Recordings

Monk3ylogic Interview

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?

Around our early to mid teens, artists like the Prodigy, Orbital, the Orb, Underworld, all had heavy influences on us.

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?

Amazingly for both of us the first album bought was Prodigy - Music for the jilted generation (We didn’t know each other back then). Will bought the tape version and I bought the Vinyl version  so yes we are both old enough to be pre-CD :-)

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?

Mike: I remember being on a school trip somewhere and someone handed me a jumping Jack Flash tape for my Walkman (Hardcore) and I have been hooked to Dance Music ever since. The First gig I went to was a Hardcore event (Dance Planet) in the mid 90's when I was 16.

Will:  I've pretty much always listened to electronic music, my dad listened to loads of Kraftwerk records and all my favorite music growing up was electronic. I didn't start going to dance music events until a few years later though, the first proper event I went to was a warehouse party in Amsterdam in 1997.

4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?

Our favorite gig still to date was our debut performance at Waveform festival 2009, no one new anything about us at the time and the reaction during and after the set was amazing.

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?

Not so much alongside but we played at the same time as Hallucinogen at the Halcyon night club in the O2 Arena London (The best club we have ever played at). For both of us in terms of psychedelic Simon Posford and Sphongle has been hugely influential to both of us.

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

For us it would have to be the major Psy events like Boom, Universo Paralello, Burning Man and Rainbow Serpent that all have major alternative stages. Both of us have been to a few of them over the years and like many artists we have stood in the crowd and thought we would love to be up there.  Another would be Glastonbury festival however we will fortunately be realizing that one this summer.

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?

For both of us it would be "Into the Burgh" but only just :-)…  The recently released "Bass Effex" track is very close as the original version of that was written by Will in 2008 and was the reason we started writing together. The version that is released now is version 4 but that is a whole other story.

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?

Again our answer for this is identical :-) in EDM our All time favorite would have to be the Prodigy. In recent times though it would be Far Too loud when Ollie and Dom where together, very few artists get to define a genre especially now and  early Far Too Loud did just that, incredible stuff.

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

There is quite a few but from our scene it would be great to work with people like Hedflux, Neurodriver and Far Too Loud, however these things are hard to sort out even when all parties agree to it :-). We have been trying to sort out a time to get into the studio with Orzils Machine for some time now but it is hard to get all of us in the same studio at the same time. We have been luckily enough to sort out time with OOOD recently and I have to say watch this space with our collaboration with OOOD, that one worked out very nicely :-)

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?

The main DAW we use is FL Studio however we also write in Ableton. This seems to be the common ground with a lot of producers these days.

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?

It has definitely tested our resolve and determination. Its like any industry you are trying to be successful in, it requires some hard work. However it does give you a license to play hard as well. :-)

12. – What does the future hold for Monk3ylogic?

We are hoping it keeps going at the pace it is currently. We have been fortunate enough to be booked for Glade Festival and (Arcadia Stage) Glastonbury Festival this summer, so hopefully we can get to do the big UK festivals and European festivals more regularly as well as gigs and festivals further a field. We are currently in early discussions with people on the American West Coast to do a mini tour, so hopefully things like this will happen soon.

Bo Scott on Facebook -

Bo Scott on Soundcloud -

Monk3ylogic on Facebook -

Monk3ylogic on Soundcloud -

Direct Input on Soundcloud -

Monday, June 20, 2011

Free Mix and New Release - AfroWhitey

Happy Monday everybody, I hope you're enjoying the summer so far, granted it doesn't officially begin until tomorrow. We've got big dubbage on the menu today via Sludge Records. SR are back with another big release that is receiving some serious support from around the globe. Not often do you find a label that stays true to it's name but Sludge Records are a bit different. This latest package of bass brings us what can only be described as a double A side of "deposited filth". 

This time its all about the battle for Sludge, a battle of the UK vs the US. So, with all that in mind, Sludge are proud to introduce some fresh faces with the likes of AfroWhitey, hailing all the way from Orlando Florida. These Florida boys come fully loaded with some southern style swagger and hefty dirty basslines, this is what happens when Crunk meets Dub. Call it "Crunkstep", "Dubcrunk"  or just simply "dance floor destroyers".

First up label boss and chief of all things big and bassy, Ed Solo steps up with his VIP mix of AfroWhitey's "Ridin". Now some people say you should write music like you make love, starting off slow and gentle and then working things into a frenzy. If that is the case then Mr Solo arrives, kicks your back door in and pounds away like the final conjugal visit to a death row inmate. Tearing sub frequencies, warping mid range and vocals with more hook then a fisherman, this one is built for the dance floor.

Next up is Josh Money with "Bullet for the Bears". Here's a track with so many crazy ideas and edits that it might have been made in Charlie Sheen's studio. It wins here, it wins there, its basically got win written all over it. Big glitch bass and smackin crunk vocals, "Bullet for the Bears" brings a fresh new twist to the ever growing Dubstep sound. 

In a battle that sees the UK vs the US, it's tough to pick a winner and I reckon both tracks will be burning up clubs on each side of the Atlantic.

Support From

JFB - "Amazing, Ed Solo is My Hero!"
DJ Kion - "Top Notch."
Slyde - "Top Production all around."
Dub Pistols - "Big and Heavy"
Tim Healey - "Ed Solo - Legend - Fab."

   AfroWhitey - Ridin - Ed Solo VIP - Vocal - [SR014] by SludgeRecords

   Josh Money - Bullet For The Bears - [SR014] by SludgeRecords

And just in time for these fine summer days and fabulous summer nights, we've got the smashing Afrowhitey "Ridin" Promo Mix perfect for the car ride on the way to the club. Put the windows down, turn the bass up and crank the volume, subalicious.

AfroWhitey "Ridin" Promo Mix

1. - AfroWhitey "Ridin" Ed Solo VIP Mix
2. - Drumsound & Bassline Smith "Freak" Dubstep Mix 
      (AfroWhitey Vocal Drop)
3. - Tinie Tempah Ft. Ellie Goulding "Wonderman" Bare Noize Remix 
      (AfroWhitey Vocal Drop)
4. - Hirshee Ft. Tonye Aganaba "So Good" (AfroWhitey Vocal Drop)
5. - Timeline & Daytona Velasquez "Rise" (AfroWhitey Vocal Drop)
6. - Afrowhitey "City Lights"

   AfroWhitey - Ridin Promo Mix by SludgeRecords

Afrowhitey on Facebook -

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Free Tune - Utku S - Fresh Back - Sychosis Re-Edit

Hey hey, what do you know, I'm getting a Saturday post in this week, excellent. I hope everybody is liking the redesigned site, we'll continue to bring you more improvements in the coming months.

Free business is the name of the game again today with Sychosis providing the fresh flavor on Utku S's "Fresh Back". California native Sychosis has been pushing himself in the studio and the proof is in the pudding. Not only is he continuing to improve in the production department but the kid knows how to rock a crowd! We recently played the long running Sunday Selecta Sessions together over here on the East Coast and Sychosis really showed everybody how the West Side gets down, we'll be having him back out again for sure!

Adding his Re-Edit finesse to "Fresh Back" Sychosis turns up the intensity and brings in the breakbeats for a peak time banger with just the right amount of funk. Check out the original and the edit below and keep coming back for plenty more!

   Utku S. -'Fresh back' Lot49- OUT NOW! by LOT49

   Utku S-Fresh Back(Sychosis Re Edit) by Sychosis

Sychosis on Facebook -

Friday, June 17, 2011

Free Tune - Sneaker & The Dryer - Bout To

Happy Friday everybody, just in time for the weekend we've got one more freebie for you and this time Sneaker & The Dryer are bringing you the Broken House business with "Bout To". Just posted up on their page yesterday, this one is fresh from the studio straight to your speakers.

A funked up and wobbling beat starts things off with edits on the ends of the eights and a big roll into the first breakdown. Alarms and trippy atmospheres move you into the first bass drop. Classic vox and a grooving bassline with a good dose of wobble get things going as lasers and zaps make their way in. Additional vocals filter in from underneath letting you know you need to get your ass moving. A massive glitched out breakdown and buildup are next to follow for a hands in the air finish.

Check out a dozen other free tracks from Sneaker & The Dryer on their Soundcloud page and you can also download podcasts from their NSB Radio Shows by following the links.

   Free Track - Sneaker & The Dryer - Bout To by SneakerAndTheDryer

S&D on Facebook -

Sneaker & The Dryer's Podcast -

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Free Tune - We Are Bro - Fool - Just For Fun Remix

Yes that's right, we're back again today with another free tune for everybody! This time around we have some fresh business coming at you by way of Just For Fun.

We Are Bro recently released their new "Fool" EP and by far the stand out remix of the bunch is the Just For Fun version. Born from the merger of two up and coming French producers in Wobbler and Beegood, Just For Fun are quickly establishing themselves in the Electro game. With a handful of massive remixes released in the past six months, Just For Fun are combining Dub, Electro and Breaks for a crowd rocking combination that will do well whether your playing for 4/4 kids or the Breakbeat heads out there.

"Fool" the JFF remix starts off big and dubby but quickly makes the switch over to a full on beat with wicked lasers riding in the background bringing the energy up in a hurry and before you know it, you're at the first breakdown. Heavy bass and cracking snares pick things back up again pushing you through to the Dubstep break mid way through. A killer buildup and it's back to the bassline to round things out. If you wish you could combine a bit of Far Too Loud with Dirtyloud, check out what else Just For Fun have been up to on their Soundcloud and Facebook pages, links are below.

   We Are Bro - Fool (Just for fun remix ) FREE DL by Just For Fun Music

Just For Fun on Facebook -

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Album and Promo Mixes, Exclusive Interview PLUS Win Free Tickets - Tim Healey - Rest In Beats

Happy hump day friends and neighbors, the weekend is that much closer! We've got a serious spread on the menu today as we are talking about the Electro House mastermind Tim Healey and his brand new album "Rest in Beats". Plus, we have an Exclusive interview with Tim for you so, sit back, get comfortable and listen to some phat beats while doing your brain some good.

Whatever you want to call him, "The Godfather of Electro", "The Don of Bass" or "Musical Mastermind", Tim Healey knows how to rock you with his basslines and roll you with his melodies. Heading not one but two of the industries top labels in Giant Pussy Records and Surfer Rosa Records, Tim is a non-stop machine in the studio and on the road. As if making wicked tunes one after the other weren't enough, Mr. Healey also has a monthly podcast, produces music videos and has his own internet TV Show on YouTube called Tim Healey TV which takes you along for the ride on some of Tim's insane escapades around the world. Keeping his camera handy while rocking clubs and getting down in the studio with the likes of Felguk and others, Tim gives you a glimpse into his world and what it takes to be on top.

Recently released on May 27th, "Rest in Beats", the new album from Tim Healey is already receiving massive support from around the world and for good reason. It has been 5 long years since Tim Healey’s last long player under his Coburn guise but it has been worth every second of the wait. The godfather of Electro-House and champion of indie-dance fusion is back with his magnum opus, "Rest in Beats". 

Never shy to flex his production muscles, Tim’s new LP spans a galaxy of the freshest electronic sonics, with BPMs tastefully varied. Matt King (aka Peep show’s gnarly “Super Hans”) drops in for the album’s spoken word intro, before Tim takes us on a tour through Hip-Hop, urban and dance-hall beats, an awesome cover of the Beatle’s "Dear Prudence" and then double delivers with no less than FIVE unmissable club cuts. Other collaborators on the album include a who’s who of dance-music’s glitterati. Everyone from Calvertron, Tom Craft, Atomic Drop, Freqhouse, Pete Martin and an arsenal of vocalists from the likes of SirReal (Freestylers/Pendulum) to the legendary toaster Top Cat via urban-heros Manners, Loc-E and sassy songstress Pippa Trix. 

The first single from the album “Live It Love It” has already been snagged by Sony and the second, “Rock It Roll It” reached #1 in the Dubstep charts on Beatport. Tim has DJ tours booked throughout 2011, in the USA, Asia, Australia and right across Europe and the UK plus, there is talk of Mr. Healey taking the album live this summer in two different formats. Tim Healey "LIVE" with his drummer, VJ and MCs & Vocalists and also as the "Tim Healey Soundsystem" where Tim will be Djing with vocalist and MC SirReal, his most constant collaborator on the LP plus other special VIP guests.

Support From

Fatboy Slim
Kissy Sell Out (BBC 1)
Annie Nightingale
Andi Durrant
Anne Savage
Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)
Steve Smart
Plump Dj's
Dj Craze

"10/10 Miss at your peril!" - iDJ
"The unsung hero of Electro" - Mixmag
"Tim Healey knows a thing or two about putting together a killer track" - DJ Mag

Tim Healey "Rest In Beats" - Tracklisting

  1. - Intro (Tim Healey Ft. Matt King)
  2. - Live It Love It (Tim Healey Vs Tom Craft Ft. SirReal)
  3. - Rock It Roll It 
        (Tim Healey Vs Calvertron Ft. SirReal & Pippa Trix)
  4. - Take Control (Tim Healey Vs Atomic Drop Ft. SirReal)
  5. - Tempting To Touch (Tim Healey Ft. Top Cat & Pippa Trix)
  6. - Dear Prudence (Tim Healey Ft. Kirsty Sillars)
  7. - Mars Boudoir (Tim Healey Ft. Manners)
  8. - Believe Him (Tim Healey Vs Marc Adamo Ft. SirReal)
  9. - Tommy Finn (Tim Healey Ft. Dean Van Jones) 
        {Not in Promo Mix}
10. - Dance The Tears Away 
        (Tim Healey Vs Pete Martin Ft.. Pippa Trix)
11. - Resistance (Tim Healey Vs Freqhouse Ft. Loc-E & Pippa Trix)
12. - Loving You (Tim Healey Vs Tomcraft Ft. Pippa Trix)
13. - Super Surf (Tim Healey)

Tim Healey LP Mini Promo Mix


Win Tickets to Spectrum's London Summer Warehouse Party, Saturday the 2nd of July. This is the official UK Album Launch Party for Tim's new Album!! Click on the link below to win yourself some tickets.

Summer Warehouse Party Tickets -

Tim Healey - "Rest In Beats" - The Kick It Interview

1. The new album “Rest In Beats” takes the Tim Healey Brand in a wicked new direction, how would you describe your sound as of now?

Fresh. If you just make electro-house and dubstep I think you would go insane. Both are very exciting genres in their own (and frequently combined) rights. An LP allows you to explore different arenas of sound, but each time bring your own vibe to them. I am so lucky to be surrounded by talented musicians all of whom believe in what I am doing, so we work easily together.

2. You can feel the passion present in this album right from the get go, what were some of your inspirations for “Rest in Beats”?

I have always been extremely passionate about music, since I was a small child, but my inspiration for the LP was the concept that I was dead, a tragic casualty of the demise of the recorded music product, and this was my farewell opus, discovered after my death. This ofcourse gave me the excuse to tour the sonic-smoragosbord and cover loads of bases (or should that be basses).

3. With so many monster tunes on the new album, do you have a personal favorite?

I particularly enjoyed working on Dear Prudence, but each track has a story - some came together easier than others, but in general it was a surprise at every turn. A great example would be Resistance, which was re-incarnated by Freqhouse after I sent them the stems. They threw this awesome dubsteppy bass-line in the mix and a guitar line - neither of which were expected and the vocals rode the groove. I then got it back to my studio and laid down the final mix.

4. The cleanliness and overall production is just mint, what DAW was it done in?

I have a mac tower, mackie d8b desk, and some valve and transistor outboard, and a load of real synths (moog/nord etc) - I don’t tend to use soft synths very much, and all the noises are kind of one-shot/one off sounds that I probably couldn’t make again even if I wanted to.

5. Was there any particular hardware that helped give you an overall vibe to the album?

I swear by my valve-suite - my Culture Vulture stereo-distortion and Phoenix compressor. I put almost everything through them, and what doesn’t go through them goes through my API 7600 channel strips.

6. I’ve heard rumors that you might be taking the album live on tour this summer, is that true?

Yes, our first date is in Singapore on July 20. I can’t wait - I will be taking SirReal and Pippa Trix with me.

7.  I love the video for “Live It Love It”; do you enjoy the video production process as well?

Absolutely, we are building a network of film directors and editors, and have achieved great things in the last year. In fact, should any of your readers fancy themselves as a budding Ridley Scott they should drop   a line to propose working on a future project, as we have stacks of music lined up for release. My favorite in the last year is Needle by Dirtyloud : made by the awesome flux crew in Budapest.

8. What’s the next big thing you have up your sleeve?

2011 is all about Rest in beats - we still have Resistance and Your Loving (both singles from the LP) to be released, with tasty remix packs and videos - but of course Surfer Rosa has plenty planned, and I have a number of side-projects on the go - working with all manner of people.

9. When are you going to come play for Kick It? :)

When do you want me - I’ll be there with bells on, it would be a pleasure, and I’ll rock your party :)

Tim Healey 1 Hour Promo Mix

1. - Tim Healey & Atomic Drop Ft. SirReal "Take Control"
       Surfer Rosa Records
2. - Chris Lake & Nelski "Colours" Rising
3. - Boys Will Be Boys "We Rock" Musical Freedom
4. - Alex Gray "Small Town Boy" Moda
5. - Tommy Trash "The End" Downright
6. - Bass Jackers "Mush Mush" Musical Freedom
7. - Karton "Girl With Vertigo" CDR
8. - Green Velvet "Answer Phone" (Santiago & Bushido Mix) Relief
9. - Hardwell "Encoded" (Dada Life Remix) Revealed
10. - Far Too Loud "Don't Let Go" CDR
11. - Cubicle "Rhinocerose" V2
12. - Dirtyloud "Needle" Surfer Rosa Records
13. - Wizard & The Freestylers "Frozen" Freestylers Records

Podcast Link w/ Spoken Identity -

Straight Mix No Spoken Identity -

Tim Healey's Website -

Tim Healey on Facebook -

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free Tune - VovKing - Alcoholism

Would you look at that, it's Tuesday already. Time really flies when you are having fun and when you are working non-stop everyday! I always try to bring you guys as much free tuneage as possible along with the other content we provide and today we've got another freebie for you to grab.

There is not a whole lot I know about the mysterious man they call the VovKing other than he has some wacky pictures on his pages and he is putting out some wicked beats by way of the Ukraine. His latest free track he let go entitled "Panic at the Disco", quickly reached the 100 download limit and I have enjoyed dropping it in more than one set myself. Well, VovKing is back with another banger called "Alcoholism" and it will leave you feeling like you've had one too many.

Big kicks and housey hats start us off as sub-bass frequencies find their way into the mix and ravey leads make their presence known. Then it's time for the big wobbling bassline which is accompanied by glitched out Hip-Hop vox and a side order of Old School synths to round things out. Fun and funky "Alcoholism' has plenty of energy to get the kids rocking and leaving em feeling a little drunk. Check out the VovKing's other works by following the links below and be on the lookout for big things coming from him including a massive remix for Kick It.

   VovKING - Alcoholism (Original Mix) by VovKING

VovKing on Facebook -

Monday, June 13, 2011

New Release and Free Promo Mix - Neighbour and MC Thinktank The Crusader EP

Well, after 3 days with no sound due to a lightning strike hitting my house and frying my audio interface, I'm back up and running and the beats are banging in the studio again! Big thanks to my man Midas for getting me taken care of quickly!
Today we have got some fresh booty business for you from Neighbour and MC Thinktank with "The Crusader" EP recently released on Rat Records. One part sexy robot and one part aerobics instructor, 25 year old Matt Dauncey has managed to find the middle ground between music and athletics by harnessing the power of wrestling suits, tennis sweatbands, vintage synthesizers and electric guitar. Neighbour has tapped into an ancient power-source that has given him the capacity to conjure up frenzied dancefloors wherever needed. Not one to be pigeonholed, Neighbour has spent the better part of the last two years collaborating with everyone in sight. Now he has teamed up with his fellow performer MC Thinktank to create two huge slabs of booty shaking bass. First up, "The Booty Crusader" is filled to the brim with heavy 808 bass and Old School shakers which soon melt into stabbing sirens and crafty drums to create a hands in the air, party rocking and mighty crusading dancefloor bomb.

Next up Thinktank brings some huge vocals that drip with the sounds of Miami Bass on "Revolt". "I not gonna wait till I get old, rise up in the streets and loose control". MC ThinkTank is doing it big and brings a great vocal over a huge kick drum fueled, squelchy mid range bass monster. 4am head down to the dancefloor bizness on this one.

Rounding out the trio of weapons we have Neighbor and Splitmilk with the aptly named "Load More Booty". If this doesn't get you up and dancing and moving your thing, then I'm sorry there really is no hope for you. A kick back to 80's Electro Hip Hop and 90's Hip House this little number will get your grooving in no time. A great party record with some huge Old School synths and hooks backed up with the incredible Hip House vibes. All around a fun packed release with a good variety and more booty than a pirate's chest.

The Booty Crusader - Neighbour & MC Thinktank - The Crusader EP by djdeekline

Revolt - Neighbour & MC Thinktank - The Crusader EP by djdeekline

Load More Booty - Neighbour & Spiltmilk - The Crusader EP by djdeekline

As mentioned, we also have the bootylicious Hip-Hop/Booty/2-Step/Funky/Garage promo mix from Neighbour featuring tunes from the EP like "The Crusader" as well as some unsigned originals. Non-stop booty banging business for forty-five minutes that will put a smile on your face and a wiggle in your butt!

Neighbour Promo Mix

1. DJ Czech "Czech Fu" (Intro)
2. Neighbour & Spiltmilk "Load More Booty"
3. Neighbour & Thinktank "Revolt"
4. Neighbour & Thinktank "The Booty Crusader"
5. Neighbour "Toute Freak" DCUP Remix
6. Taal Mala "Plus"
7. DJ Gregory "Canoa"
8. Diamond Bass "All That"
9. Neighbour "Toute Freak" Neighbour & Elan B VIP Dub
10. Kry Wolf "Wonga" Chaos in the CBD Mix

11. Manu Dibango "Sun Explosion" Brad Slyde Edit
12. Mr. Sofalumpkins "Pandas and Englishmen"
13. A Taste of Honey "Rescue Me" GoGoBizkitt! Remix
14. SuperComboFunk "I'm Yours"
15. DJ Sneak Ft. Kid Infinity "Droppin Kisses" Herve Radio Edit
16. Neighbour & Spiltmilk "Get With This" Mr. Sofalumpkins Remix
17. Marv Ellis "Solar Bowls" Jangantha Remix

18. Neighbour "Regal Fanfare"
19. Don Diablo "Too Cool for School" Trevor Loveys Remix
20. Dubbel Dutch "Throwback"
21. Aquadrop "Drops"

Neighbour Rat42 PromoMix by Neighbour-Homebreakin
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Official Video - Alex Prestige - Can't Hide

Holy bassline business Batman! In the mood for a little Drum & Bass action today? I sure hope so because today we are talking about Alex Prestige from Russia.

The phrase ‘born musician’ is one that is passed around a lot in this day and age. Thankfully, in the case of Alex Prestige (formerly known as Prestige), this is entirely true. Born and raised in Kaliningrad, Alexander spent only a short time pursuing sports and martial arts, even becoming a Russian karate and boxing champion before his love for music became too strong for him to ignore. Currently Alex has been crafting his style for over five years.

Influenced in early childhood by albums such as The Prodigy’s “The Fat Of The Land”, Alex Prestige was always drawn in by fast drum rolls and heavy beats but with an edgy dark atmosphere that is reflected by his many works.

Once realizing that he could not only listen to and enjoy music but also create it for himself, his life took a major turn for the better leading Alex Prestige down that inventive route as a producer. Working hard in music school, and producing raves with a friend from high school, the music became the new wonder drug, as all musicians become aware of. Sometimes, the sound just takes hold of you and refuses to let go.

After exchanging tracks with DJ Matter, Alex Prestige gained attention from releases on Pirate Station, System Shock, XS, Biological Beats and other labels. Two popular Drum & Bass labels, Stereotype and now Grid, have picked up Alex to showcase and broadcast his work.
With all of this behind him, the career of Alex Prestige is still in its infancy and any Drum & Bass fan will come to know his name within the coming years.

The natural enthusiasm of an artist is tempered by the natural energy of a karate champion making for a powerful live performance that is not be missed.
Keep your eyes open around Kaliningrad and the world for the one like Alex Prestige.

Filmed in Alex Prestige's home town of Kaliningrad, the video for "Can't Hide" shows a panicked, frenzied rush of fear and adrenaline. "Can't Hide" is laced with samples from the infamous "Saw 7" movie and follows our unnamed hero as he is pursued by a masked menace through a maze of buildings he doesn't recognize. At first simply confusing, the chase soon becomes desperate. Directed by rising newcomer Kathrine Apanova, "Can't Hide" will undoubtedly be the first of many videos that envelops the thrill, the energy and the anticipation of Alex Prestige.

Alex Prestige's Blog -

Alex Prestige on Soundcloud -

Alex Prestige on Facebook -

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Free Tune - Fussy Boy - Gold - Mord Fustang Remix - Kwerk Re-Rub

One of Kick It's rising stars, Kwerk has been up to some big things in the studio. Recently relocated to London, Kwerk is ready to rock and roll it till the cows come home! His recent EP on Kick It did well in the charts and I love dropping "Switch That Bass" just about every time I play! He's got some new fire in the works you need to keep your eyes open for but until then we've got a dope little re-rub for you. Putting his funky flavor all over Fussy Boy's "Gold" the Mord Fustang Remix, Kwerk gives it a proper re-working. Chunky beats and a good groove set things in motion in proper fashion. Sprinkled vocals and filtered synths add some spice as you work into the first breakdown which is short and to the point quickly coming back in on the adjusted bassline. Old School beats and claps provide the next break with a touch of 80's on the leads and then we're jammin again. Solid grooving business that'll make a good crossover. Check out what else Mr. Kwerk is up to on his Soundcloud page.

Fussy Boy "Gold" Mord Fustang Remix (Kwerk Re-Rub) -
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Kwerk on Soundcloud -

Kwerk on Facebook -

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Release - KIR253 - Wes Beanz - Wah-Ter & The One Two - Remixes by J2K and Twin Shape

Kick It has been working in high gear banging out events, videos, releases, you name it, we're doing it. We're back again this week with another release for our Breakbeat Brethren out there. Keeping things fresh we've got another new-comer to Kick It laying down the business for us. B.C. native Wes Beanz slows things down just a tad for some Mid-Tempo action with "Wah-Ter" and "The One Two" which just dropped on Juno yesterday.

First up is "Wah-Ter" which starts out with fantastic atmospherics and trippy vox. Realistic drums and a grimey but grooving bassline play alongside airy pads and Old School vocal bits making for a feelgood tuna with positive vibes.

J2K returns to Kick It with his remix of "Wah-Ter" taking things from the softer side and giving it a Nu Skool twist. Retaining the overall feel of the original but bringing in a phat Electro bassline, ravey zaps and backing vocals that kick things up a notch, top stuff.

On the B-side Wez Beanz is hitting you with "The One Two" which keeps with the Old School theme adding 80's synths and wicked punchy drums for a fresh edge. Plenty of funk to go around with big buildups and killer editing keeping the energy high while the BPMs are low.

Twin Shape takes things a step lower with his chilled out remix of "The One Two". Laid back and trancey it's a total flip from the original that has a touch of darkness mixed in while being beautiful and melodic at the same time. Head on over to Juno and grab them for yourself!

Wes Beanz on Soundcloud -

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Release - KIR252 - Rick Tyler - Turkish Policeman w/ Remixes by Silent H and Silverfilter

Making his debut on Kick It is Rick Tyler coming to us from Russia with his rough and rugged “Turkish Policeman”. Setting things in motion with a punchy break and background bleeps, it’s not long before the haunting vocals make their way in, quickly dropping out on the dirty bassline for the first breakdown. Zappy leads and chopped up vox mingle with a cornucopia of edits keeping the energy up and the dancers moving.

First up on remix duties is Silent H! of the UK. Putting the “Boom” in Boom Boom Room, Silent H! lays down a filthy rendition starting off with dubby drums but quickly building things up to full speed and it’s on from there, heavy business!

Rounding things out we have Silverfilter all the way from the Philippines with his "Ruffed Up" Remix. Keeping the theme of the other two but adding a funky 4/4 twist while maintaining a Breakbeat feel he combines wicked grooves on the melodies and the bassline making for a feel good but upbeat tuna.

Support From

Karton - "Original mix is rad!!"

RuN RiOT - "Big Release this! Original & Silent H! remixes are boss!" 

Monk3ylogic - "Oh yes!!! What a tune"

Mobius - "Definitely all about the "Boom Boom" Remix on this for me, nice and filthy."

Diistortiion - "Solid production on all versions. Probably leaning more towards the Silent H! version on this one."

VoVKing - "Silent H! Boom Boom Remix is the best for me." 

Chris Bassrocker - "Heavy Release! Loving all the mixes ... will be supporting this 100%. Another great release as always!" 

Distorsion Records - "Silent H! Remix is Big!"

Kwerk - "This is awesome!"

The Filthy Habit - "Banger!"

   KIR252 Turkish Policeman Preview Clips by Kick It Recordings

Rick Tyler "Turkish Policeman" on Beatport - Beatport

Rick Tyler "Turkish Policeman on TID - Track It Down

Rick Tyler on Soundcloud -