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New Album and Promo Mixes, Exclusive Interview PLUS Win Free Tickets - Tim Healey - Rest In Beats

Happy hump day friends and neighbors, the weekend is that much closer! We've got a serious spread on the menu today as we are talking about the Electro House mastermind Tim Healey and his brand new album "Rest in Beats". Plus, we have an Exclusive interview with Tim for you so, sit back, get comfortable and listen to some phat beats while doing your brain some good.

Whatever you want to call him, "The Godfather of Electro", "The Don of Bass" or "Musical Mastermind", Tim Healey knows how to rock you with his basslines and roll you with his melodies. Heading not one but two of the industries top labels in Giant Pussy Records and Surfer Rosa Records, Tim is a non-stop machine in the studio and on the road. As if making wicked tunes one after the other weren't enough, Mr. Healey also has a monthly podcast, produces music videos and has his own internet TV Show on YouTube called Tim Healey TV which takes you along for the ride on some of Tim's insane escapades around the world. Keeping his camera handy while rocking clubs and getting down in the studio with the likes of Felguk and others, Tim gives you a glimpse into his world and what it takes to be on top.

Recently released on May 27th, "Rest in Beats", the new album from Tim Healey is already receiving massive support from around the world and for good reason. It has been 5 long years since Tim Healey’s last long player under his Coburn guise but it has been worth every second of the wait. The godfather of Electro-House and champion of indie-dance fusion is back with his magnum opus, "Rest in Beats". 

Never shy to flex his production muscles, Tim’s new LP spans a galaxy of the freshest electronic sonics, with BPMs tastefully varied. Matt King (aka Peep show’s gnarly “Super Hans”) drops in for the album’s spoken word intro, before Tim takes us on a tour through Hip-Hop, urban and dance-hall beats, an awesome cover of the Beatle’s "Dear Prudence" and then double delivers with no less than FIVE unmissable club cuts. Other collaborators on the album include a who’s who of dance-music’s glitterati. Everyone from Calvertron, Tom Craft, Atomic Drop, Freqhouse, Pete Martin and an arsenal of vocalists from the likes of SirReal (Freestylers/Pendulum) to the legendary toaster Top Cat via urban-heros Manners, Loc-E and sassy songstress Pippa Trix. 

The first single from the album “Live It Love It” has already been snagged by Sony and the second, “Rock It Roll It” reached #1 in the Dubstep charts on Beatport. Tim has DJ tours booked throughout 2011, in the USA, Asia, Australia and right across Europe and the UK plus, there is talk of Mr. Healey taking the album live this summer in two different formats. Tim Healey "LIVE" with his drummer, VJ and MCs & Vocalists and also as the "Tim Healey Soundsystem" where Tim will be Djing with vocalist and MC SirReal, his most constant collaborator on the LP plus other special VIP guests.

Support From

Fatboy Slim
Kissy Sell Out (BBC 1)
Annie Nightingale
Andi Durrant
Anne Savage
Barry Ashworth (Dub Pistols)
Steve Smart
Plump Dj's
Dj Craze

"10/10 Miss at your peril!" - iDJ
"The unsung hero of Electro" - Mixmag
"Tim Healey knows a thing or two about putting together a killer track" - DJ Mag

Tim Healey "Rest In Beats" - Tracklisting

  1. - Intro (Tim Healey Ft. Matt King)
  2. - Live It Love It (Tim Healey Vs Tom Craft Ft. SirReal)
  3. - Rock It Roll It 
        (Tim Healey Vs Calvertron Ft. SirReal & Pippa Trix)
  4. - Take Control (Tim Healey Vs Atomic Drop Ft. SirReal)
  5. - Tempting To Touch (Tim Healey Ft. Top Cat & Pippa Trix)
  6. - Dear Prudence (Tim Healey Ft. Kirsty Sillars)
  7. - Mars Boudoir (Tim Healey Ft. Manners)
  8. - Believe Him (Tim Healey Vs Marc Adamo Ft. SirReal)
  9. - Tommy Finn (Tim Healey Ft. Dean Van Jones) 
        {Not in Promo Mix}
10. - Dance The Tears Away 
        (Tim Healey Vs Pete Martin Ft.. Pippa Trix)
11. - Resistance (Tim Healey Vs Freqhouse Ft. Loc-E & Pippa Trix)
12. - Loving You (Tim Healey Vs Tomcraft Ft. Pippa Trix)
13. - Super Surf (Tim Healey)

Tim Healey LP Mini Promo Mix


Win Tickets to Spectrum's London Summer Warehouse Party, Saturday the 2nd of July. This is the official UK Album Launch Party for Tim's new Album!! Click on the link below to win yourself some tickets.

Summer Warehouse Party Tickets -

Tim Healey - "Rest In Beats" - The Kick It Interview

1. The new album “Rest In Beats” takes the Tim Healey Brand in a wicked new direction, how would you describe your sound as of now?

Fresh. If you just make electro-house and dubstep I think you would go insane. Both are very exciting genres in their own (and frequently combined) rights. An LP allows you to explore different arenas of sound, but each time bring your own vibe to them. I am so lucky to be surrounded by talented musicians all of whom believe in what I am doing, so we work easily together.

2. You can feel the passion present in this album right from the get go, what were some of your inspirations for “Rest in Beats”?

I have always been extremely passionate about music, since I was a small child, but my inspiration for the LP was the concept that I was dead, a tragic casualty of the demise of the recorded music product, and this was my farewell opus, discovered after my death. This ofcourse gave me the excuse to tour the sonic-smoragosbord and cover loads of bases (or should that be basses).

3. With so many monster tunes on the new album, do you have a personal favorite?

I particularly enjoyed working on Dear Prudence, but each track has a story - some came together easier than others, but in general it was a surprise at every turn. A great example would be Resistance, which was re-incarnated by Freqhouse after I sent them the stems. They threw this awesome dubsteppy bass-line in the mix and a guitar line - neither of which were expected and the vocals rode the groove. I then got it back to my studio and laid down the final mix.

4. The cleanliness and overall production is just mint, what DAW was it done in?

I have a mac tower, mackie d8b desk, and some valve and transistor outboard, and a load of real synths (moog/nord etc) - I don’t tend to use soft synths very much, and all the noises are kind of one-shot/one off sounds that I probably couldn’t make again even if I wanted to.

5. Was there any particular hardware that helped give you an overall vibe to the album?

I swear by my valve-suite - my Culture Vulture stereo-distortion and Phoenix compressor. I put almost everything through them, and what doesn’t go through them goes through my API 7600 channel strips.

6. I’ve heard rumors that you might be taking the album live on tour this summer, is that true?

Yes, our first date is in Singapore on July 20. I can’t wait - I will be taking SirReal and Pippa Trix with me.

7.  I love the video for “Live It Love It”; do you enjoy the video production process as well?

Absolutely, we are building a network of film directors and editors, and have achieved great things in the last year. In fact, should any of your readers fancy themselves as a budding Ridley Scott they should drop   a line to propose working on a future project, as we have stacks of music lined up for release. My favorite in the last year is Needle by Dirtyloud : made by the awesome flux crew in Budapest.

8. What’s the next big thing you have up your sleeve?

2011 is all about Rest in beats - we still have Resistance and Your Loving (both singles from the LP) to be released, with tasty remix packs and videos - but of course Surfer Rosa has plenty planned, and I have a number of side-projects on the go - working with all manner of people.

9. When are you going to come play for Kick It? :)

When do you want me - I’ll be there with bells on, it would be a pleasure, and I’ll rock your party :)

Tim Healey 1 Hour Promo Mix

1. - Tim Healey & Atomic Drop Ft. SirReal "Take Control"
       Surfer Rosa Records
2. - Chris Lake & Nelski "Colours" Rising
3. - Boys Will Be Boys "We Rock" Musical Freedom
4. - Alex Gray "Small Town Boy" Moda
5. - Tommy Trash "The End" Downright
6. - Bass Jackers "Mush Mush" Musical Freedom
7. - Karton "Girl With Vertigo" CDR
8. - Green Velvet "Answer Phone" (Santiago & Bushido Mix) Relief
9. - Hardwell "Encoded" (Dada Life Remix) Revealed
10. - Far Too Loud "Don't Let Go" CDR
11. - Cubicle "Rhinocerose" V2
12. - Dirtyloud "Needle" Surfer Rosa Records
13. - Wizard & The Freestylers "Frozen" Freestylers Records

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