Thursday, June 9, 2011

Official Video - Alex Prestige - Can't Hide

Holy bassline business Batman! In the mood for a little Drum & Bass action today? I sure hope so because today we are talking about Alex Prestige from Russia.

The phrase ‘born musician’ is one that is passed around a lot in this day and age. Thankfully, in the case of Alex Prestige (formerly known as Prestige), this is entirely true. Born and raised in Kaliningrad, Alexander spent only a short time pursuing sports and martial arts, even becoming a Russian karate and boxing champion before his love for music became too strong for him to ignore. Currently Alex has been crafting his style for over five years.

Influenced in early childhood by albums such as The Prodigy’s “The Fat Of The Land”, Alex Prestige was always drawn in by fast drum rolls and heavy beats but with an edgy dark atmosphere that is reflected by his many works.

Once realizing that he could not only listen to and enjoy music but also create it for himself, his life took a major turn for the better leading Alex Prestige down that inventive route as a producer. Working hard in music school, and producing raves with a friend from high school, the music became the new wonder drug, as all musicians become aware of. Sometimes, the sound just takes hold of you and refuses to let go.

After exchanging tracks with DJ Matter, Alex Prestige gained attention from releases on Pirate Station, System Shock, XS, Biological Beats and other labels. Two popular Drum & Bass labels, Stereotype and now Grid, have picked up Alex to showcase and broadcast his work.
With all of this behind him, the career of Alex Prestige is still in its infancy and any Drum & Bass fan will come to know his name within the coming years.

The natural enthusiasm of an artist is tempered by the natural energy of a karate champion making for a powerful live performance that is not be missed.
Keep your eyes open around Kaliningrad and the world for the one like Alex Prestige.

Filmed in Alex Prestige's home town of Kaliningrad, the video for "Can't Hide" shows a panicked, frenzied rush of fear and adrenaline. "Can't Hide" is laced with samples from the infamous "Saw 7" movie and follows our unnamed hero as he is pursued by a masked menace through a maze of buildings he doesn't recognize. At first simply confusing, the chase soon becomes desperate. Directed by rising newcomer Kathrine Apanova, "Can't Hide" will undoubtedly be the first of many videos that envelops the thrill, the energy and the anticipation of Alex Prestige.

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