Thursday, October 31, 2013

Free Mix - Fisso & Spark - Breaks Raiders

Fisso & Spark hit us with a massive mix that will most likely have you dancing for days, forgetting about the whole world as your drawn into the gigantic sounds in "Breaks Raiders"!!!

With tracks from huge artists such as, Stanton Warriors, Colombo, Utku S, Deformaty, and a bunch of tunes from Fisso & Spark, this is a Breaks heads dream!!!

To get this mix for free head on over to the Fisso & Spark Facebook Page and give it a like!!!!

Fisso & Spark "Breaks Raiders"

01. - Get up - Stanton Warriors
02. - Funk Me - Colombo
03. - Just Blow - Dj Hero
04. - Drop the Bass
05. - Rocker - Stanton Warriors
06. - Disco Fever - Utku S
07. - Funqualize - Under This
08. - Rainbows - Deformaty Remix
09. - In Breaks We Trust - Beatman and Ludmilla
10. - Earthquake - Fisso & Spark feat. BBK
11. - Insane - Deenk Remix
12. - Screamer - Dilemn Remix
13. - Bleep Me - Quadrat Beat Remix
14. - Star 69 - Rogue Element Remix
15. - You Can Do It - Fisso & Spark
16. - Usual Suspect - Fisso & Spark
17. - Salty - Meat Kathie Remix
18. - Dusk Till Down
19. - Compute - House Mix
20. - Stand By - Krafty Kuts Remix 
21. - Cherry Bomb
22. - I Can Feel It - Fisso & Spark

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Free Mix - Jordan Clayton - Bending The Sound Episode 13 - Chattabocks Guest Mix

Jordan Clayton hits us with the latest episode of "Bending The Sound", this time with a special guest mix from the mysterious producer known only as Chattabocks!!!

"Bending The Sound Episode 13" is pumped full of current and gnarly Electro House tracks that would make your grandma bust a move, and for the first 30 minutes Jordan Clayton takes the controls transporting us to a world of infinite bass and killer grooves!!!

Secondly the one like Chattabocks hits us with his unique mix of Tech House, dropping funky business like it's going out of style, and outright destroying the dancefloor and all who dare tread upon its holy ground!!!

Bending The Sound Episode 13 w/ Chattabocks Guest Mix

Jordan Clayton

01. - Gregori Klosman feat. Roger Sanchez & GTO "Turn On The Music" 
02. - Audien "Iris" 
03. - Henry Aya "GTO" 
04. - Ben Saunders "Turn Back Time" Lukas Bootleg 
05. - Don Diablo & Matt Nash "Starlight could you be mine" Otto Knows remix 
06. - Jay Cosmic "To the rhythm" 
07. - Kryder "Pyrmd" 
08. - Utku S "Do you like it"


01. - Chattabocks "Hello World" 
02. - Wamdue Project "King of My Castle" Crazibiza Remix 
03. - Groovebox "Brooklyn" 
04. - Pryda "Rotonda" 
05. - Tradelove "Street Player" Club Mix 
06. - Fatboy Slim & Riva Starr "Eat Sleep Rave Repeat" 
07. - Bonnie McKee "American Girl" Oliver Remix

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Release - KIR325 - Sneaker & The Dryer - Breaking Btz - Remixes by Kwerk, DeadSlim and The Fantastic Boyz

Storming the scene with his Broken House epic “Breaking Btz”, Sneaker & The Dryer dismisses all previous conceptions of how a modern dance track should sound, and blows away old stipulations on what defines a proper Breakbeat, giving listeners a unique and funky track that’s massive and mysterious to all who hear!

Kicking the door down, Sneaker & The Dryer begins with original vocal chops in front of a four to the floor beat with broken percussion and movement, giving a strong impression of a Breakbeat while still remaining large and driving! The first breakdown of “Breaking Btz” is like stepping into a time machine as atmospheric and haunting synth lines fluctuate and build up to laser infused floor stomping action with deep and low vocals from the bassline specialist himself!

The 4/4 beat is paralleled by Amen’s and drum rolls that appear almost every 8 bars, serving as almost a guide to the Broken House vibe, as lasers, massive pitch bends, and hard bass keep everything in a tightly wrapped soundscape making “Breaking Btz” a beautiful journey through a broken world of dance madness!

First up on remix duties is the rising Breakbeat star Kwerk with his futuristic rendition of “Breaking Btz”! Infusing the raw energy that Kwerk is known for with the funky fluid movement of Sneaker & The Dryer’s sounds, he creates a no holds barred peak time Breakbeat jammer!

Next up, DeadSlim turns the funkameter up to 100% with a grinding and dirty Glitch Hop remix of “Breaking Btz”. DeadSlim continues to pack more and more flavor and tasty synth lines into every bite, blowing away even the likes of Gordon Ramsay’s ability to create something so delicious to our pallets!

Lastly, closing this release out gnarly and proper, Fantastic Boyz drop a combination of Complextro bass and tear out esque Breaks with synth driven breakdowns that have a perfectly made 80's feel to bring listeners a bass pounding remix of “Breaking Btz”, giving us one hell of a release!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites 11/11/2013

Support From

Kickflip - "Original is great, and the Kwerk remix is the bomb!"

Hot Shit! - "Love the remix from Fantastic Boyz pretty sick style! Full support, great release!"

Saam Roberts - "Great release, in particular I'm drawn to the Kwerk & DeadSlim remixes. DeadSlim takes it for me simply because of the HUGE change in tempo in comparison to his other productions, you'd think he's been making glitch all his life!"

Gene K - "Simply one of the best EPs I've heard in the last year! Hot work!! Kick It!"

Joe C - "Wow, solid package here. Love the cut up sounds and big drum breaks on the original. KWeRK is putting down a great mix as well. BANG!"

Zero Vingt-Duex - "Cool mate. An awesome touch from DeadSlim :)"

Distorstion Records - "Kwerk Remix is Amazing! Full support!"

Petey - "Hell yeah!! Deadslim!!"

Tom Clyde - "Kwerk is on fire! Groovy and driven tune as usual! Thanks!"

   KIR325 Sneaker & The Dryer - Breaking Btz - Remixes by Kwerk, DeadSlim and Fantastic Boyz OUT 10/28 by Kick It Recordings

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Free Track - Dirtyloud Feat Messinian - Vampires Come Out

You are in for a Halloween treat today, Dirtyloud and Messinian have dropped a free Electro House banger called "Vampires Come Out"that's just in time for the spooky holiday season!

The horror show begins as Dirtyloud filters in goosebump inducing synths behind a massive 4/4 beat, quickly slamming gnarly bass hits and vocal cuts before getting to the breakdown of "Vampires Come Out"!

Perfectly fitting vocals and melodies lead listeners through the breakdown of "Vampires Come Out", which then sends our minds into an unknown world of meaty bass and epic rhythms all set and placed carefully by Dirtyloud!!!      

  Dirtyloud Feat. Messinian - Vampires Come Out (Original Halloween Mix) by Dirtyloud

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Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Track - Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire - Saam Roberts Bootleg Mix

Big Room dance madness never sounded so sweet, as Saam Roberts remixes the classic from Cosmic Gate "Fire Wire", and gives it all the modern Big Room energy that anyone could ask for!!!

Crispy snare hits on top of large kicks lead the charge in "Fire Wire", building up with rides, synth stabs, and delayed drums, into an almost exclusively vocal driven first breakdown right before Saam Roberts drops into the meat of this dance classic!

Whether it's the rubbery feel of the reverb infused leads, or the 808 pound of the sub bass Saam Roberts excels where others lack bringing full and heavy synth lines to the center of "Fire Wire"giving us a powerful peaktime track that is a must have! To grab this for free just visit the Saam Roberts Facebook Page and give it a like!!!! 

  Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Saam Roberts Bootleg Mix) by SAAM ROBERTS

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Free Track - TJR - What's Up Suckaz - Deformaty Rerub

Switching things up with that Electro Bounce, Deformaty drops a rebump of TJR's "What's Up Suckaz", giving us an upbeat peak time Melbourn House banger!

Side-chained bass takes the fore front along with rising synths and massive drums injecting energy and life into every nuance of the beginning of Deformaty's slamming rebump of "What's Up Suckaz"!

Breaking down and building up with heavy emphasis on crispy snare rolls, Deformaty heads into the meat of "What's Up Suckaz" and sends listeners into pitch bent goodness, vocal stabs and precise production wrap everything up in a perfect Melbourn package of sound! 

With two epic breakdowns and heavy half time action, this is one fantastic tune to add to Deformaty's growing catalog!   

  TJR - What S Up Suckaz (Deformaty Rerub) [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Deformaty

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free Track - Riva Starr feat. Rssll - Nobody's Fool - Beatz Projekted Remix

Oh man...are you in for a treat today! The powerhouse that is Beatz Projekted has just unleashed a funky free House jammer that's packed full of Indie Dance flavor with his remix of Riva Starr featuring Rssll's "Nobody's Fool", the upbeat and feel good vibes come in waves as listeners experience the full majesty of pure dance magic!

Engaging and dynamic "Nobody's Fool" immediately sets the stage for a heartfelt song that's more like a journey propelled by a mysterious groove and soundscape, that complements the catchy Alternative vocals at the center of Beatz Projekted's beautiful creation!

What can you say about a track that incorporates guitars, deep percussion, chilled out basslines, filtering pianos, airy sweeps, crispy vocals, and a House beat that jacks your body; Beatz Projekted does it again, making a warm and relaxed tune that is massive, with a out of this world sound and texture!

Pick this one and many others up for free simply by hitting the like button on the Beatz Projekted Facebook Fanpage...its well worth the large amount of free tunes!!!

  Nobody's Fool (Beatz Projekted Remix) - Riva Starr feat. Rssll "Click for FREE DL" by Beatz Projekted Remixes

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Free Track - Heatbeat & Chris Schweizer - Nasty - Farace Breaks Edit

The one like Farace hits us with an epic Breaks remix of Heartbeat and Chris Schweizer's "Nasty", putting his well honed skills to the test to bring us a hard and nasty peaktime Breakbeat stomper, that moves listeners along to a fantastic and beautiful groove! Gaining support already from numerous artists and almost immediately being posted on Hype Machine, it's a steal for free!

With a large amount of movement being established from the get go striking away with Progressive fueled arpeggiation Farace heads into the first synth driven breakdown with force and precision, riding vocal chops and building up to the grinding bassline madness that makes "Nasty" so nice!    

Aggressive is the name of the game in "Nasty", and man Farace hits this one out of the park, the perfect combination of feel good grooves and low dirty bass will have the whole club in a Breakbeat driven frenzy!!! Pick this tune up for free today by giving a good liking on the Farace Facebook Fanpage!!!

  Nasty (Farace Breaks Edit) [FREE DOWNLOAD] by farace

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Monday, October 21, 2013

Free Track - Deformaty & Koyote - Rocket

Tonight we have a fun and funky Melbourne House smasher from Deformaty and Koyote, releasing some ragging fire, and letting the heat loose with their original track "Rocket"!

Being on a huge Melbourne kick lately, Deformaty dropping a pitch bent banger was bound to happen sooner than later, and he hits the nail on the head with his upbeat collaboration with Koyote, leaving nothing to the imagination as he delivers a floor crushing experience in full!

Large drums and filtered synth lines start "Rocket" off proper quickly moving into an epic and melodic breakdown and build, that sets listeners and dancers up perfectly for the madness that follows!

If the bigger than life synths don't do it for you then the catchy vocal cuts will, the impressive amount of energy that's packed into "Rocket" is a prime example of Deformaty's growing talent, that seems to be endless! 

To grab this track for free just head over to Deformaty's Facebook Page and give it a like, you'll be happy you did!!!    

  Deformaty & Koyote - Rocket (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD!] by Deformaty

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Release - KIR324 - Joe C - Blasted Jive - Remixes by Deformaty and Retchid

Bringing the hot Breakbeat fire like an explosion in the dark, Joe C’s original epic “Blasted Jive”, is an experience guided by florescent city lights as you speed down the road in your personal Veyron, flying by others as the air flows through your hair!

“Blasted Jive” begins with pulsating pad like synths behind an aggressive breakbeat, quickly gaining momentum and groove as dark rumbling bass stabs soon follow setting the stage for a hard, synth fueled breakdown! Joe C proceeds to demolish the floor with unforgiving peaktime action, breaking the sound barrier with dirty bass lines, progressing energy filled lasers and funky vocal cuts making “Blasted Jive”, an uncontrollable Breakbeat beast!

It would be unfair and probably illegal if the rising Breaks protege Deformaty, was denied a go at “Blasted Jive” and his unique and experienced remix gives us a faster look at Joe C’s creation. Combining feel good synths with grimy bass hits and a wicked change-up, Deformaty gives us a track with unparalleled energy!

The gnarliness does not end there as Retchid drops a Dubstep infused Electro House version of “Blasted Jive”, its anthem-esque synths and Complextro bass stabs are almost overpowered by stadium sized breakdowns, closing things out proper and leaving everyone satisfied!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites - 10/28/2013

Support From

Kickflip - "Great stuff all round, but the Deformaty Remix will get the most plays from me, especially with that handy switch to glitch hop!"

Wavewhore - "Deformaty Mix is the stand out for me on this release."

Sychosis (LSM) - "Every track is good but that original is just so fire!"

DeadSlim - "All three mixes are excellent. But Deformaty takes it for me. Growls, tempo change, big builds... This mix has the lot!"

Dave Jacob - "Nice remix from Retchid, good job!"

Ed Russell (MBN) - "How good is that original? Damn good!"

Radio Corsaro - "Beautiful remix from Retchid, thanks!!"

Reality Randy - "Nice work guys...Love the bassline!"

Bass Reflections - "Big big sounds on the Deformaty Remix. Loving the dirty bass and chompy beats!"

Active Gear - "Another cracking tune, Deformaty Remix is the one for me, but the Retchid Remix also has some clout as well.... Original lacked a little wallop for my style but still a cracking tune.....production on these is spot on as well!"

DJ L-Train - "Diggin it!"

   KIR324 - Joe C - Blasted Jive - Remixes by Defomraty and Retchid OUT 10/14/2013 by Kick It Recordings

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Deformaty on Soundcloud -

Retchid on Soundcloud -

Free Track - P3 Ulver Kaos and Trackwasher - Revolution - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix

Sneaker & The Dryer always sets a new standard when it comes to remixing a track, bringing a unique and fresh point of view every time, ultimately creating an original tune in the process while still maintaining heavily emphasized parts and sounds!

This time he tackles the fantastic track “Revolution” from P3 Ulver Kaos and Trackwasher, staying true to his motto of always approaching each track in a different way he seamlessly knits complex change ups and unexpected sounds, dropping a Broken House banger right on our doorstep!

The bassline business begins with an aggressive and fast moving 4/4 beat quickly filtering in synths, sweeps, and other automated goodies, all building up to a swirling vocal fueled breakdown, right before falling ears first into the orchestral like meat of “Revolution”!

With percussion churning and spinning around, saturated side chained bass, phat drums, and guitar stabs played by Toreba Spacedrift, “Revolution” has a life of its own, almost falling out of orbit from the sheer gnarliness of itself, yet being rescued by the precision and diligence of Sneaker & The Dryer every time!

Where most tracks and remixes lack in the vocal department Sneaker & The Dryer delivers well placed extremely catchy lines both male and female that kick his total rework of “Revolution” up yet another notch, giving listeners an experience and remix that can truly be called an original!

  FREE TRACK!! P3 Ulver Kaos and Trackwasher - Revolution - Sneaker & The Dryer Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Free Mix - Stanton Warriors - Stanton Sessions Boat Party Live

Just in time for the weekend we have a banger of a mix from the ones like Stanton Warriors, and it's sure to be a perfect soundtrack to whatever your getting into, whether it be going out or relaxing at home, this is for you!!!

Stanton Warriors show us why they are still in the genre mashing bass game 15 years on, with this signature live mix taken from the "Stanton Sessions London Boat Party". Get your ears around 52 minutes of pure beats that will take you straight to the dance-floor, you'd be a fool to miss this fantastic free download!!!

The hard pounding Breakbeat action dropped by Stanton Warriors is driving and relentless, full of funky tracks that all scream for listeners to jack their body's and get down and dirty!

Stanton Warriors "Stanton Sessions Boat Party" Live

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Free Track - Dub Pistols - Alive - Benny Kane & Dr Specs Remix

Hitting us with a reggie infused House jammer today is Benny Kane and Dr Specs with their remix of the Dub Pistols "Alive" off of their massive album "Mucky Weekend"

One of the most rock & roll acts out there, Barry Ashworth’s merry band of reprobates — the unstoppable Dub Pistols — are staying true to form with their sixth long-player. It’s called "White Lines", although Barry is keen to stress that the title isn't some sort of blatant drug reference. “It’s about the number of white lines we see on motorways and at airports when we’re travelling around all the time,” he says.

To celebrate the tour they are giving away a rather huge remix of their crowd rocking hit "Alive" (word on the street is the remix package dropping soon includes mixes from our very own DJ B-Side & The Dancefloor Outlaws, big t’ings !!) 

Kicking things off with fantastic wobbling bass and a funky drum beat, Benny Kane and Dr Specs soon head straight into groovy goodness as vocals and horns come to the forefront, giving us a refreshing official remix of "Alive"!

  Alive (Benny Kane & Dr Specs Remix) 2 by dubpistols

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Release - KIR323 - Jordan Clayton Ft. Dextramorphine - Looney Tune - Remixes by Joe C and Alex Lightspeed

Hitting us with the peak-time Electro goodness Jordan Clayton drops the hammer and sends our minds into chaos with his grinding head wobbler “Loony Tune”. Giving all that one could want in a synth driven banger, Clayton makes use of cartoon samples that will have crowds moving all night long!

Starting off with a heavy and pounding beat, Jordan Clayton soon slips in vocal stabs along with large synth lines before heading straight into an epic breakdown that sends shivers down ones spine in this Electro House slammer! With gigantic bass hits, wide trance synths, and vocal samples that can’t be beat, “Loony Tune” is one hell of a track!

First up on remix duties is Joe C infusing in the funk with low driving sub rumbles showing a different side of “Loony Tune”, which hits hard just as much as it will make those bootys shake!

Again hitting us with the Breakbeat goodness is Alex Lightspeed with a gnarly Breakbeat rendition of “Loony Tune”, and man have Breaks never felt more alive than while in the capable hands of this powerful artist! Giving listeners everything they would want out of a Breaks remix of “Loony Tune”, phat drums, pushing basslines, and broken sounds make this a perfect remix for Breaks enthusiasts!

Out Now Exclusively on Beatport

All Other Sites - Oct. 21 2013

Support From
 BBC Introducing - Radio Airplay
Beatport - Featured Breaks Top Banner

Kickflip -  "Good stuff all round, but reckon the Alex Lightspeed Remix will fit into my sets!"

Beatz Projekted - "Slammer!"

MBFB - "Huge! Nicely done!"

Saam Roberts - "The Alex Lightspeed Remix takes it for me, love it!"

DeadSlim - "Hot shit right here!"

Breaking News - "Big tnx 4 promo! Love Joe C remix! Will play it tomorrow on IBWT party!"

Ed Russell (MBN) -"Great remix by Joe C. All over this one - will be on NSB tonight! :-)"

Vova Mey - "Very nice!!! Support"

Distorsion Records - "Cool stuff!"

Active Gear - "Original mix for me on this one .....Loving the cartoon sample...... nice clean track, bit of wobble, big bass !! its a banger for sure :)"

Petey - "Original track is fucking kick ass!! Love this EP"

Rob Hughes (The Noise - "High energy breaks! Great stuff! Thanks, TNG x"

Dj Asyk - "Love the Alex Lighspeed remix the most here, sounds incredible on a loud system when that beat drops.. good work!!"

   KIR323 - Jordan Clayton Ft. Dextramorphine - Looney Tune - Remixes by Joe C and Alex Lightspeed by Kick It Recordings

Jordan Clayton on Soundcloud -

Joe C on Soundcloud -

Alex Lightspeed on Soundcloud -

Monday, October 7, 2013

Free Track - Djerem feat. Max C - The Good Things - Beatz Projekted Remix

Hitting us with the Big Room gnarliness today is the one like Beatz Projekted with his remix of Djerem featuring Max C "The Good Things", the hard stomping action is a perfect tune to kick off the week!

Building things up from the start Beatz Projekted works in bass stabs and pitch bending sweeps to give an all around massive feel, right from the first note of "The Good Things", right before heading into a vocal fueled first breakdown!

Utilizing rolling synths and powerful vocals Beatz Projekted creates a beautiful atmosphere before sending listeners ear first into an all out big bass assault within the meat of "The Good Things", bring us a peak time banger that's shear force can not be disputed!

Be one of the first to have this fantastic track, it's sure to reek havoc on the dance floor!!!

  The Good Things (Beatz Projekted Remix) - Djerem feat. Max C "FREE DOWNLOAD!" by Beatz Projekted Remixes

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Free Track - Don Diablo & Matt Nash - Starlight - Deformaty & Lightspeed Remix

Tonight the stars are out and we have a funky Breakbeat jammer from Deformaty and Lightspeed, full of futuristic flavor, and rocket fueled bassline goodness! Don Diablo & Matt Nash's "Starlight" gets an overhaul as it's spun out into the galaxy of Breaks, pounding away threw massive speakers as listeners travel in space!

Starting off at the speed of light Deformaty quickly gets feet working as synths and vocals take hold and don't let go, giving us a fast build up before shooting head first into hard Breakbeat dancefloor action!

The side chained grinding bass is complemented by rising synths and all encompassing drum rolls that create gigantic amounts of energy making "Starlight" another hit to add to the growing catalog that Deformaty has been steadily building! Just stop by the Deformaty Facebook page to get your free copy today!!!!       

  Don Diablo & Matt Nash - Starlight (Deformaty & Lightspeed Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD!!] by Deformaty

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