Tuesday, October 15, 2013

New Release - KIR324 - Joe C - Blasted Jive - Remixes by Deformaty and Retchid

Bringing the hot Breakbeat fire like an explosion in the dark, Joe C’s original epic “Blasted Jive”, is an experience guided by florescent city lights as you speed down the road in your personal Veyron, flying by others as the air flows through your hair!

“Blasted Jive” begins with pulsating pad like synths behind an aggressive breakbeat, quickly gaining momentum and groove as dark rumbling bass stabs soon follow setting the stage for a hard, synth fueled breakdown! Joe C proceeds to demolish the floor with unforgiving peaktime action, breaking the sound barrier with dirty bass lines, progressing energy filled lasers and funky vocal cuts making “Blasted Jive”, an uncontrollable Breakbeat beast!

It would be unfair and probably illegal if the rising Breaks protege Deformaty, was denied a go at “Blasted Jive” and his unique and experienced remix gives us a faster look at Joe C’s creation. Combining feel good synths with grimy bass hits and a wicked change-up, Deformaty gives us a track with unparalleled energy!

The gnarliness does not end there as Retchid drops a Dubstep infused Electro House version of “Blasted Jive”, its anthem-esque synths and Complextro bass stabs are almost overpowered by stadium sized breakdowns, closing things out proper and leaving everyone satisfied!

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All Other Sites - 10/28/2013

Support From

Kickflip - "Great stuff all round, but the Deformaty Remix will get the most plays from me, especially with that handy switch to glitch hop!"

Wavewhore - "Deformaty Mix is the stand out for me on this release."

Sychosis (LSM) - "Every track is good but that original is just so fire!"

DeadSlim - "All three mixes are excellent. But Deformaty takes it for me. Growls, tempo change, big builds... This mix has the lot!"

Dave Jacob - "Nice remix from Retchid, good job!"

Ed Russell (MBN) - "How good is that original? Damn good!"

Radio Corsaro - "Beautiful remix from Retchid, thanks!!"

Reality Randy - "Nice work guys...Love the bassline!"

Bass Reflections - "Big big sounds on the Deformaty Remix. Loving the dirty bass and chompy beats!"

Active Gear - "Another cracking tune, Deformaty Remix is the one for me, but the Retchid Remix also has some clout as well.... Original lacked a little wallop for my style but still a cracking tune.....production on these is spot on as well!"

DJ L-Train - "Diggin it!"

   KIR324 - Joe C - Blasted Jive - Remixes by Defomraty and Retchid OUT 10/14/2013 by Kick It Recordings

Joe C on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/djjoec

Deformaty on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/dj-deformaty

Retchid on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/retchid

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