Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Track - Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire - Saam Roberts Bootleg Mix

Big Room dance madness never sounded so sweet, as Saam Roberts remixes the classic from Cosmic Gate "Fire Wire", and gives it all the modern Big Room energy that anyone could ask for!!!

Crispy snare hits on top of large kicks lead the charge in "Fire Wire", building up with rides, synth stabs, and delayed drums, into an almost exclusively vocal driven first breakdown right before Saam Roberts drops into the meat of this dance classic!

Whether it's the rubbery feel of the reverb infused leads, or the 808 pound of the sub bass Saam Roberts excels where others lack bringing full and heavy synth lines to the center of "Fire Wire"giving us a powerful peaktime track that is a must have! To grab this for free just visit the Saam Roberts Facebook Page and give it a like!!!! 

  Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Saam Roberts Bootleg Mix) by SAAM ROBERTS

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