Tuesday, October 8, 2013

New Release - KIR323 - Jordan Clayton Ft. Dextramorphine - Looney Tune - Remixes by Joe C and Alex Lightspeed

Hitting us with the peak-time Electro goodness Jordan Clayton drops the hammer and sends our minds into chaos with his grinding head wobbler “Loony Tune”. Giving all that one could want in a synth driven banger, Clayton makes use of cartoon samples that will have crowds moving all night long!

Starting off with a heavy and pounding beat, Jordan Clayton soon slips in vocal stabs along with large synth lines before heading straight into an epic breakdown that sends shivers down ones spine in this Electro House slammer! With gigantic bass hits, wide trance synths, and vocal samples that can’t be beat, “Loony Tune” is one hell of a track!

First up on remix duties is Joe C infusing in the funk with low driving sub rumbles showing a different side of “Loony Tune”, which hits hard just as much as it will make those bootys shake!

Again hitting us with the Breakbeat goodness is Alex Lightspeed with a gnarly Breakbeat rendition of “Loony Tune”, and man have Breaks never felt more alive than while in the capable hands of this powerful artist! Giving listeners everything they would want out of a Breaks remix of “Loony Tune”, phat drums, pushing basslines, and broken sounds make this a perfect remix for Breaks enthusiasts!

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All Other Sites - Oct. 21 2013

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Kickflip -  "Good stuff all round, but reckon the Alex Lightspeed Remix will fit into my sets!"

Beatz Projekted - "Slammer!"

MBFB - "Huge! Nicely done!"

Saam Roberts - "The Alex Lightspeed Remix takes it for me, love it!"

DeadSlim - "Hot shit right here!"

Breaking News - "Big tnx 4 promo! Love Joe C remix! Will play it tomorrow on IBWT party!"

Ed Russell (MBN) -"Great remix by Joe C. All over this one - will be on NSB tonight! :-)"

Vova Mey - "Very nice!!! Support"

Distorsion Records - "Cool stuff!"

Active Gear - "Original mix for me on this one .....Loving the cartoon sample...... nice clean track, bit of wobble, big bass !! its a banger for sure :)"

Petey - "Original track is fucking kick ass!! Love this EP"

Rob Hughes (The Noise Gate.com) - "High energy breaks! Great stuff! Thanks, TNG x"

Dj Asyk - "Love the Alex Lighspeed remix the most here, sounds incredible on a loud system when that beat drops.. good work!!"

   KIR323 - Jordan Clayton Ft. Dextramorphine - Looney Tune - Remixes by Joe C and Alex Lightspeed by Kick It Recordings

Jordan Clayton on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/claytonofficial

Joe C on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/djjoec

Alex Lightspeed on Soundcloud - soundcloud.com/alexlightspeed

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