Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Free Track - Gin Joints - For Tonight - Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Spacedrift Remix

Holy crap time flies sometimes, no make that all the time! We've got a whole bunch of free stuff to get out to you guys but sometimes it's just impossible to get a blog post in! I hope everybody had an awesome Christmas and is enjoying the holidays, we've got a little late Christmas present for you today so hit the download button and turn up your speakers! Today's tuna is a little something different as S&D and Toreba Spacedrift have teamed up to bring you a Broken House remix of Gin Joint's "For Tonight".

With his roots in the Swedish hip hop scene, Gin Joints was still in his teens when he started Djing and making music with rappers like Planet Asia, Grand Agent, Movits! and Young Ivy. A few years down the line, Gin Joints has moved on from his first compositions and turned to 80s Funk, Disco and Electro for inspiration.

To follow up on his very well received debut solo EP, "Know The Ledge", Gin Joints is introducing a brand new five track EP called "For Tonight". Released via Swedish label and party promoter Discotheque á la Carte, the EP includes three original tracks and two killer remixes of the title track by Neon Workout and Simon Frank.

Sneaker & The Dryer & Toreba Spacedrift have joined forces putting together an official remix of "For Tonight" that's available for free to help support the release. Big drums and lots of  fillers give this one plenty of funky flavor right from the get go. Heavy synths and Amens keep things interesting as you quickly land in the first break where Gin Joint's vocals start to make their way in. Chopped up beats and loads of edits will keep your feet moving and your head bobbing through the main section and the big leads on the main breakdown add to the drama. Maintaining the feel of the original while putting a whole new twist on it, S&D and Toreba turn out a wicked jammer that pumps from start to finish, grab it for Free!

   Free Track - Gin Joints - For Tonight - Sneaker & The Dryer Vs Toreba Spacedrift Remix by SneakerAndTheDryer

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Free Mix - The Shoe Skool Sessions 2nd Annual Christmas Special

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again folks!!!!! Time for celebration, eggnog, presents, and the 2nd Annual Shoe Skool Sessions Christmas Special w/ Sneaker & The Dryer. With just under two hours of exclusive X-Mas business, it would be hard to not have a happy holidays. The 2nd Annual Special is available for download on Sneaker & The Dryer's Podcast or you can stream it below.

This year’s Christmas Special starts with some classic tunes done by Robin Steal which made last year’s so memorable. Next up are The S&D Boys themselves who unwrap their remixes of “Rudolph”, “Linus & Lucy”, and a version of “Jingle Bells” that will get your blood pumping! Then Toreba Spacedrift drops down your chimney with two comedy filled tracks, “Mister Electric Christmas” and Carl from ATHF singing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”. 

Loaded with X-mas samples, tons of holiday cheer and a special intro and outro by Btz, 2011's Christmas Special will have you and your loved ones dancing around the tree and getting down to an electronic X-mas.  Keep your eyes and ears open for reindeer, never bring your snowman in the sun, and have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us at Kick It Recordings!!



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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Free Track - Freefire Vs Wolfgang Gartner - The Undertaker Was The Champ

Yes that's right everybody, we've opened up the Free tune faucet and the beats are steadily flowing. Today we've got another massive freebie for you coming by way of Freefire out of the UK.

The electronically charged duo known as Freefire have been taking dancefloors by storm with their no-nonsense raucous sound. Blending the worlds of Breakbeats and Electro House into their own unique format, Freefire have made waves with tunes like their remix of Fast Foot's "Race My Music" and their Re-Fix of "Hey Sexy Lady" which you can also grab for free on their Soundcloud page.

With tracks out on labels like Plasmapool, Sick Slaughterhouse and now Le Castle Vania's own imprint Always Never, things are just getting warmed up for these guys and they've well made the point today with "The Undertaker Was The Champ". Combining Wolfgang Gartner's "The Champ", "The Undertaker" and "The Way it Was", Freefire have put together a dancefloor smasher that will have Wolfgang fans going nuts.

Punchy and crunchy drums with tweaked out synth snips get the party started as the "Undertaker" synths make themselves more known and then it's time for a quick dropout into "The Way it Was". When it all comes back, people are going to have no idea WTF just happened and I'm not sure I even do! All I can say is the energy is through the roof and the editing is nuts, if you want to know more, grab it for yourselves!

   Freefire vs Wolfgang Gartner - The Undertaker Was The Champ *FREE DOWNLOAD!* by freefire

Freefire on Facebook -

Freefire on Twitter -!/freefireuk

Monday, December 19, 2011

Free Track - Utku S. - Dance Freak

Monday is back again and Christmas and the New Year are just that much closer!! Seeing as we only have seven days left until the big day, we're going to keep this week free tune orientated starting things off today with a big one coming at you from Utku S.!

With somewhere from 100 - 200 releases under his belt including chart toppers like "Stop It" and "Come Again" plus running two major labels in Tapestop Music and Ventuno Recordings, Turkey's Utku S. is a man on a mission! Signed to labels like Lot 49, Bug Eyed Recordings, Big Fish, Plasmapool and many more, his influences are reaching far and wide.

Utku gave out "Dance Freak" back around Thanksgiving but seeing as it's only gotten around 500 downloads so far, I figured quite a few of you may have missed out in it so we've got it for you below.

"Dance Freak" is pure banging Electro House business from start to finish. You get a synthy side-chained work in to set the mood which makes a short stop on big trance leads before a quick vocal solo and then it's Complextro time with crazy bass edits, huge wobbles, talking low ends and crazy zaps all making an appearance in the next sixteen bars before chilling things out just a tad with another round of Trancey bits and a clean and zappy bassline. The male and female vox are the stars of the main breakdown but there are plenty of strings there as well to keep things moving right along. Building things way up high and then finishing it off a slightly effected vocal solo, you know what's coming next, loads of low ends to give your woofers a workout! Grab it for free and then check out Utku S. on Beatport and Facebook.

   Utku S. - Dance Freak // FREE DOWNLOAD !! by Utku S.

Utku S. on Facebook - 

Utku S. on Twitter -!/utkus

Friday, December 16, 2011

Free Tune Friday - 2 Free Tracks

Ah yes it's that wonderful day known as Friday again, the weekend has arrived. We've got a pair of bangers on hand for you guys today to get things started in the right direction.

First up newcomer to Kick It, Jad Barrett aka Bureau has put together a slamming remix of "Sunday Standards" that has luscious melodies and wicked bass work, the perfect recipe for a dancefloor killer. Progressively building throughout the track, Jad's remix starts out on a softer note as you work your way into the first breakdown which does a nice job of picking up the intensity in a short time giving you an idea of where things are headed. Big wobbling low ends are the name of the game when the beat comes back around. After another short break, Jad slips in a sweet little dub section with a big snare roll before taking it back to the 4/4 action where things get even livelier with some crazy synth work, if you like big dirty business then this one is for you.

   Sunday Standards ( Jad Barrett Remix ) Out Soon on Saucy Trax Records ( Uk ) by JAd Barrett

Next up we have a free tuna coming at you from the ones like Felguk! "The Funky Drama" the Felguk Edit is one of their prized gems that they play in just about every shet and it always rocks the floor. This is an exclusive edit Felguk did but never released and now in the spirit of Christmas, you can unwrap this baby on your next crowd and watch it work it's magic. A bit of a wobbling beat starts this one off backed by a big sweep to take you into the breakdown where the vocoded vox start to filter their way in and then it's time for the super squeaky bass to do it's thing. Dashes of synths play in-between the lows and Hip Hop-ish vocal stabs provide some added funk to the mix. If you can't get people moving with this one you might be broken, I'm just saying. Have a great weekend everybody!

   Free Track - Felguk - The Funky Drama (Felguk Edit) by The Kick It Blog

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Release - KIR263 - Memory Macine - Drive Time EP

Kick It Recordings switches gears for our next release with Memory Machine bringing us his "Drive Time" EP. Just released worldwide today it features four techy tunas that are perfect to drop the top to and let the groove drive with big synths and acid lines.

The title track for the EP “Drive Time” starts things off for us with hefty kicks and more LSD influenced synth work than you can shake a stick at. With big acid synths and massive indie style drums this one will hypnotize the crowd into a dirty frenzy!

The second track in the EP “Midnight” brings a bit of a darker feel and has a hint of Knight Rider tucked in there to lay down the deep grooves.

Third up is “No Reset” which maintains the overall vibe of the first two tracks, but brings in some added sexiness and a dash of Miami big room style!

Finishing things off is “Poolside” which goes perfectly with a Pina Colada in one hand and the hand of your lady in the other with its seductive vibe and island tones. Sunrise or sunset, this is the jam.

Support From

Marcus Gauntlett - "Some really nice tunes on this EP.... full support from me!"

Wavewhore - "Feeling "Midnight" on this one."

Fisso & Spark - "Wicked release, liking all the tracks but favorite one is 'Poolside'! Will play and support!"

Johnny Dangerously - "Production is top notch.... my choice tune would be 'No Reset'."

Llupa - "Really impressed with this EP - some great sounds, grooves and vibes. All the tracks bring something different and the progression within the actual tracks is great, always something new to latch your ears onto."

TJFX - "Loving this!! Memory Machine jogging my memory back to the 90's with this!! Love the Old School vibes!"

SK-2 - "Real quality vibes on this EP. Favorite track for me is "Midnight", lovin that solid Tech groove!"

   KIR263 - Memory Machine - Drive Time EP (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

Memory Machine "Drive Time" EP on Juno - Drive Time EP

Memory Machine "Drive Time" EP on Track It Down - Drive Time EP

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Major Collaboration - Kick It Recordings & RCSparks Studios Join Forces

Yes that's right everybody, it's a big announcement day. Kick It Recordings has some wicked things up our sleeves for 2012 and we're happy to announce today that we have teamed up with Aaron Bidochka and the RCSPARKS Studio as their OFFICIAL Record Label! Now you will be able to bounce to the funky fresh beats of Kick It Recordings AND feast your brain on the amazing Remote Control hobby videos created by this one of a kind studio!

Aaron has been hard at work for the past few years building his empire and he has achieved much success in a short period of time. Aaron is a professional vlogger and entrepreneur. He achieved Internet fame through his YouTube-based video productions, known as "RC ADVENTURES". His Youtube channel, "djmedic2008", boasts a library of more than 350 videos which, together, have been viewed more than 25 million times!  His Internet Show "RC Adventures" Channel on YouTube is nearing 25,000 SUBSCRIBERS and his website RC received close to 500,000 visitors in it's first year.  Incredible!

The RCSparks Studio has worked with some of the biggest names in their industry and things are only going to get bigger at an ever faster rate! We have collaborated before on two previous videos, both of which are widely popular. First up Lupo's "Star Raging Havoc" the Access Denied Remix was used in the "RC Adventures 300th Episode" which has now been viewed over 30,000 times and more recently Sneaker & The Dryer's huge club banger "Tribute to Jack" was used for a Christmas Light Tour around Medic's neighborhood courtesy of a LOSI 8T Electric Truggy - on more weather appropriate tires. You can see it here: LOSI 8T on LSD

These are the first of many joint ventures between us - so be on the lookout for lots more stuff in the near future and if you always wanted to get into the RC Hobby, make sure to check out the RCSparks Studio website, Forums and of course RC Adventures on YouTube.

If you make bass heavy music and you think your tunes should be featured in an RC ADVENTURES video, send an email to and keep your eyes on this space!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Free Mix - Left/Right - Flight Mix

We're back today with another awesome mix for "Everybody" and this time it's coming at you from the one like Left/Right. Things have been heating up for L/R working with Digital Pizza and the Team Awesome guys not to mention remixing for Crystal Method. His last release "Everybody" with counterpart Digital Pizza did awesome in the charts and has been getting lots of support from many a big name Dj.

Left/Right is releasing a two part mix series entitled Flight/Fight and we have the first one for you here. I played this mix on my Radio Show on NSB Radio last week and everyone including myself was loving it so if you haven't heard it yet, now is your chance.

Flight Mix is a rich combination of deep, Future Garage and darker bass music with a slow build that will creep up on you. Flight Mix features some brand new (and some unreleased) music from NAPT, Dark Sky, SBTRKT, Switch, eLan, and more. In contrast, Fight Mix (coming soon) is a more aggressive look at Future Jungle, Breaks, and Drum & Bass including sneak peaks at two of Left/Right's forthcoming 140 BPM Jungle tunes.

Check out Left/Right on his Soundcloud and Facebook pages and if you don't have a copy of "Everybody" yet, you can grab one by following the link on the Beatport banner below. Enjoy the tunes!

Left/Right Flight Mix

1. - Bombay Circle Club "Lights Out, Words Gone" Dark Sky Remix
2. - Martyn "We Are The Future"
3. - Modeselektor "War Cry"
4. - Midland "Bring Joy"
5. - STBRKT "Hold On" [Tease]
6. - Meat Katie & Lee Coombs "Up!" Gella Remix
7. - Radiohead "Lotus Flower" STBRKT Remix
8. - 2 Bit Thugs "Before You Knew"
9. - Bassbin Twins "80808 Dub"
10. - Switch & Adrian Martin "I Still Love You" Acapella
11. - A1 Bassline "Falsehood"
12. - ID & Skinnz "Blues"
13. - Massive Attack "Paradise Circus" Breakage's Tight Rope Remix [Tease]
14. - Underworld "Always Loved a Film" Breakage's Laser Fingers Remix
15. - Four Tet "Love Cry" Joy Orbison Remix
16. - Alpines "Ice & Arrows" Dark Sky Remix
17. - Sepalcure "The Warning"
18. - A1 Bassline "Shock Headed"
19. - Housquare "Why Can't We See You" Evil Nine Remix
20. - Kill Light "Spitting Feathers Pt. 2" 2-Step Terror Mix
21. - Thom Yorke "Skip Divided"
22. - NAPT "Treatise"
23. - "Blaze" Baobinga & ID Remix (Stanton Warriors Edit)
24. - Tony Senghore "If You Came Here" Peo de Pitte Remix
25. - eLan "Blackout"

   Left/Right - Flight Mix by Left/Right

Left/Right on Facebook -

Monday, December 12, 2011

2 Free Mixes, New Release & Exclusive Interview - Rumblefish - Eyes In The Sky

Barry Ashworth & Will Hensel reignite their Rumblefish project along with Martin MY who joins them for their "Eyes In The Sky" release. Remixes come from Jerry C4, Polaroids, Medicine 8 & Snarephobe. The inimitable vocals of TK are featured on this single as well as on the 1st single Rumblefish released back in February. 

Barry & Will first put out an EP on Ugly Records a decade ago and since then Barry has obviously been busy being a Dub Pistol and Westway Records main man and leading the charge at clubs and festivals all around the world. Will in the meantime has been beavering away in west London studios under a variety of guises working on projects with The Chemical Brothers & Leftfield as well as The Dub Pistols. Martin, who has just joined Rumblefish, used to run two of Camden's most respected record shops as well as producing as one half of Move Ya & Steve Lavers, with their slew of releases on Audio Bug. More recently you will find him producing as one half of Dirty Tricks as well as Rumblefish. Keep your eyes in the skies.

The Dub Pistols was founded by Barry Ashworth (Resident Dj at Jade Jagger's Jezebel Loft Parties). Guest songwriters and vocalists have included Rodney P and Terry Hall. To date, they have released three studio albums one of which was through Rob Da Bank's Sunday Best label as well as contributing to numerous film soundtracks, including Blade II, Bad Company and Mystery Men. They have remixed tracks for the likes of Ian Brown, Limp Bizkit, The Crystal Method and Moby.

Showing us they know how to get things done and in serious fashion, Rumblefish have put together a wicked number with TK's vocals providing the icing on the cake. Live-like drums and low tones backed by heavily verbed vocal bits take you into the first drop where TK let's you know what's up. Big and beefy bass takes control when the beat comes back and it's time for a heads down workout that will have your feet moving and your hands clapping. Epic female bits provide a nice touch to the main breakdown which has a huge build that starts off with Amens and makes it's way into snares and kicks backed by a huge sweep for the final roll.

Support From

Unique 3
Dj EZ (Kiss FM)
Qatar Airways In Flight Radio
Fredde Le Grand
Crystal Method
Laurent Garnier
Sarah Main
Freq Nasty
Dave No Hands
Carl Loben

Rumblefish Mix (Barry Ashworth)

1. - Deekline & Ed Solo "Shake The Pressure" Martin Horger Edit
2. - Mord Fustang "Lick the Rainbow" Krafty Kuts Re-Rub
3. - The Chemical Brothers "Hey Boy Hey Girl" Krafty Kuts Re-Rub
4. - D-Jastic "Up To No Good" Fak Y3ah Re-Bounce
5. - Hedflux "Energy Vibration"
6. - Crisp Biscuit "Watch the Club Go"
7. - Crookers "Dr. Gonzo Anthem" (Waxlife)
8. - Harvard Bass "Listen to This"

Download Here - Barry Ashworth Rumblefish Mix

Rumblefish Mix (Martin MY)

1. - Bass Heavy Electronic Dance Music with Funk, Electro, Techno, Reggae, Disco, Garage, Drum & Bass & Dubstep influences.
2. - Club Therapy "Peace Division" Stanton Warriors Edit
3. - Napt "Lock The P" (Red Sugar)
4. - Slyde "Escapism"
5. - Edit
6. - "Jack That Body" Edit
7. - Dirty Tricks "The Answer Inst" & "What Happened" Acapella.
8. - Bassbin Twins "Floorwerk"
9. - Willow Smith Vs Rose Royce "Whip My Hair" Peo De Pitte Remix
10. - Edit
11. - "Jack Beats" Plaza De Funk Edit
12. - Left/Right "Everybody"
13. - Digibox "Phase One" Lunar Shift Remix
14. - Plumps Djs "System Addict" Elite Force Edit
15. - The Freestylers "Warrior Charge"
16. - Rack N 'Ruin "Soundboy" Warrior One Remix
17. - ? "Grand Rukus"

   Rumblemix pt1 - summer 2011 (192kbps) by RumblefishUK

The Kick It 12 - Rumblefish Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?

Barry: I guess it would have been Kraftwerk when I was growing up. Outside of EDM, The Clash & The Specials.

Martin: Before I was into EDM I was into bands like Madness, The Jam, The Specials, The Squeeze until I was 18 or 19. I then started to listen to a lot of Hip Hop, Two Tone, Ska & Reggae. I would also  listen to bands like Soft Cell, The The, Talking Heads among others, not even really realising it was the electronic influences i was getting off on. Then along came Chicago House & albums like Acid Trax on Dj International, Jack Trax & House Hallucinates, I was sold immediately.

Will: My Dad had a pretty eclectic record collection, I heard these early blues musicans, I remember hearing Albert Ammons playing this deep pumping piano boogie on his old reel-to-reel tape. I got into all sorts... Cocteau Twins, Brian Eno, Led Zep, Hendrix. Pink Floyd's "On The Run" track, it was the first thing I ever heard with this sequencer bassline running through it. At 15 I would listen to Hip Hop, John Peel, I used to tape Colin Faver and Colin Dale on Kiss FM. I remember hearing the Orb for the first time on John Peel's show, inspiring stuff.

2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?

Martin: The The "Soul Mining", CD?..The Squeeze.

Will: First CD I bought, "Doppelganger" by Curve.. Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld. The first electronic record I went out and bought was "Didgeridoo" by Aphex Twin...that EP with "Analogue Bubblebath" on it... First important album 'Dubnobasswithmyheadman' by Underworld... man I played that to death!

3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?

Martin: After listening to a lot of Two Tone, Ska & Reggae in the 80’s I ended up working in a club in 1987 when Acid House was coming through. Acid house was banned at one point for causing trouble?… The fact was, no one was drinking alcohol anymore, just water for some strange reason. 1st event, M25 party, nothing like a convoy!

Barry: I went to Ibiza and in 87 listening to Alfredo in Amnesia blew my mind then came back to the UK and started hanging out there which is where I met so many DJ's and producers of the future.

Will: I sent a demo of some weird electronic musical experiments to an ad in the classifieds NME for a new label... To my surprise this guy told me he liked the House track I'd made and did I want to go and record it up in London, which of course I did. We went to Knowledge after the session I think it was Colin Dale playing.

4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?

Barry: Too many to pick 1, Bestival has always been special and Creamfields in Argentina was pretty crazy.

Martin: Lots to choose from but Sancho Panza at carnival & the random raves I played at in fields up & down the country in the late 80's, early 90's, which concluded with Castlemorten..they were fantastic! There was nothing like that feeling of freedom, love and unity...

Will: There was this one gig in Hong Kong many years ago, in another life...or we used to have these parties in a warehouse down in N15, one or two of those were pretty special for me.

5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?

Barry: Well I played on stage with Terry Hall of the Specials (My Favourite Band ever) with my band Dub Pistols and I've Dj'ed alongside Carl Cox (My Fav DJ of all time) at the old Zap Club in Brighton. It would be hard for me to top those 2

Martin: Colin Dale, Bushwacka.

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

Barry: Brazil

Martin: Brazil as well, I played in Panama a while back and nearly made it to Carnival, didn’t work out unfortunately. It comes highly recommended.

Will: Japan

7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?

Martin: Move Ya & Steve Lavers – “Dopefreak”

8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?

Martin: The Prodigy, from teenagers bouncing around on a stage to one of the worlds biggest bands, hats off! Outside EDM, Santigold, Gentleman's Dub Club.

Barry: I think the best EDM artist of all time is Chemical Bros, they haven't ever made a bad record. Outside of EDM, I like Hollie Cook and Gentlemans Dub Club.

Will: Dangermouse....Blakroc, too many to mention

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Barry: Dub FX, Hollie Cook

Will: Dub FX for sure. Martina Topley Bird, just love her voice... Foreign Beggars are awesome.

10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?

Will: Software-- Ableton Live mostly although there are some things you can't do so easily.. tend to use it in conjunction with Logic for mixing...depends what we're doing. Hardware - I love my keyboards & faithful MS, I try to use as much analogue as possible.

11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?

Martin: It’s a fickle industry, try to be in it for the music first, money second.

Barry: Never give up anything you believe in!

Will: Put in the time and effort.. cos once you get it right it lasts forever.

12. - What does the future hold for Rumblefish?

Big big tings, keep your eyes to the skies!

Rumblefish on Facebook -

Rumblefish on Soundcloud -

Friday, December 9, 2011

Free Track, Mix and New Release - Sigma - Night & Day EP Part 2

Ah yes it's that fabulous day known as Friday and oh what a Friday it's going to be! If you're in the New England area, make sure to come out to Generations Saturday night to catch Sneaker & The Dryer along with a whole host of others like Hive, D-Star and Dara plus some wicked new visual madness that will be unveiled for the first time! The link to the event is below.

Today we have a plethora of stuff coming at you from the ones like Sigma. Starting things off, let's take a look at their latest offering on Life Recordings. Following up the recent success of Breakbeat Kaos and their recent EP featuring Dj Fresh, "Lassitude" plus their highly acclaimed "The Stand Tall" EP, Sigma return with a brand new EP on their own Life Recordings imprint entitled "Night & Day".

Hot off the heels of part one, the second half of "Night & Day" keeps the quality and energy high with two more killer tracks. Kicking things off is "Do You Love" (This Feeling), which is a seriously musical piece of Drum & Bass to blow your mind and move your body. Combining euphoric looping vocals and some amazing chord work, "Do You Love" is soulful production with a dancefloor edge done at its best. 

As if that wasn’t enough, the boys have commissioned two huge Dubstep remixes from Dub Police's Subscape and new kid on the block Infuze, watch your bass boxes people!

Taking things down a darker route for the final track of the release, "Loving Me" is one for the grimy heads. It’s not called the "Filthy Edit" for nothing! Kicking off with an intro that lulls you into a false sense of security with Amens and lush pads, it then drops into a nasty half time, break laden monster. This is bound to tear many a club system as it's dropped on the unsuspecting masses.

   Night & Day Radio Edit by sigmahq

Next up we have the wicked D&B and bassline business mix that Sigma did for Annie Nightingale. Consisting of 17 wicked tunas almost all of which are straight from them, the boys take you on a twenty-five minute journey through the world of Sigma.

Sigma - Annie Nightingale Mix

1. - Sigma "Night & Day"
2. - Sigma "Loving Me"
3. - Sigma "Special Dedication"
4. - Sigma "Forever"
5. - Sigma & T Phonic "Do You Love"
6. - Sigma & T Phonic "Do You Love" Subscape Remix
7. - Sigma & T Phonic - "Do You Love" Infuze Remix
8. - Infuze & TADT "Black Out"
9. - Stanton Warriors "Shoot Me Down" Sigma Remix
10. - Eric Prydz "Niton" Sigma Remix
11. - Shy Fx "Feelings"
12. - Sigma "Stronger"
13. - TC "Tap Ho"
14. - Sigma "The Jungle" Sub Zero Remix
15. - Wickaman "Nah We a Fool"
16. - Sigma "Missing You"
17. - Sigma Ft. Jenna G "Baltimore"

   Sigma mix for Annie Nightingale by sigmahq

Last but not least we have a wicked free track for you as well. If you head on over to Sigma's Facebook Page and slap a "Like" on there, you can grab Sigma & T-Phonic's "Do You Love" featuring Angie Brown, The Infuze Remix for free. This is a proper Dubstep monster that retains the feeling of the original and melds the Dub sound with some Drum & Bass flavor and super-sized low ends.

   Sigma & T-Phonic feat. Angie Brown - Do You Love (Infuze Remix) [Life Recordings] FREE DOWNLOAD by Infuze


Sigma Facebook Page -

Generations Event Page - Generations

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Art of Finger Lickin' - Jem Panufnik

Exciting news for fans of Finger Lickin' artwork! Co-founder and sleeve-creator Jem Panufnik is having an exhibition of his finest Finger Lickin' moments for the likes of Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts, Soul of Man and company at the Riverside Gallery, Southwest London for two months and it started November 12th. You can see and buy all the faves, plus original line art and a load of new prints and paintings are on view for the very first time. 

PLUS, it's free entry! You could also win a huge canvas print of his famous "Love FLR" by going to the event page, click "attending" and drop a line about what sleeve you would like to see on show. If you'd like to find out more, check out the Facebook link below. Have a great week!

Jem Panufnik: Riverside Robo-Attack
November 12th 2011 - January 14th 2012
Riverside Gallery, Old Town Hall, Whittaker Ave, Richmond TW9 1TP
Telephone: 020-8831-6000
Hours Open: Monday & Wednesday 10am - 6pm
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10am - 1:30pm
Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

See more of Jem's Art Here -

Facebook Page -

Thursday, December 1, 2011

New Release - KIR262 - Silverfilter - Manila Sound w Remixes by Kwerk, Botbass and Original Primate

Returning to Kick It with his first original on our label is the Philippines’ own Silverfilter and he brings us a Techy heads down Breakbeat banger that has a bit of an Electro edge to it. Out today worldwide, “Manila Sound” pairs big drums with heavy bass and twisted leads that steadily build until you reach the midpoint of the track where things really get busy bringing the energy right through the roof. The main breakdown is short and sweet and accentuates the warped synths for just a moment before getting right back to business.

First up on remix duties is the one like Kwerk who gives “Manila Sound” a funky twist and spices it up a bit with some added vocal snips. Super grooving beats as Kwerk is known for are backed by stabs and sweeps to bring you into the first breakdown where the signature lead from the original takes center stage. A quick break and then it’s time for the bass and Kwerk delivers the goods with a grungy and pulsing bassline that will have you moving in no time. Delicious drops and a wicked main breakdown complete the package in proper fashion.

Botbass is back again as well and he turns out a slamming Electro House remix of “Manila Sound” that is packed with a plethora of cuts and edits and has bleeps, blips and lasers talking more than a bunch of women when they get together, madness! The tune never lets up the whole way through so if you’re looking for something to hurt some people with, this one is for you.

Finishing things off Original Primate team up with Kick It for the first time to bring you’re their wicked Future Jungle remix of Silverfilter’s “Manila Sound”. Taking things in a whole new direction, Original Primate maintain the leads from the original but flip the track around for a 180 with tough and rugged drum work, progressively building synths and a dark and eerie main breakdown instructing you to “Let the music play”!

Support From

Farace - "Love this release, Botbass and Kwerk remixes are killing it in my sets!"

Mr. No Hands - "Great tunes!"

Left/Right - "Likin the Kwerk Remix!"

Johnny Dangerously - "Solid F*@kin release... Way to keep the energy up... Favorite mix would be the Kwerk Remix, on heavy rotation!" 

Andrea Fisso - "Wicked release, all tracks are quality... Kwerk remix is my fav, will play and support!"

Bill Vega - "Kwerk Remix for me!"

Mobius - "Liking the Kwerk remix on this one with it's driving bass and nice use of little vocal snippets." 

TJFX - "Great release!! Can't go wrong with the Kwerk Remix!!!" 

Dad's Disco - "All versions of this release are standout tracks... you have my full support on this!"

   KIR262 - Silverfilter - Manila Sound - w/ Remixes by Kwerk, Botbass and Original Primate (Previews) by Kick It Recordings

Silverfilter "Manila Sound" on Juno -

Silverfilter "Manila Sound" on Track It Down -

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Free Track - Gentlemen Thieves - Grand Prix

What's up everybody, it's your favorite time again. No, not tea time.... free tuna time!! We've got a big one up for grabs today coming at you from up and comers Gentlemen Thieves who have a forthcoming EP that will be released for free. We've got the first track from the EP entitled "Grand Prix" for you and all you've got to do to download it is head on over to their Facebook page and give it a liking.

Hailing from Gotham City aka NYC, Gentlemen Thieves have knocked out a handful of kickin remixes, most of which you can grab from their Soundcloud page and now their stepping things up with the original business. "Grand Prix" starts out with heavy guitar riffs that lead into massive synth stabs and a big snare roll to drop you into the main event. Trancey leads compete with wobbling and twisting bass edits for the first few laps and then it's time for the main breakdown taking it back to the axe. Another snare roll and a massive low end bass rumble and then it's off to the finish line in style taking ya out with a killer dubby outro.

   Gentlemen Thieves - Grand Prix by Gentlemen Thieves

Gentlemen Thieves Facebook Page -

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

2 Free Tracks, 2 Free Mixes + Exclusive Interview - Deekline & Ed Solo

We try to keep things fresh here on the Kick It Blog and bring you as much information about the artists we all enjoy as we can. Recently we were able to catch up with Deekline & E Solo and have them answer the Kick It 12. If you've wanted to know a little more about these two bringers of the bass, check out the interview below and if it's free tunes you're after, we've got a pair of em plus two wicked mixes for you from Deekline and his handful of labels.

The Kick It 12 - Deekline & Ed Solo Edition

1. – At what age did you first find yourself gravitating towards electronic music and who were some of the artists outside of Electronic music that influenced that?

Deekline - 91 I picked up a mix tape that was on the front of Dj mag and I was hooked ever since. My next experience was listening to Dj Hype

Ed - At the tender age of 13-14 I was listening to early Acid House, Richy rich Salsa House, a guy called Jerrold Vo Do Ray


2. – What was your very first Album? How about CD?

Deekline - I think mine was Public Enemy "Fear of a Black Planet" or NWA "Straight out of Compton"

Ed - Prodigy "Experience"


3. – How did you first get involved with the Electronic music culture and what was the first event that you attended?

Ed - I got involved by being interested in electronics and music and getting a keyboard. World Dance Lyd Airport


4. – Where was your favorite gig that you have had to date?

Deekline & Ed - Underground rave in a train station in Bulgaria with the Ragga Twins


5. - Who have you been most proud to play alongside?

Ed - Deekline

Deekline - Public Enemy

6. - Where would you most like to play that you have not yet?

Deekline - Brazil

Ed - South America


7. - What is your favorite tune you have released?

Deekline - "Always"

Ed - "We Play the Music"


8. - Who is your favorite EDM artist? How about outside of EDM?

Prodigy, Tom Middleton

9. - Who are some artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Ed - Busta Rhymes

Deekline - Luderchris


10. - What is your preferred software for producing? Hardware?



11. - What life lessons has the music industry taught you?

Deekline - Nothing is person,

Ed - Don’t worry be happy


12. – What does the future hold for “Deekline & Ed Solo”?

New Shop -
Forthcoming Album - "Bounce and Shake"
Sample CD’s with Loop master Thebootyfarm
Boat Parties 17th Dec
Generally lots of goodness

   Donna Dee feat Keatz - Always (Original) "FREE DOWNLOAD" by DJ Deekline

   Deekline - Always RIP - Shambhala 2011 - Promo Mix - feat. MC Kie & Cuts from JFB "FREE DOWNLOAD" by DJ Deekline

   Deekline & Ed Solo - Shake The Pressure - MARTEN HØRGER Remix (FREE DOWNLOAD) by DJ Deekline

   Deekline & Ed Solo - Always RIP (Original Mix) by DJ Deekline

Deekline on Facebook -

Ed Solo on Facebook -